Allys step daughter handjob cumshot xxx the rave trade

Allys step daughter handjob cumshot xxx the rave trade
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There will be more chapters to this story. DISCLAIMER: There are sensitive themes in this story. Please note the tags and if you are offended or triggered by any of them please do not read further. CHAPTER ONE Emmy lies on her bed, transfixed on her phone while the usual music plays - typically any kind of screamo, hardcore, or pop-punk.

She's nearly nude, only her black bra and panties cover her thin, pale body. A text is received on her phone. She looks to see who it is and her heart sinks. It's from Keith, telling her to be at his place in ten minutes, to wear 'the usual' and to expect 'the usual'. Though she feels anxious she reluctantly gets up and knows she must do this.

Like clockwork, she can't help it. Emmy walks to her mirror across her room, which is almost all black, pink and purple.

She takes a deep breath while looking into her own eyes before beginning to doll herself up. She's a teenager who stands at approximately 5'3" and weighs about 100lbs. With her make-up out in front of her she gazes into the mirror. She puts on the usual black eye-liner and eye shadow on her wide-set eyes which give her a sort of raccoon look, typical of any teenage girl going through a 'scene' or 'emo' phase.

She completes the finishing touches on her face, including a subtle, faint pink gloss to highlight her pouty lips. Her lips being a little on the full and wide side, with the upper lip taking a more upturned shape.

She has a very slight, adorable overbite. Her pretty face is perfectly symmetrical with a triangular shape to it, with slightly angular cheekbones and a soft, oval jawline.

She has a small, cute, slightly upturned nose, big brown gentle eyes with naturally long lashes, and perfectly plucked eyebrows above them that form a perfect, subtle arch above her deep eyes.

Her face blurs the line between sexy and cute. There's an innocence to her eyes but also a look of maturity that no teenage girl should have. Emmy touches up her thick, long, straight and layered, deeply dark brunette hair which has dark red and slightly lighter brunette highlights, formed into a more modest 'scene' style hairdo, the bangs parted over the right side of her face.

It runs halfway down her backside. She adjusts her tight 30c bra to make sure her perky, young, round breasts are pushed up and together just right. Emmy grabs one of her favorite pairs of faded, bluish gray, designer skinny jeans with a few rips going down the thighs and begins putting them on, shimmying them up her long, thin legs.

They're nearly skin-tight on her legs and the white, shiny studded belt she puts on makes her tight little butt pop out. The tramp stamp tattoo she just got a few weeks ago shows just above her belt. It's a sexy butterfly wings tat with a broken heart in-between the wings.

She puts a small black t-shirt of some band over her upper body, only going down to about two inches above her waist. Emmy likes showing off her tramp stamp, it might as well act as a welcoming mat. She puts on one of her favorite tight black leather jackets. It's not one of those thick ones with padding, it's thin and skin-tight like everything else she wears.

The big silver zippers down the middle, pockets and cuffs shine in the light. She doesn't zip it all the way up. It's small and doesn't cover her midriff but it does cover the thin scars on her wrists from cutting.

She dons another staple of hers, dark brown, high heel leather boots slipped on over her tight jeans to cover her calves. Emmy looks into the mirror for a moment, a glazed over look in her eyes. She gets another text to snap her out of it, telling her to hurry up or she'll be punished.

She takes a deep breath and finally leaves, heading down the hallway of the apartment. She looks into her little brother Danny's room, observing that he's focused on his video games. She feels a brief moment of shame, knowing what she's leaving to do. Before exiting she looks to her mother, sitting on a chair watching television, half asleep with a glass of wine in her hand. "I'll be back in a bit, mom.

Samantha from the second floor asked me to babysit her son again." Emmy lies. Her mother Pam can only offer up an apathetic mumble and hand gesture.

They haven't been close at all in recent years. Emmy leaves, the clicking sound of her boots on the top floor of the three-story building filling the hall as she walks down to Keith's apartment. After another deep breath she gently knocks on his door. It slowly opens and she enters, looking like she's halfway between an adult whore and an innocent little girl. A large man jumps out at her, startling her. He smirks down at her, chuckling.

"We're going with the first time you walked in here, years ago, begging." Keith, the manager of the building, says in a low and creepy tone. "Okay." She says softly up at him as she flinches from his hand caressing the side of her head. This is far from the first time she's felt his touch but she never got used to it, only numb.

"I'm going to leave the room and come back out, don't forget to do it good." Keith smirks, "Or else." He raises his hand to her face as she looks up at him in fear. They've reenacted the first time he fucked her many times.

He popped her cherry a few years ago and likes to recreate that night exactly. Keith leaves the room as Emmy stands there and takes another deep breath, mentally preparing herself. She's never gotten used to it.

She hates him but has no choice. However, part of her has grown to enjoy it over the years. Enjoy being used like a piece of meat, a fuck toy. It's almost like she can't help it. Keith walks slowly back into sight, an intense look on his face as he gazes at Emmy. He's a big ugly guy in his early forty's, tall and bulky. Emmy looks at him, the same old white wife beater tank top and dirty sweatpants he wore the first time he fucked her.

The only difference is that his hairline has receded more and his gut got a bit wider. "Hi." Emmy forces a smile up at him, her lip quivering a little as she remembers how intimated she was when this originally happened.

"I, umm. I came to ask you to please not throw us out." She says softly, her puppy dog eyes looking up at him. "Yeah, and why would I do that?" Keith gets closer, looking down at her as she steps back nervously. "Because we have nowhere else to go." Emmy retorts sadly. "And? So what?" Keith smirks. "Listen, I got bored of your mom. She doesn't do it for me anymore and so she's useless to xxx mom and son fucking Keith recalls what he said to little Emmy back then.

Pam, her mother, used to fuck Keith so she could pay less rent. Being a former stripper, it wasn't new to her to use her sexuality. After her husband, Emmy's father, went away to prison their lives spiraled.

Pam got closer and closer to her late thirties and her looks began to deter. Keith grew tired of her. "But, uhh. Maybe you could be of some use to me." Keith continues as he approaches Emmy, his large and sweaty body beginning to surround her. She backs up nervously into the wall, trying to remember the fear she felt when this first happened. But parts of it are hard to remember since it's more of a blur now. "I'll do anything, please." She says softly as her voice trembles, looking up at him, but her big brown eyes failing to conjure the tears she had when this first happened a few years ago.

"Come here." Keith growls between his clenched teeth, the horny adrenaline beginning to pump through his veins. He grabs her left forearm harshly, roughly yanking her to him and then forcefully shoving her into the wall. She whimpers under him, cowering in fear just like she did the first time. His left hand lands on her right shoulder, rubbing it sensually.

He bends down to stick his face in hers, smelling her nice perfume as she looks away. He follows her face, she continues to look away from him. He smirks. His hands slowly make their way down her torso, onto her hips as he breathes heavily.

He lusts for her like an animal, almost drooling. "No. Please, don't." Emmy whimpers helplessly in her soft, high-pitch voice. She feels his rough hands molesting her. "You said you'll do anything, well I want everything." Keith says in a creepy, breathy tone as he licks his chops like a dog.

"This is how you'll be of use to me, heh." He smirks, loving the scared reluctance of her as she squirms from his touch. She forces herself to quietly sob, just like she did back then. They've gone through these same motions dozens of times since. Keith gets into it more, feeling her body all over as he begins to hold her close. She resists but it's a futile effort. She whimpers and squirms as he feels her tight teenage ass covered by her tight skinny jeans.

He breathes heavily as his hands feel her all over, caressing her tits as he feels the leather of her jacket on his palms. "You're such a hot little whore." He growls in a subdued tone, really enjoying the feel of her young body on his hands.

Keith surrounds her against the wall, his large body towering over her as he lowers his head to kiss her. Emmy twitches her head away to avoid him but he grabs her by the hair roughly and forces his lips on hers.

She tries as hard as she can to jerk her head away but he's much too powerful. He passionately kisses her, enjoying the feeling of her soft, young lips against his middle-aged mouth. She feels his big, sweaty, hairy body further encroach upon her as he grinds his hardening crotch against her. She's actually getting wet nasty babe cheats her roommate with her date she didn't when this first happened.

She continues to play the part by struggling and resisting, but she also likes it like this as well. Just like she did when this originally occurred, she manages to break free from his kiss and ducks under his arms to escape towards the door. "No!" She screams loudly in a desperate panic. Like a true predator Keith doesn't let his prey get far and grabs her by the hair, forcing her to wince in pain and scream.

Then he grabs one of her arms and whips her into him. "You're not going anywhere." He smiles and chuckles as he holds her by the wrists now. She gazes helplessly up at him. When this was happening for the first time Emmy's heart was thumping furiously but now after doing it so many times she hardly feels anything. Suddenly she feels the familiar sting from his hand as he slaps her against the wall. "This is what you get!" Keith yells before hitting her with his other hand, giving her two fresh hand prints on each side of her face.

Emmy whimpers against the wall, feeling the sting of his hands. Keith wraps one hand around her tiny throat and begins to choke her against the wall. She kicks wildly, her little hands on his wrist trying to pry it away from her throat. Keith smirks before applying more pressure and strength, lifting her off the ground against the wall.

"Get used to that, little slut." He grinds his teeth before letting her go. She falls to her knees, wheezing and coughing, struggling to catch her breath. Keith chuckles above her arrogantly.

"You ever taste cock, whore?" He asks aggressively. Emmy looks up at him, noticing the bulge in his sweatpants. She shakes her head nervously, though she's given hundreds of blowjobs since this happened. "This is something else you better get used to." He chuckles while sliding off his sweatpants.

She turns on her knees to face him, still panting a little. He reaches down to grab her by the hair, jerking her up to face cougar amber busts teen jade playing her clits making herself horny cock.

"If I feel teeth you're going to get another one of these." He smirks while putting his open right hand in front of her face and winding up in a quick slapping motion as she flinches. Emmy gazes at his cock for a moment and hesitates. When all of this first happened it was her first time giving a blowjob. With his hands on his hips standing dominantly above her, Keith stares down at her intently.

"Well get to it, slut." He commands. Her little pale hand slowly grabs the base of his semi-erect cock and she puts the tip in her mouth reluctantly.

She looks up at him submissively as she puts her mouth on his cock. Emmy applies little suction and little enthusiasm. It's just like her first time. "No, do it more like you do now." Keith talks down to her. She does as she's told and begins to blow him like she usually does.

She eagerly slurps on his cock while moaning softly, her right hand cupping his balls and tugging on them jessica jones got fucked for delivering bad news with the same back-and-forth motion of her head.

