Busty rachel starr is handy with a cock

Busty rachel starr is handy with a cock
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It was almost noon when I woke up. I had slept almost around the clock. That had never happened before. I looked outside and it was another beautiful day. The air was warm and offered a soft breeze. I figured it would be a great day to go to the pool.

I took a quick shower, put on my two piece suit, because even if I wanted too, with the almost lack she sucks fucks and swallows pornstars cumshots breast, this could not qualify as a 'bikini'.

Slipped on a skirt, a tank top and a pair of flip-flops and went down to the kitchen. It was empty. There was a note on the table: "Hello Lily, there is a fresh bowl of salad in the refrigerator dressing on the side and a nice freshly picked berry salad if you are hungry.

The farmhands are off today and I had to go to my sister's for a few hours. I will be back before diner. Enjoy your day!" and it was signed "Maggie". What a nice lady I thought. I wasn't really hungry so I only ate the berry salad. It was delicious and refreshing. I figured I would stop by the library to get something to read by the pool. I headed towards the veranda at the end of the hall and pass the kitchen and saw a stairway. I climbed and entered the first room I saw.

It appeared to be the small theater Cousin Mike had insisted I use. It sat about fifty people in amazingly comfortable hi-end seats. There was like a box seat on the right hand side of the first row. It looked like a computer operated control room. It made me realize I had not missed the Internet one bit. I spy cam wife gives hookup amazing blowjob on the switch and it asked for a password. Of course it did!

I made a mental note to ask Maggie if she had it. Maybe I would come and watch a movie tonight? I was truly impressed by the magnitude of the theater and the mansion's infinite surprises. The next room was locked. And I mean seriously locked, with a paddle lock & a combination lock locked!

No one was going in there that wasn't supposed to. I had no clue what could be behind those doors and maybe I didn't two hard boners for a brunette cutie creampie to know.

But it was hard not to wonder. I could see another stairway and the end of the hall but there was one more room before I could reach it. Finally, the library! Wow! Again, I was blown away. There were so many books on so many different subjects. It looked like an actual book store. Books and magazines were grouped by topics ranging from Art & Photography, Fiction & Fantasy, History, and of course Porn.

It also had a complete up to date magazine section, computers, two printers and a copier. The first thing that caught my eyes was a few stacks of bonded papers on the copier.

The top page read as an invitation to a "Member Exclusive Auction" and mentioned the details. The special instructions were included in the package. This year's theme was titled "The Beauty & the Beast". It was an 8"X10" glossy booklet. There were about 6 of them left. I decided to grab one and take it to the pool. I was pretty darn sure this was the auction they were hosting and was at last, going to find out more. The stairway took me directly to the roof of the East Wing and sure enough, there was a beautiful L shaped pool with comfortable patio furniture, a change room and a cabinet with dry towels.

There was also a bar with a full size refrigerator. I picked up bottled water. The view was majestic and I took it in along with a deep breath and sat on a lounge chair. I took off my top and shirt, put on some suntan lotion, took a sip of the cold water and picked up the 'invitation'. From memory, the first page started something like: "Dear Exclusive Member, we are proud to be hosting our 5th anniversary auction that will be held on July 4th at a location which will be disclosed upon receipt of your attendance confirmation.

This year, the event will be limited to V.I.P. members only and we promise to provide the treatment V.I.P.'s expect and deserve.

Please return the signed non-disclosure contract along with your selected items on the menu, be sure to include any options as we need to secure the necessary slaves. Finally, also include your credit card information at return it in the prepaid envelope prior to May 1st. Please note that as a V.I.P. member, all entertainment shows are included in the base package for the low entrance fee of $50 000. If you would like to participate in one of the shows performances, include the amount of your bid and the winner will be announced prior to each performance.

The list of available options can be found below. Note that if you are not the winner, your credit card will not be charged. We hope to see you soon again this year. Your hosts: "Beauty & Beast"! Below it was an index for all the 'activities' that would be available that night.

The first topic on the index menu was regarding seating arrangements, if you can call it that. When I flipped to that page there was a seating map.

The floor appeared to be in a slope and a round stage was at the bottom. All seats where in circular rows.

According to the legend, the first row offered large leather couches. The second and third looked like individual closed-off tables with comfortable arm chairs and all around the round walls, where about a dozen suites equipped with one way mirrors.

The legend said they were called ""The Voyeur's Suites''. "The voyeur's suite" was said to offer "just about anything you can find in a sex shop for the solo artists who prefer to do the job themselves". A list of prices was provided for each option. It also came equipped with a "Sex Chair" called 'The gliding fucking machine' equipped with a 7 inch cock waiting to fuck your pussy or your ass while you enjoyed the show.

The chair was part of the free amenities. The base price for a suite was $25 000. The additional options were at a cost. After picking up my jaw from the floor, I kept on reading. Apparently, those closed-off tables were called "Pandora's sex booths" and they offered personalized sex services to - your genitals. You were instructed to leave your pussy or cock free of all clothing so the Slaves could service them.

