Beeg sex 10 age hot girl

Beeg sex 10 age hot girl
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Finding a "Wild Girl" * This story was told to me by Glenn himself. Let's let him tell it. * Guys: Picture a girl who just knocks you out with her beauty, sexiness, and has her eyes locked on you. Girls: Picture a guy who is handsome, sexy and has his attention on you. No guy or girl can resist&hellip. when 'fate' brings them together&hellip. __Talking with my buddies after many beers, the stories get pretty stretched. We all had heard of wild nympho girls, but no one could say they had actually hooked up with one.

__It was just three doors down as I rode my hot 'crotch rocket' motorcycle by and saw an old man working on his radio controlled airplanes in his garage.

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He was messing with them so I stopped. I introduced myself and we became friends. On about the third visit, a girl came out in the garage to bring him coffee. She was young, beautiful face and a hot body. I tried not to stare but our eyes met with a blank stare from both of us&hellip.but the corners of her mouth began to turn up, and up to a sexy smile.

I returned the smile as the old man paid no attention to us. I found out later&hellip.

she turned out to be his live in house keeper. How he could 'not' fuck her all the time, I'll never know&hellip. She was in her teens, and him, around his 50's. She had on a short robe and you could see nice tits and hot legs.

She introduced herself as 'Camie' and asked 'if' I wanted coffee to come in and get some. The old man paid us no attention as his mind was miles away playing with his hobby as he hummed away.

I went in the kitchen with her. Camie whispered: ("…he's leaving soon, can you stay?")&hellip.I was kind of puzzled, but nodded 'yes' and soon he left for his work. The looks between us said everything. There was so much going on between us without saying a word.

She came over, stood real close. She slowly raised her head with that grin I can not describe. I took the coffee cup with one hand and set it down. With my other hand, I held her hand.

I could feel the little tremble in it.

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Now&hellip.this is the part that is hard to describe unless it's happened to you. I call it the 'tipping point'. I made the first move by holding on to her hand. Now she had the option to pull her hand away or &hellip.leave it……… She left it… Something about this girl brought out the boldness in me. My dick was rising fast and I couldn't super sexy charley fingers her amazing pussy believe what out of my mouth in a whisper: ("&hellip.can we skip the preliminaries?…") I slowly pulled her towards me as her head turned and she lay it on my chest.

Our arms slowly went around each other. As we hugged she said: "…oh god& just don't know how bad I needed a warm sexy hug." Now we began to talk. Camie said: "I'm very lonely and I need a man to hold and feel me &hellip.and me feel him. 'He's' gone all the time, sometimes for days at tiny riley swings her mouth and pussy at logans huge cock time, even weeks, and I'm stuck here with no male to be with.

I've seen you ride by so many times and wished I was on the back of your motorcycle with you to enjoy the freedom." She spilled her emotions out to me as I felt her warm body.

As a young girl she grew up on a farm. Home schooled she had no males to be around. She got to watch a group of farm hands gang bang a girl in the barn and it made her real horny as the girl moaned and liked it. She dreamed someday&hellip.she wanted to be that girl. She moved her pussy slowly back and forth on my now rock hard dick making a big bulge in my jeans.

She had wonderful cleavage with her big tits as I gazed down. Her robe had worked it's way open and soon I saw the sweet nipples on those big tits. As I planned my next move she took my hand and led me to the big couch. She pulled me down on top of her and now the robe was wide open. She had the smoothest skin I had ever seen and a perfect sweet bush. She closed her eyes and started in kissing all around my face.

Needless to say we were both breathing hard as her hands went under my t-shirt. I returned her kisses and kept kissing down her neck and to those beautiful tits. She had the look of such contentment as I sucked her nipples.

I felt her legs rise up and around my back. She did a slow squirm as we got hotter and hotter. "Oh hell yes…" I heard her say. She began to squirm more and her fingers started to dig in my back. She was slowly becoming aggressive with a wild look on her face. I just knew she was wanting me to go down and lick her pussy. Her hands nudged me down her tummy as she squirmed stronger. She began to moan in a low growl as her legs wouldn't hold still. In one quick move she pushed my head to her wide open wet pussy.

I heard her moan…"Oh yes"& I began to lick her clit. My dick felt like it was breaking in half. I had to relieve it. She was in another world as she held my head and pulled on my hair. When I stopped to undo my jeans, she panicked and held my head tight to her pussy. Her hips were moving her pussy and fucking my tongue hard. I quickly pulled my dick free from my jeans as she continued her pussy grinds. She went faster and then pushed her pussy up high, locked her body up and shook.

She had some kind of orgasm that made her moan a long and sweet moan&hellip.I sure wondered what was going through her mind right now…&hellip. ---- Months later we were in my bed naked and she told me how she felt that afternoon&hellip. "After watching you ride by so many times and wishing I had my arms around you riding on the back, I would just sit down and rub my pussy as I heard you wind out your motorcycle going down the main street.

I could imagine the acceleration, the wind, the vibration and I would quickly rub myself a hot orgasm. When I heard you stop right out front, I rushed to the window. I saw you dismount and walk in the garage.

My pussy spasmed at the opportunity to get close to you. I sex xxx vip sex stories club heated the coffee for him and out I went to give it to him and see you up close. I left my shortie robe on and cleverly said if you wanted some, to 'come inside' to get it.

I hoped you would as I couldn't help but stare at you and slowly smile. My stomach was in knots as you came in for the coffee.

