Tiffany can not have enough of him

Tiffany can not have enough of him
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*all characters and place are fictional. None of the characters are underage. **first story ever written. ***depending on how this goes I might make it into a series.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ CHAPTER 1 Hi, my name is John but everyone calls me Jay. This is my story on how I became a multimillionaire. Now this isn't your average rise to power type story. My mother had me when she was only 15 and my sister at 17.

My father ran off after my sister was born. Naturally I picked up on becoming the man of the house when I was growing up.

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Going through high school was a pain in the ass. At the time I was working at a computer repair shop and trying to keep my grades up so I can get scholarships for collage.

Never focusing on a social life, I just worked on coding after school. That's how I ended up at one of the best collages in the country writing software programs and working on microrobotics. Finally at the end of the semester I had a major break through. CHAPTER 2 "Okay class that's it for today's session, make sure you email me your program so I can put them into your final grade".

Finally school is over! I've been busting my ass finishing my coding project so I can work on my masterpiece before my mother and sister arrive tomorrow. After all this hard work, it's finally going to pay off. I'm the first one out of my seat, rushing to the door so I can get back to my dorm room. "Hey Jay"! I turn to see who's calling my name. Its Ashley, one of the better looking students in the class. Ashley stands at 5'4" weighing 145lbs. She's got red hair that flows down to the small of her back.

Light brown eyes stare at me waiting for a response. "Hey, Ashley what's going on"? "I was wondering if you could help me get some kinks out of my code, I just cant seem to figure it out". I look over her figure before making a decision. She has nice 42c breasts and a round ass.

This would be a good time for me to try out my project. "Yeah I can help you, why dont you come over to my dorm around 8pm". "Great thanks Jay"! I leave the classroom and start to head to my dorm. As long as I can convince my roomate to leave tonight my plan will work. I open my door and get bombarded with the smell of weed. My roomate Dave is an absolute pothead and if it wasn't for daddy's money he wouldn't even be here. I sit at my desk and grab my laptop.

"Hey Dave, you plan on going to that party tonight". "Yeah, I should actually start getting ready right now". I log into sexy plumber with blounded big boobs account and open up Twitter scrolling aimlessly until Dave leaves.

I get up lock the door and get to work. I pull out my desk drawer and retrieve my USB drive. I wrote the final paragraph of codes and transferred the program to my phone. I look at the clock its 6:37pm. I pull out my robotics 3d printer and start the process. I stare in awe as my masterpiece is being made. I was able to make three by 8:07 and put everything away.

"Knock, knock". I get up and open my door. "Hey Ashley, how are you going tonight"? "I'm doing good Jay, you pornstar got her pussy banged doggystyle and moans to crack down on this"? "What's the issue your having?

You can set your laptop up on my desk". As she walks over to my desk I check her out. She's wearing a tight, low cut, pink shirt and black yoga pants. I slip my device over my finger to administer the shock. She sits facing away from me as she pulls out her laptop. "I just can't get this, owe! You shocked me!" I placed my hand on her shoulder planting the device there.

Now I only need to wait 5 minutes. "Sorry Ashley, I'm going to run to the bathroom, find the part that's screwed up and I'll come take a look." I leave my room, pull out my phone, and open my viral app.

The screen reads 57%, I reach the bathroom and lock myself in a stall. The nanobots are reaching her brain much faster than I anticipated. I stare impatiently at my phone as I watch the percentage rise. As it hits 100% I see Ashley's 3d model pop up on my screen. Finally their is fun to be made!

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I open character settings and go to her weight. I decrease her weight by 15lbs. I spin her character around to see the improvements. I click on her ass and lift it up. I remove her gag reflex. Opening up the options menu I click on control. I start to head back to my room nervous to see if it actually worked.

I grab the door handle czech blonde teen lolly plays with pussy pause thinking of all the possibilities of my viral bots. I turn the handle and open the door. CHAPTER 3 "Hey Ashley, stand up and sit on the bed".

Ashley gets up and sits on the bed no questions asked. I admire her body after my nanobots made the correct adjustments. Except for her tits, I must bring those down to a b36. I pull out my phone and make the adjustment, watching her breasts shrink right before my eyes. I go to memory and write a code that will make her horny whenever she see me.

She will be my submissive whenever I please. I'm in utter awe that my masterpiece is flawless executing its work. My head starts whirling with ideas on how I can use my viral app. Snap out of it! Focus on what's in front of you. I work on her code for 5 minutes and fix all the bugs. "Ashley sit back in the chair". I pull out my ohne and turn off the program. Waiting to see if the last piece of the puzzle fits into place. "And that's it Ashley all fixed up. Now why dont you turn around and service your master".

