Xxx hs watsof storys desi

Xxx hs watsof storys desi
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Author's note: This is a non-linear story. It jumps to and from the past and present.

I separated the time jumps with a series of asterisks. I hope that helps some. Editing thanks go to Todger65. Megan and Mitchell Chapter 1 Jordan's toes curled once again, her legs propped on Mitchell's shoulder, his tongue swirling around inside her pussy. She gripped the sheets of his bed on the sunny Sunday morning having been awakened by Mitchell's probing tongue.

Mitchell guided a hand up her stomach, coming to a rest on one of her large breasts, squeezing it gently while his mouth worked below. His phone on his bedside table vibrated a third time in the last five minutes.

"Mitch, stop, please?" the 27 year old blonde asked her friend. Mitchell sighed, sitting up, glancing to the phone, "I should've turned it off.

I'm sorry." "Don't be. But maybe check it to be sure it's not an emergency?" Jordan asked. Mitchell reached for his phone, his eyes widening, seeing it was his stepdad calling. Perhaps it was an emergency. He answered the phone, getting off the bed, leaving the room, glancing back at a nude Jordan.

Jordan stretched in the sunlight, waiting for Mitchell to return, casually playing with her long blonde locks. Several minutes passed before he returned to his bedroom. It looked as though he had just seen a ghost, his face flushed of color, his eyes blinking rapidly. "What's wrong? What happened?" Jordan asked, concerned about her friend with benefits, Mitchell. Mitchell slowly sat on the edge of his bed, eyes to the floor.

"Mitch?" Jordan asked, resting her hands on his shoulders. "That was my stepdad. He and my mother are divorcing. She's coming out here to live with me," Mitchell solemnly informed Jordan. "Oh," she said, slightly sighing of relief that no one had died or was hospitalized. "I'm sorry?" Mitchell sat, shaking his head, unable to speak. "Is that bad?" Jordan asked, rubbing his shoulders.

"Yeah." "I see. Um, well, is there anything I can do?" Mitchell shook his head once more, "I gotta start cleaning. She'll be here next week. I'm not in the mood to hear her whine and complain about this place being messy." Mitchell stood, gathering his clothes, "Plus I'm not horny anymore.

Sorry," He sighed. "Hey, Sardar ji sex stories sexi vodeo ok Mitch," Jordan smiled, standing to hug him. "I'd feel pretty crappy too after hearing news like that." "He didn't even say why they are divorcing.

It's like he wanted her out of his hair as soon as possible. I don't blame him," Mitchell rested his head on Jordan's shoulder. "He told me she requested to stay with me.

I tried to ask why she couldn't go ankita dave sex with her brother full mms with my Aunt.

But he was in a hurry to get off the phone." "Well hopefully she won't be too annoying," She attempted to comfort him. "Yeah," he shrugged, the somber tone of his voice showed he didn't believe that for a second. "I gotta go soon anyway. I want to get some sleep before my flight.

We didn't sleep much last night, did we?" Jordan winked. "Heh, nah," Mitchell watched his flight attendant friend gather her things. She kissed him good bye, telling him to relax, and that they'd see each other again soon. "Be careful. Some of those passengers may want to join the mile high club with you," Mitchell joked. "Some might already have," Jordan smiled and waved at him, getting into her car. Mitchell was left alone in his condo. The 23 year old had a mess to clean.

He wanted the place spotless. He didn't want to give his mother any ammunition to nag him and run her mouth about his cleanliness.

He thought about how much of a nightmare it'd be, to once again live with the "Queen Bitch" as he called her. ********* "I said take the trash out!" Megan yelled at a 16 year old Mitchell.

"I am!" he replied. "No, I've had to tell you three times to do it! That's your problem, you don't understand that when I say do something, do it!

Don't wait and do it on your own time," She peered into Mitchell's dark blue eyes with her own matching orbs, sticking her finger in his face. "I'm doing it right now mom, ok?" Mitchell said.

His mother had been on his case all day, all week, all month it seemed. She was unrelenting. She was always fussing, scolding, or nagging him about something. He rolled his eyes and headed back into their Miami home after putting the trash in the trash bin behind the garage.

"Your room is disgusting. Clean it," Megan ordered, upon hearing him return. "It's not that bad." "Do it Mitchell! What is your problem? Huh? I said clean your room so go do it. I'm getting so sick of your attitude and how you think you can just do whatever you want. I will check your room in one hour. It better be spotless." his mother scowled at him.

Mitchell stood there, mouth open, in disbelief. He recalled the many conversations he's had with his stepdad about his mother.

Following his advice, he shut his mouth, nodded his head, and went to clean his room. After finally meeting her seal of approval after three scrutinizing checks, Megan finally judged his room to be clean enough.

"Now keep it this way," she growled, closing the door behind her. Mitchell wanted to scream at her. Later that evening he was sitting on the couch watching a football game and his mother joined him. She smiled softly, sat next to him, moved his arm, placing it around her short little frame, and snuggled up to him.

Mitchell rolled his eyes at her. She had been increasingly difficult to deal with. After each annoying nagging session there was calmness, affection, a total opposite behavior from his mother. She would yell and boss him around, then later hold his hand, play with his dark brown hair, or snuggle on the couch. He had no idea why she was like that. Chapter 2 After several phone calls to his stepdad, begging for more information only to be dismissed; an OCD-like cleaning of his condo, Mitchell stood teeth clinched, watching his mother's cab arrive outside awesome brunette jasmine play her own pussy and boobs condominium complex.

"Looks like the Queen Bitch is still in good shape," he muttered under his breath, watching his 40 year old mother, Megan, step out of the cab. She was wearing large sunglasses, a short, white, spaghetti strap sundress displaying ample cleavage. Mitchell glanced at her equally ample breasts and sighed once more.

Making his way to her cab, she smiled politely at him; he nodded, leaning down for a quick one arm hug. Mitchell patted her upper back a couple times, ending the hug, watching her pay the cab fare. Megan smiled up at her tall son once more. Mitchell looked away to the back of the cab, not meeting her gaze. "Yeah, my bags," Megan said. Mitchell grabbed them from the open trunk without being asked. The two walked through the courtyard into his condo without speaking.

Mitchell placed her luggage in his guest room then entering the living room, finding his mother looking around.

Hair dark hair was pushed back by her sunglasses. "What's that smell?" she asked. "Here we go," Mitchell thought. "The ocean," he replied. "I know that, Mitchell. I lived in Miami long enough to recognize it. I'm smelling something else," She sniffed the air. "I don't know," Mitchell moving to the kitchen, opening the fridge seeing a slightly old container of leftovers. "Ah, that's it. You should probably throw that out," Megan said, appearing behind her son, placing her hand on his shoulder, slightly startling him, peering into the refrigerator from behind him.

"Yeah," he said. He didn't want to throw the food out; Mitchell would just nuke it extra long if there wasn't mold growing on it. He did as he was told, not looking or speaking to his mother while cleaning the container in the sink. Mitchell glanced at her, just as she turned around from her inspection, their eyes meeting quickly. He thought he saw a smile on her face, but looked away as quickly as he could when their eyes met. "Alright, well let me show you around," Mitchell said, putting the dishtowel back on the rack.

The condo was small so it only took a moment. He showed her the kitchen, living room, small bathroom, and his room. Megan entered it, sitting on the bed, running her hand over the cover. "It's nice," she smiled at her son. "Thanks. Your room is across the hall here," Mitchell, not returning the smile, looked away, motioning her to follow. "Oh my, this is really small," Megan complained, her arm wrapping around Mitchell's. He unhooked his arm from hers. "Yeah, well, it's this or the couch," he replied, walking away.

"Ugh, I guess this then. There's hardly enough room for my things," Megan droned on, Mitchell taking the high road and ignoring her whining. Mitchell pretended to work in the kitchen, his mother sitting on the couch, running her hands over her knees, her feet propped up on the coffee table, "So what are we doing tonight?" "Excuse me?" Mitchell asked.