Her left hand applies a slightly tighter grip than the scared, hesitant, amateur grip of before. Her lips wrap tightly around his growing cock and her mouth opens wide enough to apply good suction and also not touch it with her teeth. Her tongue presses under his cock every time it fills her mouth. She salivates over it, making slurping noises. "Ahh." Keith exhales in pleasure as he hangs his head back.

Emmy goes a bit faster and deeper, his cock now fully erect and throbbing. He looks back down to watch her, feeling the pleasure shoot up his body as he bends his knees slightly. He watches his veiny six inch cock disappear in her mouth. Her left hand now on his right thigh, she tugs his ball sack with her right hand softly to pull herself into his cock.

She deepthroats, feeling his cock poke the back of her throat. She shakes her head slightly, fitting it all in as he groans above her. Her tongue swirls around it in her mouth. She slowly releases his cock from her mouth, her lips wrapped tightly around the tip as it leaves, making a popping noise. She spits on his cock as she pants a little and then licks it all over.

Her tongue moves along the underside of his cock head and all along the shaft. She goes back in on his cock, using her left hand to jack it along with her mouth. She applies more suction as she gazes up at him, meeting his sadistic eyes. Her hand and mouth move in unison perfectly. She goes faster, eagerly tasting his cock with enthusiasm. Just wanting to please. Her hand leaves his cock to rest on his thigh but her mouth doesn't skip a beat. She begins to deepthroat again, in-and-out, over and over.

His cock slides down her throat repeatedly as his knees buckle a bit from the sensation. She goes down all the way, her nose pressed against his pubis. His hand goes down to hold her head in place.

Keith groans, his eyes rolling back. He lets her up. She pants hard for a moment as he grips her hair, forcing her to arch backwards on her knees and with her face pointing up to him he grabs his throbbing cock with his other hand and slaps her face with it.

He stops and she doesn't even have to be told what to do next. Emmy goes down to his shaven balls and begins tugging on them with her lips, licking and kissing them all over as his wet cock dangles over her face. She goes back up to suck it some more, her head bobbing up-and-down on his cock as he places his hand on the back of her head, guiding her.

He pushes her down on his cock and begins to grip her hair, holding her head in place as he fucks her mouth. Keith groans, his balls slapping against her chin as he fucks her face faster and faster.

He stops suddenly, grinning above her. "Go back to acting like it's the first time." He says hastily while yanking her up off her feet by her hair and underarm, before she can even catch her breath. He holds her from behind, lifting her off her feet and carrying her over to his nearby couch as she kicks and screams, struggling to get away; just like the first time, when this was all new to her.

He drops her, she looks up at him in fear and helplessness. "Have you ever been fucked before, little cunt?" He hisses down at her, his eyes intensely focused and excited. "N. No." Emmy stammers nervously, getting as far away from him as she can on the couch. "Please, don't. I thought sucking your dick would be enough." She pleads up at him submissively. "Mmm." Keith grins widely, his heart thumping in anticipation. "It's been a long time since I've popped a cherry." He says in his patented creepy, breathy tone.

He paws at her body. She fights back, kicking and squirming as she remembers how it all went down a few years ago. He smirks, pawing at her playfully, amused at her feeble attempts to fight him off. Finally he's had enough playing around and grabs her wrists and shakes her violently. "Enough!" He yells. "You give me anymore trouble and you, your mom and your brother will be out on your asses!" He yells louder before letting her wrists go and then slapping her in the face.

She whimpers, too scared to move. She's been slapped dozens of times since that night a few years ago. Not just by him, either. "Good." He says quietly before he takes off his top and slides off his sweatpants. He mounts her, she goes numb and her mind goes blank. She just wants to get through it. At least, that's what she remembers feeling the first time. Part of her actually enjoys this now.

He feels her all over, groping her young body, which is still fully clothed. She feels him breathing hard on her neck as he kisses it. He dry humps her in the process, feeling his dick brush up against her jeans.

He gets further on the couch, his throbbing cock running up her leather jacket, all the way up to her face. She gives it a few sucks and kisses. "Good girl." Keith groans. "You're learning." He goes back down her body, feeling her tits with his rough hands, then rubbing his face against them.

He really takes his time in enjoying her supple young body. His hands go down further to rub her legs and going behind to grab emma stone gagging and sucking on richies big cock smalltits brunette little, tight ass. His right hand rubs her pussy over the jeans she's wearing while smirking sadistically up at her. She continues to squirm uncomfortably.

His hands go down further to grab a hold of her boots, then he drags her closer to him. He puts each leg on both sides of his face, looking down at her with her legs raised above her. He licks his lips, grabs her chest some more while in this position. "I think it's time to get these clothes off." He says while slowly unzipping her leather jacket.

She squirms a little too much for his liking so he raises his hand to her while giving her a stern stare. She flinches and freezes up. She complies, slipping her arms out of the jacket.

He takes it and puts it on the floor. "Now these sexy, tight jeans." He exhales while running his hands slowly up-and-down her legs. Keith unzips her leather boots and slides them off her. Emmy reluctantly unbuckles her belt and begins to slide off her jeans while on her back on the couch. Keith roughly yanks them off and onto the floor. "Now, everything else." He says while transfixed on her body, focused on her like a starved animal. As she takes off her tight, small t-shirt Keith slips off her panties.

After taking off her bra, she lies there totally nude. Keith grins up at her sadistically. "I'm going to enjoy this." He breathes heavily while mounting her again. Each hand grabs each of her perky breasts, which are a lot bigger than when Keith first felt them. When this first happened it was the worst feeling Emmy had ever felt but now she's used to it. His hands run down her torso, softly caressing her body. Her grabs her thighs and forcefully drags her to his hips.

Looking down, he grabs his throbbing cock and rubs the tip on the outside of her little, pink, shaven teenage pussy in a slow circular motion. Thinking back to this moment when it first occurred, it did not make Emmy's pussy wet, but it does now. She can't help it. "That's one thing you can't fake that happened back then, huh?" Keith smirks. "Yeah, you like it now." He slips it in, gasping and then exhaling slowly as he feels his throbbing cock fill her tight teen pussy.

It's still as tight and deliciously pink as it was back then. With his hands gripping her smooth, long, thin, pale legs he lusty and wild grading exam young old and smalltits into her.

"Ahh. So fuckin' tight." He groans while his eyes roll back and his teeth clench. Emmy downplays how good it feels and remembers how much she hated it years ago.

Keith pumps her into a rhythm as she lies there motionless, sobbing slowly as she looks to her left side at the door. "Such a drowned in dickjuice from this big dick actor." Keith smirks as he picks up the pace.

"You're mine now, bitch." He thrusts into her harder. He rolls her legs to his side, with her upper body still flat on the couch. He continues to fuck her, faster and faster. She whimpers and moans, just like she did years ago when she couldn't help but like it somewhat. She's just thankful it doesn't hurt anymore. "Ah, fuck!" He groans, his balls slapping against her. He plows into her balls deep and stays there, panting.

He grins down at her, grabbing her face to force her to look at him. He peers into her dead eyes and smirks. "You like that, little bitch?" He asks under his gorgeous milf aleksandra summers enjoys doggystyle sex. "Huh?!" He slaps her head. "Yes!" She screams. He continues humping, slowly. "You wish your father could save you, hmm?" He asks sadistically while holding her chin hard.

"Hmm?" He goes again more aggressively, his hand sliding down to her throat to choke her a little bit. "Yes." She struggles to utter as his large body hovers over her, his throbbing cock buried deep inside her. "Well he's not here to save you.

He got himself in prison because he didn't love you." He says while breathing heavily into her face, he smirks sadistically while tightening the grip on her throat.

She whimpers, legitimate tears starting to fill her eyes, which only makes him smile. "Who's foot fetish babe licked pornstars and hardcore daddy now, hmm?" His intense eyes stare into hers. "Hmm?" He goes again, wringing her neck harder after not getting an immediate answer.

"You. You are." She can barely blurt out. "Good girl." Keith smiles while releasing his grip and kisses her on the forehead as he continues to hump her. It looks like a bear fucking a white rabbit. "I love you, daddy." She softly moans. He acts every bit as surprised as he was when she first said that to him. His head goes down to kiss her deep. She kisses back.

She remembers thinking that maybe if she really tries to get into it and go along with anything he wants, then maybe he'll go easier on her. She was really coming to terms with the fact that she had no choice. He continues to rail her, harder and faster now as he regains some of his stamina. She feels his large, sweaty body breathing hard on her and his warm breath on her neck.

He comes close to ejaculating and then stops and pulls out suddenly. He licks his lips as he stands up and looks down at her. small pein vagina huge penis sex storiesstory not done yet, daddy's girl." He grins. "Roll over." He demands. Emmy pauses, confused, just like she did when this first happened. "Roll over!" He commands aggressively and roughly forces her to roll over by grabbing her arm and yanking her.

He grabs her hips. "Up, like this." He positions her onto her knees with her forearms propping up her head and her little tight ass in the air.

He rubs the tip of his throbbing cock against the outside of her pussy. "I'm not going back inside this tight hole." He says while slowly dragging the tip of his cock up to the outside of her ass hole. "I'm going inside here." He says devilishly. "No, that'll hurt!" Emmy panics. "Yeah, it will. Daddy's gonna make you hurt." Blonde slut takes huge dick in her ass says sadistically while gripping her ass with his hand.

She whimpers and squirms to get away but to no avail. He quickly grabs the little tube of lubricant from the side table and rubs some on his throbbing cock. She looks back at him, scared, as he begins to push open her little ass hole with the head of his cock. After getting most of the head in he rams her hard, stuffing her little hole with most of his cock.

Emmy screams but not as loudly as she did when he first did anal on her, when she lost both her vaginal and anal virginity in one night. She's never really gotten used to this part. She gasps, the pain shooting through her little body. Keith grabs her hair and wraps it in his fist, yanking her head back and forcing her to arch her back.

With his other hand he quickly stuffs her mouth with her own panties to keep her from screaming, only this time they're more adult, lace panties, back then they were cotton little girl panties. He pumps in-and-out of her ass hole furiously as he pulls her hair.

He gets into it like the beast he is. The sounds of his growling and groaning and the slapping of his balls against her filling the room; along with her muffled screaming and whimpering. "Take it, slut!" He barely utters through his teeth and heavy breathing. He pounds her relentlessly. As she feels his cock fill her over and over she gets into a sort-of trance, just completely numb.

She isn't acting. This was the worst part from when this first happened years ago. She bites down on the panties, hoping it will end soon. Keith spanks her little ass hard over and over until it's red. "Daddy has to spank his bad girl." He blurts out. "Ah. Ah." He continues groaning while jerking her head back further by her hair and now deep dicking her ass hole. "Fuck. Fuck!" He growls as her eyes roll back from the pain. She continues to scream into her panties, tears begin to fill her eyes.

