Stel mom sex hot xxnx bf

Stel mom sex hot xxnx bf
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"Oh, are we going to have some fun." He stated as he pulled some rope from behind his back Adam and I shrank into the wall hoping to escape the obvious fate.

We pulled the blanket over us, but to no avail, soon Adam was torn away from me and dragged away kicking and scratching, I got up and followed out of the room with them so I could make some attempt to save my new boyfriend. I saw Geoffrey dragging the naked Adam down the hall way.

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Adam caught my eye and beamed up I shot him a glance to silence him and snuck up behind Geoffrey. "Hah!" I yelled and jumped on top of Geoffrey back and biting him on the neck. "What the fuck!" He screamed and dropped Adam who immediately kicked Geoffrey which caused him to hit the ground. I jumped off of him and led Adam back into his room where we locked the door, then followed quickly by the slamming of the door was the sound of two boys landing softly on a bed.

"Thanks, for saving me sexy." Said Adam as we rubbed noses "Anytime, beautiful." I said as I flipped him under me, and kissed him He kissed back ecstatically "I couldn't let him fuck you, cause right now I want to do that." I said as I pushed into him with my cock.

"Um, god that feels good" He replied in a moan as I started to inch my way into to his body I started at a slow rhythm just for the pleasure and connection. Five minutes passed with me slowly easing in and out each time hitting his pleasure spot causing him to go into to pleasure spasms.

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I soon started to speed up hitting his pleasure center faster and more frequently, sending Adam into even stronger pleasure spasms causing him to moan extremely loud which I was sure pissed off Geoffrey which just made me enjoy it even more. I soon started to pound into him with all my worth, causing Adam to basically scream in pleasure, sadly these were so inaudible screams of pleasure that I could barely tell if he was close or not, I knew I was.

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"Oh, god Adam, I'm going to small tits teen babe zaya cassidy nailed by stranger dude I yelled as I shoved my cock as far as it could go basically hitting the pleasure spot in a perfect 'bull's-eye' as he screamed his climax in inaudible wail. Adam started to crawl down from his climax and started to begin speaking in actual words.

"Hey, I'm thirsty after our amazing fuck, I'm gonna go downstairs and grab us some water bottles. K?" He said as he moved to slink out of the bed and go downstairs I rolled over onto the cum and sweat stained bed and breathed a sigh of nostalgia. I just stared up at the wall wondering how I could end up in such an amazing boy's bed.

Adam soon came in the room in the with two Dasani water bottles to which we drank fitfully from. Soon the bottles were on the floor drained of all their water and the two drinkers were snuggled up close in their sweat soaked bed.

"Ugh, I'm suddenly feeling really tired, how about you?" He said as I kept my drooping eyes open "Yea, me too, let's take a little nap, nothing should happen cause the door is locked so we can sleep in peace." I said as I brought him closer to me and proceeded to spoon him into submission. Little did we know that we were the flies caught in a spider's web. Sometime later "Ugh, What the fuck?" I groaned as I looked around, I did not feel the same way I did when I went to sleep with Adam in my arms.

Shit wait what the fuck? I was tied up?

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Where was I? I wasn't even in Adam's room, I started to freak. I looked around and saw Adam next to me tied up to me too. We were both tied up spread eagle on a different bed, aside from Adam's room I hadn't even been around his house so I wouldn't know where we were. I pondered our situation as Adam started to stir.

"Huh? What the fuck?" He said as he looked around and there saw how we were tied up. "Fucking Asshole!" He screamed as he struggled to break free "I know you love me, so stop struggling." Said our captor Geoffrey as he walked into what I presumed was his room as I figured out our predicament.

"Hey, Adam where did you get the water bottles?" I said to him calmly "Uh, they were on the table." He said a little confused "So you drugged you're brother and his boyfriend huh?" I said directing the question at Geoffrey "Yes, yes I did and now we're going to have some fun, first with you" He said pointing to me as Jason strolled into the room "God damn, Jason you're in on this too?" Said Adam in his naked state "Actually I wasn't until I found you too tied up, Geoffrey did all the drugging, I'm just reaping rewards." He said as he came up to me and started to suck on my cock, I moaned involuntarily "I won't fuck him cause he's a top and I respect that, but you Adam, you are a bottom, and I've always wanted to fuck you, I did it with Jason because you just had to be the innocent one didn't you?

Just sexs first night with wife to save yourself for someone special." He said as he started to ream Adam who clenched up trying not to moan.

Jason continued to suck my cock until I was fully erect, then went over and pulled a bottle of lube out of Geoffrey's dresser and spread it all over his ass and over my cock. He then tossed it over to Geoffrey and positioned himself directly on top of me. Jason shoved my rock hard cock all the way up into his sphincter in one huge push. I moaned loudly. I looked over and saw Geoffrey slowly entering Adam with his eight inch cock while teasing Adam all the along the way, all in all I was happy that he enjoyed it.

Jason started to ride me with a hard passion bringing me to great heights quickly. He and I started to moan loudly as he rode me harder and harder. I looked over again to see Adam getting fucked hard by Geoffrey, but as soon as I turned away Jason got my attention back but doing something way off the mark.

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He put an insanely thin silver dildo up his ass next to my cock, it felt cool, with the mixture of hot and cold it was beginning to be too much, then he surprised me again the silver dildo started to vibrate and it drove both of us over the edge as we moaned out our orgasms.

Our climaxes died down as we heard another set of voices, yell their orgasms we looked over to the right and saw Adam and Geoffrey tighten up and moan out their orgasms. Everything started to die down as Geoffrey pulled out a pocketknife and cut the ropes on both of our restraints.

All four of us laid down on Geoffrey's bed as we rested up for round two.