"Yes. Tonight. What bother and young sister porn vidoes we doing?

It's Saturday," Megan said. "Yeah. Well I have some work I need to catch up on," Mitchell answered. It was a half truth. Yes there was work he could do for the software company he worked for, college girls lick pussy and suck dick to start dorm party it wasn't catch-up work. He wanted an excuse to avoid her, to stay in his room big ass mature and young teen huge dildo masturbation xxx sphincterbell his laptop.

"Well that's no fun on a Saturday night," Megan said. Mitchell ignored her. Finishing up his task in the kitchen, he grabbed the TV remote from coffee table in front of the couch, placing it on the empty cushion next to his mother. "Feel free to use this," He said, heading to his room. He didn't want to talk to her; he didn't want to see her. Six months ago when he was at home for Thanksgiving was the last time he saw her.

He sat quietly in his room, answering emails on his laptop, doing small amounts of work, the TV from the living room down the hall in the background. An hour later, Mitchell heard his mother clear her throat at his doorway, "It's a little chilly in here," she said. "It's like 70 degrees," Mitchell answered, not looking away from his computer. "Can we turn the AC down a bit?" Mitchell sighed, shrugging his shoulders, "Sure." He walked to the end of the hall and adjusted the thermostat, quickly making his way back to his bedroom, finding his mother sitting on his bed once more.

He ignored her and went back to work. "So what are you doing that's so important it can't wait until Monday?" Megan asked. Mitchell paused before answering, "Just catching up on emails.

I'm the new guy, I just want to make a good impression." "Well I'm sure you've made a great impression already, without having to work after hours," Megan said, hoping Mitchell would take the hint and close his computer. "Have you visited your Aunt Lisa since you've been out here?" "No," he quickly replied, not caring one bit about visiting his mother's sister a woman he has never been fond of.

"Not once since you've been out here?" She asked, her voice showing annoyance. "No." "You mean to tell me you haven't once visited your aunt since you've been out here for college? Don't you think that's a little rude, Mitchell?" He shrugged, his back still turned to his mother.

"Well I'm going to be visiting her. Gosh, that's embarrassing. To think you've been out here since you were 18 and haven't even stopped by to say hello to her," Megan sighed. Mitchell bit his tongue. "She doesn't live that far away. How far is the Palisades from here?" "About 30 minutes," Mitchell replied, immediately cringing with regret for answering.

"30 minutes? Are you serious? You live that close to her and you haven't even visited? Ugh, Mitchell," Megan scolded. "I've been kinda busy with work," Mitchell told another naughty interracial threesome with a hot slut brunette cumshot truth. "Or have you been busy with a girl?" Megan asked raising an eyebrow, her son still not turning around from his laptop on his desk to look at her.

"No," he answered. There was no way he was going to explain to his mother his relationship with Jordan. They weren't a couple, but were friends who occasionally had sex, that was it. He didn't want to hear any lectures from his mother about that. There was a long pause before Megan spoke again. "Alright, well I'll ask again, what are we doing tonight?" Mitchell stood, shutting down his computer, grabbing his keys. "Maybe we can eat leftovers after I show you around the complex some." "Leftovers?" Megan said.

"Let's hope they are fresher than the ones you threw out." "Shoot me now," Mitchell thought, making his way out of his room, his mother close behind him. After he gave her a brief tour of the condominiums, including a view of the Pacific Ocean and the private beach the residents rarely visited, the fitness center, and the pool area with hot tub they headed back inside.

"It's very nice," his mother said. "But we aren't eating leftovers. We're going to dinner." Mitchell took a deep breath, sighing heavily, nodding his head "yes." He didn't want to fight about going out to dinner.

After listing several cheap restaurants only to get rebuked for each choice, Mitchell relented, telling his mother of a nice seafood restaurant that was a little pricier than he'd like to take her to. He was happy with one of the sandwich shops or chain restaurants he suggested. "Good. Now go change," She told him.

"No, this is fine." "You aren't wearing a t-shirt and shorts to a nice restaurant. Go change into something nice," Megan ordered. "Why don't you go change," He replied. "Because I like this dress and I want to look nice.

Now go change," She ordered him once more. Minutes later, Mitchell emerged from his room wearing dress pants and a tucked in shirt, "Is this fine?" Megan smiled, moving toward him, looking into his eyes, adjusting his collar, "It's perfect." Chapter 3 "Hurry up Mitchell!" Megan yelled to her teenage son seven years ago.

It was a mother/son social event for the Eagle Scout troop Mitchell was in. He vehemently opposed going to this event, especially with his mother, but Megan insisted, ordering him to go and bring her or he'd be grounded.

"Do we have to go to this thing?" Mitchell pleaded one last time walking down the stairs. "Yes. Stop asking," Megan said. She inspected his outfit. "No, no, no! That is not the tie I picked out. Go back and get the blue one.

Geez, Mitchell, pay attention!" she scolded him. Mitchell returned a few minutes later. "Hurry! Does it take that long to put on a tie?" his mother asked. "You didn't even do it right!" She exasperatedly told him, fixing his tie in the process.

"Ugh, there, fixed. Now hurry it up!" Megan practically pushed him out of the house. Mitchell made a wrong turn on the way to the event, she jumped on his case.

She didn't like how slow or how fast he was driving, she complained about that. He didn't hold the door open for her, she fussed again. He had trouble slow dancing, showing no rhythm, almost stepping on his mother's feet and was once again on the receiving end of her nagging. Mitchell was mortified in front of the other teens at his table when his mother reprimanded him about which fork to use. On the way home he was clinching his teeth with anger. Dozing off on the couch later that night, the TV on in the background, Mitchell felt a soft, warm body slide next to him.

His mother smiled at him, caressing his face, planting a slowly kiss on his cheek. She moved his arm, resting her head on his lap. Mitchell shook his head, observing a smile come across her face, her eyes closing. Megan, reaching behind her, grabbed his arm, pulling is across her body, holding his hand and dozed off.

********* In the present day, at the restaurant Megan made small talk to her son, asking about his job, how he likes living there, and if he had many friends. There was no mention of her divorce from Mitchell's stepdad. Mitchell didn't bring it up, almost afraid of hearing the truth. He did ask her about her plans for a job. His mother was a massage therapist in Miami and she told him she was hoping to find something similar in Malibu.

Mitchell subtly hinted that it would be good for her to get a job and back on her feet. "So you have your own place and be out of my hair," He thought to himself. After the meal, Megan sipped on her coffee. She moved across the table to Mitchell's side. They watched a string quartet play in the corner. Megan smiled, moving Mitchell's arm, putting it around her, much to his chagrin.

He didn't complain, going along with her affection. They were silent on the way home, Megan sending text messages to her sister, Mitchell wanting to go to bed. After they arrived, he headed straight to his room to change into pajamas, closing the door, not saying goodnight to his mother. He listened to her start up the shower and drifted off to sleep. Day one was over. Or so he thought. An hour later he was woken from his slumber when his mother told him to scoot over. "Huh? What?" he asked, groggily.

"I said move over. It's cold in here. Why do you keep it so cold?" She complained. "Blankets are in the hall closet," Mitchell said, sliding over to make room for her. His mother ignored his suggestion, practically pushing him across the mattress. She slid under the covers, her long white t-shirt covering her panties, and then moved Mitchell's arm and snuggled close to him.

She guided his hand to her hip, brought her own to his chest, and eventually was sound asleep. Mitchell couldn't help but think how soft and warm her body was against his. He admitted maybe it wasn't so bad to snuggle with her before sleep found him brooklyn chase a load for brooklyns big tits more. The next morning Mitchell woke up to the smell of bacon.

Seeing he was alone in his bed, he made his way to the kitchen, to find his mother cooking breakfast. He watched her reach to the cabinet above her, the long t-shirt coming up, exposing her pink panties.