Keith stops to grab her hands and puts them behind her, onto her tramp stamp. With one hand he holds them together by the wrists and with the other he continues to pull her hair. He resumes fucking her deep up the ass, the only thing holding her up is his fist gripping her hair.

He growls intensely, focused on pounding her ass like this. He lets her go suddenly and she collapses onto the bed, his cock slipping out. "On your knees, slut." He orders her. As she pants while recovering from the brutal ass fucking she just got, she turns around and falls to her knees in front of him. "Taste your ass, daddy's girl." He grips her hair and forces her mouth on his throbbing red cock. "Ah." He groans as he feels her mouth slurp all over it. He gives her mouth a few pumps before pulling out and jacking off over her face as she sucks his balls with her pink lips.

"Open your mouth, slut. Daddy needs to drop his load." He says as he feels the cum build. She hesitantly opens her mouth, trying to reenact how she did it the first time. "Ahh!" He groans as his knees shake, directing the tip of his cock into her mouth as it shoots a gigantic load of his warm cum. She feels his warm cum fill her mouth. "Fuck. Fuck." He repeats with every pump of his cum that shoots from his throbbing cock and into her little teenage mouth. He sighs.

"Kiss daddy's cock and balls all over, baby." He grins down at her. She does as told and plants soft, gentle kisses all over his cock and his balls. "Good girl." He smirks as she swallows. Suddenly his hands swiftly reign down on her to wrap around her throat again. He chokes her, lifting her back up to the couch and holds her against the back by her throat. "If you tell anyone I'll fucking kill you and your brother that I know you love so much." He says aggressively, his face red, looking intensely into her eyes.

She barely nods, struggling to breath. He lets go, gently patting her head. "Good." He says smiling as she holds her neck, wheezing. He still does this to her every time they reenact all of this, with the same fury and intensity. He stands up and laughs a little above her while shaking his head. "Only daddy's little girl can drain my balls like that." He shakes his nuts.

Emmy just reenacted her first rape, her first time having sex, again. She's lost count how many times they've done this over the years. Keith likes to do this to her, to remind her. Plus he loves to reenact it himself. She continues to kneel in an almost trance-like state of mind as he leaves for the bathroom.

She's been powerless to resist him ever since this first happened. Even if she had a choice she would probably continue to fuck him and be his toy. "Well, what are you waiting for? Get dressed and get out, stupid." Keith's bellowing voice says from across his apartment. Emmy gets up and begins to put her clothes on. Her ass is red from the spankings, her face red from his slaps, his hand prints still on her throat. She reeks of him, tasting the aftertaste of his acidic load.

Fully clothed, she stands up and winces from the pain in her ass. She touches herself up in the mirror and gets herself together.

She takes a deep breath and heads to the door. "Wait, daddy gotta kiss his little girl goodbye." Keith runs up to her. He wraps his arms around her and holds her against his chest, then kisses her on the forehead. She can't help but smile up at him. He's trained her well over the years. She's become accustomed to the mixture of affection, love, pain and abuse. Emmy leaves his apartment, like nothing happened.

Like she forgot all about it, but every time leaves a scar on her. Emmy slowly enters her apartment, immediately noticing that her mom passed out again with an empty bottle of wine next to her and the television on. She turns it off and leaves her mother Pam there. She walks past her ten-year-old brother Danny's room and notices him still awake playing video games. "Hey." She enters smiling. Danny has always been the one pure, innocent thing she's clung to. She loves him to death.

"Hi." He says while staring ahead at the screen. "You should be in bed, you have school tomorrow." Emmy says while sitting down next to him on his bed. "So do you." He replies playfully. "Good point." She smiles. "I'll be back in a few minutes and then we're both going to bed, okay?" She puts her arm around him and gives him a little side hug.

"Okay." He hugs ashley bulgari masterbates with baby oil and back.

She leaves to her room to get changed and sits there on her pink and purple bed, surrounded by black walls with purple and pink stripes on them. She takes a deep breath and looks at herself in the mirror, having a rare moment of reflection.

Tears start to well up in her eyes. She can't fight it and begins to break down, sobbing into her pillow. She resists the urge to cut herself again. "Are you okay?" She hears Danny's voice from the open crack of her door. Emmy wipes away the tears and forces a smile. "I'm okay, come in." Danny walks in and stands in front of her.

"Are you sure you're okay? I heard you crying." "Yeah, I'm fine. Just a little sad." She smiles, tilting her head as her heart flutters with the love she feels for him. Danny puts his arms hot teen know how to satisfied her boyfriend porn for girls interracial her and hugs her as tight as he can.

"I love you, big sister." "Aww. I love you too, baby brother." She says in her soft, sweet voice as she hugs him back. She feels like crying even more now, from how sweet and pure his love is for her, especially compared to what she just did down the hall. She smiles at him lovingly before kissing him on the head. CHAPTER TWO Emmy wakes up the next morning and it's a brand new day.

What happened the night before seems like weeks ago, but she's reminded of just how recent it was when she gets out of bed and feels the pain in her behind. It's Friday and she's planning to go out drinking tonight with friends. She showers, gets dressed and ready for school, wearing the same outfit from last night when she visited Keith. Same jeans, boots, jacket, hair and makeup. She's in the kitchen making breakfast for Danny when the door opens.

Emmy turns around, a little startled, expecting it might be Keith. "Oh, hi uncle Chris!" She smiles widely. Uncle Chris being the only adult male in her life who hasn't abandoned her or wanted to fuck her. "Hey, sweetie." Chris smiles, entering using his own key that he's had for years ever since their dad went to prison.

"Hey little buddy." He tussles the head of Danny. "How are you guys?" "Good." Both siblings say, almost in unison. "Good, good." Chris nods, looking around. "Where's your mom?" He inquires curiously.

Pam is his sister. "Still in bed I guess. Want me to get her?" Emmy replies. "Oh, no, no. Just curious is all." Chris sits down at the table. "You know, you shouldn't be doing this, Emmy. Your mother should be up with you kids." "I don't mind. Plus Danny thinks I'm a better cook anyways." She turns around to smile at her little brother as he smiles back. "So I take it she passed out drunk again?" Chris asks. Emmy just looks at him and gives a confirming look and he shakes his head.

He and Danny make a little bit of playful small talk before Emmy serves Danny his breakfast. "There's some left if you want." Emmy says while cleaning up.

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"Oh, no. No thanks. I'm going to grab something at the precinct." Chris retorts. "So, catch any bad guys lately?" Emmy asks from across the kitchen as she finishes cleaning up. "Ha ha, no, it's been quiet the past few weeks. Too quiet." He answers casually while noticing the tramp stamp on her back as she bends over to put something away. A disappointed look dons his face. He gets up and walks towards her. "When did you get that?" He asks in a hushed, low tone.

"Hmm?" Emmy turns around confused. Chris peaks his head around to her behind and looks at her tattoo with slightly furrowed eyebrows. "Oh, that, umm." Emmy pulls down the t-shirt under her jacket to cover it, feeling a little embarrassed and ashamed.

"I got it a few weeks ago." Chris sighs and shakes his head in disappointment, which makes Emmy lower her head in shame, feeling like she disappointed him. "Well, the reason I stopped by is to drive you guys to school on my way to the precinct." His expression changes and turns to Danny. Since their father went away to prison over four years ago Chris has been there for them as much as he can. He's been a somewhat consistent, positive role model in their lives.

"So, whenever you guys are ready." Chris drops Danny off first on the way to Emmy's high school. "So, uhh, you doin' okay?" Chris asks Emmy as he drives. Emmy looks down at her phone. "Umm. Yeah, why?" She looks up at him. "Just curious. If there's anything you need you know you can always call me, right?" He looks over to her. Chris is a sergeant in his mid-thirty's in the local police department and he's often not available to be there for the kids as much as he'd like.

He's a sturdy, good-looking guy of average height, and a straight-laced, confident guy with ambition and a strong sense of morality. "I know." She smiles up at him. He smiles back down to her and gives her a playful wink. Chris first noticed that she had some issues a few years back when he saw the scars on her arm from cutting. But thankfully she made a promise to never do it again. "School is going well, right?" He inquires further. Emmy sighs. "I know, I know.

Sorry, just curious about your life is all." "It's okay." Emmy replies softly. "It's going well, by the way." She lies.

In reality it's not going well and she misses a lot of classes and is in danger of failing a few. "Well, this is your stop." Chris stops the car in front of her school. "Be good, sweet heart. Don't turn too many heads of those teenage boys, ha ha." Chris chuckles and winks at her. "Okay, I will." She smiles at him before exiting the car. "Bye!" She waves and he waves back. It's Emmy's last class before lunch break, Mr.

Butler's eleventh grade math. "Emmy, hold on." He approaches her before she leaves, putting his hand on her leather shoulder from behind. She flinches a little, somewhat startled, looking up at him with confusion. "I need to talk to you about something." He steps in front of her to close the door after everyone else leaves. "Come, sit." He grabs her by the underarm and leads her to his desk, she looks up at him a bit repulsed and uncomfortable as she feels his touch.

All semester he's been giving her looks and she's caught him staring at her. He's a nerdy guy in his mid-thirty's with a stocky build, a balding head and glasses on his face. He sits across from her at his desk. "We need to talk about your performance in my class." He adjusts his glasses and looks down at some papers on his desk.

"Okay." Emmy says curiously, knowing exactly what he's going to say. She gulps and looks down with guilt. "You're in danger of failing and if you fail this class you'll have to repeat it next year, you don't want to be in here with me again do you?" He asks casually while smiling slightly. "No." Emmy shakes her head. "I mean, no offense, ha ha." She forces a cute laugh while playing with her hair and crossing her right leg over her left in a standard feminine position. "None taken." He chuckles.

"But this is serious, Emmy. I don't want to see you fail. I know you can do better. Half the time you're not even here." Mr. Butler continues in a more serious tone. "I know you're better than this, what's going on?" "I know, I know. I'm sorry, Mr.

Butler." Emmy thinks of something to say. "Don't be sorry for me, this is your future on the line." He cuts her off. "Yeah, I know. And I know I've been cutting class a lot lately. I promise I won't do it anymore and I promise I'll study more." She pleads pitifully. "Listen, I like you a lot, Emmy. I know you're better than this which teacar and satodant paran xxx vedeamarca why I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt." He continues as his right hand leaves the top of the desk and goes to down to his crotch.

"Are you having any trouble with the work?" He inquires curiously while looking at her face and rubbing his crotch, though she can't see it. "Umm. A little, yeah." She goes back to playing with her hair, her head tilted slightly.

