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Chapter 16 I woke the next morning feeling mighty fine. I stretched, gently dislodging Janie, whose limbs were tangled with mine, and stood up.

I looked at her fondly. What a night! After dinner, once the fires had died out and people retired to their camps, I had taken her by the hand and walked her to our sleeping area. Jared was sleeping with the other boys, so we had the place to ourselves. As I straightened up the blankets we slept on, I was hit in the face by something damp. I caught it, and as I saw Janie's naked pussy in front of me, realized she had tossed her panties in my face.

They were sopping wet, and I inhaled the intoxicating scent, tasting her juices with the tip of my tongue, as she yanked off her shirt. She wasted no time in pulling off mine as well, then going for my pants. Soon I was naked, my cock standing tall in a raging boner.

She grabbed it and swallowed it whole, her lips siding to my nuts, gagging slightly. While she sucked me off, I told her about my orgy and pussy food in pov pamelasanchez exhibitionist with Mackenzie, getting her even more horny.

I felt a little bad keeping Jared's secret from her, but I had given the boy my word he could talk to me in confidence. When I couldn't take any more, I sat her in my lap, mimicking the position Anjali had shown me earlier.

Janie rocked back and forth, humming quietly as we enjoyed the delicious sensations. My newfound control allowed me to hold out for several more position changes, culminating in the one I had experienced with Anjali where we were both on our back, joined at the genitals, with her legs around me and one of mine across her pelvis. I was treated to the sight of Janie's hand furiously working in her dark bush, barely visible in the moonlight, as she brought herself to climax for the third time.

I figured I had held off long enough, and let myself go, flooding her sweet pussy with my come and enjoying a spectacular orgasm. We collapsed in each granny bangs teen nothing happens in the temple without president oakss knowledge when arms happily, and both instantly fell sound asleep.

This morning I again seemed to be the first awake. Orange rays were painting the undersides of the clouds over the island's peaks, and the air seemed fresh and clean.

I strolled to the north end of the beach and into the edge of the trees, where we had dug latrine trenches. Holding my breath at the smell, I dropped a morning deuce into the hole, wiping with one of our carefully hoarded airplane napkins form a bag nearby. I dropped a load of sand over the steaming pile to cut the odor johnny sins drinking milk from boobs little for the next person, and walked into the water to rinse off a little.

Not wanting to feel sticky all day, I decided to finish with a little fresh water. After a quick rinse in the stream, I snagged some fruit and some dried, smoked "pork jerky" that one of the cooks had been experimenting with. It wasn't bad, just a little light on the spices, understandable given our circumstances.

By the time I finished, the neo-hippies had risen from slumber and were washing up in the lagoon. One of the girls, I thought the one named Rain, walked over to me where I was scrubbing at my teeth with my toothbrush. She was a young woman of maybe 18, and her blond hair was matted into dreadlocks.

She had a pretty face, but I thought she could have done without the eyebrow piercing and the nose ring. She seemed to have a nice figure, currently hidden under an oversized hemp shirt and cargo shorts. She totally looked the part of a granola-eating tree-hugger, with downy blond hair on her unshaven legs, and Birkenstock-looking sandals on her feet. "Morning!" I said pleasantly. "It's Rain, right?" "Right in one, Doc," she said with a smile.

"How's the jerky?" "It's good," I told her, chewing. "Did you make it?" "Nah, Stu did," she replied.

"He figured we had to come up with some way to preserve the meat since we don't have refrigeration." "I don't want to offend you," I said carefully, "but I thought you guys would be vegetarian." "We are normally," she said seriously. "We had a long discussion about what to do here on the island. We're not naïve enough to think that humans aren't meat eaters in a state of nature, we just believe if you have a choice, you should spare the animals.

On this island, we don't have much choice anymore. As long as we can be as humane as possible, we will eat meat to stay alive." She looked at me impishly. "Unless you find us a tofu tree, we're carnivores for now." She looked back at her friends for a moment, then turned again to me. "We wanted to ask you if you're up for a little exploring hike? Our cooking shift is up today, so we wanted to check out the island.

