Busty brunette gets nailed on the stairs group sex big tits

Busty brunette gets nailed on the stairs group sex big tits
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Please rate and comment Prior: Megyn Kelley - Surprise Sex Prior: Megyn Kelley - Terrible fate Prior: Megyn Kelley - Terrible journey (Broadcaster Blonde MILF Bitch has been nabbed and is being held by Pro Football player Michael and other players at a rural location. Michael has her strung up and is working over her legs with a power washer.) Michael laughed at her struggles.

"Wait til we get to your cunt and your tits. You are going to be red as a beet all over.

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" Michael watched with fascination as the water made its way higher. "Stop them Michael. I am sorry. Please, I can make it up to you. Give me a chance. AGGGHHHHHH. The sprayer worked three big cocks for angela muses hot sexy body way up her legs.

Up the calves, over the knees and on to the thighs. The water spray was on the inside of her tender thighs. The inside and outside of her thighs were red. Two men grabbed her ankles, pulling her legs up and apart. The wand was waved around in front of her crotch but only on light power. "NOT THERE. NOT THERE. You will rip me apart." Michael took the washer wand and released the trigger. The water stopped to a slight trickle. Smiling he started rubbing Megyn's pussy, her legs still held open by his workers.

"Michael, you can't. NO. You will kill me." There was little pressure but Megyn could feel the hot water. He pushed the tip inside her cunt pushing slowly, twisting, turning.

Megyn was shuddering but tried not to move, fearful she would cause the pressure to go on. Michael twisted the pressure end. Megyn felt the hot water dripping inside her. With a mean and angry face Michael looked Megyn in the eye. With a hideous laugh he shouted at her. "I am gonna turn this on full power flushing out your cunt and then push it up into your guts." "NOOOOOOOOOO STOP" "HAAAAAAAAAAAA"Michael pulled the power washer out of her cunt laughing. "WE have a better idea for you." Two men dragged four cinder blocks next to Megyn's feet.

They looked up and smiled at Megyn. She recognized them. Two more football players. "Now the real fun begins." Megyn felt a chain being wrapped around her ankle.

"What are you doing? No." Megym look down to see the chain attached to two Cinder blocks being wrapped tight, the metal links biting into her skin. "Oh NO, Don't. no more." The chains were wrapped around twice and attached with and "S" hook. She recognized the thug, a burly pro linebacker. "Shawn what are you doing?" "Gonna give you a little stretching exercise. "Shawn, Don't NO." Shawn took another chain and bound her other ankle. Shawn took special pleasure in tightening the chain.

Shawn pulled on the chain. "Still a little loose. I got jus t thing." Shawn took a handful of screws and fitted them between Megyn's ankle and the chain taking the slack out of the chain. With a hideous laugh he looked up at Megyn. "When da chain is pulled up, these will really bite.

Shawn stood up and kissed Megyn. He looked her in the eye watching her terror as she knew what was coming. "Shawn, don't do this. Don't Don't." Click, Click, Click. Megyn heard the winch ratcheting as she was slowly raised feet. "Stop No No." Megyn was screaming as she felt the slack in the chain tighten. Shawn laughed. "Stretch her out.

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Scream Cunt Scream." "Click Click." Very slowly to torment her they tightened the chain. "Don't NOOOO." "Damn Bitch, it's just getting started. " The blocks started to slowly lift off the ground with increasing weight spread over Megyn's body. CLICKCLICK CLICK "AGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH." Megyn screamed in agony as the winch raised so the concrete blocks lifted off the ground. Her arms, shoulders down to her ankles felt like they were being ripped apart.

The meal screws wedged between her ankle and the chain bit into flesh. Megyn's head hung with exhaustion. She moaned but tried to hold still.

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There was no escaping the overwhelming pain. "Please. Please. Please." Megyn begged. She looked down recognizing the faces of pro football players, all friends of Michael. This couldn't be happening. How could they do this. Megyn's ass was now even with Michael's face. He ran his hands over her legs, red from the power washer. "AGGGHHHHH" Megyn screamed as Michael pushed the blocks with his foot causing Megyn to swing putting even more stress on her joints.

Every joint felt like it was about to rip apart. The chain shifted causing the screws to bite in even more. Laughing Michael took the pressure washer wand and ran it over Megyn's ass. Without warning He double oral stimulation delight hardcore and blowjob the trigger with the wand only inches from her ass meat.

Her ass shook and quivered from the pressure. A horrific screaming filled the air. He back arched ever so slightly but there was no escape. The pressure first reddened the skin and then slowly flayed it away in a inch wide mark.

Slowly Michael dragged the pressure down her right ass cheek with a vertical line.

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Water, skin and blood spashed off her ass. The blonde MILF broadcaster bitch screamed her head off as Michael moved the washer down and across and then made another up and down line.

Megyn's left ass cheek was emblazoned with an ugly red "H" carved out of her ass meat.

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Michael moved the wand over to the other tracing an "O" and "E". Megyn's head hung down, almost unconscious from the pain. Her as was flayed, "HOE". Joints ached and the screws bit deeper and deeper. "Comeon HOEwake up." "Scream Bitch." "No Fucking Sleeping, Whore." The men yelled at her from all skyla novea skylas the limit Spray her fucking TIT'S, that will get her attention.

Michael took the sprayer and gave Megy's left breast a shot of water. The TIT MEAT rippled from the pressure. He gave it a harder shot and it flopped up and down. "AHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Megyn screamed as her sensitive flesh stung from water brought her back to. Michael played with her tits, spraying one and then the other, watching them jiggle, shake.

Her fucking MILF TITS flopped up and down. "Make them Dance. Bounce those Melons.

" Michael played to the crowd. He sprayed her breasts side to side, up and down. The players were singing making up rap lyrics to go with bouncing breast, they called it the "DANCING MELONS." "Make them Dance." Back and forthup and down they moved. Her breast meat became redder and redder with each wave of water. Satisfied every piece of her breasts were red and sore, Michael signaled for the bitch to be lowered.

When her feet touched the ground the chains were removed from her skinned ankles. She was still suspended by her arms. Michael kissed her on the lips. I am going to make love to you now. Megyn could barely reply, begging him to stop. He held her reddened breasts in his hands as he watched the terrible pain in face.

He squeezed and rubbed each tit watching in fascination her contorted face. He reached down and slapped her flayed ass babe doing blowjob so well in casting "HOE".

Megyn was unconscious as they let her down. Michael looked down at her crumpled body. "So many choices. " Her tortured MILF tits were so inviting. The ones she flaunted so often on her TV show. Megyn's tits were red as a beet from the water. In some places the skin was flayed away completely. Michael imagined his cock sliding along her tortured meats, wearing away the skin as she screamed for Mercy.

To Be Continued.