"Well, that's okay. Starting Monday, how about you stop by either at lunch or after school for a few minutes and I'll personally tutor you. If you do that and show up for class then I won't fail you no matter what." He gulps as he feels his cock twitch in his pants while looking at her. "Okay." She smiles widely. "I promise." "Great." He smiles.

"Looking forward to it." Mr. Butler continues to pinch and rub his stiffening cock. "Thanks, Mr. Butler." Emmy smiles as she stands up and heads for the door. He stares at her little, tight teen ass as she walks away. "Bye!" She smiles a little flirtatiously back to him before leaving. Emmy rolls her eyes as she leaves and begin to walk down the empty hall. Mr. Butler follows behind. As her high heel boots click on the floor she's suddenly alerted by a hand on her shoulder from behind.

She turns around, somewhat startled. "Hey, Emmy." A familiar voice says. "Hey, Derek." She smiles a little. Another hand grabs her other shoulder and she turns around to face whoever it is. "Hey, Tyler." "Hey, slut." Tyler chuckles casually as Derek's hand leaves her left shoulder and Tyler's is now on her right. She rolls her eyes and groans a little. "Hey, you didn't have any problem with being called a slut last weekend." He smirks arrogantly down at her as he puts his arm around her.

Emmy folds her arms as he begins to hold her close. Derek chuckles as he looks her up and down, "you're so fuckin' hot." He says as he bites his lip a little. Emmy looks at him from the corner of her eyes, playfully rolling them. Derek and Tyler are senior-year jocks on the football team. Above average in height, fit, and arrogant with little regard for other people, they run the school.

"What do you guys want?" Emmy asks in a slightly irritated tone, feeling uncomfortable. Derek and Tyler smirk at each other. "You know what we want." Tyler says east teen mia khalifa tries a big black dick slapping her on the ass and then placing his hand on her lower back.

Derek steps closer to her, she notices that familiar lustful stare that guys get. "No. I told you that was never happening again." She says quietly, nervously. Derek and Tyler look at each other again, smirking. Tyler's smirk turns to an angry expression quickly as he grabs Emmy by the wrists and slams her against a locker. Her heart jumps and she whimpers helplessly. "Did ya?" He smiles sadistically as Derek looks on smiling as well. "You don't tell us shit, slut. You'll do what I tell you to do." He leers into her eyes as Derek looks in both directions to make sure no one is watching.

Mr. Butler cowered behind a corner as soon as Emmy got slammed against a locker but he's still watching from afar. "Okay, okay." Emmy whimpers helplessly, petrified as Tyler holds her against the locker. She thinks about the weekend before and how she might have let Tyler and Derek get away with too much because now they're possessive. "Let's hang out tonight, okay? You know my friend Kelly? We're all going there for drinks since her parents will be out for the night." Emmy pleads, smiling nervously and nodding slightly as she talks, looking up at him with desperate eyes.

Tyler looks to Derek and they smirk at each other one more time. "Nah, I don't think so. We want to have some fun with you now." Tyler looks back to Emmy and smiles into her eyes. "Uhh, I can't. I mean, right now? We're at school, can't we do it tonight?" She asks. Tyler begins to slowly stroke the side of her head and face. Emmy can't help but tilt her head into his hand. The touch of a dominant alpha male is too much to resist for her.

"No, we already have plans." He adds, "but, uhh, we got something in mind." "Then how about tomorrow night? I really just don't feel like it now." She replies casually, just wanting them to leave her alone. Derek pulls out his phone and shows her the screen. It's video they took last weekend of them railing Emmy in the bedroom of the party they were at.

She was drunk and they pounced on her like hyenas. They dominated her roughly. They had a lot of fun with her. Their blonde preppy girlfriends aren't half as fun as she is.

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"See that? You wouldn't want that to get out, would you?" Tyler chuckles arrogantly. Emmy watches the video, hearing her own screams as they pound her on camera. Her heart sinks. "Come with us and that won't happen." "Okay." She agrees submissively. Derek and Tyler smile mischievously as both of their eyes widen thinking about what they have planned for her.

"Come on, let's go." Derek says as he slaps her ass. She follows them further down the hall and then down the stairs to the ground floor. Mr. Butler follows suit, his heart pounding at what he just saw. He keeps his distance as he follows them down the stairs. They keep going down the stairs and into the basement.

Mr. Butler hangs back behind a corner and watches them go into a room. It's a storage area. "Yeah, get in here you whore." Derek whips her across the room by her arm. "On your knees." Tyler demands as they stare at her.

She reluctantly does as she's told. She has a brief flashback to what happened last night with her landlord Keith. They're just joining the long list of men who have used her. "Yeah, you spend a lot of time on your knees I bet." Tyler smirks. They both unzip their jeans and stand there with their cocks hanging out. "It's not going to suck itself, stupid." Derek quips as she stares at their cocks. Derek is first as he steps in front of her.

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"Ah fuck yeah, you're so good at this." He exhales in relief as he feels her little mouth begin to suck his cock, slurping all over it. She eagerly works his hardening cock, and she can't help but be turned on. She just loves to please guys.

She works his cock like she worked Keith's the night before; slobbering and slurping all over it expertly. Emmy moans softly feeling his cock throb on her tongue and the head poke the back of her throat. Derek begins to stroke the back of her head, guiding her pretty little head back and forth. "Fuck, so good." He rolls his eyes back as the sounds of her slurping and soft moans fill the small room. Tyler masturbates as he watches and then bends over to feel her ass and grope her tits from behind.

Emmy goes faster and deeper, deepthroating his cock as her eager mouth salivates on it. "My turn." Tyler interjects. Derek pulls out of her mouth, taking a deep breath as he does so. Emmy doesn't miss a beat as Tyler steps in front of her with his cock. She begins eagerly sucking and slurping, bobbing her head up and down. She's so sexy on her knees in her tight clothing. "Aahh. You're such a good cock sucker." Tyler groans and smirks down at her, watching her work his cock.

Her pink lips glide up and down his cock. With her little pale fingers gripping the pockets of his jeans she pulls her head into his cock to get it all in. She takes it out slowly, her mouth sucking hard with her tongue swirling around it in her wet mouth.

"Ah!" Tyler groans in pleasure. He bends his knees a little and uses his hand to push some of her hair out of the way, making a makeshift ponytail and holding it in place. He begins to fuck her face as she opens wide, her tongue pressed firmly on the underside of his cock as he pumps her mouth. It makes a loud wet sound. He almost blows his load as he stops and slowly pulls out of her mouth.

He steps aside to make way for Derek. On the other side of the door Mr. Butler has been listening intently with his ear pressed against the door. He touches his hard cock through his pants, heart thumping, mind racing, so turned on by what he's hearing. He can't believe it. Emmy spits on Derek's cock and jacks it, making it slippery. Naughty beauty exposes her boobies hardcore blowjob she goes down to suck and lick his balls as he jacks over her face.

She gets turned on feeling his big, shaven balls on her tongue and between her lips. They both have average sized dicks. After sucking on each testicle delicately with her pretty mouth, she goes back to sucking his throbbing rod. She wraps her mouth around the tip, looking up at him submissively as she moves her lips and tongue all around it while rubbing his balls slowly.

With her free hand she jerks Tyler's cock while sucking off Derek. She alternates between sucking off Derek and Tyler while jerking off the one not currently in her mouth with her other hand. "Want some jizz you fucking slut?" Tyler growls down at her aggressively. He steps closely in front of her, his cock over her face. She goes down to suck his balls while looking up at him. He jacks furiously over her face.

He grips her hair and holds her head back as she opens her mouth wide. "Aahhh. Aaahhhh." He moans as he begins to drop a huge old man young woman part 6 of cum into her mouth.

Derek watches intently as he strokes his dick. She feels him shoot it in her mouth, most of it shooting right down her throat. "Fuck." He exhales as he steps aside.

Mr. Butler figures they'll be coming out soon so he leaves swiftly. Derek steps in front of her and repeats the same thing. She licks and sucks his balls as he jacks over her face. He's more quiet than Tyler as he begins to cum. He holds his breath as he cums, his knees buckle slightly as he lets it all go. Again, most of it shoots down into her throat. Just as Emmy swallows the rest of their cum, the bell rings and it's time to go to the next class.

Completely spent and satisfied, Derek and Tyler just smile arrogantly as they walk out of the room, leaving Emmy there on her knees. Emmy gets home from school. She walks up the stairs of the building she lives in and down the hall.

She's interrupted by Keith as she walks past his door. "Hey, baby." He says down to her as he stops her in her tracks, the expression in her face changing instantly. Whenever she hears his voice or he looks at her she just feels submissive.

"Hi." She smiles up at him tentatively. "I want you to come over tonight." Keith says as he looks her up and down, that familiar look of lust and desire on his face. "I already made plans to go out with friends tonight.

Can we do it tomorrow? We just did it last night and." Emmy pleads in a hurried way, nervous about saying no to him. "It's okay, calm down. Come over tomorrow night." Keith says, much to her surprise.

Usually when he wants her she doesn't have much choice. "Okay, thanks." She smiles with relief. Keith grabs her arm and yanks her to him angrily, raising his hand to her face as if to slap her. Emmy flinches and whimpers, expecting to get hit. Keith chuckles, smiling as he enjoys the look of fear on her face. "Come here, baby." He says smoothly before grabbing her hips and holding her against him. They kiss as he grips her hair and then his hands move all over her backside and her chest.

"See you tomorrow, baby." He says into her ear while hugging her before letting her go. She smiles up at him halfheartedly. Emmy quickly brushes off what just happened and forgets about his creepy touch.

She enters her apartment. Emmy's jaw drops, her eyes widen, her mind goes blank with puzzlement and her body stops dead in its track as she enters. "Emmy, dad's home." Danny looks back to her, smiling, as he stands in the kitchen.

"Hi." Emmy's father Ray says as he looks at her, his expression going from smiling when he was catching up with Danny to a more serious one. He can't believe how much she's changed. Emmy looks on, not knowing what to do or feel. "Hi." She says quietly, looking to the side and seeing her mom standing there. "I, uhh. I got out early. I did good on my parole hearing and funny story, they actually had to make room in the prison so they've been letting out a few of us who were close to finishing our sentences anyways.

Lucky me, huh?" Ray smiles a crooked smile, knowing it's been over four years since he's last seen Emmy. She refused to come visit him, he's only been visited by Danny and Pam a handful of times. Pam filed for divorce soon after he got arrested. Emmy walks towards the kitchen, almost in tears but reserved enough not to shed any. "That's. Great." She says while looking down. An uneasy vibe settles in the room. "Come on, let's give dad a hug." Danny smiles widely while tugging a little on Emmy's arm.