I wanted to just grab you and hug and kiss you instantly. My mind raced with ways to keep you here and forget the 'getting to know you' shit, and get right to some hot sex. That's when you took my hand and said: "Can we skip the preliminaries." When you said that&hellip.I felt a burst of wetness in my pussy. My attractive babe likes getting screwed pornstar hardcore ached to rub on you,&hellip.

so… I just did it. I could feel your hardon on my clit so hot and sexy."&hellip. ------ &hellip.mean while, while she squirmed as I scooted back up her hot body. My hardon found her wet pussy and teased her pussy some. She grabbed it and jammed it her pussy. She made sounds like a lioness in heat. Her fingers dug into my body hard. Her eyes had the look of a crazed girl. She started fucking me with her whole body. She moaned, squirmed and drove her tongue in my mouth. This girl really knew what she wanted and was going wild to get it.

Her arms pulled on my butt cheeks, and her legs locked me in deep with each stroke. I had never had a girl go this wild before. Maybe I had found a nympho that guys always talk about.

I just had to hold still as she did all the fucking. Our skin slapped loud as she moaned louder with her legs and arms clamped to me. We gasp for air as I felt a huge load in my balls ready to explode. She seem to know it and her low growl got louder.

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When I let go with my big load she bit me on the neck like a female animal. Her pussy squeezed and jerked my hardon as she sped up and then locked her self on me.

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She pulled my hair and shook with her climax. ".oh my god." she repeated over and over. She wasn't finished, but just getting started. ".More.more.again.oh my god." she yelled. She fucked me slow and hard as we went for seconds. Her pussy felt alive inside as it massaged and stroked my hardon. As it built up again I rolled her over on top of me. I felt her beautiful tits and her sweet ass as she was in another world of pleasure.

I squeezed her ass as she rode me like a race horse headed for a record finish. Lot's of strange pleasure noises came out of her… then she climaxed again…I shot another load in her. It seemed to take me to her wild world as we twitched together to get every last ounce of pleasure&hellip.

Next thing I knew she was going ravishing black babe rides on a bbc brunette and cumshot and sucking on my hardon. She took her time licking every inch of it.

I thought about my buddies and how lucky I was to find her. They would never believe what I found. That Friday night they would all be over to watch a racing video&hellip.I decided to invite her over as my 'new housekeeper'. She got all hyper to be around the guys and get some male attention. I had a spare bedroom for her I set up for when the old man was gone. She had it all decorated to her liking. She came over early and wore a tiny short skirted maids uniform.

It was black and white with a little cap. No panties and no bra. It showed off her long beautiful legs and the deep cleavage of her tits. The look in her eyes was&hellip.well&hellip.they bad brother and bad sister porn, sparkling, sexy, evil wild look, all described how her eyes looked.

All that was missing was a sign that said: 'Wouldn't you like to fuck me?'. This was going to be interesting to watch the guys eyeball her. She kept checking out the window for them. She ran her hands up my t-shirt and kept feeling my cock, she was really horny already.

The rumble of motorcycles sounded as they arrived in a group and came in, lots of beer in their hands. She greeted Manny who came in first. I thought he was going to drop his beer looking her over. She led him to the frig. She bent way over in Manny's face to put the beer away, then turned her cleavage and 'those' tits close to him and said: "Hi, I'm Camie, Glenn's new house keeper." The poor guy couldn't say a word and just smiled like a little kid…then he stammered a "H…a&hellip.hi".

She brought everyone a beer and introduced herself. They all looked at me like I was a pervert or something. The words: 'Under Age', had to be on all their minds. Camie made herself look very young and acted it too&hellip.I'll just say 'early teens'. A little Emo eyes, Goth and the latest teen look and she nailed it. She looked very young and oh so hot. The TV was on but no one watched it much, all eyes were on Camie.

This girl knew how to flirt to the max. She would get in the guys face and whisper: ("…can I get you another beer?".). She sat on some laps and messed with their hair. Of the 7 of us, everyone&hellip.I mean everyone had a lump in their shorts. She saw the semi-hardons and was in her glory world.

They all kept checking me like I was her daddy or something. She announced that she wanted to show everyone her new bedroom. She picked Manny and took his hand, stood him up and down the hall they went. "Come-on everyone" she said. We all scrambled to go with her. She had the bedroom dimly lit with one small lamp with a sexy blue light. I had a gut feeling what she was up to.

She said: "Glenn bought me a new nightie, I must show you guys, Manny will you unzip me?" She backed her butt right up to him as he slowly unzipped her maids uniform. We all gulped waiting to see her naked body. She slowly pealed it off and showed off her body. She said: "Manny, your too warm, let me help you take that shirt off." We all watched as she stripped his shirt off kept going to drop his shorts. She gave us all a big smile and said: "Let's all have some fun." I watched her as she led Manny by his hardon over to the big bed.

She laid down and began to suck Manny's hardon as he stood there with a big grin. She reached out to Carl and said: "Come on guys, I need more cocks to suck on." With that…out came every ones hardon. She wanted a gang bang and it was on. I got on her started first to fuck that pussy of hers. She took turns sucking all of their cocks. She moaned each time she got cum shot in her mouth and on her face.

I shot a big load in her as she squealed with delight. When I got off her more guys fucked her. She was in her glory&hellip. She remembered her dream of someday having lots of guys having sex with her&hellip.

all at once&hellip.well… Camie got webcam redhead girl more videos on sexycamsorg dream and a lot more.

My buddies and I keep her happy as Friday nights get a little Wild at my house. During the rest of the week…I make her happy…for a while. No 'one' guy can ever make a 'wild girl'&hellip. completely happy&hellip.