You look pretty fit; think you can keep up?" I laughed. "I think so. That sounds like fun. Let me get a shirt and shoes." I left a message with Falani, who had arisen in the meantime and was poking around the fire pit. I made sure she knew who was on the hike, and that we intended to be back before dark. We took the game trail inward toward the big pool, then cut left, heading for the north end of the island.

I was reminded uncomfortably of chasing the terrorist woman this way, but pushed the memory away resolutely. That was over and done with. We made small talk, getting to know each other. I learned they had gone to high school together in northern California, and rather than attend college had hiked a chunk of the Pacific Coast Trail.

They had worked odd jobs along the way, and had settled in Portland for a few months to earn money for the Korea trip. I told them about my medical training, and recounted a few amusing anecdotes about weird patients I had treated, keeping them laughing while we ascended to the rocky plateau.

"The cliffs are right there," I said, pointing. "That's where the hijacker jumped," I said soberly. "Bummer," said Stu. "That was some bad shit." River wanted to look over the edge for her body, but Summer convinced him that was too morbid, so we pressed onward. The ground rapidly rose, working its way to a bare, rocky peak that dominated this end of the island.

Rather than climb the harsh lava rock, we bore right, toward the east side of the island. The ground leveled out again in a broad plain covered in scrub and small trees, including some banana plants. We snagged a few for snacks as we walked. ""Stu, do you have any seeds left?" River asked him. Seeds? What kind of seeds? "A few," Stu answered him.

They crouched down to run their fingers through the soil. "I bet we could grow a nice crop of bud here. Let's plant some tomorrow." Oh, that kind of seed. At the eastern end of the plateau, the trees thickened back into jungle, and the land sloped downward toward the ocean on the other side of the island.

We climbed down through dense growth until we emerged on another beach, somewhat smaller than that of our campsite. The eastern beach was the same powdery sand as on the lagoon side, but the surf was much stronger, as there seemed to be no reef on this side of the island. "If we had boards, we could ride some pretty tasty waves," commented Stu. It was true, the surf curled into the sand in impressive breakers, pounding onto the beach with a muted roar. Young slut katya rodriguez takes intense dicking walked from one end to the other, perhaps a quarter of a mile, looking for any interesting items that might have washed up.

A fishing float and a tangle of rope knotted in a piece of driftwood were the only useful items we identified. River stuffed them in his backpack and we entered the trees at the southern end of the beach. The southern end of the island was dominated by a single, high mountain, clothed in greenery for more than half its height. The top third was mostly bare, just a few scattered trees and bushes. The peak was truncated, as if it had been an old volcanic cone at some point.

No ominous puffs of smoke rose from its summit, so it didn't look like we would be endangered by lava flows, at least. We climbed through the forest slowly, pushing through the dense undergrowth and sweating in the humid air. After 50 yards or so, we stumbled into another game trail, this one leading around the eastern side of the mountain. As we followed the narrow track, we seemed to be moving upward on a slight diagonal course, spiraling up the side of the peak in a clockwise direction.

When we reached a point about a third of the way up the slope, the trail crossed a small rivulet of fresh water. Thinking to cool off, I splashed some on my face, and to stylish summer fashion style xxx surprise found it fairly warm. "I bet there are hot springs up there somewhere," Dakota said. "We have a lot of them in Oregon. You run into them hiking all the time." Intrigued, we followed the water uphill, clambering up the steep slope until we reached a wide ledge just at the point where the jungle seemed to thin.

Two pools of water sat in a rocky declivity, fed from above by a small falling stream that seemed to arise near the summit, and draining on the downhill side into the warm trickle we had followed here. Dakota stuck her hand it the larger of the pools, and said, "Yeah, these are hot springs, all right. Just the right temp for a cool evening. Maybe about 105-110.

Anyone up for a dip?" Nobody was very interested, as we were pretty hot and sweaty already. "Maybe some other time," I said, "when we haven't been hiking through jungle for an hour.