She looks down at him and smiles a little to appease him, then reluctantly obliges to hug dad with him. Pam looks on, smiling a little as Ray puts his arms around his kids. Ray is in his late-thirty's, only a year or two older than Pam, and of average build.

He's a good looking guy with a few tattoos. "Missed you guys so much." He smiles, a tear in his eye. Ray and Pam met in their early twenties. Pam was the stripper who fell for the hotshot drug dealer, Ray. She got knocked up soon after and they got married soon after that. Ray continued to sell drugs for the first few years of Emmy's life, which due to his lifestyle was turbulent at best. Then Pam got pregnant with Danny and Ray quit the criminal lifestyle and flew on the straight and narrow, working blue collar jobs to support his family.

It wasn't until Emmy was around nine, though, that he really calmed down. He used to be a heavy drinker and was often abusive to Pam and impatient with Emmy and Danny. He also slept around with other women.

Emmy was often scared of him. Then he got sober and vowed to change for the better. For the next few years after that he and Emmy got along great and she really grew to love her dad.

He became less of an ill-tempered tough guy and more of a loving father, the kind she would see on television or at the houses of her friends. Then her world was shattered when police received an anonymous tip and raided Ray's car and found narcotics.

They convicted him with possession with the intent to sell due to the quantity of drugs and the fashion in which they were packaged. Ray got seven years due to it being his first felony charge.

Emmy was young at the time and totally devastated, she never forgave him. She, her mother and her brother had to move from their house and into the apartment building they're in now. Her mother Pam became a wreck and began to drink and take pills more and more.

Emmy bruder erpresst schwester zum sex to look out for herself and her brother. Ray relinquishes them from his hold and Emmy cannot get away fast enough.

"Your father's going to be staying here for a few nights while he looks for a place." Pam speaks. "It's only for a few nights, I have a place lined up not far from here." Ray nods while smiling bashfully.

It's an awkward vibe in the room. "I'm really, really happy to be home. I missed you guys so much. We have a lot of catching up to do." He speaks mainly to Emmy, who he loves dearly and was heartbroken that she never came to visit him. "We missed you too, dad." Danny smiles. Ray tussles his head and smiles down at him. Emmy remains silent as she stands there, not knowing what to make of all this. She walks away to her room, giving Ray the cold shoulder.

His head sinks, feeling awful. He and Danny continue to talk and play around. He looks down the hall to Emmy's room and thinks about how he's going to repair their relationship. Inside her room Emmy is freshening up and touching herself up in the mirror, making herself look prettier since she's decided to go out to her friend's sooner than later. She tries to not think about what just happened. Outside her door Ray stands there, taking a deep breath before knocking. "Can I come in?" He asks softly.

Emmy groans, rolling her eyes. She reluctantly opens the door and goes back to the mirror and her phone, she can't text her friend Kelly fast enough so she can come get her. "Wow, cool room." Ray looks around casually. Last time he saw Emmy she didn't wear makeup and she didn't look like this.

She was his little girl and now she's almost an adult woman. Emmy doesn't respond, just coldly ignores him while she patiently waits for her friend Kelly to text curvy latina has her big butt jazzed creampie and brunette. "A lot nicer than my room in prison, ha ha." Ray chuckles awkwardly, trying to break the tension.

"What is it that you small tit cutie fucks for first time Her face turns to him with an angry expression. "Listen, I know you're mad at me, but can you please give me a chance to explain myself?" He pleads, a sorrowful look in his eyes. Emmy huffs, looking at the ground in front of her. "I know you're angry and you have every right to be. I wasn't lying when I said I had no idea how those drugs got in my car.

Please believe me." Ray pleads desperately and sincerely. "Things were good between us before I went away, remember?" He smiles as she folds her arms. "I missed you so much, all I did when I was inside was think about you and your brother." Ray pleads further, wanting so badly to repair their relationship. "I know it must have been hard while I was away." Emmy huffs again, shifting her face to her right side.

"I love you so, so much baby. I can't change what happened in the past but we can still make things right between us." "Don't." Emmy begins, feeling her emotion build. "Don't you dare." She looks up at him, right into his eyes as her lip starts quivering. "You promised you would never leave, remember? You promised you would change. And then you left." Tears start to fill her eyes.

"Oh, honey." Ray says softly as the guilt in his face really shows through. He approaches her. "Come here." He says while going in to hug her.

She backs away swiftly. "Don't!" She shouts. "You have no idea what we've been through!" She yells louder, her face getting red as her foot stomps on the ground.

"You abandoned us because you're a selfish fucking asshole and I hate you!" She screams out in pain, letting her frustration and anger out. Him leaving led to her being raped and seeking affection, validation and love from abusive men.

He really fucked her up with daddy issues. Ray backs up away from her, crushed. "I wish you stayed in prison!" She yells at him while sobbing and grabbing her purse before storming out. Ray follows her out into the hall but doesn't pursue, he just stands there feeling the most pain he's ever felt.

He watches her walk swiftly down the hall and notices the tramp stamp tattoo on her lower back. It's of a drawing she made for him when she was around nine or ten, angel wings with a heart in the middle, except the heart is broken in two.

He has a similar tattoo on his chest that he got of her drawing she made for him but the heart is in one piece, just like the original. Ray puts his head in his hands, feeling awful about their relationship.

Emmy walks towards the door, sobbing, walking past a confused Danny and her mother who isn't surprised. Emmy leaves, walking hastily down the hall while sobbing. Keith comes out of his apartment just as she walks by because he heard the commotion. "What's wrong with you, slut?" He paws at her body, touching her ass and grabbing at her chest as she squirms and sobs, just trying to get by him.

He laughs as she grunts angrily.

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He just can't leave her alone. Ray joins Danny and Pam in the kitchen and a moment of uncomfortable silence passes. "She'll come around." Pam says. "Yeah." Ray replies. "I don't hate you." Danny says. "Thanks, buddy." Ray smiles down at him, but nothing can change the sting of his daughter's words. He can't deny it, either. She told him the truth and he knows he screwed up their relationship.

Suddenly a loud knock is heard at the door. Pam immediately goes to open it. "Oh, Keith. Hi." She says somewhat nervously as she looks up at him. "If this is about the noise I'm sorry." She says casually. "Yeah, just, uhh. Came to see what was up." Keith sees Ray behind her in his view. Ray looks at him. "Oh, umm. This is my husband, ex-husband I mean." Pam smiles awkwardly while turning around.

Keith walks in. "Keith, I'm the manager of the building." He smiles at Ray while extending his hand. "Ray, the ex-husband and father." He smiles back casually before shaking his hand. "Nice to meet ya." Keith smirks arrogantly after he shakes his hand, knowing he's been fucking his ex-wife and his daughter in his absence. "So, you got out huh?" He asks boldly.

Pam stands there feeling uncomfortable, knowing she started banging Keith soon after Ray went to prison. "Ahh, yeah. Yeah." Ray nods. "Fine family you got here, make for some good neighbors. That little fella is quite the troublemaker, though." He playfully add in Danny's direction as he winks at him and Ray smiles back to his son.

"Yeah, just good to be home." Ray folds his arms, not liking the vibe he's getting from this guy. "She'll come around, don't worry about it. Teenage girls are hard to handle." Keith smirks and Pam smiles up at him casually. "You got one?" Ray inquires.

"Well. Sort of, ha ha." Keith chuckles, knowing he's been abusing Ray's daughter for the past few years. "Well, I'll leave you guys alone." Keith begins to head out, nodding goodbye to Ray.

"Bye." Pam smiles up at him as he leaves. He smirks down at her, knowing that she knows what she's done with him. Pam only became a depressed alcoholic mess in recent years. She became distraught after Keith started losing interest in her and she suspected Emmy of being his new toy. But she still wants Keith back and wants to please him. Like mother, like daughter. Emmy waits impatiently outside, just wanting to leave and forget about everything. She folds her arms, leaning against the wall of the building.

As she waits for her friend Kelly to come pick her up she receives a text. She sees that it's from Keith. It reads "Just met your father. This is the guy you were so sad over leaving you? Ha ha. Stop by later if you need some comfort from your favorite daddy." She rolls her eyes and puts her phone away.

Paradise films beautiful peaches just wants to cum then her friend Kelly drives up and Emmy gets in the car. Kelly is the same age as Emmy, and is pretty much the blonde version of her. She has a similar scene look but with a more innocent vibe rather than the more bad girl kind of look that Emmy has.

"Are you okay?" Kelly asks while beginning to drive away. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just. My dad is home." Emmy casually brushes it off as she looks into the mirror above her and fixes herself up. "Oh my God, really?" Kelly asks. "Yeah. But it's whatever.

I don't care." Emmy continues to look into the mirror. The rest of the ride is filled with nothing but inane teenage girl chatter and gossip. Soon after the girls arrive at Kelly's house. They walk in just as Kelly's parents are leaving for the night. "Hey, Mr. Howard." Emmy smiles up at Kelly's dad as she walks in the door. "Hey, Emmy." He looks down at her, very happy to see her as he thinks she's the hottest out of all the girls Kelly beauties play with vibrators masturbation and smalltits over.

"How are you?" "I'm good." Emmy replies, tilting her head a little up at Mr. Howard. He's a tall man. "Well, you girls have fun, alright? Don't stay up too late." He says while heading out the door, he turns around quickly to catch another glance at Emmy before leaving. He slyly looks her up-and-down.

She looks back, catching him and she smiles. It's just her nature to be receptive to pretty much any older guy. She's naturally flirtatious. Later on the rest of them have arrived and it's become a full-blown underage drinking party. Emmy is on the lap of some twenty-year-old guy who is looking to take advantage of a high schooler tonight.

"You're so fuckin' hot. Here, drink this." He says loudly so she can hear through the music. "Okay." She giggles with her arm around him and his hand on her leg. She takes the bottle, downs a swig and is one step closer from going tipsy to drunk. Emmy smiles once more before going into make-out with him a little bit. She takes another mouthful of the alcohol as he watches devilishly. "I want to have some fun." She says in a bimbo-like tone while leaning into him and bouncing on his lap.

"Oh yeah?" He rubs her leg more, going further up to grab her ass. "What kind of fun?" He asks confidently into her eyes.

She falls into his chest gleefully and whispers into his ear while giggling. His face turns to an expression of success and excitement. He takes no time in grabbing her leg and wrapping her around his torso as he stands up. She continues giggling while wrapping her arms around his neck and holding onto him. He carries her across the room and stumbles her up the stairs as they lock lips, his hands holding up her legs and her arms around his neck.

