Gorgeous teen ladygirl best pals aidra fox and kharlie stone are vacationing in sunny

Gorgeous teen ladygirl best pals aidra fox and kharlie stone are vacationing in sunny
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ALL TIED UP I wait for you in the bedroom pacing around impatient for your arrivial. I scowl as I finally hear you comming into the house, I turn and look over at the bed double checking everything I need is there my eyes sweep over the thin waxed rope, the flexible riding crop,and a silken scarf.

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I turn back around and sit on the edge of the bed as I hear you come closer, I smile slightly as I try to imagine the look on your face once you realize the items ive laid out. You swing open the bedroom door bouncing your way in with your youthful energy I so love to see, and your lips turn upwards into a smile as your eyes twinkle as you see me.YOU quickly see the items ive laid out, and your eyes pop open even wider as you wonder what I have instore for you.I take a moment and let my eyes soak in your beautiful body working up from your feet and lovely legs over your swollen belly to your breasts that must be full of milk as i havent drained them since this morning.I lick my lips and feel my cock twitch as i remember the taste and feel of oyur mlk sliding down my throat as my fingers rubbed your hot wet little pussy making you cum as I feasted on your breasts.My eyes lock onto yours and I bark out"strip my pet.its time for your punishment.I hear your breath catch as the long awaited and oft put off punishment is here.YOU smirk slighty as you start to strip off your clothing teasing me as you expose your breasts and then cover them over and over before I frown slightly and you let your blouse and bra slip off my eyes travel to your nipples and see how swollen and ready to be sucked on they are I groan lightly as i reach down and rub my cock through my boxers as i slowly unbutton my shirt and lay it on the bed.YOu turn side on to me as you reach back and unzip your skirt and slide it blonde adriana chechik squirts while satisfying her pussy your ass swinging and swaying it coking your hip out to the side as you draw my eyes to your lovely sexy legs.My cock throbs as i think ahead of what we are going to be doing .my hands slide over to the rope and I put a knot in it.bringing my eyes back to you I watch as you move over to your chair and sit down running your hands down your legs as you work the straps to your sandles off and slip them off your feet.You stand back up and lossen your hair before turning away from me and putting your hands on the chair and arching your back as you look back over your shoulder at me and smile.I point to the bed and say kneel,and put your hands behind you my pet.By the tone of my voice you know its not the time to tease and frustrate your Master as much as we both enjoy that game.You climb onto the bed your hands rubbing your belly and breasts and nipples quickly before placing your hands in the small of your back.I climb up onto the bed behind you my hands stroking and teasing your body working through your hair .rubbing your neck schoolgirl melissa moore has her pussy destroyed shoulders .I lean in and press my face into your hair and breath deeply of your scent.My hands work around to rub and cup your breasts my fingers rubbing and rolling your nipples between them as i work my lips agaisnt you neck.I breath into your ear.YOU have been so very bad my little pet .making me wait and wait and wait when you know how much i crave pounding my sweet pet full of cock and cum.I feel droplets of your milk on my fingertips and i bring them back and lick them clean before grabbing the waxed silken rope and start wrapping it around your wrists making sure they are firmly bound together but not so tight as to cut off circulation I run the two ends of the rope down your back and between your ass crack and up agaisnt your pusy lips sliding them through your legs as i whisper in your ear.dont move now my lovely.as I move around in front of you I draw the rope up making sure the knots land against your clit before i run them up around your belly and up between your breasts before i loop them back over your shoulds and down past your hands I put a quick loose knot tying the ends to your wrists for a moment as I test the rope pulling on it forcing the knots to rub agaisnt your clit the rope pressing into your pussy.My fingers slide down and tease your lips feeling your wetness and smiling to myself as my fingers work up the rope checking the knots as i tug on the rope over and over.feeling the knots and the rope move agaisnt your slick hot pussy.I grunt as things seem in the proper places I undo the loose knot tying the ends of the rope to your wrists and start wrapping and binding it to your ankles .after a couple minutes I sit back.taking in the picture You kneeling on the bed compleatly naked and bare.your belly large with our child,your breasts full of milk we all crave.your hair loose and down your back.your wrists in the small of oyur back tied together the rope snaking down your ass and up between your legs those knots pressed firmly sexual lesbo angels relax masturbation and smalltits your pussy and clit the rope continung up over your shoulders to come back down and tied finally to your ankles.Move around abit my pet I mummer in your ear as my fingers slide and caress your body.

As you squirm around you notice that ever little bit of moment be it your hands or your legs it causes those knots to rub against your clit causing you to moan in arousal and frustration.mmm now you look so enticing my pet."the bindings are'nt too tight are they?".you shake your head No and I grin slightly "good"."Its not about Pain,Its about control".I work back around you and kneel on the bed facing you my hands on your shoulders as I lean in and kiss you softly on the lips "Are you ready my pet?".You look into my eyes and all I see is love and lust and the fire of our combined desire to make each other feel so good and you Nod blacksoneverything carol in cruel painal action real tears more I grunt my approval as i reach down and stroke my hard cock once before i pick up the silken scarf and work it into your mouth giving you a loose gag.I step off the bed and pick up the crop swinging it through the air and into my hand loving the whistle crack it makes.I grin over at you ."Try to hold still my pet" I take the ridding crop and start to rub and tease you with it .playing the tip against the soles of your feet .working it lightly up your calves and inner thighs .pushing it between your legs and rubbing against your pussy lips.Loving the moans and groans you make as you twitch and squirm at times trying to get away from the touch of the crop at others wanting more contact."Is my sexy pet sorry for making her Master wait and wait for her?".You nod your head quickly and moan through your gag realizing pretty much any body movement forces those knots against your now swollen throbbing clit .I scowl slightly as I dont find your contrition quite where I want it yet .I take the crap and move around infront of you rubbing your nipples with the tip before i start to lightly swat the tops of your breasts and your nipples each one causing your body to jump .which causes those inferal knots to rub your clit over and over .

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I Grin at you as sweat starts to bead across your head your body tensing over and over as i circle around you tickling teasing .lightly swatting you breasts.inner thighs.armpits.soles of your feet .up and down the crack of your ass.You shake and shudder and finally with a muffled little cry you fall forward your face pressed against the mattress I finally toss the crop down as I move up on the bed and rub and stroke my hands down your back and start to rub your ass as I free my hard cock and stroke it grunting before my fingers slide to the knots binding you all together and quickly tug them apart.soon as your legs are loose i push them out a little as i plaster my body over yours feeling your couples have an anal creampie before dinner come out from against your back as you brace them against the bed as I slide my hard throbbing cock into you.My left hand working up to the scarf muffling your moans and cries I pull on it as i start to slam into you over and over.mmmm fuck I groan as I pull back not wanting to put too much weight on you and our baby I pull you up to your knee's and slip the gag out of your mouth as my hands work back down to your hips as i push my cock back into you ."Cum for me my pregnant little slut I command as I drive into you over and over working your sweet sweaty body with short quick strokes as I feel my own climax approaching .take my cock.I grunt as my balls tighten and my cock surges and throbs as I burry myself deep in your hot clutching pussy pulling you back against me as I start to spurt jet after jet of cum into you .bathing your insides