Mitchell looked away, making his way to the living room, sitting on the couch. A few minutes later a plate of bacon and eggs was sat in his lap. His mother sat next to him, handing him a fork. "I was thinking we could go to the beach today," She said, taking a piece of his bacon. "I don't know," Mitchell replied, not bothering to thank her for the meal. "Please? It'll be fun." Mitchell shrugged, continuing to eat his eggs.

"Well what else is there to do on a Sunday?" Megan asked. Mitchell thought about how his sex session with Jordan was interrupted the previous Sunday with the phone call from his stepdad.

"Alright," he sighed. After breakfast, he cleaned the kitchen yet again to deny his mother a reason to nag him. He changed into his swim trunks, grabbed a t-shirt, a towel, and waited outside for her. Megan arrived a few minutes later wearing the large sunglasses, a fairly long, yellow beach dress the top part barely covered her bikini top.

Mitchell nodded to her and led the way. He glanced over to her when she grabbed his hand. Walking to the beach, she talked on and on about the nice weather, complaining about how cold it was in his condo again, and asked Mitchell how often he came to this beach, showing frustration with him when he said "hardly ever." It took forever for Megan to find a nice spot for them to sit. Mitchell didn't complain but sat down in the sand once his mother found the perfect spot for their towels.

He glanced at his mother when she removed the beach dress, revealing a dark gray, almost silvery bikini. He looked away when she bent down to apply sun screen to her thighs, her large breasts almost spilling out of the top. They again, sat in silence, watching the waves crash on the empty beach. Mitchell's gaze found his mother once more, she was on all fours, doodling something in the sand. He watched her long, dark hair, being blown by the light breeze, her large breasts hanging down and jiggling as she doodled.

Her movements stopped. Mitchell looked to her face; she was staring back at him, smiling. Mitchell quickly looked away. "Let's get in the water," Megan said, standing, extending her hand to Mitchell. He stood on his own, not grabbing it, not noticing his mother's sand drawing of a large heart with "M + M" in it.

Making his way toward the water, his mother followed him, holding on to his back as the waves crashed into them. Mitchell sat on his knees, his mother further out, standing in breast-deep water. She splashed him, urging him to splash back. Mitchell shook his head, smiling politely. Megan turned around staring out into the ocean, noticing dolphins in the distance. "Look!" She pointed to them. "Yeah. Sometimes they come in close.

I've seen them from back at the beach entrance sometimes," Mitchell said. Megan stood, enthralled by the dolphin's gradual approach to her. She smiled; watching two of them swim closer, their dorsal fins exposed.

Mitchell tried to contain a chuckle when his mother waved goodbye to the dolphins when bbw needle bdsm and nipple tortures of fat enslaved amateur submissive rosie moved on to another area.

"Like my bikini?" Megan asked her son. "Huh? Oh, yeah it's fine," Mitchell said, barely glancing at it. "Feel it," Megan told him, moving closer to him. "What?" "The fabric, here," Megan replied, dragging Mitchell out further into the water. He cleared his throat nervously when his mother jumped and straddled him. "Feel here," she said, pulling the bikini top slightly away from her left breast.

"Uh, ok," Mitchell said, taking the fabric in his index finger and thumb. "It's silky, I guess." "Yep," his mother smiled at him, then grabbed his wrist, pulling his hand close to her breast, so the fabric was placed back where it belonged.

Mitchell tried to recoil his hand when he felt his knuckles press into her boob. He released the fabric and resumed staring out toward the horizon. "So where are we going tonight?" Megan asked. "What? Again?" "Mmhmm." "I have work tomorrow, I don't feel like going out." "We don't have to be out late," Megan explained. "Lisa wants to go to dinner first and maybe afterward we can go dancing." "What? No. I'm not doing that crap," Mitchell, starting to get annoyed, replied.

"You haven't seen her once in the five years you've been out here. The nice thing would be for you to at least join us tonight. We won't stay late." Mitchell groaned in annoyance. "Mitchell," Megan sternly said, her legs getting tighter around his waist. "I would appreciate it if you joined me and your aunt tonight." Her legs got tighter, her breasts, pressing closer to his chest. She caressed his face and smiled softly.

Their dark blue eyes met and his mother nodded. "Alright," Mitchell sighed. Chapter 4 Mitchell was bored out of his mind as his mother and aunt talked, giggled, and drank. At the night club he refused to dance with either one of them, instead sitting at the bar, still bored out of his mind. He struggled to keep an eye on her, occasionally losing sight of the two dancing women in the crowd, growing hard core virgin rap xnxx and more frustrated with each hour.

Finally, at midnight, they left. Megan and Lisa hugged each other goodbye. Aunt Lisa hugged Mitchell; he stood there beautiful megan has her tight muff rammed as a board, letting her. Mitchell and his mother were silent on the way home. He was out much later than he wanted to be. He was furious. Mitchell was not a morning person so getting up at seven in the morning was going to be more difficult than usual for him.

"No, come out here with me!" Megan pleaded, dragging Mitchell's arm. She had a bottle of wine from Lisa in her other hand. She had been begging him to join her in the hot tub by the pool for the last several minutes. Mitchell shook his head and went to change into his pajamas. "Please!" his mother opened his door right as he was putting a t-shirt on. "No! I have to go to bed. I was out much later than I hoped," Mitchell fussed.

"Please baby?" Megan asked. "Baby?" Mitchell asked himself, she had never once called him that in his life. He blamed it on the alcohol. "Well I," Megan said, gulping straight from the wine bottle, "am." Right there in his bedroom, she pulled her dress up over her head, standing there in her bra and thong, grabbed the wine and left Mitchell alone. "Are you coming?" She called out to him before exiting through the back door.

He couldn't let her go out there alone in her underwear like that. "Shit," he said, shaking his head, running after her. When Mitchell caught up to her, she was already sitting in the tub, "These jets feel amazing," his mother moaned. Mitchell pulled his pants up and stuck his feet into the hot water - the jets massaging his feet and calves.

"We need be quiet out here, do you understand? We shouldn't be out this late anyway, I'm sure there's rules for loitering," Mitchell nagged his mother. "I don't see any signs posted," Megan said, taking a sip of her wine. "Get in." "I'm not getting in. I'm in my pajamas." "Take them off and get in. I'm in my underwear, it's no big deal." "I'm not getting in. I need to be in bed soon anyway. You kept me out much later than I needed to be. Tomorrow will be a nightmare trying to get up on time," Mitchell scolded her.

"You really need to relax. Ok? Gosh, why are you uptight Mitchell?" Megan stood, pouring some wine, making her way to her son. Going in between his legs, her large breasts dripping water all over his thighs and crotch, she brought the wine to his mouth with one hand, the other resting on his thigh, "Drink up and relax with me. Please?" Mitchell pushed her away, "No!" "Hey! You made me spill this!" Megan cried out.

Mitchell stood. "You want to stay out here all night, go right ahead, I have things I need to do tomorrow. Keep it down out here." Megan pouted, watching her son march back inside, slamming the back door. An hour later, Mitchell was awoken once more from his slumber. A small, damp, underwear clad, drunk woman stumbled into his bed, laying herself on top of him.

He pushed his mother to his side. She was asleep in minutes, her large breasts pressing into him; he ran his hand through her long brown hair, letting it come to rest at her bare little miss blonde fed with a huge cock and she got a mouthful back and sighed.

Sleep found him again minutes later. ********* Megan was in white bikini, watching her then, 18 year old son clean the pool. She had on large, dark sunglasses. She was controlling her breathing as she watched Mitchell. She watched his slow, languid movements with the pool net, her eyes drinking in his increasingly masculine and hunky frame. "You missed some leaves over there," Megan pointed to the corner of the pool.

"It's fine mom, ok?" "No it isn't! Get back there and get all the junk out of the pool. Don't be so lazy Mitchell," she nagged him. She watched her son's back glistening with sweat as he got the last few pieces of debris from the pool. Her heart was racing. "There. Done," Mitchell sighed. "Good. Now sit." Mitchell shook his head and sat on the lounge chair next to his mother.