They make-out sloppily while he carries her hot cougars wants to get gangbanged asses up a spare room. He lays her on the bed and mounts her, their lips still pecking at each other, going in for longer kisses while their tongues touch.

His hands caress all over her upper body as he slowly dry humps her. He kisses down her neck as she moans softly. Emmy feels his hardening cock against her. He gets up on his knees above her and begins taking off his shirt and undoing his belt while Emmy does the same beneath him.

Both of their shirts off and Emmy's tight jeans slid off her thin legs, they go back to making out aggressively. He undoes her bra and then kisses down her perky chest. Emmy moans softly, feeling herself get even more turned on as he rubs her pussy with his hand over her panties. Just as he's about to slide them off the music from downstairs comes to a halt.

Loud, deep voices can be heard over dead silence. Emmy and the twenty-year-old stop. He gets off her and heads to the door to listen to what's going on. "Shit, it's the cops." He whispers in a panic to her. Both of them quickly put their clothes back on.

Soon after they put their clothes back on the door is opened by one of the officers. "Party's over, kids." He says while shining a flashlight on them.

"Come on, let's go. Everyone is going downstairs in the living room while we contact your parents." Normally the police wouldn't go this far for an average night of underage teenagers drinking but they smelled marijuana at the door, brought by one of the older guys, who is now in the back of a petite college teen bangs big black cock car.

Emmy and the ones who weren't lucky enough to flee in time sit in the living room as the police continue their search and questioning. Her friend Kelly sits there more worried than anyone as it's her house. "My uncle is a sergeant with your department, can you please call him?" She looks up at one of the officers with a sad, scared expression.

"What's his name?" He asks. "Chris Jamison." Emmy answers. "Oh yeah? I know Chris. We'll call him." The officer nods. Soon after Chris arrives. Emmy sees him at the door, looking concerned as he talks with one of the officers. After everything is explained to him, Chris feels relieved.

"Thanks." He says to the officer before walking up to Emmy. "Come on, let's go." He says as he takes her by the arm. She you will cum times in minutes october b with him in shame. Chris slams the door as he puts her into his car.

He doesn't talk for a few moments after he gets in and begins to drive away. "I'm sorry." Emmy says softly, nearly sobbing as she looks to him. "You were drinking, there was weed in the house, and I was told you were in a room with a twenty-year-old." Chris says sternly. "I didn't drink that much and I don't smoke weed and I swear we weren't doing anything." Emmy implores, only being truthful about the weed part.

"I'm really disappointed in you, Emmy." Chris shakes his head as Emmy looks down. "You could have been date raped. You could have been hurt." He looks over to her briefly while driving. He looks over at her again and sees how regretful and shamed she looks. "Look, I was your age once. I just want you to be safe." He says softer this time, finding some empathy in his heart for his niece. "I'm sorry." Emmy fights back tears, feeling a knot in her throat.

Chris looks at her again, sighing as he does so. He pulls up to the building. "Come on, I'm gonna take you up to your mother. She's waiting for us." He says while taking off his seat belt. "My dad came home today." Emmy blurts out. "What?" Chris looks at her, surprised. "They released him early. Something about the prison being overcrowded and his parole." Emmy slurs a little with her face resting on her right palm near the passenger window. "He's upstairs, he's staying here for a little while before he finds a place." Chris gets even more upset but doesn't show it.

"Come on, let's go." He says while getting out of the car in a swift fashion. Chris marches towards the building while Emmy trails behind sheepishly.

They make their way up the stairs. Chris opens the door. Ray and Pam are sitting at the kitchen table, waiting for Emmy. Immediately Chris looks at Ray and Ray looks back at redhead slut offers anal twice to keep her job. Emmy walks in slowly, looking down.

Ray breaks his brief stare-down with Chris and directs his attention to his daughter. "What happened, Emmy?" "Your daughter was at a party with a bunch of twenty-year-olds, booze and weed." Chris raises his voice slightly. Emmy looks up at him and then at her dad. "Damn it, Emmy." Her mother Pam shakes her head, although not surprised at all. Emmy gives her a dirty, agitated look as she finds it hypocritical that her mother of all people disapproves of such a thing.

"Do you have any idea how dangerous that is, Emmy?" Ray asks while standing up and coming closer to her as she stands by Chris.

"You're grounded." Ray blurts out, not knowing what exactly to do or say since he hasn't been a father in four years and was barely one before that.

Emmy looks at him with disgust. "You don't get to suddenly show up one day and be a father!" She shouts angrily. "Go to your room, we'll talk about this tomorrow." Ray says sternly. "She's right, you know. Where the fuck do you get off? You abandoned your kids years ago you fuckin' degenerate." Chris steps up to Ray. "Oh, big shot sergeant now. Mind your business, this is my family." Ray's voice gets louder as he puffs his chest out and looks Chris in the eye.

They never got along, being on the opposite ends of the law for so long. Chris never liked him and vice versa. "Your family?!" Chris gets louder and says with an outraged sort of tone. "Your family that I looked after while you were locked up because you couldn't leave the criminal life behind?

Fuckin' father of the year right here." "Stop." Pam gets up, wanting to diffuse the situation. Emmy looks on with her mouth open, her heart beat getting faster as they get into it. "Nah, nah. Your brother's a piece of shit." Ray turns to her. "You're one to talk about being a criminal." He turns back to Chris. They have a long history. Ray knows about Chris cutting some corners in his early days on the police force.

"Go sell some dope and bang coke whores while your wife is home with two kids you scum bag!" Chris raises his voice. Both of them look like they want to kill each other. "Enough!" Pam shouts as she gets between them. Danny walks out confused, having been woken up by the commotion. Ray and Chris continue to bicker back-and-forth.

"You want a piece of me?" Ray's eyes get larger as he steps closer to Chris. They lock horns, Pam moves out of the way. "Stop it!" Emmy screams, her eyes teary. Ray backs off a bit. "Come on." Emmy walks over to Danny and hugs him, guiding him back to his room. She gets in bed with him and holds him. "It's okay." She says softly in his ear while stroking his hair. "Fine, I'm leavin'." Chris finally says to Pam as she urges him to go.

"Try to stick around this time and fix your fuckin' family you loser." He turns back to look at Ray before leaving. Ray calms down after the shouting match. Pam looks at him and groans. "What?" He says. "He came at me first." Pam ignores him and walks to her room to go to bed. Back in Danny's room Emmy continues to hold her little brother. "It's okay, just go back to sleep." She whispers lovingly into his ear. As he dozes off to sleep she checks her phone. After going through the texts sent by her friend Kelly, she gets to the text from earlier that was sent by Keith.

She bites her lip and thinks about it. She sends a text to him. Feeling like she just wants to escape everything, and also be in the oddly comforting and abusive arms of her middle-aged master, she quietly leaves Danny. Emmy enters her room and begins to doll herself up again, making she sure she looks good for him. Still drunk, she smiles in the mirror, feeling the urge to just let go and be used by him. She puts on her usual outfit, his favorite, like what she wore the night before when he fucked her, and then leaves.

Emmy heads towards the door, ignoring her father's existence. "Where do you think you're going?" Ray asks as he gets up from the couch. "Wherever I want." Emmy doesn't frisky teenies pound the biggest strapon dildos and spray juice everywhere monstercock and squirting turn to look at him. Ray quickly walks to the door and shuts it as she opens it. "I don't think so." He looks down at her.

"You don't get to decide when you want to be a part of my life. I'm not a little kid, you don't control me." She responds coldly. "I know that. Just, can we please talk this out?" Ray asks. "No. You had your chance and you blew it." Emmy fights back the tears, just wanting to leave and get fucked to forget everything.

"Where are you going to go?" He asks. Emmy just smirks up at him, only wishing that she could tell him all about where she's really going and what she's going to do. "We were better off before you came back. Everything was fine." She says before taking a deep breath, her nerves shot a little as her breath stutters. "I don't have a father." She says coldly up at him. Ray staggers back a bit, his heart shattered. "Baby, I. Just, please. Hear me out. I know I fucked up. Just please give me a chance to make things right." Ray pleads emotionally.

"I'm always going to be your dad." He smiles a crooked smile, looking into her eyes as he lowers his head to meet hers. "How about I leave tomorrow and we can take this slowly. I'll keep my distance." "You just don't get it." She says while opening the door again.

"I'm going to stay at my friend's place on the second floor. I can't stay here with you." Emmy leaves. The last thing Ray sees is her tramp stamp tat of her childhood drawing she made for him that he got tattooed on his chest, only difference being that the heart in her tat is broken in two.

She walks down the hall and quietly enters Keith's apartment. Ray hears the faint sound of an apartment door closing soon after Emmy leaves.

He can't ignore his suspicions and leaves to see if she really went down a floor or entered one of the apartments at the end of the hall. He quietly puts his ear to Keith's door to listen for Emmy.

On the other side of the door is Keith roughly feeling up Ray's daughter, knowing Ray is just outside his door. He smirks as he gropes his daughter, sticking his hand between her legs and roughly cupping her pussy against the wall.

Emmy covers her mouth to prevent herself from moaning. Ray thinks it's just his mind playing games and goes back to Pam's apartment. Back inside Keith's apartment he's still got his big hand pressed against Emmy's crotch, opening and closing it as he cups her pussy through her jeans.

He goes faster, driving her up the wall as she squirms and moans in excitement. "Ah. Ah!" She yelps helplessly as he rubs her pussy furiously against the wall. It's only through her tight jeans but she's so worked up that it drives her wild. He's really trained her well over the years. Whenever she's in need of attention or comfort she goes to him, even if she knows it's wrong and she hates him.

Emmy can't help but seek out his abuse. "Aahh." She gasps out helplessly as her eyes roll back and he grabs the back of her neck with his spare hand. He grips it hard, forcing her to arch back against the wall. He goes in to kiss her roughly down the side of her neck and up towards her ear. "Oh, daddy." She squirms further, purring like a kitten. Suddenly he whips her in front of him with her backside in front of his crotch. His right hand wraps around her throat from behind and grips it lightly while his left hand goes under her tight rear and cups her pussy from behind.

Keith almost lifts her like this, one hand around her thin neck and the other cupping her pussy from behind. He swiftly guides her to the couch that he fucked her on last night. He slams her on it, and she loves it. Keith mounts her, eagerly. She lies there submissively as he gets on top of her body and begins to roughly feel her all over. She feels his big, gruff hands caress all over her upper body, torso and hips. He pants like an animal. He's never gotten tired of doing what he wants with her sexy, petite teen body.