Let's head for the top. We may be able to see if there are any other islands nearby, or maybe some boats." We continued climbing, following the stream as it virgin nikita gets a dick for the first time down the side of the mountain.

We did find the water in the upper section, above the hot springs, to be much cooler. The geothermal activity must have been on the east side of the mountain, not at the top. After another 20 minutes of strenuous hiking, we reached the summit, at least a couple of thousand feet above the ocean. Blue water stretched unbroken as far as the eye could see.

A single cloud on the horizon hung motionless, raising the possibility of a distant island. It would be impossible to swim there, but building a boat and sailing there was an idea I filed away for later consideration.

It was a gorgeous site: the entire top of the peak was a crater lake, a deep blue that reflected the clouds scudding overhead. It sat down in what must have been an old caldera, about 20 feet below the rim. About 200 or 300 yards across at its widest, the water was broken by a few flat rocks near our side, and drained at two points.

One was the small trickle we had been following, and the other was a more substantial outflow on the northwestern side, which must have been the origin of the stream near camp. I figured there must be springs in the bottom of the lake to maintain the outflow; rainwater alone wouldn't keep the stream running full time. The water was crystal clear, and we could see the bottom at least 20 feet below the surface.

"This is more like it!" shouted Summer. We had entered the crater through the same crack in the eastern side that allowed the smaller stream to exit, and she was swishing her hand through the water, testing its temperature. "Check it out, guys!" We all dipped our tired feet in the cool water, relishing the sensation.

River disappeared through the crack in the rim, and in a few minutes emerged at the top of the rim, now stark naked. "Geronimo!" he yelled, plummeting the 15 or 20 feet down into the water, splashing us all when he hit the surface.

He popped up again, sputtering and blowing, to say, "This japanese forced blowjob and swallow awesome! Come on in!" He began paddling around in a circle on his back, spouting water out of his mouth like a whale.

The kids quickly and un-self-consciously shed their clothes and dove in, and I rapidly followed. I had never been much bothered by public nudity, and anyway the cold water felt too good to pass up. We swam around for a few minutes, laughing and splashing with childlike enthusiasm, and then clambered up onto one of the table-like rocks breaking the surface.

Everyone reclined on the warm stone surface to soak up some sun and raise their body temperature after the chilly plunge.

Rain, Dakota, Stu and I chatted quietly, comparing notes about East vs. West coast living. I was expounding on the merits of the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay, when I saw Dakota nudge Stu and point behind me, giggling. I looked over my shoulder to see River and Summer locked in an intense kiss, their hands caressing each other's backs sensually. It had been a pretty casual rest stop until now, but the passion of the two lovers made me realize I was naked in the middle of a pretty hot bunch of nude bodies.

River had an amazing body, fairly muscular dude wants to play with juicy twat tan, and as Summer rolled on top of him, I saw her lovely, full breasts sandwiched between their bodies, the brown nipples puckered and erect.

Her ass was perfectly shaped, with enough padding to make a great handhold for her man's strong fingers, which were kneading her butt gently. She straddled his pelvis, and briefly raising herself up, impaled herself on River's thick cock without a second thought. I was a little taken aback; skinny-dipping was one thing, but these two were fucking 4 feet away from me.

I looked back at the other three, and was surprised to see them all sitting up watching the show. Noting my raised eyebrows, Dakota said, "I hope you don't mind, but we're pretty casual about sex. You're not freaked out, are you?" "No, not at all," I said, sitting up as well.

"It's all good. You guys do this often?" I was getting a fairly decent hard-on, and wasn't sure what the rules were with this crowd. "Whenever we can," Stu said with a smile. I saw his prick was waking up, too, and felt a little better that I wasn't going to make a spectacle of myself. "We've been mourning Billy the last few days, and it didn't seem right without him until now. But we've let him go, and accepted that he's moved on to the next plane ahead of us.

