Girl forced teen delivery man

Girl forced teen delivery man
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It was nearing Christmas, and I had been appointed the "Plan B" man of the day. I was to babysit my niece, Hanna.

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Funny, plan B generally is the better plan anyway. Me? Oh yes, a little bit of an introduction would probably help a little. I am Jason Grant, a 17 year old "would-be" game designer. I'm studying but hardly, really. I am trying to battle school, which in RPG terms stands at like 20 levels less than I, but I am unarmed. In other words, lately shit just keeps fucking up.

I have short black hair and brown eyes, and stand about 5'6. I would be taller but - a whole lotta coffee can indeed prevent you from growing too tall.

Thanks a lot, Columbian Coffee Guy! Anyway, about Hanna.

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Hanna stands about 4'8, and has long light brown hair, and soft hazel eyes. She is 12 years old, and has the trademark perky chest of the average generic slim 12 year old girl. That is to say, I never really looked of course, but it's nothing special. My sister? Well her name's Elaine. She looks a lot like a future-Hanna, almost the exact image of what you would think she would look like in about 15 years. It was freezing outside, and the fireplace was roaring.

My sister and her boyfriend left to go see some relatives for a week, and it was only me and Hanna. There she sat watching various random cartoons, hell I don't even know what was what. I rarely ever am watching her over at this house. At my house, she's involved usually in drawing or playing video games, but my sister just doesn't think that video games are harmless.

Oh no, what will happen, she may begin to think she has 3 lives and 300 seconds to live? Bullshit. Anyway, at this point in time I was sitting beside her on the couch and I was blankly staring at the screen, giving half a shit about what was on. "What are you thinking about?" Hanna asked randomly. "What? Oh, I was just thinking about how these cartoons nowadays suck." "What do you mean? Japanese students want experienced lover to please her do not!" "Well whatever.

Hell, Wile E. Coyote made much more sense - and there was little to no speech in there or sense what so ever." "Ain't that the truth." She began to laugh a little. "What do you mean?" "Oh nothing. It's just that the next generation will likely think the same and so fourth.

Just like how people used to think that saying "Pants" on TV was too sexual a reference in your grandfather's time." She began grinning. And then something familiar hit me, a line I keep registering when handling her speech. - WHERE THE HELL does she learn this stuff? Does she pull random knowledge out of thin air at times then just plain act stupid? She's a little too smart if you ask me. Well, I suppose that's a good thing, but unfortunately it makes it very easy for her to get what she wants.

I blankly look about half an inch from where my eyes were half-ass gazing at the corner of the TV to the clock right there. "HOLY SHIT! It's already that late?" The clock registered 10:25 PM "What's the big deal? She asked, with a cute devious smile. "What? Dude, Elaine said you should be in the shower at like 9! It's fuckin' 10:30 and shit." I jabber on, attempting to remain "Within the contract that comes with plan-B." "Meh, it's alright, they aren't coming back for a week.

They're off seeing their relatives and stuff so what does it matter?" Her smile seems to get more devious by the second. "Hey - I have some sort of code of honor somewhere alright? I gotta try at least!" "Alright then, I'll take a shower now if it makes you happy." She stood up, and began to run off. "Hey there, buddy! She also said clearly that your bedtime was 10! In at 9, down at 10. Come on, I'm not that slow." I hurriedly clicked off the Bbw ebony enjoys herself from desiresbbw com tube porn and ran after her.

She giggled, and spun around, and said simply, "She won't hear a word about me staying up past 10 to 10:30 if you let me take a shower~!" ". Umm. Alright, I didn't know you were wanting to shower that badly. Well whatever, have fun, I guess." "Yay!

Thank you!" She ran up to hug me, but tripped and caught herself on me as she fell. Her arms wrapped around my waist and of all things, since she was yelling as she fell she got a mouthful of crotch.

She regained her footing and sighed a sigh of relief. After a couple seconds which to me, seemed like much longer as I began to try to beat the image out of my head, she jumped back hesitantly and said, "Well. That was.

Umm. " Blankly, my reply came out wrong.

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"It's alright. It was just an accident and it's not like I'm repulsed or anything." Suddenly I realized what I just said. Great, I speak my mind way too much, and here I am pretty much telling my 12 year old niece that I liked the sight of her mouth on my crotch. "I. I'll just take that shower now." She said as she walked in the bathroom. I thought to myself. "Great. Real, real great. She probably thinks I'm so horrible now." I went and turned back on the television.

"Ahh, cable. 500+ channels, and not a damn thing on." I muttered as I surfed attempting to get out that image from my head. Every so often it kept popping up, and I eventually started to drift to sleep. Realizing this I thought, hell I'll throw a blanket on and I'll hear when she leaves the bathroom. I'll just rest my eyes. Anyway, of course resting your eyes is always code for "I'm going to fuckin' sleep now, thanks." I lay on the couch and take off my shirt.

The fire made the place nice and toasty, so there wasn't much cute teen gapes juicy snatch and gets deflorated for it.

I woke up alright. I woke up with something in my mouth. I open my eyes and I see her closed eyes right up against mine as her tongue lashes wildly at mine.

Suddenly, my thought process decides to go "Alright, we're going to stop thinking now and blame it later." I returned my eyes to closed to act as though I was still asleep, and I waited to see what she would do next. I felt something I didn't expect. I felt my belt being loosened as she kissed me. Almost frantically, and then next the button.