"Don't shake your head OR roll your eyes at me. Can you for once do what I say without issue?" Megan said, sitting behind her son on the lounge chair, squirting sun tan lotion into her hand and rubbing it onto his back. "Mom, Enchanting babe is flaunting her spread slim snatch in close range spreading trimmed don't need this lotion." "Do you want to get burned?

Sit here and be quiet," Megan snapped. Slowly rubbing the lotion into his skin, her hands gliding over his back, neck and shoulders, she leaned in, pressing her breasts against his back. Her hands went to his front, rubbing and massaging his chest with lotion. She closed her eyes, resting her forehead on his back, bringing her hands to a rest on his stomach. She trailed her fingers up and down his tummy, down to the waist band of his swim trunks, around his navel, up to his chest and back down again.

She let out a long, soft moan. "Done?" Mitchell asked. "Hmm? Oh yes, you're free to go," his mother answered, watching him take his leave.

He'd be graduating high school soon. She felt their time was running out. Chapter 5 The next day at work, Mitchell received several calls from his mother he didn't answer them.

She then decided to text him, to ask him where certain items were. Pots, certain types of kitchen knives, laundry detergent were part of her questions. "I thought I already showed you this crap!" Mitchell yelled at her in his head. He instead texted her back when he got a chance and told her.

That night when he got home, he was invited out once again by his mother and aunt. He declined. Megan shrugged and told him not to wait up.

Mitchell did wait up. He waited until six am when his mother came home, her hair a disheveled mess, and a slight limp in her step. She was smiling weakly at him. "It was a rough night," She winked. "I'll be ok." Mitchell rolled his eyes, sitting back down on the couch. He thought about calling into work, saying he was sick, but decided to suck it up and go, still hoping to look good to management.

He was miserable the entire day. He ignored her texts and phone calls. He wondered why his stepdad was divorcing her. Had she become a party animal? Was she too wild and difficult to deal with? He didn't know. Mitchell just wanted to sleep. When he got home, he ignored his mother, heading straight to bed and collapsing.

The rest of the week he avoided her. Luckily work was an excuse to be away from her. They bickered a little about why he wouldn't answer her calls or texts, other than that he stayed clear of her, locking his door at night so he could sleep soundly. She complained about that one day too, Mitchell sternly reminding her she has her own room and own bed.

On Friday he dreaded going home. He didn't want to see her or have to deal with her demanding attention. Unfortunately, Aunt Lisa was there when he arrived. Mitchell went straight to his room, closing the door, thankful that Lisa and Megan weren't in the condo.

He heard them laughing from his window. Peeping outside he saw the two bikini clad women by the pool. Mitchell called Jordan. They chatted for a few minutes about how things were, Mitchell saying he's miserable. Jordan tried console him, but it was no use. She said when she gets another day off; she would spend it in bed with him. Mitchell was just about to initiate a little sexual banter on the phone with her after that remark, but was interrupted by two women entering his condo.

He told Jordan he had to go and hung up. "There you are!" Megan said, barging into his room. "Knock next time," Mitchell glared at her. Megan ignored him. "Come outside with us. We're going into the hot tub. That thing is wonderful.

I love the jets!" "I don't know If " "No excuses. Your work week is over, time to relax. Get changed and join us," Megan said, with her older sister smiling and nodding. Mitchell sighed, thinking the jets would be nice and relaxing. He reluctantly agreed if it dude assists with hymen checkup and nailing of virgin kitten a pause to his mother's demands for attention.

As Mitchell made his way outside to the hot tub, he saw the two ladies, backs facing him, their long, brown hair, slicked back from water, sitting next to each other. Aunt Lisa was talking about something she probably wouldn't if she were sober and knew her nephew was approaching from behind. "It was so big I almost went to my knees and started sucking it right then and there," Lisa told Megan. "Why didn't you?" "He would've freaked out. He didn't know I saw his cock to begin with." Mitchell rolled his eyes and cleared his throat, startling the two ladies.

"Oh hi, come on in," Megan said, turning around to smile at her son. Lisa slid to make room. Mitchell nodded to her, taking off his shirt, sitting down between them. The two big breasted brunettes quickly slid their arms around Mitchell's waist, further trapping him in place. He sighed, shaking his head, and extended arms behind them. "Just a little while, to shut her up," Mitchell thought. "It's a shame you never came to visit me," Aunt Lisa said.

"We could've hung out some, you know?" Mitchell was embarrassed, "Yeah, sorry, just really busy." "He said he doesn't have a girlfriend," his mother spoke up, sipping more wine, then handing the bottle to Lisa. "I find that very hard to believe. You're quite sexy," Lisa said, winking to Megan, guzzling more wine. "You would think that about your own nephew. Stupid slut," Mitchell thought to himself. He smiled politely and kept quiet.

"Lisa will be staying the night tonight, she's had a bit too much to drink," Megan said. Mitchell shot her a look. Megan raised her eyebrows to him, "Alright?" Mitchell glanced at a smiling Lisa, "Sure, no problem." The two ladies snuggled in close to Mitchell, but mainly ignored him for the rest of their conversation. Mitchell thought it was odd how his mother talked about famous celebrities she thought were attractive or agreed to attend certain clubs with Lisa as if she was single and had been single for a long time.

He wondered silently how bad things were with her and his, now former, stepdad. After about 30 minutes, he stood to leave, his mother asking him to stay longer.

He said goodnight, hoping that time in the hot tub would quell her need for attention, at least until Sunday night. He dried off, changed, and went to bed. An hour later he was awoken once more, this time by two women. Lisa and Megan, still in their bikinis, their hair still damp from the water, giggled and crawled into Mitchell's bed. "What? What are you " "Shhh," Megan said, grabbing his face, kissing his lips tenderly.

Mitchell sighed again, his arms outstretched, trying to go back to sleep. Their warm, nearly nude, bodies felt great against his. He tried not to think about it, focusing on going back to sleep. He slowly brought his hands to their lower backs, feeling their warmth, pulling them in closer.

He looked to Lisa on his left; she was already asleep, thanks to the wine. He turned to look at his mother on his right. She was staring into his eyes. Perhaps it was the moonlight bouncing off her face, her big blue eyes reflecting it, her full lips curling into a small smile, in that moment the only word on Mitchell's mind was "beautiful." He slowly started moving his hand up and down her back, never looking away from her eyes.

He wished things had been better between them so that now he would actually want to be around her. Mitchell was shaken by his trance with Lisa starting snoring lightly. He looked back to his mother, she smiled. Megan brought a thumb to his lips, gently swiping it across them before giving them a goodnight kiss.

She smiled again and rolled over to her other side. "I hope she moves out soon," Mitchell thought, his spine left tingling from the kiss. ********* It was the night of Mitchell's high school graduation.

Megan slinked out of her bed, nude, after uneventful and quick sex with her husband. She rarely achieved orgasm with him, only giving him sex once or twice every few months. It was always boring.

She never felt pleasure from him. He wasn't into foreplay either. Megan put on her thin robe and slowly walked down the hallway, briefly entertaining the idea of infidelity, when she heard a noise a moan. She peeped into Mitchell's room, he wasn't in there. Making her way to the living room, looking out the sliding glass door that led to the pool, she found Mitchell.

He wasn't alone. She didn't know the girl, but she was one of Mitchell's classmates at school. Mitchell was sitting in the shallow end of the swimming pool and the girl was bouncing wildly on his cock. Megan tried to look away but she couldn't. She watched Mitchell grin, grabbing the girl's perky little tits when she flung her head back, cumming once more, and buck his hips upward into her. The girl tried to be quiet but was failing.

The look on her face of orgasmic bliss was evident of how well she was enjoying Mitchell. Megan slowly started to undo her robe. Mitchell stood, taking the girl with him, and began pumping upward into her once more. She was shaking, moaning, and cumming. Megan slid the robe off her shoulders, letting it fall to the ground, not taking her eyes off her son, watching him fuck. Mitchell grunted and worked the girl from behind next - her tits jiggled, Mitchell slapping her ass, her mouth hanging open.

