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Virgin girls rape storys com
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Marty is 35 divorced with a seven year old son. Her son plays on a soccer team one of my companies sponsors. I toss my keys on foyer table.

It is a very warm June afternoon, so I'm home early. I loosen my tie and open a cold beer from the fridge. At 55 years old, I'm a rarity in the neighborhood- a man divorced six times in a community filled with families. I had taken the opportunity to buy and move into a home. Sitting down to check out what is on TV, I hear the sound of a car door closing mia kalifa first time story the street and look out the window to see my divorced neighbor, Marci White, coming home from soccer practice.

I have been eyeing Marty since I first moved in and since finding out she is divorced, no boyfriend and not dating anyone. I increasingly frequently have wild fantasies about her.

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With a perfectly toned and tanned body, Marci is the object of desire of not only her fellow co-workers but also me. The quick glimpse of Marty is enough to make me wander over to my DVD collection where I decided sanni leyon sex stories story donload showing of porn movie would be the perfect way to take advantage of my sudden arousal.

Just as I was about to get started, my doorbell rang. Tossing the DVD case on the table, I went to the door, figuring I'd be chasing away a pesky salesman. To my surprise and delight, standing on my doorstep is Marci. The sleeves on her gray t-shirt rolled up to her shoulders and her red nylon soccer shorts clung to her well-defined thighs. With her shoulder length brown hair up in a ponytail, her face is still flush from a clearly strenuous practice. Drops of sweat slowly drizzled off her forehead, but my gaze wandered to her warm brown eyes.

" Hi Mr. Malone," Marty said with a playful tone. " Thank you, for sponsoring the soccer team. I was wondering if you'd like to join me for a drink." I didn't hesitate. " Of course. Come on in," I said, stepping aside to allow Marci to enter. Despite her recent time out in the sun, her body still had the fresh, inviting scent of perfume of sweet mix of strawberries and vanilla.

" Although I do have one rule. You can't call me Mr. Malone." "Ok, Mr. Malone-- I mean, John," she stammered as she tossed her purse by the couch. " Can I get you something to drink?" " Sure, a glass of wine would be great," Marty eagerly replied.

" Coming up. Make yourself at home," I said. Heading to the kitchen, My mind is a buzz with possibilities. Having Marty alone in my house is often how my fantasies begin and her sexy body is more tempting in person than it was in my mind's eye.

" So I see you like porn and young," Marci called out from the living room. " What's that?" I asked, unsure of wife finds bbw with her hubby tube porn she meant.

But just as I finished pouring her wine, I froze, realizing I had failed to stash my DVD before welcoming my guest. Before I can form a response, I turn to see Marty standing in the doorway with a cocky grin on her face, spinning the DVD case between her forefingers.

" I said 'I see you like porn and young," her words delivered in a slow, seductive manner. I made my move, I held her hands. SHe resisted. I hug her and kiss her. She pushes me away, saying ' I'm was joking, please stop.' I ignored her plea. I push her down on the sofa, unzipping my pants letting my cock spring out. It is a monster cock. It is 9" long and very very thick. Marty said 'No, please, you're too big for a small woman like me.' I'm not sure if she can handle my cock. Again, I ignored her.

I'm smiling, pulling her shorts down and tore her panties. She pushes me away, resisting my advances but to no avail. I buried my tongue in her small pussy. She let out a moan saying " Please John, stop, I have not been with a man in a long time." I took off my clothes, revealing my full monster cock, fully erect and ready to ravage her.

At this point, she is wet, but still trying to resist the temptation. Marci tried to hold my cock, but her two hands are too small to wrap around my thick cock. I inserted the big head in her pussy, Marci is screaming in pain, her nails buried in my back.

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I raised her long legs, spread them wide, holding her small butt and slowly pushing my cock inch by inch. Marci is moaning in pain and pleasure, biting her lips, grunting and gasping for air, still begging me to stop, but her resistance is futile.

She finally gives in and letting her inhibitions out. I push my monster cock halfway ripping her pussy apart. She screams and hugs me tightly.

We both look into each other's eyes as if whispering something to each other. I whisper something to her, she nodded, I lifted her hips up with my left hand, placing my right hand over her flat tummy, burying the rest of my monster cock deep inside her.

She screams again in pain and pleasure. I pause for a few minutes letting her get use to my size. Her pussy is stretched over the limit, ripped wide open. I hit virgin territories never touched before. Marty is crying, tears running down her face. I kiss her then we french kiss for a few minutes. Moments later, I start thrusting into her, slowly at first. Marty is moaning with each thrust asking me to be gentle " John, you're too're ripping me feels sooo good.

mmmmm." This went on for ten minutes then I start thrusting furiously without regard to her pleas, she came violently, but I'm holding on. She came countless times. I pull out of her as my hands pull her ass towards me, pulling her dripping wet hole closer and higher. Preparing to impale her again, I position my cock at her hole. Pushing in slowly, I hear " Oh Fuck" and her hand flies to her pussy, trying to pull my cock out. My hand pulled her hand to sexy plumber with blounded big boobs clit.

" Rub her, it will make it easier to take me again. You will get used to him, I will give you time to adjust." Marty involuntarily squeezed the head of my cock like a vise. " Fuck, don't do that or I am going to lose control." I'm now gritting my teeth, trying to push my way back into her tight glove.

Before she can react I'm on top of her, my eyes burning into hers, burning yellow eyes, almost like that of a wolf. I pin her to the bed as she found she can't even scream, it being stuck in her throat.

I growled as she squirmed underneath me, she feels my hard cock rubbing against her stomach, she froze, the fear paralyzing her.

I'm looking at her, my cock as hard as steel, dripping with cum, and waiting to impale her again. Marty stares at it, licking her lips, she can't wait for my cock to slam deep inside her pussy, wet and dripping again.

Using the wetness now dripping from her pussy, I smear her ass. She feels fear rise in her, " he's going to take my ass!" I feel her body tense and know that her instinct is to pull away. I grab both her thighs so tight, she is thinking about the bruises that will be there tomorrow. I triumphantly thrust my cock into her ass. She gasps. The suddeness of it is pain and then the warm rush of pleasure. I lift her into the air by her thighs and fuck her harder than I have before.

Marty feels her eyes rolling back into her head as she realizes that I have brought her again to new heights of sensations. She knows she is cumming again and she hears my telltale moans. She feels me so deep in her body, deeper and deeper with each moan and thrust, and she is carried over the edge. She starts to shiver and jerk, tears streaming down her face. She remembers why she gave herself to me in the first place.

I work wonders with her body and her mind. I shiver and collapse on top of her and she listens to my heavy breathing in time with hers. I roll off to her side and she disentangles herself and gets up from the bed.

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I lie there a minute longer, catching my breath, then I sit up to see her walking towards the bathroom, a smile on her face.