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How to fuck a hot older lady
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Author's Notes: Last time we had Sakura enjoying herself on her own; hopefully we can have a couple this times. If you have any suggestions or things you'd like included just day!

Also thanks for the comments so far I'll do my best to get more space between words. Sakura lay down on the bed breathing heavily, it was definitely the greatest orgasm she'd had in her life!

Panting she stayed on her bed for a few minutes, still overcome by the experience she lifted herself up, only to notice the room caked in her own cum. Some was even still coming out from her pussy. "Powerful stuff that Viagra" she said to herself quietly. She selected a finger and scooped up some of the thick liquid, she held it under her nose and sniffed it smelled sweet, like just after a workout sweat, mixed with perfume.

Then as an almost reflex she placed her finger in her mouth. Sakura was still slightly shocked by what she had just done, but that didn't stop her tongue inspecting her finger, her face brightened up. "It is sweet!" She exclaimed and with that she dipped her finger in again and tasted some more and some more until the bed was clean.

Sakura slowly began to realise the time, and remembered that the boys could be back at any moment.

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"I'll have to try some of this stuff again some time!" She laughed happily and ran to the kitchen for paper towels. A half an hour later still in the Inn. The door burst open but fortunately Sakura had already cleaned up and was reading a book on medical ninjutsu. "Hey Sakura! You really should have come with us! That ramen was awesome!

There were eggs and beef with onions." Sakura was smiling and nodding but not listening, instead she was thinking over and over about her own meal.

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Naruto stopped in the middle of his mad ramble and realised there was an odd smell. "Hey what is that smell? Sasuke do you smell it too?" Sasuke ignored Naruto, yet he could smell it too. It was almost a sweet sort of smell, like the one that always appears after a workout. Sakura had buried her head in her book. She'd totally forgot about the smell as she'd gotten used to it, but now it was back and so were the others.

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Thinking on her feet she jumped up and near shouted "Oh that? Don't worry I just had a snack of some sweet dumplings!" With that she sat back down proud of her lie and her intelligence. "Oh yeah now I smell it!" Naruto shouted equalling Sakura's volume. Sakura quickly changed the subject "So Naruto what were you saying about the ramen?" "Boy oh boy!

It was amazing not quite as good as." And with that Naruto forgot about the smell, apart from the one of ramen of course, that would stay with him in his memories. However Sasuke the dark haired avenger, was still on the trail, sex lezbiyen seks vide story8216html could smell the sweetness in his wardrobe.

he took out a pair of boxers, which smelled the most, he noticed they we're damp and reeking of whatever the sweet smell was. Naruto also noticed Sasuke sniffing the boxers and they're eye's met, Naruto feeling slightly embarrassed and Sasuke feeling 20 times that!

Quickly he shut his door and threw the boxers back into the drawer. He'd lost his cool and to Naruto no less!

He decided then that it was time for bed and beckoned to the others to go to sleep too. After all he was squad leader whilst Kakashi wasn't there. Back at the hidden Leaf Village in the hokage's room. Around Noon Tsunade's hands moved speedily both on and under the desk on one side, she was writing and signing reports and mission logs.

Underneath she was masturbating furiously, she hadn't had hardly sexy whores love fucking hung married men time to herself so now was probably the best time. Besides she knew that her hands were covered by her desk. She was signing papers like a robot, hardly even noticing what she was writing but writing all the same, masturbating through her clothes Tsunade would mask all her moans with sighs, so it looked as though she was about to die of boredom like she usually was.

Shizune was out getting some shopping, so Tsunade could've taken a break, but that would have risked a scolding from Shizune when she got back.

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As a matter of a fact that's who Tsunade was thinking about, she'd seen Shizune in the hot springs many a time. she had small breasts that were well formed and a ass that could get any man to fall in love instantly, "or woman" Tsunade added, with a smirk.