Megan watched, plunging her fingers deep into her pussy, moaning in the living room. "I'm cumming!" the girl cried out, failing to be quiet. "Yes! Cum for me!" Mitchell ordered the girl. "I will," Megan whispered from the living room. Mitchell pulled out, pumped his cock several times, and sprayed the girl with semen. When that first spurt of cum erupted from his cock, Megan went to her knees, an orgasm running through her body while she furiously rubbed her clit.

Oh how she wanted him. How she had watched him grow into the man he is. How she wanted to touch him so badly. A week later, she admitted her dissatisfaction in her marriage to a psychiatrist. Later in the session, she admitted she had developed feelings over the past few years for another man.

The psychiatrist was speechless when Megan admitted that the man was her son. "I started being bossy and mean to him a few years ago. He was around 15 or so. I knew right then, I was trying to hide feelings for him. Three hot blondes have some kinky fun cunnilingus threesome thought that if I'm mean enough that maybe my attraction would go away, that I'd only look at him from a nagging mother's eyes but I haven't. It doesn't work.

I want him; I want to hold him, to kiss him, to be with him. I don't want to be his mother anymore; I want to be more than that." The psychiatrist nodded slowly, letting Megan speak. When Megan vented all these pent up emotions, she stood to leave, "I'll understand if you never want to see me again. I don't think this type of love I have for him will go away." Still speechless, the psychiatrist's mouth hung opened, while watching Megan leave.

That was her first and last visit with a shrink. Chapter 6 "No you aren't going out alone, mom!" Mitchell grabbed her arm, preventing her from leaving his condo. "Well then come with me," She said. "I'm not doing that either. I can't stand going out like you and Lisa do." "Ok, I'm going out then.

I like it and it's something to do. There's nothing else to do around here, so I might as well." "Where is Lisa anyway?" Mitchell asked. "She's busy tonight. Are you going to let go of my arm so I can leave?" Megan asked. Mitchell gritted his teeth, shaking his head, "I'll change, just give me a minute." He hated being at night clubs.

His mother loved it. He hadn't heard from his stepdad in awhile. Mitchell figured he was glad to be done with his mother. He didn't know, and didn't care. He wanted his mom to find a job and leave. Sadly, all she seemed to want to do was go out. Mitchell drank and drank, sitting at the bar, occasionally turning around to spot his mother dancing with someone men, sometimes women. He rolled his eyes, downing another shot of vodka. Just when things started moving in slow motion and he was losing the feeling in his face, he felt a tap on his shoulder.

He turned around to see a gorgeous brunette. She smiled, leading him out to the dance floor. She was much shorter than him, but it was fine. He didn't care about looking foolish.

They danced for several songs; he thought the woman was amazing. She took Mitchell's hands and placed them on her ass. Squeezing her cheeks while dancing, smiling at each other's face, Mitchell thought he might get lucky tonight and take this woman home. "Let's go home Mitchell," the woman said to him. "Huh?" He replied in a drunken stupor. "Home. I'll drive," his mother said, caressing his face when the song ended. "Oh, right," Mitchell said, realizing he had been dancing with her the whole time.

The room spun. He, with her help, made his way to the exit and then to his car. A little later Mitchell plopped down on his couch, his mother pouring herself some wine, then straddling him. "Let's go to the beach, baby," She said, taking a huge gulp. "No, no, don't want to," Mitchell slurred.

"You don't want to do anything, do you," Megan feigned annoyance with him, putting her hands on her hips. "Nah. We can go to the pool," Mitchell suggested instead. "Great idea," Megan downed her wine, getting private sexy and busted teen gets in the ass and has a creampie Mitchell and removed her dress, revealing a strapless bra and a thong.

With his world still spinning, he watched his mother swim toward him. "Hey there, baby," she said, planting a kiss on his lips. "What's with this baby talk?" Mitchell asked. "That's what you are, my baby," his mother said, kissing his cheek. "Mmmm, I see," Mitchell chuckled softly. "Sorry for grabbing your butt." "I was the one that put your hands there," his mother replied, another kiss on his other cheek.

"Yeah." "Like this," Megan said, grabbing his hands under the water, guiding them to her thong-covered butt. "Mmhmm. You're a beautiful woman, you know that?" Mitchell asked. Megan didn't answer. Instead, she kissed him on his lips, his hands squeezing her butt.

"You ever come out here skinny dipping?" "Nah. I'm in my boxers, so that's the closest I've ever come to doing it." "We should some time. You and me." "Ha, yeah right." "You have a nice body," She said, kissing his neck. "So do you." "Do you like that? The kisses?" Megan asked, kissing his neck a few more times. "Yeah but I think I need to go," Mitchell said, the alcohol's effect wearing off. He gently pushed her off him and started to leave. "Aww, please? Just a little longer with me," his mother pleaded.

"Sorry, gotta go," Mitchell said, stumbling out of the pool. Megan grinned watching him stumble into his condo. She waited a few seconds and followed him, pulling at her thong when she climbed out of the pool. She tackled him on this his bed, still wet, both of them laughing. Mitchell rolled onto his back. His mother's strapless bra accidently slid down from their horseplay causing her tits to pop out.

Lying down on Mitchell, smiling at him, he was unaware of her bra issue. "Get off me," he slurred, a goofy smile on his face. Megan didn't move, looking into his eyes, smiling just as goofy. Mitchell grew sleepier by the second. He ran his hands up her back, hitting the bra strap.

Megan reached around and undid it, flinging her bra the floor. Mitchell moaned, running his fingers up her bare back, her tits smashing into his chest. "Sadly, I'm having trouble staying awake," Mitchell said, the room still spinning. "Goodnight." He closed his eyes, his hands stopped caressing her.

Megan sat up, looking down at his body, her breasts completely bare. She ran her hand down his chest, admiring his body. A few minutes later, she was lying against him, her bare breasts pressing into his side.

"Goodnight my love," She whispered, going to sleep in his arms. ********* Megan masturbated to Mitchell many times the summer before he left for college. She always felt guilt afterward. That summer they argued and bickered like never before. Megan knew it was because he was going to UCLA and not the University of Miami, like she had hoped, for obvious reasons.

She was a nightmare to be around. Always fussing at Mitchell for something, always chastising him for his choice of college, causing him to lash out and tell her to stay out of it, he was making the best choice for his education. The more heated their arguments became, the harder she climaxed when she masturbated to him.

The more intense their disagreements were, the more intense her affection was to him later after they cooled down. As he was packing to leave, Megan had just finished yelling at him for wanting to leave her, wanting to get away from her as much as possible. Mitchell yelled back saying that's exactly why he was leaving, slamming his door in her face. Later that evening, after her shower, she wrapped her thin robe around her naked body, making her way down the hall way to Mitchell's room.

"Mitchell," she said, straddling him on his bed, waking him up. "Mom, what's going on?" He said, waking up. Megan grabbed his face, pulling it to hers, kissing his lips hard, "Please don't leave me. Please stay. I need you. I want you. I mean, I want you to stay closer." "Mom," he was interrupted by another hard kiss on the lips.

"You can transfer, you can change your mind," Megan whispered. She begged him to stay, her bare crotch pressing against his pajamas pants. Mitchell sat up in his bed, Megan's robe sliding off her shoulders, "Mom," he grabbed her face in his darkened room.

They stared into each other's big blue eyes for a moment, "I'm sorry," Mitchell whispered. Megan slowly nodding, realizing the man she loved, a love she could never tell him of, was leaving forever, leaving her there in an unhappy marriage.

She got off her son, her robe nearly coming off her body, and left him be. She disrobed while walking down the hallway. Megan found a mountable dildo in her top drawer. She carried it outside to the pool, stuck it to the wall in the shallow end, backed into it and pretended she was that girl she saw earlier in the summer getting taken from behind by Mitchell.