Then the zipper had been lowered. She stopped the kiss, and I felt a hand bring my penis from it's "Union HQ." I felt her kind of pull around on the foreskin and examine it for a while. I then decided, "Alright, that's it, my honor has taken a deep enough fall because of this.

I'm stopping it now!" I opened my eyes and she was almost with her mouth on my penis. "What are you doing?" I asked. She was wearing a long shirt like a nightgown, one of my rather big shirts. It was pure white. ". It doesn't bother you does it?" "No. I-I mean. This is wrong. What if they find out?" "Pfft. They won't know." She said with a couple friendly tugs.

"Please, stop." "Why? Both of us want to." "But do you know what you're saying?" She giggled. "I think you know too well what I'm saying." "Why do you know these things anyway? Have you done anything like this before?" "No. Call it 'Holiday Cheer' if you want." "This is bad, real bad. I'm gonna be in deep shit for this." "No, you won't. Besides. You'll only be in deep shit if you back out now." "Why is that?" "Because I'd only say something if you won't let me." "What?

Are you blackmailing me?" ". Black mail is with evidence really. I don't need any for such a claim like that." She smiled fiendishly.

"But. Why." "Oh stop trying to think logically. Let's just have some fun!" She said in a cheerful voice as I felt the warm friendly flick of her tongue licking around my penis. Around the tip, down the shaft, and licking the pre-cum off. Amazing brunette girl with big tits tube porn, she knows what she's doing.

"You look like you're enjoying yourself, Jason." She said, as she pauses. ". It looks like you are too." "Really? What told you that?" "That you-" I was cut off as she thrust her mouth around my penis, and sunk about 2-3 inches of the 7 inch meat within her mouth. "That I what?" She muttered with her mouth around my penis. It was damn near the sexiest thing I had seen.

Then it gets better as she moves her hair out of the way so I can see her face, she tilts her head to the right, and begins to move it in and out of her mouth.

"Uah. Um. Yea.

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And stuff. " She laughs, and then says, " Mind if I hug you? "Huh? Alright." "Sit up, please." I then sat up, and then she rose up off me a little and moved in and moved my right hand to her chest, and then thrust her tongue in my mouth. Instinctively I began to massage her, and I felt sheer ecstasy as I heard her moan in pleasure sharply, mixed with pain, as she violently fell onto my penis.

I then realized the entire time she had no underwear on, and now around the tip of my penis only was the warm, wet virgin pussy of a 12 year old girl. It was tighter and more wonderful feeling than I imagined. She sat there, holding me in pain for a moment, and began to move around a little, attempting to spear it deeper within her tight hole as efficiently as possible without making as much pain as she was able to avoid.

I decided to give her a hand as I began to move my hips without thought, and it slowly speared more and more, inch by inch, deeper within the tender flesh of her love hole.

She then said, "Can you move now, please?" I nodded and I took off her shirt, and she seemed to almost not expect that, as I wrap my left arm to secure her waist, and begin thrashing her chest with my tongue, She began to moan in little squeaks as I began to lift her up and down on me.

I had never had sex before, and I only saw the movies. But of all things, what I felt was great! Far far better than the movies made it seem! Maybe it was the fact she was related and 12 years old that created a sense of danger, and her threats at me to the contrary were much more dire.

It felt great, and almost painful at first as she was so tight, but soon she was coated within with her essence and spy cam wife gives hookup amazing blowjob pre-cum.

She began to buck wildly on me, and I slowed her down. "Why?" She asked. "Now now, if you go that fast, I'll likely shoot into you before I can pull out. You feel way too good Hanna." "Thank you," she let out an embarrassed giggle and followed slyly with a whisper.

"I put in spermicide. Let's have fun!" Then, over taken by those words, I began to play with her pussy with my right hand while I continued to assault her chest with my mouth. She let out a couple cute moans as she began to buck wildly, wildly on my cock.

She curvy mamacita pleasures a fat meat pole wetter, and wetter, almost as though she was almost there but couldn't quite reach it.

She let out a hot, loud moan, and for a second I thought she had reached orgasm but no, she hadn't quite yet. "That's it," my mind shouted, as I turned and flipped her onto her side on the couch. "W.

What are you. Ahh. Ahh." She said as I began to move in and out with one of her legs wrapped around me and the other under me. She began to buck again somehow in a horizontal grind. I began to feel her clench within tightly, and I felt almost there.


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I think I'm about to cum." She said as she began to move like a maniac. "Ahh. AHH." I then began to pump her rapidly, at a speed I didn't think was possible.

She hunched over, holding me panting wildly, as I felt her pussy clench over and over as she began to cum, and well brazzers new story xxx 2019 full sex stories, I began to blow my load into her.

I must have really really wanted her because after cumming about 10 shots into her, I then still was able to move at an alright pace for a while. She limply rises on top, and I see her slowly rise from the cunt-washed rod. As she rose, a ton of semen and vaginal fluid spilled out of her in a line onto my penis. Looking at herself and me, she gets back on top and holds onto me tightly as she goes to sleep. I then follow suit.

Where the hell is this going? What is gonna happen the REST of the week, dare I say the future? . Where the hell did she get spermicide? . Answers I didn't give a shit about. I just got raped by a 12 year old. And you know what, it wasn't half bad at all. (To be continued. )