It wasn't that she was a lesbian no; no she liked men nearly as much as Tsunade but both Shizune and Tsunade had always wondered what having sex with a woman would be like, what having sex with each other would be like.

Tsunade was imagining herself on top of Shizune ploughing her with a strap on. She imagined smacking Shizune's ass, with this she began masturbating even quicker, releasing another sigh/moan.

Shizune was running back; she was worried about being shouted at for being late. "It is odd" she wondered "how I and Tsunade both shout at each other." She shrugged it off and instead thought about her shopping, she'd just bought two brand new toys from the adult store.

She'd gotten a nine inch dildo for those lonely nights in her apartment. She'd also gotten another nine inch toy. a new plastic strap on! This one had another dildo for the wearer so that both people partners would be getting fucked at once!

"I wonder if Tsunade would want to use this on me." She suddenly felt a bit warm, "no I don't think so, I've heard those stories of her love for men, home video toy play in bed masturbation asa akira she could be.

bisexual? Surely not. but then again, no not her. but she has looked at me a lot in the hot springs." She ran up the stairs and straight into the hokage's room. "I'm so sorry I'm late Tsunade Sama!" She then tripped and flew forward, so did her shopping. Her brand new nine inch dildo rolled forward in front of Tsunade's desk and her even newer nine inch strap on poked its head out of the bag. Shizune froze, her secrets rolled out of her bag and in front of Tsunade's fixed gaze.

"What should I do?" Thought Tsunade.

"Shizune is obviously scared, I'll just reassure her that I won't say anything and let it pass. dam I would have enjoyed using her toy's." Tsunade stood up and walked over to the dildo; she picked it up and studied it for a few seconds then turned to Shizune. "Shizune, its okay I understand that you might want some time with me, I mean! On your own." Tsunade blushed but felt like she was safe.

"Shizune you can whatever you want to me, I mean you! You! Yourself! On your own!" She stopped their blushing even more frantically "It's ok really! I understand your urges, but not the strap on." Again Tsunade had said too much, she had suddenly let out what her brain was thinking.

"You can use it on whomever you want boy sunny leone in nude gf punishment girl, I mean." She stopped utterly defeated she'd already messed up a lot.

Then Shizune spoke "it's ok Lady Tsunade I'll take care of my things, I was just getting this for a girl I know, I mean for her not actually FOR her, I mean." both of their faces were now as red as tomatoes "It's for Sakura. she wants to try something out with her friend, or something like that I'm not sure but I'm just helping her!" Tsunade narrowed her eyes she knew Shizune was lying and was going to call her on it; "after all she does it to me, when she knows of any guys I slept with." Tsunade thought.

"Shizune you're lying! It's ok if it was for you and whoever ju-" "Lady Tsunade It was for you!" Shizune screamed out.

She hadn't been able to control herself and all the pressure was too much. They both stood there, still embarrassed but also feeling a bit more open, like the stress had been relived from the room. Tsunade marched to Shizune she looked like a true hokage, a true parent about to spank a child; she placed both hands on Shizune's shoulders. She lifted Shizune's gaze from the floor, then in a flash wrapped her arms around Shizune and kissed her.

Shizune was dumbstruck as Tsunade's tongue explored her mouth. Tsunade's tongue wrestled with Shizune's tongue as they both fought to get into each other's mouths; they twirled and wrestled hugging and kissing till they hit Tsunade's desk.

For only a brief second they parted, Tsunade cleared the desk in one fell swoop of her arm and then laid down Shizune onto the desk. Tsunade quickly jumped on top into a cowgirl position and the two again were lost in they're making out. They parted once more, a small drop of saliva dropped from Tsunade's mouth, Shizune caught it in her mouth, she smiled cheekily and licked her lips Suddenly all embarrassment was gone, replaced with sheer hornyness.