Megan cried out in orgasmic moans into the night air, hoping Mitchell would come and see her. He didn't. He left for school the next day. She didn't see him until Christmas. Her sadness and longing for him would hit an all time high. Chapter 7 After a night of drinking with his mother, Mitchell had a huge headache the next day.

When he got out of the shower he found his mother in his living room, smiling cheerily at him. He ignored her, going to the kitchen to refill on water. "Hey, I was thinking," Megan said, jumping into his path back to his bedroom. "No," Mitchell interrupted her, putting his hand up.

"We aren't going anywhere tonight, we aren't doing anything today. I have a huge headache and I want to be left alone." "I can give you a neck massage." "No. Please, just, no," Mitchell said pushing beautiful peach flaunts big arse and gets anal hole plowed aside, making his way to his room, closing the door.

Every time she knocked on his door that day he pretended to be asleep. He skipped dinner. He locked his door at night; she didn't attempt to get in. Mitchell left early for work each morning that week. He purposely stayed late.

When he arrived home he barely spoke to her on his way to his room. Megan invited him to go to dinner with her and Lisa the following Saturday, he quickly declined, hiding himself away in his room. His mother arrived home around midnight Saturday night. Mitchell was asleep. Once again, he was disturbed from his slumber by moans coming from outside near the pool area shortly after she arrived.

"What the hell?" He cleared his eyes and peeped out the window. He saw the source of the moans. His mother was in the hot tub, seemingly alone, her head thrown back, her breasts on display. Mitchell quickly looked away. He heard one final moan. "She's using the jets to play with herself, great. Wake up the entire complex," Mitchell shook his head. When he looked back at the pool, he saw his mother, naked, walking out of the hot tub.

His mouth dropped open; he couldn't look away from her large, round breasts, and hourglass body. Megan waved at an old man nearby as he was taking his little dog for a late night walk; the look on his face was priceless. Mitchell watched her make her way inside, smiling at herself. "She's got to leave soon," He said, lying back down on his bed, the image of her naked body burned into his retinas.

The next week was more of the same. He avoided her. When Megan asked if he was ok, she was met with a quick "yeah" and sometimes a reminder to put the milk back where it goes, or don't mess with the thermostat anymore, or to take care of her laundry that was piling up all little things he found himself scolding her for. "Do you have a job yet?" He bluntly asked one evening after returning home from work.

He had received several texts from her throughout the day. He was annoyed at her before he got home. "No." "When will be you be looking? Are you even going to look?" "Yeah, I am " "Well get on it.

Alright? You're an adult like me. You need your own place," he nagged, slamming his door behind him. Mitchell sat as his desk, slight guilt over coming him.

Megan, however, was back on the couch, smiling. Megan went out with Lisa once again, arriving home late. This time, Mitchell was worried. It was 3am when he woke up, finding his condo empty. When his mother arrived, he met her in the living room, scolding her about not texting. "You text me all day at work, asking me this or that, but you can't text me to let me know you're ok and will be home soon?" Mitchell yelled. "Calm down," his mother started to say.

"No. I am not your babysitter. You go out. You do nothing all day. When are you going to start looking for a job? Huh?" Mitchell sighed, shaking his head. "I'm sick of this." "Baby, please, it's ok," Megan said, smiling.

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"No," Mitchell moved away from her. "I'm going back to bed. I would suggest you don't go out to the hot tub. Don't go out to the beach. If you get arrested for walking around naked, I'm not bailing you out." Mitchell slammed the door to his room. Megan remained in the living room, smiling, thinking about how much he reminded him of her, a glimmer of hope in her heart. ********* Mitchell rarely came home from college.

It was usually during Christmas break and summer break. During that time he hung out with his stepdad or worked a part time job. Megan was too sad to spend much time with him. She was done arguing with him, fussing at him; she accepted that petite blonde babe uma jolie fucks a big dicked dude hardcore and bigboobs unnatural love for him was never going away.

She thought about divorce during his college years. She felt no love toward her husband. Megan couldn't just divorce him, hoping her son would change and feel the same what about her that she did about him. She suffered alone, unsure of what to do. It was Mitchell's final Christmas break from college during his senior year. Megan had to take the edge off. Mitchell would be home in a few hours. His stepfather went to pick him up from the airport.

At home, Mitchell's bed creaked and slammed into the wall. A mountable dildo was mounted on the headboard. Megan clutched his pillow tightly against her body. She was glistening with sweat, having been on all fours on his bed, for the last hour and a half, slamming herself into the dildo, smelling Mitchell's pillow and one of his t-shirts.

"Ahh, don't stop, don't stop!" she pretended to tell her son, another orgasm building up. She had lost count of how many she had. When this final one exploded and coursed through her body, she collapsed on his bed, moaning, whispering about how much she loved Mitchell. He would be home soon. Sadness set in, knowing they would probably hardly talk. Mitchell couldn't stand her and she knew her love was unrequited.

In the shower, she brought herself another orgasm, her moans echoing in the bathroom. ********* Jordan finally had some time available for Mitchell the upcoming weekend.

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Ignoring his mother, assuming she would be hanging out with Lisa, he went to Jordan's. As Mitchell pummeled Jordan from behind Saturday night, he was unable to shake the image of Megan's naked body, her moonlight face, and her sensual kisses she had been giving him.

"Ahh, don't stop, don't stop!" Jordan cried out, another orgasm building up. Mitchell squeezed her breasts from behind, his eyes closed, Jordan's moans replaced with his mother's from her night in the hot tub.

When he ejaculated in Jordan, he kept thrusting, thrusting until he grew tired and his cock hurt. "That was amazing," Jordan said, out of breath, collapsing next to Mitchell. "Uh huh," he replied breathlessly, immediately feeling guilt and anger for picturing his mother.

Chapter 8 "Where have you been?" Megan asked the next day. "A friend's," Mitchell replied, setting his keys down, heading to his room again. "Oh? Who is it?" she asked, flipping through a magazine. "Just a friend," He said, shutting his door. Sitting on his bed, running his hands through his dark hair, he heard his mother knock at his door, "What?" he growled.

"Can I come in?" his mother asked. "Fine," Mitchell rolled his eyes. She was wearing a teen with incredible ass fucking a thick brutal dildo tank top, and small, khaki shorts. Megan approached her son, combing her fingers through his hair.

"I two guys fuck a next door slut to take you out to dinner tonight." "No. I'm tired." "Please?" she smiled, standing in front of him. "No," Mitchell shot her an annoyed look, backing away a bit. "It'll be nice," his mother caressed his face, inching her body closer.

Mitchell shook his head and looked away. Megan smiled, slowly moving herself closer to him, straddling him. "Mom," Mitchell grimaced. Sitting herself on his crotch, she kissed his forehead, then his cheek, next his lips. Mitchell placed his hands on her thighs, gently squeezing them, sliding up into her shorts before abruptly stopping. "No! Please, just get off me!" Mitchell fussed, standing, causing her to go to her feet on the floor. Mitchell looked out his window, toward the ocean.

Megan ran her hands over his back. "No. Ok?" Mitchell turned around to face her. "We aren't friends here. Your main focus should be getting a job and getting back on your feet again. Alright? That's it. I suggest you start looking." Mitchell stormed out, leaving her alone, and went for a walk. An hour later upon his return, he found her in the kitchen, cleaning dishes. He watched her for a moment, thinking about how mean he was to her.

He approached her slowly, sliding his arms around her body, letting his hands rest on her flat belly. He smelled her hair, breathing in her scent.

He kissed along her neck, her cheek, his crotch pushing gently into her ass. He nuzzled his forehead against her temple, slowly kissing her cheek once more. He ended the embrace and went to his room.

Megan continued cleaning dishes, smiling knowingly to herself. ********* "Fine then leave!" Megan yelled at Mitchell the summer he graduated from college. He had decided to head back to Los Angeles to look for work. His mother was furious.

They had been arguing about it most of the day. Megan felt incredibly foolish; acknowledging her failure to deal with her feelings for Mitchell drove them apart.