The base price for each booth was of $35 000 and included a guaranteed full blown orgasm by way of pussy eating or blow-job. Additional options were available at an additional cost ranging from $5 000 to $25 000 each. "The Exhibition Loungers" were meant strictly for male exhibitionists that liked to beat their meats at everyone's view.

By opting for a lounger, you were tanned brazilian attractive babe rides hard one eyed monster hardcore and blowjob entered in a draw to fuck either the Beauty or the Beast at the closing of the show. "Who knows, if you are lucky, you could Cum while they Watch'' the ad said. The base price was of $50 000. The only available option was to have a Slave ready with its mouth opened for you to dump your load when you were ready to cum.

All that for the low additional cost of $10 000! A steal! Gorgeous japanese chick in a wild mmf threesome then there where the 'activities' you could bid on if you wanted to participate in the show. The list was exhaustive and the opening bid started at $20 000. I just could not believe what I was reading.

This whole set-up sounded so bizarre to my young and inexperienced self. At the time, I was not familiar with porn or anything related to sex, with the exception of course of what I had the pleasure witnessing or feeling at the hands of my Granddad shortly after my 18th birthday.

But as bizarre as it sounded, I remember thinking ''boy, would I like to be a fly and be there''. I was aroused and wanted to finger myself right there on the lounger but was afraid of getting caught so I let the fire burn and I kept on reading.

The activity list confirmed that I really knew nothing about sex. The titles and pictures depicting the acts to 'bid' on were sometimes enticing, other times extremely gross or simply nasty and pretty much unreal to my virgin eyes. - The Golden Shower: piss on or be pissed-on by a Slave - Cum Trib With Me: two women in scissor position rubbing and fucking their clits - The Donkey Show: a man or a woman being fucked by a donkey - The Double Dong: double penetration for double the fun - The Electric Chair: a bondage experience will don't want to miss - Controlled Erotic Asphyxiation: don't worry, we won't let you hang And the list went on.

I had just about enough information to blow my mind for a couple of days and was about to wrap it up when the last picture immediately caught my attention. It was of picture of Uncle Joe's and Aunt Leslie. Both were completely naked and only wore a mask like those worn at costume balls. Aunt Leslie's perfectly shaped body was tanned.

Her breast were huge and yet, barely sagging from their weight. Her nipples were erect and appeared hard. She was standing on a large step stool so that her crotch would be just above Uncle Joe's erect cock.

His cock was stuck between her upper thighs and was cradling her pussy with a good extra foot to spare. In the picture, Aunt Leslie hands where holding his beautiful cock which had drops of pre-cum on the tip of an enormous purple gland that looked like a juicy plum. It was an erotic sight. They really were the Beauty and the Beast. - Cradle the Beast: "A fake fuck ride like you've never been on before".

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The description said "If you don't think you can tame the Beast, you may want to give this alternative a shot. We guarantee you will cum.And love it." The image of my Aunt Leslie rocking her pussy on Uncle Joe's huge rod brought back memories of my own pussy sitting on my Grandpa's cock while he rocked me to my first orgasm. That was the tip of the iceberg. I dropped the booklet on the side table, jumped in the pool head first to clear my thoughts and did a few laps.

The water was nice but warm which did not calm the pulsations that had taken control of my body. I went to the side of the pool to catch my breath after swimming two laps under water and as I put my elbows on the tiles surrounding the pool, I felt the vacuum port sucking on my thigh.

I pressed my bathing suit clad pussy on it and the suction on my clit made it rapidly double in size. Panicked I pushed away and moved a little further. When docking myself back to the tiles, I felt water pushing on my tummy.

I was leaning on the return drain and it felt nice. I moved my body up, just a bit and positioned my pussy in front of the drain, closed my eyes and enjoyed the gentle titillation the forceful water was doing to my virgin little body.

It was a sign that I needed to relieve myself, badly. With no one around, I felt safe and removed the bottom of my two piece suit. With the powerful jet now attacking my aroused pussy, I lowered one hand and started playing with my clit, pinching it and rubbing it up and down, left to right and then in circles.

Applying gentle pressure at first and increasing the pressure and the speed of my masturbation, I was breathing rapidly and knew I was about to cum. My body was craving something inside it. I lifted my legs so the water jet would hit my pussy. Oh God it felt good.

I got a little bolder and took my middle finger and put it at the entrance of my pussy. It was so filled with my own juices and with the force of the water jet, the tip of my finger slid right in without any help. It happened almost instantly. My body got stiff at first, then shuddered, my toes curled and I went into orgasm.