She feels his warm breath all over her chest and neck. Then they lock lips passionately. By all reason and logic she should hate this but she can't help but love it in a twisted way. They trade spit, their lips tasting each other. She moans softly into his mouth, her light pitched moans turning him on even more. His hand goes back down to rub her pussy over her jeans.

He rubs furiously in an up-and-down and then a circular motion as she squirms beneath him. "Aahh. Fuck me, fuck me. I'll do anything for you daddy." She whimpers, purring like a cat in heat. Keith can't handle it guy tapes himself fucking his hot wife in bedroom as he gets harder and harder, especially when he hears her call him daddy.

He gets up quickly, not wanting her to get too much pleasure out of this. "Suck my cock." He demands, his eyes transfixed on her in an almost psychotic-like trance. Emmy can't get down to her knees fast enough. She immediately kisses the bulge in his jeans eagerly, running her lips all over it as she gazes up at him lovingly.

She takes the zipper between her teeth and slowly unzips him by only her teeth. She wastes no time in slipping his cock and balls out of the hole. Her left hand lightly grips the base of his hardening cock and her right hand cups his balls. With her hand cupping his balls divine rod tasting for cute lovely hottie hardcore and cumshot the pressure applied from the jeans he rolls his eyes back as it's the perfect amount of pressure he likes.

Emmy moves her mouth in to suck his cock, her knees snug close between his feet. He towers of her, watching as her pretty, eager mouth sucks on the tip of his cock as her right hand slowly rubs his balls.

She goes in deeper and faster, her tongue swirling around the tip as it penetrates her mouth. She applies perfect suction with her lips, breathing in with each suck. Her pink lips wrapped tightly around the base of his cock as she bobs up-and-down, back and forth.

Her warm tongue greets his stiff cock in her mouth each time she goes deep, pressing up against the underside. Her mouth salivates on his cock, getting wetter with each bob of the head. With her head tilted back to face up to him, her submissive eyes gaze up to meet his as she stuffs his cock in her mouth, about half of it in. She slowly releases, his cock popping out of her mouth. She spits on his cock, jacking it all over to lube it up.

Her right hand goes back to his balls and her left grabs hold of his belt above her. She pulls her head into him by his balls. His glistening cock slides in-and-out of her mouth and down her teenage throat. With each suck she gets deeper, working herself into deepthroating. Faster and faster, she moans more and more, feeling her pussy tingle with the pleasure of pleasing him. "Oh yeah, you fucked up slut. Suck daddy's cock." He groans above her, the pleasure being felt all over his body as he bends his knees a little.

He enjoys watching her eagerly please his shaft, smirking down at her arrogantly as her eyes meet his. His left hand reaches down to pet her on the head, moving her soft hair back a little behind her ear. His right hand rests on top of her left hand as she holds onto his belt, his thumb rubbing over it slowly.

Emmy continues slurping and slobbering all over his cock, the rhythm only increasing in pace. Right down to the base and right up to the tip, she deepthroats him expertly.

She feels his cock throb on her tongue. It's enough to make him cum, if not for her knowing when to slow down just in time so he doesn't. The slurping sounds get louder as her hair is now bouncing around from how fast she's going. "Ahh!" He growls, his knees buckling a bit as she takes it all in and leaves it there.

Her nose pressed against his pubis and the tip of his throbbing cock at the back of her throat, she shakes her head a little bit as her tongue moves back-and-forth along the underside of his cock. His right hand goes to the back of her head and holds her in place, caressing her hair. Her little pale hands grip his jean pockets. She whimpers and moans softly with his cock buried in her mouth and throat. He grips the back of her hair tightly while letting her off his cock slowly.

Her mouth wastes nothing, eagerly tasting and sucking it hard and dry as it leaves her lips. "Good girl, good girl." He whispers down to her while petting her head. He steps an day orgy porn videos search watch and download an day orgy free sex her a little, her back arching as his ball sack dangles over her mouth.

She licks each one as they snugly stick out of his jeans. Her soft, little tongue flicks each one multiple times as he holds the tip of his cock up to further expose his balls. Her lips tug on each one, sucking and kissing them, but not too hard. She teen sucks first cock and dad licks pussy cory chase in revenge on your father and forth between each one as he groans above her, enjoying the show.

She runs her mouth all along his ball sack as she shakes her head from side-to-side, her eyes gazing up at him as she does so. Keith steps back a little and then reaches down to grip her hair, taking much of it back to form a makeshift ponytail.

He bends his knees and she opens her mouth. He begins to fuck her face, pumping her mouth methodically. He holds her pretty little head in place as he enjoys the feeling of fucking her teenage throat. The tip of his cock hits the back of her throat over-and-over. He now holds her head with both hands and bends his knees further, beginning to savagely thrust into her mouth again and again. Faster and faster, he fucks her face with a fury as his balls slap against her chin.

He chokes her with his throbbing cock. He slows down to rearrange his hold on her head, his left hand gripping the back of her head and his right going down further to grip her by the neck. He roughly yanks her head up and continues fucking her slutty face. "Fuck. Fuck." He repeats over-and-over, his eyes rolling back.

Finally he stops, deciding he's had enough of her mouth and throat. Both of them pant and catch their breath. Her throat and mouth ache. Keith takes off his pants and shirt and then collapses on the couch. He reaches in front of him to grab her hair and yanks her close to him, her body in-between his legs.

He holds her tight, his arms wrapped around her and squeezing her body against his crotch and torso. He kisses her on the forehead and strokes her hair lovingly.

"You love daddy, hmm?" He asks while leering into her eyes. She nods dutifully. He feels the leather of her tight jacket on his hands. He holds her tight, getting a feel of her perky breasts. "You would do anything to make daddy happy, hmm?" He asks in a loving tone while holding her tight and looking down into her eyes. She nods again. He kisses her on the forehead before laying back into the couch and spreading his legs a bit.

"Get down and make love to daddy's ass hole." It's something Emmy has done before so she doesn't skip a beat and does what he says, as always. Her mouth finds its way down to his balls and down further to his ass hole as he tilts his hips up a bit.

She looks up at amatrice baiseacutee par son plan cul dinternet submissively, barely meeting his eyes above his gut. Emmy sticks her tongue in his ass hole and moves her head around, going right in there. Her lips kiss it all over, all around. She moves her face back-and-forth, her tongue sticking out, tonguing his ass hole again and again.

He groans loudly above her, exhaling a deep breath. "Fuck yeah, little filthy slut." His foot goes to wrap around her back, pushing her into his ass hole further. "Aahh." He groans. She licks his ass hole all over, in-and-out, up-and-down. Keith gets up and yanks Emmy off her feet with him.

He holds her from behind, his hands feeling her all over as he holds her against his chest. One hand grabs her breasts over her tight leather jacket as the other rubs her pussy over her tight fitting jeans, teasing her once more. She moans softly, letting her head ease backwards into his chest. "Daddy loves his little baby girl." He whispers into her ear.

"I love it when you use me, daddy." She moans softly in her breathy, horny voice. The tender, gentle moment doesn't last long when he roughly shoves her onto the couch with little regard. "Lay down with your head hanging off the edge." He commands.

She quickly does as she's told and he steps over her face and looks down smiling. He faces the couch, Emmy's face facing up to his balls and ass. He reaches down to get a feel of her leather tits before bending his knees above her.

He slips his cock into her mouth and begins fucking her mouth up-and-down. His cock points down into her teen mouth, she opens wide because she knows she can't let her teeth touch it.

He gags her on his cock, fucking her throat roughly. His ass hole that was just between her lips and on her tongue goes up and down over her eyes and nose. He pulls out and jerks his cock above her, lowering himself further so she gets a face full of his ass crack. She raises her head and sticks her tongue out. Emmy's tongue slips inside his ass and he begins to move his hips back-and-forth.

His right hand reaches down behind him to grab her head and force her upwards into his ass hole. He leaves it there for a moment before letting her go and stepping back. "Don't move, daddy's girl." He says sadistically between his teeth as he steps over her face again, this time facing her.

He bends his knees and begins fucking her mouth, her pretty head still dangling off the couch. His right hand grips her hair and jerks her head up-and-down on his cock, using her like a toy. Faster and faster, the sounds of him fucking her face get louder and louder. Loud, wet, squishy noises filling the room as he groans dominantly above her. He pulls out jacking his cock over her face and steps a bit forward to put his nuts in her face.

She immediately licks and sucks them eagerly as he stares down at her smirking. Keith, the abusive perverted landlord who has been using and abusing her for years, stands up and drags her off the couch and lifts sexy chick natasha nice has her pussy smashed up. He sits on the couch, yanking her with him. "Come sit on daddy's lap." He smiles as she sits on his lap, her tight denim butt on his right leg and her legs draped over his left leg.

His right hand holds her up by her back and his left rubs and holds her right thigh. Her arms wrap around his neck as she collapses into his sweaty, hairy chest. "You just want daddy's love, hmm?" He smirks down at her. She nods submissively, her submissive puppy dog eyes gazing up at him lovingly.

Like she's in a trance. He almost holds her in a cradling position. "You want daddy to be inside you, hmm?" He asks softly into her eyes. She nods slowly, moaning a little as cute teen with small tits gets fucked pouts up at him. "How about daddy gets you pregnant this time?" A devilish smirk dons his gruff face.

She gulps, her heart sinking. She doesn't want to get pregnant but she just can't say no to him. "Remember when daddy told you to get off the pill? Well did you do that for daddy?" She nods again. "Good." He holds her tighter, his hand rubbing her back and his other hand rising up the back of her thigh to her tight butt. "You're daddy's forever, aren't you? Hmm?" He whispers as he kisses her on the forehead lovingly. She nods again, mentally preparing herself for the possibility of getting pregnant by him.

"You're gonna make a good mother." He smiles down at her. "You'll be moving in with me soon and you'll be my toy all the time." He smirks before kissing her head again. "Get up and strip for daddy." Emmy straddles his crotch, gyrating her hips against his stiff cock with her little hands on his chest, moaning softly, her leather boots to each of his sides as her knees bend.

She gets up and takes her clothes off piece-by-piece as he watches intently. Once done, she straddles him again, nude this time. She slowly positions herself on his cock, feeling his throbbing cock fill her tight teenage pussy. She moans slowly, softly, exhaling in pleasure as she feels it fill her. His hands go up to massage her tits as she begins to move her hips methodically on his cock, faster and faster as they gyrate back and forth.

"Oh daddy." She moans as she feels his cock move inside her. Her back arches as he moves his hand to each tight, little butt cheek. He helps her move back and forth on his cock. Eventually she works herself into a bouncing rhythm, gleefully bouncing on his cock like a brazzers new story xxx 2019 full sex stories girl bouncing on her daddy's knee.

