Masturbating with my inch dildo part reneecummings missxcumsalot

Masturbating with my inch dildo part reneecummings missxcumsalot
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GAGGING MISS DAISY It was 1200 in the afternoon and I had gone to my old middle school to pick up my little brother for a doctors appointment. I had just graduated from high school and it was weird being back in the school. Before deciding to go to the office to ask for my bother I decided to walk the halls a little.

Then she walked by me without even noticing. Miss Daisy. She was in her mid 40's A sexy ass teacher/MILF every guy wants to fuck. She was white about 5 7 with huge tits from giving birth three times and a nice ass and a cute face to bust nut all over. She just had a very pretty figure. But of course I was only 13 so the most I could do was jack it to the thought of doing her. Today was a different story.

"miss Daisy." "oh Rick. Oh I didn't even recognize you. How have you been doing." "I just graduated from mallard." "oh really. Were are you going now." "NYU" "wow nice school. Very nice school My you've grown.

You're very handsome. Very very handsome man.

Are you dating." "yeah." "oh that's too bad." We both found our selves leaning against the lockers with an awkward silence fallen upon us but she was definitely checking me out and I was also doing the same to her. I broke the silence "but I think I am going to dump her just because were about to go to different schools and all and if you don't mind me saying your more attractive then I remember." "(giggles a little) thank you.

Your very sweet." She flips her hair to right side and steps in closer to me and says in a soft voice "all the little kids are on a field trip with most of the teachers today." "oh really." "yep. It just so happens ive been all alone all day and its been three months…" "…since you've been fucked." "Actually I was going to say gagged." "gagged." "come on you know what that means." "I know what it means but I guess I just figured only sluts in porn loved that kind of thing." " nope average suburban woman such as myself love being gagged.

I love being completely immobile and blind folded being force fed a huge kinky redhead footjob cum footjobs and fetish. I love the choking… The whole time my dick is rock hard, blood rushes and adrenaline pumping ready to do the fuck out of her.

My eyes are focused on hers when I feel her hand grip the crouch of my jeans. She squeezes the shaft of my cock nice and tight and starts jacking me in my pants.

Holy fuck shes still talking calmly while jacking me off so viciously. "…the coughing the way my eyes water because of the choking. MY FUCK I LOVE THE CHOKING." "Ohhhh god ." "that's right cum for me baby." "oh fuck oh…I.I" I came all over my boxers and I fall back cassidy and kaylee in hot ffm threesome the lockers "oh my god that was great. Oh it was great." "but now your pants are all messy here lets go in my class I'll clean you right up." Miss Daisy pushed me into her chair and fell to her knees and licked her lips.

She slowly unzipped my jeans. You could see the massive stain in my boxers. "wow you bust big loads. that's real good to know." She slowly pulled down my boxers and unveiled an ocean of gooey cum nestled in my boxers. "one thing I love more then the experience of gagging is the taste of cum." She leans in and in moments she devours all trace of cum. Then she casually walks over to the door and shuts it then turns off the lights. When she turns around im standing completely naked with my long soft cock just dangling wanting to harden again.

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"wow that was fast." She runs up to maria bellucci private movies taste of pleasure and jumps on me. I fall back on the wall and we start making out like teenagers. "let me plug that pussy." I turn her around so she's against the wall and stuff my hands down her jeans and continuously finger where it counts.

"Fuck your so wet." "ive been wet since I first saw you." My head rests on her shoulder as I finger her twat fast very fast. "Oh fuck your like my vibrater. OH oh OH god. You should know I squirt. " "is that right." "Yeah." She was standing on her tip toes I could tell she was ready to bust at any moment then "ohhhhhhhhh fuuuuck. ummm that was so good." I felt my hand get blasted by her powerful squirt I pull my hand out of her jeans and all I see is creamy liquid.

She looks at my hand licking her lips "I guess you just don't limit your self to boy cum." I stick my fingers in her mouth and she sucks and cleans them off. Then licking my entire hand clean of her mess.


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Sluts my middle name hahaha. Ohhh why is your cock still soft. here let me help you out." She gets down on her knees and starts flopping my cock up and down and spinning it around like a helicopter. "ooooh. What fun your like a 2 year old now get me hard." She giggles then takes my cock in slowly getting me hard again. The harder it gets the faster she sucks. Faster faster and faster until all 7in and 3 cm gets back up. "you cock addict. You said you like being gagged while immobile." "yep that's right." I push her entire body to the ground and undo my belt to tie her legs together like I was roping a hog.

Then walk over to the blinds and tear the chord off and tie her hands. But then I decide her legs are still to free so I grab the chord from another blind and tie her thighs together. Now for the final toch I blind fold her with fabric found on her table. "Oh yes yes yes do it gag the fuck out of me oh please. I'm begging you." I kneel down over her body and grab the back of her head with daddy makes me cum and toys with me while i hunt monsters hand and grab on to her mouth with the other and pry it open.

(not that it needed prying I just wanted to be a little ruff). I thrust nice and hard and hold my cock deep in he throat.

Her chin is just barely touching my touching my balls. I slowly take it out and she coughs sunny leone xxx sexy mp4 best onlinestory spit all over my dick. "You fucking bitch. You made a mess of my cock." I slap her around a litte bit and force it back down again. Again she coughs and chokes but she begs for more. I raise her blind fold up and she's red with tears but she swears she wants more.

The third time around I stick deep in her and begin fucking her mouth like a pussy faster and faster until I stop and slow down. "oh fuck I'm gonna cum again." I see her big metal lunch spoon on the table and I grab it. I begin busting in the spoon and I fill it to the very rim." "Oh where your cum." "right here." I take her blind hold off and unveil the cum spoon.

She smiled and opened her mouth. I fed it to her like a child and she kept it in playing with it with her tongue. Then swallowing it. The fuck fest was over and I untied her and put my clothes on. Before I left "Miss Daisy. I just realized of all the nasty things we did you never took your top off.

Never got to see those amazing tits." "your right. Well it's a little late now all the kids are coming back but here's my address. Come over tonight. That was fun as shit and I need to do that again before my hsband come home tomorrow.

"YOUR MARRIED." "when I saw you in the hall I slipped my ring off and put it in my pocket. Come on you know you don't care about my husband. Just come over again. please