Damn ravishing milf brandi licks umas sweet teen pussy

Damn ravishing milf brandi licks umas sweet teen pussy
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Vengeance 15 We returned a half hour later to find Sarah just where we'd left her on the floor. I couldn't help but admire the striking beauty of my off-white cum against the tanned girls face.

Ellie rewarded her by kneeling down and licking every bit of cum off of her. When Ellie stood, I moved behind and started to strip her; time for me to be in complete control. I bound her wrists behind her back and cinched her elbows. I gave her wet pussy a few good thrusts with my fingers before standing Sarah and placing the two bound girls next to each other.

Sarah looked the bound Ellie up and down. "You like my girl's body, don't you?" She nodded. "I see you eyeing her breasts, I agree they are nice, go ahead and service them." Ellie jutted out her chest as Sarah bent over and started licking her nipples. Ellie smiled and her head tilted back; here Sarah had plenty of experience. Meanwhile I walked up behind Ellie and allowed her to grasp my dick in her hands. She did what she could to stroke me, even though she was restrained.

Sarah made eager, hungry little moans as her mouth washed over Ellie's gorgeous chest. Ellie breathed heavily with enjoyment as she was pleasured and allowed to stroke me simultaneously. I pushed Sarah to her knees and she started in on Ellie's clit while I took over her breasts.

Assaulted from two areas at once, Ellie began to whimper. Sarah's skilled licks and sucks made Ellie start to twitch. Every time Sarah licked up her lips to her clit, Ellie moved slightly onto her tiptoes, then back flat foot causing her breasts to bounce under my lips. We continued to please my girlfriend until she had a series of short, intense orgasms sexy playboy bunny babes can please a man Sarah's face which the lesbian seemed to enjoy.

When she was done, I gave each nipple one final kiss before pushing Ellie to her knees and placing one girl on either side of me. Ellie began to service me while Sarah took my balls in her mouth from behind and beneath. Ellie took me deep while Sarah's mouth enveloped both my balls.

The girls had taken my genitals completely into their mouths. Ellie started to lick the sensitive spot at the base of my cock while Sarah rolled my balls around in her mouth. It was heaven on earth. Ellie started to pull up, but I put my hand on the back of her head and held her down. She didn't gag, her eyes didn't water, she stared right at me, took it and loved it. I decided to change things up a bit and ordered the girls to switch.

Ellie continued Sarah's noble work on my balls while Sarah pushed herself as far down as she could get, about three inches, and stared at me. Sarah was attractive in her own right, though she was no Ellie. She had what you'd call a baby face, looking far younger than she actually was.

It was soft, full of graceful curves, her lips were nothing to scoff at either. They were filled out quite nicely, nice enough to make for a very arousing picture as she wrapped them around my cock. The lesbian, it seemed, had grown a bit more comfortable with the opposite sex, her angry gaze having dropped into lesbian explosive shower of pussy serious stare.

I pulled Sarah off of dick riding scene with a awesome chick, her tongue causing shudders as it slid off.

"How long are you here for?" "Ellie invited me to stay as long as I want, which is at the latest early Sunday." "Excellent," I smiled, "I'm going to give one of you control over the other. I haven't decided who yet." Sarah looked intrigued, but said nothing. I guided Ellie off of my sensitive balls, and placed the two girls kneeling next to each other while I sat back on the futon.

"How might I go about deciding which of you has some degree of control?" The girls looked at each other, and said nothing. Then it came to me. "I have an idea. Sarah will give me a blowjob, while Ellie goes down on her.

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Whoever makes their target cum first wins dominance. Since I'm a bit warmed up as it is, Ellie may start a few minutes before Sarah does to even things out. I untied both of the girls. "This is a test of skill, not how well faces can be fucked, you'll both have a full arsenal of tools." Sarah knelt in front of the futon while Ellie lay on her back between her legs.

I wasn't sure which girl I wanted to win, I still had full control over the both of them. I intertwined my fingers behind my head, I'd leave it up to chance I guess.

"You may begin," I finally said to Sarah. She moved quickly taking my cock in her mouth moving swiftly up and down. Ellie had taught her well, but she was still missing something. This girl was not going to win. It felt good, no doubts there, the girl was actually trying now, trying to find the right rhythm, hit the right spots with her tongue, she just wasn't doing it.

Sure enough, not too much later I heard her start to moan and get erratic. Desperately she sped up. It was a futile gesture. A minute later she had to pull off as she spasmed, shut her eyes and let out a low moan. When she was done, sex with overweight on cam hardcore blowjob looked at me apologetically. Ellie slid out from under her and stood.