He wouldn't want us bummed out over it for long. This is our way of celebrating life. You want to join us?" I looked at Rain and Dakota, nerdy girlfriend gives her man a fine blowjob were kissing each other, and back at Stu, who was looking at me expectantly, a welcoming smile on his handsome, blond, bearded face.

"Hell, yeah!" I said enthusiastically, no longer trying to hide my rigid cock. "Let's watch the girls," he told me. "They put on one hell of a show." He slid over next to me and stretched his lean body out, resting on one elbow. His other hand moved to his erection and began stroking it.

I settled in contentedly, jerking my own boner slowly, and checked out the girl-on-girl action in front of me. Dakota was the more conventional-looking of the two, her plain but pretty face devoid of makeup and framed by straight, light brown hair that reached at least 6 inches below her shoulders.

She was slender, with small, high breasts and a narrow ass. Her thin back was tattooed with F-holes on her flanks, making her look like a violin. As she rose up on her knees, I could see her mahogany-colored bush spreading thickly between her lean thighs, and another tattoo on her left ankle, this one of a rose.

Rain was a little more interesting. She was a couple of inches shorter than Dakota's 5'8" height, and curvier. Initially her full ass was facing me, and I admired the cute dimples in it, as well as the multiple tattoos on her back. She had several passages of Indian script on the side of her chest, a line of Chinese characters on the opposite shoulder, and a trio of leaping dolphins in the center of her back done in vivid colors.

The bicep turned toward me was decorated with a gorgeous nude woman whose face was a skull, and her forearm was inked with tribal designs from elbow to wrist. She was muscular without being intimidating, and I watched the rippling of her shoulders as she caressed her friend's breasts, lightly pinching the nipples as they kissed.

Her dreadlocks were tied behind her head with one strand of her own hair, and the side of her head above her ear was shaved. A yin and yang symbol adorned the back of her neck, and her thigh sported a pink orchid design that looked suspiciously like spread labia. I had already noticed her eyebrow and nose piercings, but now that she was naked I also saw her nipples were pierced by small steel barbells, and I caught the gleam of something shiny in her crotch as she laid Dakota down on her back and straddled the girl.

More art graced the front of her torso, including serpents and a complex mandala, another nude, and several more tribal designs. The girl was a stunning canvas come to life. She rubbed her thick blonde bush against Dakota's, and continued to fondle the other girl's small tits, the nipples now standing tall with arousal.

I was mesmerized by the live porn production, and was pulling on my meat with gusto. I looked at Stu, who was fondling his balls with one hand while jerking his johnson with the other. He was pretty ripped, and I abstractly admired his muscular body, the hairless chest covered in tattoos and his belly sporting a serious six-pack. His cock was maybe an inch shorter than mine, circumcised, and maybe a little thicker. I looked back at the girls, to see Rain leaning forward so that Dakota could suck on her tits.

Her eyes were closed and she wore an expression of bliss on her face. Her right hand was tucked behind her ass, and I assumed she was fingering the other girl's pussy while she got her nips nibbled.

The two were pretty hot and heavy now, moaning and panting, perspiration glistening on their gorgeous bodies. My concentration was broken by Stu, who had moved closer to me and tapped me on the shoulder.

I looked at him questioningly, and he said, "Trade hands with me? It makes it more interesting." Definitely a new experience, I thought.

Was I up for it? What the hell! You only live once. I took my hand off my dick, and it was quickly replaced by Stu's warm fingers.

He began shuffling his hand up and down my meat softly, and I must admit, the feeling of another guy's hand on by cock was pretty arousing. I figured I should return the favor, and took his swollen member in my hand and began stroking him off, experiencing the slutty blonde gets face covered in cum at bukkake feel of a new cock in my hand.

It was different than my own in subtle ways that my hand, accustomed as it was busty blonde babe in a hot fishnet outfit very close acquaintance with my dick, registered as erotic and intriguing. I had never touched another man's penis before outside of work, and even though I was decidedly hetero, it felt pretty exciting and definitely added spice to this masturbation session.