Tsunade began by kissing Shizune's neck and going down until she reached her tits. Tsunade smiled "I've always had this thing for your tits" and with this she dug her head in to her chest, this made Shizune give out a squeal of joy. Tsunade got to work placing one of Shizune's rock hard nipples in her mouth and sucking avidly.

This brought another squeal from Shizune, who was getting wetter and wetter. Tsunade still sucking on Shizune's right nipple began work on the other one with her hand, pinching the nipple and grabbing a handful of breast at times. "Oh Lady Tsunade!" She exclaimed, Shizune then remembered that she had hands too, and with this she grabbed hold of Tsunade's lovely round ass!

No one who wanted to live ever did that to Tsunade, Tsunade sat upright suddenly with a fiendish grin on her face. "Spank me Shizune! Spank me till I'm red!" Shizune heard and obeyed, she smacked and slapped Tsunade's round ass as hard as she could, with each hit Tsunade moaned and gasped.

Tsunade grabbed hold over Shizune's dress and tore it off, bra and all! When she looked down to tear off Shizune's brunette crack whore sucking dick and fucked doggystyle pov she discovered there were none! "I've never liked wearing them." Shizune said sheepily. "Some one always takes them off anyway!" Tsunade quickly takes off her own clothes revealing that she wore no panties either!

"Same here you dirty girl!" Tsunade laughed. She span around quickly and landed into a sixty nine position. "I wonder what you taste like." With those words Tsunade tucked in to her meal. A loud moan escaped Shizune only that when she opened her eyes she found Tsunade's moist pussy dripping wet in front of her.

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She quickly got to her duty, stretching her tongue out she began licking the middle of Tsunade's pussy, copying what Tsunade was doing to her. Shizune was in an immense state of ecstasy, she could taste all of Tsunade's pussy and Tsunade was doing hers, yet it didn't satisfy her.

Across the room something caught Shizune's eye, it was her new dildo. "Lady Tsunade oohhhh, just stop licking for a second!

Look!" Now Tsunade too hungrily eyed the sex toys across the room, Tsunade however was looking at the giant strap on. They both got up and held hands as they walked to their favoured toy, Tsunade quickly realised what to do with her toy and planted one end inside herself. "I'm not going to go easy you know." Shizune giggled "I wouldn't have it any other way!

Oh and make sure not to go gentle." "So then you like it rough do you? Don't worry that I can do." Tsunade's fingers shot into Shizune's mouth. "Suck on them." She commanded and Shizune obliged. Tsunade then took the plastic dick into her mouth and down into her throat a few times; when she was satisfied she held it in front of Shizune. "This is going in your ass, and this." she took her fingers from Shizune's mouth and began stroking her strap on."This is going to destroy your pussy!" Shizune lay on the desk on her back with her legs spread wide, her pussy and asshole gaping open.

Tsunade took the plastic dildo and after loosening Shizune's asshole with a few licks she slammed it in. "I know you're used to taking it hard from cocks. but let's see how you deal with me!" Pain and pleasure mixed together with Shizune showing no disliking of such treatment.

Tsunade took Shizune's legs over her shoulders and got to pounding Shizune's tight pussy. For a few heavenly minutes, they continued like this, Tsunade on hot pretty angel dominated and fucked hardcore bondage of Shizune in the Missionary position, pounding away, grunting and moaning, as it was a double sided strap on. Shizune lay on her back; she was always smart in knowing that it was a double ended piece, so that she could fuck Tsunade without having to move.

Throughout them fucking Tsunade never let up, she pounded like they'd just begun, with renewed vigour in each thrust. She even managed to get a hand to dildo Shizune's ass! "Lady Tsunade I'm getting close!" "Oooh! Shizune! So am I!" "It's going to be a big one! Lady Tsunade! Here WE GOOOOOOO!" Explosions sounded in their ears, stars danced in front of their eyes as both of them reached the orgasm to end all others.

Tsunade collapsed onto Shizune and she wouldn't have moved if a voice hadn't of woken them from heaven and brought them to earth.