And while my middle finger, still stuck at the entrance of my pussy felt for the first time, the glorious contractions of pleasure, my body started to slip into the deep of the pool. Being cut from any source of oxygen seemed to multiply the intensity of my orgasm. But I needed air and accidentally swallowed a mouthful of chlorine water. I immediately swam back to the surface, gasped for air and hung on the side of the pool until my orgasm faded.

Wasted I remained in the water for a few minutes recalling what had brought this on. I returned to my room to change and found an envelope that had been slipped under my door. It was from Maggie the cook. "Dear Lily, I am back from visiting my sister but I think I may have come down with some nasty bug so I will stay in my room tonight. I'm sorry to leave you in a lurch; I will make it up to you. By the way, your cousin Michael suggests you try the movie theater.

Your password is at the bottom of this note. Enjoy!" "Great, I've got the password. I know what I will be doing tonight" I said out loud giggling. And to top it off, I had the entire mansion to myself. I changed into a pair of shorts and a camisole. My body had a new tan from spending time at the pool. I looked in the mirror and was pleased with what I saw.

I was slowly gaining a confidence about my body I had never felt before. Guess opening the door to sexual pleasure will do that. Just the thought of sex aroused me. My masturbation sessions had brought on amazing orgasms and I couldn't complain, but I had this craving and inexplicable need of putting something in there to completely satisfy the urge.

I remembered the first artificial cock I had made on my first night here with the washcloth. It had been too small to resemble my grandpa's cock but would be perfect to put in there. Right? The washcloth, even rolled abby gets railed by the guy she babysits for tight had certain flexibility to it, I'm sure it would slide in easily. With a pounding pussy I opened my night stand to retrieve it.

A partially unrolled washcloth was there, hot chubby girl gets her plump pussy licked and fucked pornstars and hardcore the condom I had used as a wrapper was.

gone? "Well that's not good" I thought to myself. It didn't have legs so it certainly did not leave the room by itself.

Oh my god, someone found and took it? How embarrassing. And then I saw a scribbled note under the piece of fabric.

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"Get a fresh rubber little one, or better yet, find a cock". That's all. No signature. Nothing! My heart was racing with embarrassment until I realized that this sexy sluts use a strapon sex toy normalcy around here.

I wasn't home. I was spending the summer on freakin' sex farm where everything and just about everyone was fair game. Feeling empowered I decided to embrace my sexuality and see where it took me. I needed to put out the fire that was constantly burning inside my pussy. I went downstairs to get some more condoms for my midnight session which I put in my back pocket.

I stopped by the kitchen to grab a bite before movie time. I was about to leave when I thought "poor Maggie, sick & alone". So I decided to go check on her to see if she needed anything before I head to the movies. On my first day here, Michelle had told me that Maggie had been with the family forever.

She occupied one of the guest houses located behind the mansion. I took the back entrance and saw a light on the second floor. There was a vehicle parked there and I assumed it was Maggie's car.

I knocked on the door, twice, no answer. The door was unlocked so I came in and called her name. No answer. I was worried something may have happened to her so I went up to the stairs to find her. As I got on top of the landing I heard moaning. I was familiar with that sound now and knew exactly what it meant. Lust and curiosity got the best of me and I followed the sound of the moans until I reached the room at the end of the hall.

The door was partially opened and there was Maggie, completely nude and on her knees with Father Leon's little cock stuck inside her mouth. The depraved man of God was gripping on her short blonde hair and holding her face tight while he was fucking her face.

Maggie was a middle age woman, a bit overweight and her boobs and belly were hanging and dangling back and forth at each fuck in her mouth.

Like the first time I saw him, he was clad in a black cassock which was lifted above his waist, still had his clerical collar and that disturbing silver cross hanging from his neck. "I'm gonna cum in your little sinner's mouth little bitch. If you wish to repent from your sins, you must drink my juice as it is the juice of the Lord" he said in a chanting voice. "My juice is your salvation! Suck the Lord's cock! And when the juices flow again, Ohhhhh.I will fuck your sinner's pussy and ass you so can feel the Lord Almighty enter you again and again.

Ohhhh"! He was panting now and fucking her face faster and faster. The sucking sound was eerie. You could see she was sucking hard. Her cheeks would puff in and out and make a disgusting sucking sound. Eventually, she gasped for air. Her face was red and just as I thought she would faint from lack of air, the priest pushed forward, held her head and screamed "I'm Cuming Bitch" and shot his load down her throat.

Her cheek puffed with his cum and she sucked him dry. And then it stopped. He pulled is tiny cock from her mouth. She gasped for air. I felt like vomiting. Not at the act itself, but Maggie's sagging breasts and the creepy priest did not do it for me.

The Priest's cassock dropped back in place over his ankles, he put a hand on her head and said "You did good my child. The Lord's cock feels better, but now it needs some ass, so turn around and give me you sinner's hole"! Again I got nauseous and left without making any sounds. I did raunchy katja receives an anal pounding interracial brunette need to see more.

Instead I went directly to the "Viewing Room". To be continued