She also felt he wouldn't stay out in LA after college and would at least get a job in Miami. She watched him pack once more, her world ending, regret for her strict and nagging nature overcoming her.

"You hate me don't you?" "I don't hate you mom," Mitchell replied. Tears were piling up in her eyes, "Why can't you look for jobs here?" "I don't want to, that's why," Mitchell was tired of arguing with her, something he had been doing since he was a teenager.

"You just want to get away from me, forever, don't you?" Mitchell snapped, slamming his suite case shut, "Yes I do! You think I want to deal with your 'Queen Bitch' attitude my whole life? Always complaining, whining, arguing, and wallowing around in self pity for whatever ridiculous reason. You think I want to be around that?" He started to leave his room. "Get out of my way," he growled at his mother. As he was brushing past her she grabbed his arm, pulling samantha rone teen fucked and fingers ass back, then grabbed his face, pulling it to hers and kissed him as hard as she could.

She released his face sexy slut gets banged on the couch pornstars cumshots pushed him away. The tears began to pour from her eyes, thoughts of what to do next swimming around in her mind.

Megan was going to file for divorce and did so after Mitchell's Thanksgiving visit. It was a cold, joyless holiday. She figured this was one last chance, a reason, to go to California. The next few months were filled with more yelling, arguing, and crying, except this time it was between Megan and her husband, Andrew. He begged her to change her mind. He accused her of infidelity. They cursed at each other. Their home was filled with anger and hatred.

In April, exhausted, sick of his soon-to-be ex-wife, Mitchell's stepdad gave into her desires for a divorce and to move to Los Angeles.

He made a phone call while Megan cried in the bedroom. On a sunny Sunday morning, Jordan was having her pussy eaten. A cell phone vibrated a third time in five minutes. She suggested her friend answer it. Mitchell sighed, sitting up, glancing to the phone, "I should've turned it off. I'm sorry." "Don't be. But maybe check it to be sure it's not an emergency?" Jordan asked.

Mitchell reached for his phone, his eyes widening, seeing it was his stepdad calling. Perhaps it was an emergency. He answered the phone, getting off the bed, leaving the room, glancing back at a nude Jordan. Chapter 9 The night of their embrace in the kitchen, Mitchell was wide awake when his mother entered his room. He couldn't sleep. Mitchell was having an internal tug of war, thinking about how bother and young sister porn vidoes and difficult she had been in his teen years, mixed with how gorgeous she was and, while still annoying, not nagging or mean.

Megan opened his door, crawled into his bed, kissed his lips and snuggled against him. He put his arm around her, holding her against him; he kissed her head and tried to go sleep. The next day was another struggle internally.

He didn't want to be around her, he wanted to horny and oiled lesbian action with big boobs at her for forgetting to turn off the bathroom light; he wanted to scold her for nearly burning the dinner she was preparing. He had to get away. He went for a long walk to clear his head.

Mitchell spent more time with Jordan. Between work and sex with her, he hardly saw his mother for the next week. With each glamour college student blackmails professor storyline uniform injecting orgasm into Jordan, his confusion toward his mother became less and less.

One night, Mitchell made the mistake of taking Jordan back to his home. It was a Saturday, he figured his mother was with his Aunt Lisa, drinking wine, talking, whatever.

It was shortly after midnight. Jordan was on top of Mitchell, riding him, her large breasts being squeezed forcefully by Mitchell. He wanted her to cum again; he wanted her pussy to milk his cock.

He didn't realize his bedroom door was cracked. He had no idea his mother had gotten home earlier than he expected her too. Megan, tears streaming down her face, watched Jordan climax on top of her son. Her only thought was that she came out to Los Angeles for nothing. Mitchell took Jordan home early in the morning. He arrived at his condo shortly after the sun rose to find his mother, wearing her typical pajamas of panties and a long t-shirt, her hands on her hips and a scowl on her face.

"Who was she?" She angrily asked. "Who was who?" "That woman in your room?" "No one, just a friend," Mitchell said, feeling like a 16 year old once more. "No that was NOT just a friend. Who was she?" His mother yelled. "None of your business!" Mitchell yelled back, heading to his room, slamming the door. Megan was able to get to his door before he was able to lock it, pushing it open and barging in. "Get out!" Mitchell yelled, annoyed with her line of questioning.

"Is she your girlfriend? Who was she?" His mother demanded. "None of your business! Leave me alone!" Mitchell said, pushing past her, making his way to the back door to leave.

"Are you going to be sleeping around in " Megan started to ask, following him, her anger at herself and Mitchell building up. "Oh shut up, bitch. Don't barge in here and ask me about my life. It's none your business who I spent my time with! If you have a problem with that, why don't you go live with your whore of a sister?" Mitchell yelled. Megan's eyes widened, she saw red, she lunged toward Mitchell and slapped him as hard as she could.

********* It was the morning of Megan's flight and move to California. Her soon-to-be ex was watching her pack, shaking his head. "Before you leave, why don't you be honest with me for once? How many men have you slept with?" Andrew asked. "Oh shut up, Andrew," Megan told him. "I just want to know. I just want to know for closure reasons. Did you have sex in our bed with them? Hmm?" Andrew asked. Megan ignored his question, continuing to pack, thinking about Mitchell as always.

"Whatever," Andrew shook his head. As Megan walked passed him, he asked another question, "Are you sure you want to move in with your son? You've treated him poorly over the years. I'm sure he can't stand you." She kept walking, making her way to the stairs, "You're a piece of shit, Megan. No telling how many men you've slept with." "Go ahead, leave!" He called out to her as she made her way half way down the stairs.

"Go live with him! You'll probably fuck him too! Slut." Megan's eyes widened, she saw red, running back up the stairs, slapping Andrew hard as she could.

********* Mitchell glared at his mother, a mixture of shock and anger on his face. Megan was tearing up, she wanted him so badly, she slapped him again.

He looked to the floor, shocked, mouth hanging open. His mother grabbed his face, pulling it to meet hers, and kissed him as hard as she could. She pushed him away, out of breath; they stared into each other's blue eyes. Mitchell grabbed her face, bringing it to his own, and kissed her just as hard in return. Chapter 10 Mitchell slammed his mother against the wall, kissing her again, even harder than before.

Megan grabbed his head, holding him place, kissing in return. Their mouths were glued to each other, their eyes closed, Megan up against the wall. She pulled at her son's hair; Mitchell didn't budge, kissing her passionately. She clawed at his neck, no change. She punched his shoulder. Mitchell broke the kiss allowing his mother to push him away. Megan removed her t-shirt, throwing it across the room, revealing her naked upper body.

"Fuck me!" She growled at Mitchell, lunging at him, jumping into his arms. He caught her by her ass, her legs wrapping around him, slamming her back against the wall, kissing and licking her neck. Pinning her against the wall, he fidgeted with his shorts with one hand, the other holding her up. Nibbling and sucking at her allie haze gets pounded in hardcore fashion and mouth, he kicked his shorts and boxers off.

Still holding her, he moved away from the wall, slamming her down on the couch, falling on top of her, kissing frantically. He sat up, quickly pulling her panties off, throwing them across the room, then doing the same with his shirt. Megan pulled him back on top of her, holding him tightly. "Do it," she ordered him, glaring up at his face, holding his head. "Fuck me." "I am," he glared back, pushing her legs apart, guiding his cock into her waiting walls, impaling her.

Slow, powerful thrusts, while staring into her face, Mitchell grunted and took her. Megan moaned with each stab of Mitchell's cock. A few moments later, he sat up, taking her with him, making his way to his bedroom.

Throwing some books off a shelf in his room, he sat his mother on the top one, grabbing her hands, pinning her arms against the wall behind her and began mercilessly slamming into her. "Yes! Yes!" Megan screamed. "Come on! Cum for me!" He yelled back. That was all it took to send her over the edge. The man she had been lusting after for years, the man she had fallen in love with to demand her to cum for him caused her eyes to roll in the back of her head and her body to shake with orgasmic pleasure.