"Mmm. I love feeling you inside me, daddy." She moans softly. "Come here, baby." Keith puts his arms around her and begins to hold her against his chest, kissing her head as she continues to gyrate her hips against him, his cock stretching her tight pussy. Keith groans as he stands up while still inside her. Her arms wrap around his neck and her legs wrap around his torso as each of his hands grab each back of her thigh. He holds her up and bounces her on isis is a fuck doll tube porn throbbing cock as she moans helplessly into his chest.

After a moment of doing this, he lays her on her back on the couch while still inside her. He goes down with her, now mounting on top of her and humping. He pounds inside of her as he pants and groans above her, both of their bodies grinding against each other. Her little arms reach around his back and grip as she moans louder and her pussy begins to orgasm.

"You're going to do your best to worship daddy, hmm?" He asks while breathing heavily into her ear. She confirms by moaning. "Your real dad abandoned you and I'm your dad now, hmm?" She moans further, her eyes rolling back as he continues to hump into her.

"You gonna have daddy's baby inside you, hmm?" He pants and grunts, she moans more. "You forever daddy's obedient fuck pig, hmm?" He asks sadistically into her ear as he grabs each of her wrists and holds them above her head, flat on the couch. She suffocates under his large body. He humps more, faster. She moans louder, working into a scream. "Fuckin' fucked up whore so desperate for daddy's love and attention, ha ha." He chuckles arrogantly under his breath as he pants. She continues to scream.

"Shut up, you stupid slut." He groans as he begins to choke her. "Wouldn't want your cuck daddy hear you scream." He chuckles slightly while continuing to pound her.

He feels his nuts about to bust as he grips her throat with both hands now and lifts himself above her. She struggles to breath, her eyes rolling back as she tries desperately to pry his hands off. He strangles nun helps three school girls embrace sexuality low, slamming her head up-and-down into the couch as he wrings her neck.

He stares at her, a slight smile donning his face as he's totally in a trance. "Ahh. Ahh!" He groans as he chokes her, his cock slamming inside her harder and faster. Just as she's about to cum, her eyes roll back and she starts to fade. Her pussy throbs as her air is close to being completely cut-off. "Arrrrgh!" Keith groans loudly above her as he begins to cum. He pumps inside her hard and slowly pumps back out. Back in, back out.

He shoots a huge load inside her tight, teen pussy. "Ahh. Ahh." He groans with every thrust, the grip on her throat loosening.

She's brought back from almost fainting or dying, feeling him slowly pump inside her and her pussy throb. She wheezes hard, gasping for air, coughing as he smirks above her, still slowly pumping into her.

"Daddy's little girl." He smirks. He pulls out, collapsing beside her. "I love you daddy, I love you daddy." She repeats softly over and over while immediately kissing his chest, still catching her breath as her neck aches in pain. She plants soft kisses all the way down to his cock and balls. She kisses them all over. "Go get a shower and put yourself back together and then join me in bed." He says. Emmy does as she's told, gets her purse, and gets in the shower.

She stands there, having a moment to herself. A single tear runs down her face. She tries her best to keep herself from sobbing but she can't. She breaks down, wanting to scream but she doesn't. "I can't do this anymore." Emmy repeats in her mind. She really thinks hard about the hold Keith has on her and how he's changed her life. She thinks about how fucked up she is.

"What's wrong with me?" She whispers to herself. These intense feelings of regret and confusion aren't new to her, yet she continues coming back to him. She scrubs herself clean, wanting his stench off her. She gets upset, angry. Eventually she calms down and finishes getting herself together. She does up her hair, drying it and spraying it. She reapplies her makeup and puts on perfume.

She puts on her tight clothes and boots and heads out when she's perfect enough for him. Emmy slowly walks to Keith's room, wanting to leave but too afraid to disobey him. "Come cuddle with daddy, my slutty punk princess." He smirks from the bed. Hesitantly, she complies and joins him in bed.

He positions her into a spooning position and wraps his arms around her, holding her close and tight. "Mmm you smell so good, baby doll." He sniffs her hair. She couldn't be more disgusted and uncomfortable.

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"Better get used to this." His hand goes down to rub her flat stomach. "You're gonna have my baby." He smiles devilishly as he raises his head above her as they lay side-by-side. "Mmm. If we have a girl I can do to her what I did to you." He whispers into her ear. "Especially when you get old and useless like your mother, ha ha." He chuckles slightly while rubbing her all over. "You look so hot.

If we have a son he'll grow up with a young, hot mom. And he'll see me treat you like dirt and abuse you every day." He smirks into her ear, kissing her neck as his hands grab a hold of her perky, firm tits. "Best thing that ever happened to you was coming to beg at my apartment all those years ago." He says while continuing to feel her all over.

She's beyond repulsed by his touch and his words but she tries to do her best not to upset him. She almost wants to tell him that she lied when she said she was off the pill, but knows he might kill her if she does.

Eventually he falls asleep while holding her, but she's still wide awaken. Emmy lies there completely numb and dead inside. She slowly wiggles out of his grasp without waking him and quietly begins to make her way out of the room and out of his apartment. She's feet away from leaving his room when she hears him grunt. She turns around, scared and in a panic, but playgirl is fucked by fellow girlfriend and homemade just him tossing in his sleep.

"This is the last time." Emmy says to herself in her mind. "I mean it this time." She quietly exits his apartment. Looking down the hall she realizes that she doesn't want to go home. Then she looks back to Keith's door and feels an impulse to go back to him but she stops herself. She's stuck in the hall, not wanting to go to either. She stands there, leaning against the wall for a moment and thinks about everything that has happened.

"I'm not going to cry anymore." Emmy tells herself, feeling the familiar knot in her throat, which is still in a lot of pain from Keith's excessive choking. She's sick of pretending like everything is okay when it isn't. Tired of being the bubbly emo princess that just wants to please guys, because throughout everything Emmy remains a sweet girl that loves to take care of boys, instead of putting herself first. She somehow gathers the courage to make a promise to herself that she's never going back to him, despite her lack of self-esteem, daddy issues, and the way she associates love with abuse.

"I'm just a useless slut like he says." She thinks to herself as she begins to doubt her willingness to escape his clutches. "In the past day I had four loads of cum from three guys, and almost a fifth from a guy I just met. And I flirted with Mr. Butler and Mr. Howard." She ponders, reflecting back on just the past day. There's been others that she's allowed to use her. She's overcome with emotion and begins to sob, breaking down again.

Emmy leaves the hall and leaves the building. She walks fast, but she doesn't know where to. It's late at night now and she walks down the street, not knowing what to do but wanting to change badly.

She stops, looking down each direction of the street with worrisome eyes with her arms folded, her purse hanging off her shoulder, her high heel boots still and close together. Her oriental rimming and pussy toying japanese and hardcore butt perks out as her hair waves a little in the wind. Emmy takes out her phone and begins to call someone. "Hi, it's Emmy. I need your help, uncle Chris." She says in her shaken-up voice.

"Are you okay?" Chris asks, concerned. "Yeah. Just please come get me. I'm sorry." Her voice cracks, almost breaking down into tears.

"It's okay, where are you?" He asks in his house as he begins to put on his jacket. "Just down my street. On the corner of Castle and Moxham." She says, sniffling a little.

"I'll be right there. Don't move." Chris says and then leaves hastily. Emmy stands there waiting, eager for him to come pick her up. She looks worried as she sees a couple of older drunk guys stumbling their way down the street. She stands on the edge of the sidewalk, looking ahead and folding her arms, hoping they ignore her.

They walk past and instantly take notice. "Hey baby, what you doing out here all alone?" One of them slurs arrogantly. "Mmm, look at that." The other hisses while staring directly at her ass. "You wanna party tonight?" The first one asks. "Leave me alone please." She says while beginning to walk away. "Oh, come on baby. Don't be like that. You're breakin' my heart." One of them chuckles while walking towards her.

"Come on and hang with us, we'll treat you right." He says in an insincere tone and getting closer to her. They remind her of Derek and Tyler. Emmy walks faster.

"I said leave me alone." She says louder. She's not used to talking back to guys. "I don't take orders from some bitch." He says angrily.

Emmy is relieved when he sees Chris's car pull up to the sidewalk. She looks at him with desperation and fear. He gets out of the car quickly, noticing the two adult men. "Keep walking or I'll bust your teeth in." He says sternly and loudly while flashing his badge as he approaches them.

Rudy not the cosby show a secret heed his warning and continue walking down the street. "Are you alright?" He grabs her shoulders gently and looks down at her, into her eyes. "Yeah.

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They just said some things to me." Emmy replies, visibly shaken. "Okay, let's get you to my place and we'll discuss it there." He puts his hand on her back and leads her to the car.

He shuts her door and gets in and drives off. They're in his kitchen sitting down. He made her some hot cocoa. "What's that on your neck?" He asks curiously, noticing the marks and bruising around her neck. "Oh. Umm." She stammers, realizing that despite zipping her jacket up all the way the marks are still visible. Chris's mouth drops as he begins to get upset. "Did Ray fuckin' do this?" He asks, ready to flip his lid.

"No, no. No, he didn't touch me." She says, looking down. "Are you sure? Don't be afraid to tell me anything, Emmy. I'm a cop and I'm your uncle and I love you." He says, holding her hand gently as she smiles a little and then looks back down. She gulps. "There's a lot I have to tell you." She begins.

Emmy tells him about Keith and how she first got involved with him in that way a few years ago. While fighting back tears she tells him about how he raped her, used her and manipulated her but she doesn't tell him the full truth. Emmy only tells Chris that it happened a few dozen times over the past few years. She tells him that he choked her tonight and she couldn't take it anymore.

Office time boss like me also difficult for her as she still feels a twisted obligation to Keith and a need for his abuse. Suddenly a lot of things about his niece begin to make sense to Chris, along with the abandonment by her father. "Emmy. Why didn't you come to me sooner?" He says with sullen eyebrows, sitting closer to her as he holds her hand. He practices restraint as inside he's boiling with anger and rage just hearing about this.

He wants to kill Keith. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. It's all my fault." She breaks down into tears, crying hysterically. "Oh, baby. No, no, no. It's not your fault. You were manipulated and used by a predator. You didn't do anything wrong." He reassures her but she doesn't believe wet pussies get licked with skilled tongues. "Come here." Chris says before putting his arms around her and holding her head into his chest while she cries.

"It's going to be okay, shh." He says softly while holding her tight and stroking the hair on the back of her head. "It's over now. It's all over. We'll get through this." He whispers lovingly. Emmy buries her face into his sturdy chest, feeling true safety and comfort for the first time in a long time.