"I win," she said smiling, lips glistening. She pushed Sarah back towards me. "I didn't tell you to stop." Sarah resumed her pace, slower, more calculated, more into it, and overall, better. If she'd have done it like this she might have had a fighting chance.

Her eyes kept flitting to the side, trying to see what Ellie was doing behind her. Ellie had grabbed a pair of hair-ties and begun braiding Sarah's hair as she bobbed up and down on my dick.

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Ellie spanked her, "moan like you really want it, you're going to make him cum." Sexy soft begging noises started to come from Sarah and my cock stiffened a little. Ellie had finished her job, and Sarah now sported two pigtails.

I grabbed one in each hand and helped her service me. She was bringing me closer and closer. Ellie sat down on the futon beside me, and began to kiss me while Sarah worked. After a short while I had to pull my tongue out of Ellie's mouth. "I'm going to cum," I whispered.

Ellie got up and held Sarah's mouth over my head, just the way she liked to. She then proceeded to jerk me into her mouth. "You better be licking his head," Ellie warned. Sarah's tongue went back and forth over my sensitive spot. Ellie's soft hand continued to stroke as she bent down to lick those parts that Sarah did not cover.

When she got to the spot at the base, I exploded in Sarah's mouth. She recoiled in shock, but didn't make it very far because I was holding her pigtails fast. She was forced to take every drop bad massage xxx porn vidou my load in her mouth. "Do not swallow," Ellie commanded. "Open your mouth, I want to see it on your tongue." Sarah complied, her face contorted into a look of, 'please let me wash it down.' Satisfied, Ellie allowed her to swallow.

Both girls stood up, Ellie got dressed, Sarah waited for her command. "Put Ellie's hair in pigtails too," I said slipping into a pair of boxers. "I want quick control over both of you." Ellie knelt, now wearing her white tank top and a rolled up pair of my shorts.

Sarah's nimble fingers worked quickly through Ellie's hair. Soon two pigtailed women were before me. I tested Ellie's by pulling her face towards my soft dick. She opened her mouth even though she knew it was an impossibility. Satisfied, I let her rise to her feet. She looked absolutely smoking in that tight top, her breasts stretching the fabric to its limits. Ellie grabbed a roll of bondage tape and went to work on Sarah's clothing.

She wrapped the tape around her breasts so Sarah's nipples were covered, then worked her way down from there. Eventually Sarah had a nice little top reigning in her breasts tight extending down about six inches. She grabbed another roll and went to work on Sarah's thighs. She started about six inches below her waistline and wrapped her way up. Then she reached into my box and pulled out something I'd planned to use on her.

A small remote controlled vibrator. She pushed the vibrator completely into Sarah's pussy so it was barely visible and taped it beautiful collage girl i xxxx story. Then she added another piece of tape covering the girl's vagina and gave her a short black shimmering skirt.

Sarah was red in the face as she looked down at her fairly exposed body. I must admit it was a seriously sexy outfit. Ellie was no slouch either with her hard nipples poking into the top.

We left the room and I locked the door. I decided that the lounge in the campus center would be a good place to go. Lots of unwitting people for Ellie to toy with Sarah in front of. Good food too, and a gigantic plasma TV. Also lots of people to see me with two delicious girls. Luckily a system of tunnels connected the buildings on campus so no one had to brave the elements. While walking down a hallway, Sarah suddenly fell to the ground to the puzzlement of a guy passing us. Ellie had an evil smile on her face, she'd turned on the vibrator for a split second.

The little thing was powerful. Sarah brought herself to her feet and started to sweat, realizing how much control Ellie had over her. We reached the lounge without another incident, grabbed some drinks and sat down on one of the couches, the two girls on either side of me. Ellie put the control down on the table, and Sarah eyed it intently. We sat there watching a football game on TV, sipping our Mountain Dews, my arms around the two girls, several guys taking notice and staring jealously.

A guy in baggy black jeans and a faded slipknot T-shirt took notice of Sarah's unusual outfit and walked up to the table.

"She's a lesbian." Ellie, before the kid could get a word out. He stopped, smiled and tried again. "That's cool, so am I, just can't get enough of doggystyle asian thai thai asian fuck asian ass levrette tube porn girls. Are you her partner?" "No, I'm her Mistress at the moment," Ellie replied rather bluntly. The guy looked taken aback at first, but another grin crossed his face.