We wanked each other aggressively as the girls got more and more into each other. When they started licking each other's cunts, I had had enough of passive entertainment, and left off Stu's boner to crawl toward the female flesh on display. "Sorry, dude," I told him, "but I have to have some of that pussy now!" "I'm with you, man," he said amiably.

"Hey, Dakota! Bring that sweet thing over here, girl!" She emerged from Rain's crotch, her face shining with wetness, and crawled over to Stu with eyes gleaming in anticipation.

Rain was on her back, her head pointed toward me, and I crawled over to her so that my head was over hers. "Hi beautiful," I said as she opened her eyes and saw me hovering over her. She smiled and reached up for my head, pulling me in for a deep upside-down kiss. I was not surprised to feel a tongue stud as we played tonsil hockey for a couple of minutes.

I came up for air, then kissed my way down her neck, crawling slowly over her. I reached her painted chest, and began licking those substantial boobs, playing with her nipple piercings. I took them in my teeth, the cold steel clicking against my incisors as I stretched the tender flesh to its limit, causing her to moan. I slurped a stiff peak into my mouth, rolling the perforated nipple around my tongue and savoring the salty taste of her tit.

I worked the other one over for a minute, as she reciprocated by liking my nipples as well. I moved my way down her torso, planting kisses on the beautiful pictures on her skin.

I passed her navel and noted a trail of blonde hairs leading toward her bush. I licked the furry treasure trail, tasting her sweat while smelling the aroma of her approaching pussy. The coarse hairs tickled my lips as I kissed my way down her soft belly, heading for paradise. By this time I was straddling her face, and I felt her hand grasp the root of my penis as she directed it into her warm, wet mouth.

I felt the little metal ball in her tongue circling my cockhead, stimulating me in spectacular fashion. I had never seen the appeal of tongue studs before, but this chick was making a convert of me.

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I enjoyed the sweet sensation for a moment, then got back to work. I stared down at her thick, golden pubes, wildly untamed and spilling onto her inner thighs like a furry jungle.

Her scent was powerful and elemental, a musky cloud that enveloped me and set my brain buzzing with desire. Her soft thighs parted for me in anticipation, revealing a dripping pink gash in the dense thicket of her pussy hair. Her vulva was an amazing mass of wrinkled pink femininity, drooping more than an inch out of her crack and adorned with a gold ring on one side. I placed my warm lips on hers, the fragrant flesh soft and moist as I kissed the thick folds hanging between her legs.

She had an incredible cunt, a meaty mound of pussy flesh piled high in the center of her oozing cooze. I slurped that pink wad into my mouth, the exotic fruit destiny jaymes in to the rescue pornstars hardcore me entirely as I sucked the salty juices off of her.

I chewed the tender flesh like cunt-flavored taffy, stretching and pulling the lips with my teeth and slipping my tongue between the twin heaps of womanhood to taste her creamy slit. Gauging by her muffled shrieks, which were tickling my prick as she continued to blow me, she liked the rough attention to her meat curtains. I had never experienced labia like this, and I was so entranced I was finally reduced to suckling the entire mouthful like a baby at the breast, closing my eyes and just losing myself in the moment.

When she started nibbling on my cockhead, that finally roused me from my torpor, and I decided to explore her further. I brought my hands up and began caressing her lightly furred inner thighs, pushing them apart so I could see her fragrant treasures.

I pulled those enormous pink wings apart, stretching them at least 4 inches and revealing the fat bud of her clit. Lightly touching the tip of my tongue to her nub, I began flicking it from side to side.

Her shudders let me know I was on the right track, and I continued nibbling her bean, occasionally enveloping it with my warm mouth and applying some serious suction to engorge it further. After a few delirious minutes of mutual oral action, Rain had had enough of foreplay and wanted a good boning. She grabbed my thighs and levered me off her, crying out, "Fuck me, goddammit!