"O master, thank you so much for helping me". "I want you to undress for me". I sit on the bed and watch as she takes off her shirt. Her tits are perfectly concealed into a aqua blue lace bra.

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She reaches behind her back and unsnap her bra. Her tits bounce a little as they lose their support. I feel my cock rising in my pants. My heart is rushing just knowing that everything worked so well.

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I watch as she turns around and takes off her yoga pants. Her matching thong wedged in her ass made my cock jump. She steps out of her yoga pants and bends back over at the waist. She hooks her thumbs in the side of her thong and slowly pull down her panties. Teasing me all the way. I'll let her have fun for now but she will pay for it later. She spreads her legs and ass and I stare at her pussy and ass. "Stay it that position Ashley." I walk behind her and take her hands off her ass.

"Put your hands on the flooreithout vending your knees". She gets into my desired position and I rub my hand across her ass feeling the smoothness. I go lower and feel her wet cunt. I pull my hand above my head and smack her ass! CHAPTER 4 Crack! My hand stings a little after snacking her ass. "Ooo master". I raise my hand and snack her other ass check. "O fuck, punish me please".

"You dirty whore". SMACK! "I'm going to fuck your tight little cunt" SMACK! "Maybe I'll fuck you in the ass to". SMACK! As each smack lands her pussy starts to drip more and more fluids.

"O please master dont, I've never been fucked in the ass". I rain blows upon her ass for not fully submitting. As each slap lands she moans louder and louder. If I dont keep her quite someone might get pissed. I grab her panties and a tie out of my closet. "Open your mouth Ashley". I shove her panties in there and tie my tie around her head. "Get on your hands and knees slut". She gets into dogs style with her ass sticking right up into the air. I grab a pillow off my bed and set it down behind her knees.

I spread her ass checks and stick my tongue into her pussy. Her juices taste amazing. I hear her distorted moans coming out her makeshift gag. I stick two fingers into her sweet pink pussy and lick her ass cheeks. Kissing and nibbling at them.

Slowly working my way to her rosebud. I drag my younger down the crack of her ass. I like the outside of her asshole in sex xnxx storys com best circle patter. All the while finger her cunt. I can feel her muscles gripping my fingers as I angle them to her g spot. I stick my tongue into her ass and feel her body convulse.

She starts to squirt her fluids all over the floor. Her pussy clenching my fingers. I stick my 7" clock into her oussy before her orgasm subdues. I start ramming my cock in and out of her dripping cunt. I spit on her asshole and shove my thumb into her back entrance.

She squeals in pain. I stand and grab my lube out of my dresser. I run some into her asshole and start to work two fingers in there immediately.

I can feel her nikki lavay full neu story to push my fingers out and I slap her ass. I stand up and grab her by her hair forcing her to look up at me. I kneel done and grab her throat.

"I'm going to fuck you in the ass and you'll enjoy it slave"" I see her beautiful brown eyes start to tear up. Then the nanobots kicked in. I saw a hunger in her eyes I've only seen in movies. I return to her ass and start to lube my cock. I aim my cock towards her puckered asshole and rest the tip of my cock at its entrance. I slowly start to shove my cock in her ass relishing the feeling of her tight ass.

I work it in and out if her asshole going deeper and deeper with each stroke. Her sphincter squeezing on my cock. I start to pull my dick out. The heat coming off her ass feels so good.

I almost pull out all the way. My balls need to have their release. I ram my cock into her ass. Fucking her ass like a ferocious animal. I hear her muffled moans they have a mixture of pain and pleasure in them. I can feel my my balls getting ready to erupt. "Ashley get over here and kneel in front of me". I pull my cock out and stand up. Ashley spins around. I remove the gag from her mouth. "Open your mouth and take my dick". She starts to suck on my dick, I grab her by the head and start to skull fuck her.

My cock slamming into the back of her throat sent me over the eadge. I shoot 2 large streams of thick white cum into her throat. I pull my cock out and release the rest onto her face. My whole body is numb with pleasure. "Clean yourself up slave and go home for the night". "Yes master, thank you master, have a good night". I sit on the floor exhausted from today's events. Yet my head still whirls with all of the ideas I have for my viral app.

First thing on the list though is to have fun and fuck whoever I want. Ba-ding My phone goes off and i see who texted me. It's my sister Sarah. "Hey Jay, cant wait to see you tomorrow mom and I will be there at 8:00am to pick you up. I love you" "Sounds good love you to" Well this will be a very interesting summer for me. I drift off to sleep as I plan my taboo experiance.