"Interesting." Ellie held out the small control, "Want a go?" He took it curiously, it was a simple device, big enough for two AAA batteries with a button on it.

Push to start, push again to stop. Tentatively he pressed it. Sarah rushed her drink to the table, spilling some in the process as her legs squeezed shut and she bit down on her lower lip to keep from screaming or moaning. The guy let her writhe around for a bit before turning it off. "Very, very nice, he said as Sarah turned bright red and averted her eyes. Are you submissive also?" "He's the one in charge of both of us," Ellie explained, "I'm his girlfriend." "What do you do for him?" "Anything he wants us to," Ellie replied seductively.

Time for an example, "flash him." Ellie looked to me for a second before raising her top above her breasts. She let him get a good long look before she let it fall. "How about a feel?" "Hell no." I responded firmly, he walked away. I turned to Ellie, "Embarrassed or aroused?" Her only reply was a kiss on the cheek. She turned the vibrator on again, Sarah as looking at something else, she was caught completely off guard.

She let out a short yell before getting control of herself. People looked around but few seemed to notice the source. They continued to stare as the tall girl in the shiny black outfit writhed around on the couch trying to stop the assault on her pussy. About an hour later, we finished our drinks and left. When we got into the empty tunnel, I ordered Ellie to remove her shirt and give it to me. She pulled her pigtails over her shoulders so that they barely covered her nipples.

I wanted to add to the humiliation but had to admit to myself that was pretty hot. I purposefully walked slowly, prolonging the time Ellie spent topless in public as much as possible. When we were halfway down the 500 foot tunnel, Manga has big tits and loves goo stopped and made Ellie hand over the shorts too. She had no panties on, but undaunted used a hand to cover herself while she walked.

No one had come down yet. It was Thursday evening, people would be out drinking, janitors had left for the day, not many would see us. With 100 feet to go, I unraveled Sarah's top, and skirt leaving only the piece of tape covering her pussy and that which wrapped around her thighs. With 50 feet to go, I removed the rest of the tape leaving both girls completely naked.

Sarah moved quickly to cover herself. I love cargo pockets. I pulled out a pair of handcuffs and restrained Sarah, leaving her fully exposed. She tried to bring her hands around to cover herself but fell inches short. I then attached a pair of nipple clamps. Ellie smirked at Sarah's predicament, then turned her own shade of red when I cuffed her too. I tossed the pigtails behind again leaving her gorgeous body available for lucky wanderers to see. I tied a three feet length of rope from the chain connecting the clamps to Ellie's cuffs creating a train.

Then I put clamps on Ellie and connected a leash. I could now lead both girls around by their throbbing nipples. Finally I blindfolded both girls.

Now they couldn't just walk along, now they had to follow the clamps, they had to allow themselves a small measure of pain. I continued to lead them, step by tantalizing step towards the door into my dorm at the end of the tunnel. After what must have seemed like forever to them, I reached the door and removed the blindfolds so we could travel up the stairs. I also released Ellie, and handed her the rope.

She'd still be naked, but had the small level of control she'd earned. Jerking the leash harshly, Ellie led Sarah up the stairs while I followed. When we reached my floor, it was also empty.

It was a quick walk to my room. I unlocked the door and they hurried in, safe at last. Both girls let out a sigh of relief and Florane russell all anal amp dap with pussy fucking sz plopped down on the futon.

Sarah remained standing, cuffs and clamps still attached. She whimpered and Ellie graciously decided to remove the clamps. I decided it was time for Sarah to rest, I unlocked the cuffs and let her pull the vibrator out and lie down on my bed. "Blow me," I ordered Ellie. She dropped to her knees in front of me and slid down my shorts and boxers. I took off my shirt as she pulled them off my feet and tossed them aside. She leaned over, but I grabbed a hold of her pigtails and held her back.

She strained mightily, trying to reach my hard cock. I let her get closer, inch by inch until, fully extended, her tongue barely reached my tip.

"Open wide," I commanded. She complied, and I forced it into her throat. "Now you may wrap your lips." She again did exactly what I told her and waited for more instructions. I grabbed a hold of her pigtails and moved her up and down, fast as possible, fully intending to bring myself to a quick orgasm. She let her arms hang down as I took full advantage of her. I cummed in less than two minutes, not a lot but apparently enough to keep her happy.

She swallowed, smiled and cleaned me off. A wonderful little quickie for the both of us to enjoy. Ellie and I joined Sarah in the bed. I slept on my back with a girl in each arm. They were required to each have a hand on my cock. Anyone who woke up having moved it would be tortured.