New masum girl sex stories xxx ebony story

New masum girl sex stories xxx ebony story
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I started to quit all my sports as I enjoyed my time at home way more. I was still a virgin at the time and afterschool was the free time me and Andrew got to ourselves. On Wednesday I had rushed home put my backpack down and instead of going to my brother's room I ran to have a shower as I was all sweaty after gym class. I walked upstairs to find my brother sitting in my room on my desk looking at pictures of me with his tight shirt on which showed his man boobs and a sock wrapped around his hard dick.

"Oh thank god you're finally home!

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Can we do something fun today Alex?" he asked. "No, not yet I need to take a shower first, I'm really sweaty after my tough gym class" "Why do you even go to the gym with such slim legs, thighs that don't touch eachother when you put your feet together, a stomach which is so flat and such skinny ed gives marilyn colleen some vibrating fun with not much muscle definition.

Ohh that's why you do it, you want muscles huh?" "Andrew shut up, look at you you're so fat and chubby you need to do some more exercise" "Exactly so why don't we do exercises together since you did end up quitting all those sports activities your in" "Uhhh. Just give me 10 minutes I need to shower!

I don't want to do anything sexual while im this dirty and sweaty, it needs to be special, clean, you know?" "Well if you think about it, we are only going to get dirty if we do anything blindfolded babe gets surprised with a schlong why not just stay dirty" I don't know what made me say this but I refused to do anything sexual until I was smelling good and I was feeling good I told him to come to the shower with me as he removed the sock in which his 6inch penis was wrapped around and with excitement ran in.

I quickly undressed removing my Underarmor tee shirt, my Adidas trackpants and my Nike sports bra and panties.

As I grabbed them all and through them into the laundry machine and turned it on my brother out of nowhere jumps behind me and pushes me towards the laundry machine. I could feel his hard cock pressed against my wet sweaty flat ass then he spun me around.

Him devouring my naked body which looked like It was drenched in oil and glistening and me looking at his pasty white skin with a small belly that giggled with his man tits at any movement and his big thighs which touched as he walked, but he was my brother so I didn't care about his physique.

"Andrew what the hell are you doing!!!" "Alex you have to try this I saw a video of a girl who sat on the washing machine to get them to orgasm! I want to see you do it. Please!! Please!" " Andrew can we wait until I have showered" "NO!

just try it c'mon don't be so lame, it will be so good trust me!" So with the help of my brother he lifted me up while grabbing my ass and lifting my thin body up which did not weigh much to him as he with a very cheeky move placed both hands on my ass picked me up and as my legs spread moved me closer to him so his dick could just rub across my pussy as he placed me on the spinning washing machine.

He grabbed my left ankle and rotated it so my pussy was on the face of the vibrating washing machine. Never in my life has my pussy been shaken like this it was the greatest feeling ever as he just stood and watched me.

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"Ohh my god, where did you find this. I would've never thought of this in my life this feels so so good." I said as my pussy was soaking, shaking and my body profusely sweating even more.

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"Here, go grab some tissues cause im probably going to squirt really quick and I want to beautiful peach flaunts big arse and gets anal hole plowed sure mom and dad don't see anything!" I said to Andrew as he ran to the bathroom and grabbed some tissues then placed them beside me.

All of a sudden as I shut my eyes I feel Andrews tongue licking my pussy. "HOOOOOLLLYYY SHITTTTT ANDREW DON'T STOP, OHH MY GOD!" as the machine just keeps on rattling. "IMMMM CUMMMMMMMMINNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG" as I orgasm so bad that I start squirting with as Andrew keeps on licking my clit and drenches his face with my pussy juice.

I quickly shut of the machine when I hear Andrew sigh loudly. "Andrew? What was that?" I ask as he moves away from my face and I get up to see my pussy juice all over the washing machine as its dripping down I see a big drooping layer of cum on the bottom of the washing machine as it forms a puddle on the ground mixed with my pussy juice.

But surprisingly Andrew is still hard as he looks at me as his dick is rubbing in the puddle of my pussy juice and his cum as it covers the head of his cock with the liquid. "Alex please will you suck me, please I wasn't suppose to cum that just happened with you screeming it hurts so bad I just want to cum properly but I need you to suck me" "Uhhh, that's gross your dick is covered with everything I squirted and your cum lets just go to the bathroom and wash it off then ill do it" as I quickly go to the washroom and grab tissues and rub down the washing machine while my little brother is just lying there still waiting to be sucked.

I think he is pretending to be dead until I suck him off so I continue wiping the washing machine and as I get to the floor where a puddle of his cum is I move my body with my ass lying right over his face which I didn't know about and he quickly moves his neck and licks from my ass all the way down to my pussy as i stupidly had both lying right above his face! "OHH, Andrew c'mon seriously, let's just go to the washroom and wash you off then I promise I will suck your dick" as I quickly get up so he can't get any more chances at my pussy.

"Alex I can't, I seriously can't move until I cum properly, I need your help" "Uhh, you're such a liar, so I quickly throw the tissues away as I decide to call his bluff as I wait in the washroom.

I try to pass some time as I grab a towel and wipe of the water all along my thighs and on my ass. I quickly peak out and Andrew is still lying there, "Clever boy, he must really want it" I go over to him and get down on all fours as I crawl over to him and grab his cock which is still covered in cum and my juices.

I spit over his cock as he spreads his legs a bit and reacts showing me some sign of life. I start to suck bobbing my head up and down up and down as my mouth starts to feel his dick get harder and harder. As I start to rub his balls and mess around with him by sliding my fingers lower and lower till it touches his butthole. The taste of his cum and my juices mixed along with spit are really gross and on top of it all I feel really sweaty but I push through knowing he will not move until he cums.

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Slowly I see him start to participate in the activity as he starts moving my hair out of the way and even at one point thrusts forwards as he pushes his dick deep into my throat which caused me to gag and spit onto his thighs. As suddenly he continues to hump while forcing my head down and I'm liking this force as he hears me make gagging noices as he shoots the cum to the back of my throat as I quickly grip out of his force and get some breathing room for my mouth.

"I'm so sorry Alexandra I didn't mean to choke you or anything that was crazy! I have never had a blowjob like that in my entire life! Hoooolyyyyyy!" "Yeah just remember I can stop and end this all, so you better go by what I say.

I call the shots on everything we do, got it?" "Yes mam!" He said as I told him to get into that shower as he quickly ran in.

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I was already starting to get wet again.