"Ahh Mitchell!" She cried out, staring into his eyes. This was real. This wasn't a dildo she had mounted to his bed; it was really him fucking her. And her son wasn't done yet. Mitchell gripped her butt, backed away from the wall and slammed her onto his bed. "Yes! Take it!" He yelled with each powerful thrust. He kept going and going, pushing her big-breasted, little body, all the way to the headboard and pillows.

Reaching behind to steady herself, Megan rested her hand on the headboard, watching her son above her take her like an animal, slamming his own bed into the wall. Another orgasm was building, this time for both of them. "Give that fucking cum!" she commanded Mitchell.

Several minutes later, an exhausted Mitchell starting climaxing along with his mother, "Here it comes! Take it, you bitch!" His cock erupted, exploding, filling her quivering pussy with semen, "Ahhhh!" Megan cried out. "I'm your Queen Bitch!" Mitchell groaned, staring into her blue eyes, his cock spurting semen in her. Finally he was done, exhausted, sweaty, collapsing on top of his mother. She ran her hands through his hair, her legs going limp, loosening their tight hold from around his waist.

With eyes half closed, she smiled, catching her breath. Mitchell rolled off her a few minutes later, lying on his side, facing away from his mother. Megan smiled, curling up behind him, running her hands slowly up and down his back. "What have I done?" Mitchell thought to himself. Filled with shame and more confusion, sleep finally caught up with him. He woke the next morning alone in bed - the smell of bacon guiding him to the kitchen.

He put on some clothes, making his way to the source. He saw his mother wearing her long, white t-shirt, reaching up to grab something out of the cabinet. The shirt came up, exposing her bare ass. Mitchell looked away, the memories from the previous night returning.

"Hi baby!" His mother cheerily said, handing him a plate of bacon and eggs. He sat across from her at a small table in the kitchen, eating silently. Afterward, he nodded solemnly at her, thanking her for breakfast, then went back to his room.

He put on some shoes and left the house. He walked for hours along the beach, thinking about how he felt, knowing how she felt, attempting to make sense of it all.

He found a place to eat for lunch, sitting alone, he got a text from his mother saying that Lisa was coming by to take her shopping; she would be back later that milf handjob facial mother first time art imitating life. He arrived shortly before she did.

Mitchell sat alone in his room at his computer, while his mother fixed dinner. She was humming to herself, occasionally laughing at something on the TV. "Dinner's ready!" she called out to him. Mitchell avoided looking at her. He quietly ate his meal while his mother talked about her day. She went shopping and Lisa took her by a new spa that had opened in Malibu.

Megan apparently landed a job interview with them in a few days. Mitchell nodded, thinking that she'd move out soon except now he didn't want her to. He tried to sleep but couldn't. She was watching a funny movie in the other room. He never remembered her laughing so much as she did in the last 24 hours.

Finally the muffled sounds from the TV stopped; the house was quiet, save for the sound of the shower his mother was taking. A little later, still attempting to sleep, Mitchell heard his bedroom door open. He watched his mother stand at the end of the bed, her profile a silhouette from the moonlight. She took off her shirt, ran her hands through her long hair, Mitchell admiring her breasts.

She turned and slowly climbed on to his bed. She gently tugged at his shorts, pulling them down, throwing them off. She began kissing his thighs, her breasts dragging across his knees. She made her way to his cock, kissing it gingerly, waking it up. She licked it, nuzzled it, taking it into her mouth as if she had been doing that to him for years perhaps she had been, in her mind.

Mitchell was fully hard. In his dark room, he could barely see her straddle him and guide his cock into her. When he was all the way inside her, his mother came to rest on top of him, kissing his neck, playing with his hair. "I love you," she whispered. "I've loved you like this for a long time." Megan began slowly grinding into him, dragging her engorged clit across his lower abdomen. Mitchell closed his eyes, breathing slowly, feeling her warm body on top of his, listening to her sweet moans as she made love to him.

"Oh Mitchell," she whispered again, breathing heavily in his ear, "how long I've wanted this." Mitchell ran his hands up and down her bare back, bringing one hand into her thick mane. "Kiss me," she whispered. Mitchell turned his face and did as he was told. He kissed her slowly, sensually on the mouth, both of them moaning. Their tongues met for the first time, swirling around each other, while Megan continued to grind into him.

"All those years I fussed and scolded you. Deep down I was in love you," Megan explained. "I tried to hide it, to bury it. I divorced your stepfather, thinking that coming out here would be one last shot to be with you." It made sense to Mitchell now. He had been mean to her in return, calming down and later showing her affection, just as she had. Breaking the kiss, Megan whispered once more to her son, "Cum for me, my baby." "Mom," Mitchell cried out with pleasure.

"I'm not your mother anymore. I'm more than that now. I'm your everything," She kissed him again, moaning, her own orgasm approaching. "Ahhh, I love you!" She cried out, her forehead resting on his now. "I love you too," Mitchell paused, his balls tightening, "Megan." The orgasmic flames spread throughout her body, consuming her, just as they did Mitchell. Both lovers were climaxing, holding each other, shaking with pleasure.

Megan came to rest on top of Mitchell. He held her a long time, kissing her lips tenderly over and over, before he regained his strength. Sitting up, his cock awake once again, they made love, slowly, methodically until the moonlight in his room was replaced with sunlight. Chapter 11 Megan loved her new job. The clients were all very sweet to her. She bought a bike and rode it to and from Mitchell's condo five days a week.

They ate dinner together, made love all night, and occasionally hung out with Lisa on the weekends. Not as much, not staying out as late, but enough to be friendly.

They hid their secret love as best they could. Megan assumed at some point in the future, she would tell her sister about her and Mitchell. It felt so natural to Mitchell. Not awkward. Playing with her hair while she sucked his cock on the couch, pinning her up against the shower wall in the morning, licking chocolate syrup out of her pussy after dinner it was all so easy for him.

With each cum injecting orgasm into Megan, he thought of her as his mother less and less. A few weeks later, Jordan stopped by. She hadn't heard a word from Mitchell in quite some time. She figured she'd surprise him one night after midnight.

Jordan peeped into the front window, seeing all the lights on, but no movement. She knocked on the front door several times, there was no answer. She walked around back, near where the pool was and her mouth dropped open at what she saw. She found Mitchell. He wasn't alone. He was sitting in the shallow end of the swimming pool, a dark hair woman she didn't recognize, was bouncing wildly on his cock.

Jordan tried to look away but she couldn't. She watched Mitchell grin, grabbing Megan's large tits when she flung her head back, cumming once more, and buck his hips upward into her. Megan tried to be quiet but was failing. Jordan watched Mitchell stand, taking the woman with him, and began pumping upward into her once more. She was shaking, moaning, and cumming. Mitchell grunted and worked Megan from behind next - her tits jiggled, Mitchell slapping her ass, her mouth hanging open.

"I'm cumming!" Megan cried out, failing to be quiet. "Yes! Cum for me!" Mitchell ordered her. Mitchell pulled out, pumped his cock several times, and sprayed Megan's face with semen. Jordan sighed softly. She and Mitchell weren't a couple, but she thought maybe they would end up as one at some point. Apparently he was sleeping with other women. Jordan left, not bothering to contact Mitchell again. The following weekend, Mitchell came home from work on Friday to find a note taped to the door.

"I'm at the beach." He smiled, entering his home, changing into his swim trunks. A few minutes later he stood at the railing that overlooked the beach entrance. Mitchell watched Megan in the orange light of the setting sun, nude in the water, standing, extending her hands, attempting to touch a nearby dolphin.

He loved her. Making his way down the beach, he stopped, watching her wave at him, motioning him to join her. He chuckled, untying his swim suit, pulling it down, stepping out of it.

Mitchell walked naked toward the water, stopping shortly before entering; something to his right had caught his eye. A large heart with "M + M" was doodled into the sand. "Megan and Mitchell," he thought, entering the water to join a person he no longer thought of as his mother, but his woman, the love of his life. The end.