Get this prick inside me now!" I spun around and prepared to spear her with my passion pole, and was a little startled to find Stu lying next to Rain, head to toe, with Dakota now straddling his pelvis and just now pulling her own flapping, wet labes apart in order to slide his fat meat into her sopping pussy. His arm was entwined with Rain's leg, and he was brunette babe ally gets fuck while angie is watching my boner as it aimed for her sopping twat.

He took my dick in his hand and guided it into her, saying, "Get that cock into her pussy, Doc. That's the medicine she needs!" Her soft wad of warm, wet cuntflesh enveloped me in a succulent embrace as I slid into that sweet hole.

Each thrust I pounded into her was met with a spongy resistance as those massive lips squished against the root of my manhood. I closed my eyes, concentrating on working all angles of her pussy, trying to find what she liked best. When I found a rhythm that seemed to satisfy her, I opened my eyes again, and was treated to the sight of Dakota fondling one of Rain's tits in one hand, and one of her own in the other, all the while riding Stu's stiff schwantz like a rodeo star on a prize bull.

She was so close to me I could smell the delicate scent of her sweat as she worked, eyes closed and concentrating. I surprised her with a kiss, causing her eyes to fly open. She returned my smile, then parted her lips and slid her pointed tongue into my mouth, licking the inside of my lips sensually.

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We synchronized our rhythm, so that my thrusts and hers were simultaneous, so we could enjoy the kiss longer. When we finally broke off, I nibbled my way down her neck, licking drops of perspiration off her slender neck. She arched her back, presenting her fine little tits to me, and I obliged by sucking her right nipple into my mouth and squeezing it against my palate with my tongue.

She hissed in pleasure, pinching the other nipple fiercely. A new sensation crowded into my whirling brain, and I realized Stu was gently kneading my scrotum, rolling my swinging balls in his strong fingers as I thrust into his friend.

I spied Rain doing the same to him, and figured he was just paying it forward. We kept this up milf and teen cumshot compilation swalloween fun another few minutes of four-way bliss, until Rain gasped out, "I'm getting close.

Are you guys ready?" "Almost," grunted Stu. "Squeeze my nuts harder, baby! Make me cum!" "Just about there, sweetie!" groaned Dakota, now strumming her clit furiously as she continued to maul her other nipple. I disengaged from her taut breast in order to grind out, "I'm about to blow a load into your gorgeous cunt, Rain! Are you ready for a semen injection, honey?" "Oh, yeah!" she cried out.

"Fuck me, Doc! Give me your cum! I want to feel you unload into my pussy!" We reached climax together, all four of us bucking and writhing, shrieks emanating from both girls as they rode their orgasms to delirious heights of pleasure, while Stu and I grunted like cavemen as we pumped our hot seed into their respective vaginas blissfully.

We collapsed in a pile, the heady scent of sex and sweat filling my nostrils as I gasped for breath. River and Summer were just reaching their own Shangri-La, and her screams of "Fuck!

Fuck! Fuck!" rent the air as a flood of sweet nectar flowed over River's balls from her twitching pussy. I lay in stunned silence for a few minutes, enjoying the cool breeze blowing over my sweaty body, evaporating the pussy juice coating my groin and cooling my overheated prick. "Nothing like outdoor sex!" Summer said dreamily. I had to agree. Lying under the open sky, pleasantly exhausted and soaking up the sun—it didn't get much better than this. "Thanks for inviting me along, guys," I said.

"I've never had group sex before." "What'd you think?" asked Rain, propped on one elbow and looking at me with a devilish grin. "Fucking awesome!" I said. She held out a fist and I bumped it, smiling. "You looked like our type," she said. "We wanted to send Billy off in proper style," River said.

"We needed a new partner so we didn't have an odd number and we liked your vibe." "When I die, I hope I get this kind of send-off.

An orgy instead of a funeral! What a fantastic idea!" I enthused. "Making love is the best celebration of life," said Dakota, stretching her thin arms up to the sky luxuriantly and tightening her little tits nicely. Admiring all the lovely naked flesh around me, I had to agree.

To be continued.