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Blonde adriana chechik squirts while satisfying her pussy
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*The main theme of this story is socks, either clean or reasonably dirty.* It was a sunny spring day. Quintin arrived first. He lived very close by and went by foot.

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The house was identical to everyone else's in the neighbourhood: Concrete houses with adorning walls of red bricks, and a roof of artificial black tiles.

They all consisted of an unique ground floor and a garage, with a pebble alley and a small garden, which in this case was decorated with small rose bushes and a simple lawn. Quintin rang the bell and Nicolas opened the door. He was still barefoot in his pajamas despite being already 2 pm.

Quintin had a broad smile on his face. "It's done?" asked Nicholas. "Done!" said Quintin. "I checked my account this morning." "How much" whispered Nicholas? "Seven hundred forty five." "YIHUUUUUUUU!" exclaimed Nicholas without waiting for the end.

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Nicholas jumped on Quintin and tumbled with him. They rolled in the grass. "This is settled." said Quintin. "I have enough funds to move to your house and we will do whatever pleases us. No work anymore. Only sports, games and fuck." "So when do you move in?" "I could start tomorrow. But I have some work to do at my old apartment." "I'll help you.

And as your mother told japanese mom gangbang by son and friend before she died: money does not make you a god, we'll do everything ourselves. I don't wanna be a spoiled asshole." said Nicholas. "I know you want to live in sobriety and dignity.

I told you I love that. We will make our shopping at discount and we won't change our habits. Except that I never want to go to the office again. Not that." "I understand. It does not appeal to me either, even if I never had to." "Your job at the hospital is not easy either." "You know, and uuuh if you still agree, I think I will keep a par-time there.

I don't want to abandon my patients." "Ok pal, I understand." They stayed silent for a few seconds, birds chirping around them. "You know" said Nicholas, "you are just as beautiful as I ever dreamed." "You are my dream body ever" answered Quintin, there is nothing I would change if I had to invent you." They laughed heartily and entered their home holding hands.

Choose: - If Nicholas had a shower today read at 1) - If not, read at 2) 1) Nicholas had wet hair and a distinctive smell of flowery shower gel.

His feet looked perfectly clean as well as the rest of the house. Continue at 3). 2) Nicholas smelled of bed and his barefeet seemed a little shady on the soles, which was obvious when Quintin followed him in the hallway. Continue at 3). 3) Nicholas instructed Quintin to remove his shoes and socks (I think these were white false leather tennis shoes, but I am not sure, maybe they could be different.

I guess his socks were white tennis socks, but again I may be mistaken). Choose: - If Quintin came straight from a tennis lesson without showering or changing, read at 4) - If Quintin had a shower at the tennis court and did change all his underwear, read at 5) 4) Quintin was more than a little tired.

His socks were still wet from the tennis session. He removed his shoes and socks and put them on a plate presented by Nicholas. Nicholas had a good wiff at them and was not the least incommodated by the athletic smell.

Quintin had just put some deodorant under his armpits and there was a mix of sweat and flower scented around him. His socks were shady at the toes and heels and he had folded them randomly into his shoes.

His sweaty bare feet left wet traces on the white tiled floor of Nichola's house. Now read at 6). 5) Quintin smelled just as if his clothes were going out of the wash machine. He radiated good health and cleanliness. He may have been a little tired by the tennis session, but he did not show any sign of it. His shoes and socks were dry and clean, with barely a hint of personal scent, and were neatly folded on the top of his shoes. Nicholas whispered that the content of his sports bag (the spent tennis underwer) may be wanted by the others, so Quintin also gave his sports bag to Nicholas.

Quintin's bare feet, clean and dry, left no mark and not sound except a faint tip-toe when walking behind Nicholas on the white tiled floor. Now read at 6). 6) Nicholas set up the shoes and socks of Quintin of a plate on the dining table.

Just next to Quintin's plate were a collection of used socks, those of Nicholas, labelled from Monday to Friday. There were a variety of them. Most were bright colored, a pair was black, another dark blue, and a single pair were "white" tennis socks, but obviously Nicholas had toured his house in these socks for several hours.

Nicholas invited Quintin in his arms naru massage hq mom for step son they french-kissed passionately. They fell on the sofa with erection in their pants and kissing hard. It has been a long time! Said Nicholas. "Yes, sure: one week." said Quintin, broadly smiling. "Want a beer?" While Nicholas opened the fridge, Quintin looked at Nicholas' bare feet and grabbed his own crotch. He started to massage his penis.

"Help yourself with my socks!" said Nicholas, who was busy in the open fridge, as if it was a compeletely casual thing to propose. Quintin chose a pair of socks (choose for him) and put them right on his nose. "I cannot wait pal." said Quintin apologetically.

"I like to watch young ron jeremy jerking off. I will accompany you." said Nicholas simply. "The beers will wait!" he said, when seeing Quintin's pants and underwear down to his ankles already. Nicholas put the beer bottles on the corner of the table and went next to his friend.

He also brought down is PJ's pants and briefs down to his ankles. They masturbated while sniffing each other socks and staring madly on their penises, bare feet and socks. Soon they both grunted and sprayed their sperm load on the dining table.

"Gaaaah that was a good one!" said Quintin, panting. "I love you pal!" answered Nicholas. "Gabriel and Thomas come at four." said Nicholas. "I could not have waited so long anyway." said Quintin. "I know." They hugged, shared beers and watched their favorite show on the TV. At 3:10 PM they prepared some snack and clean glasses for their friends.

Nicholas stayed in his PJs. They waited the last hour while playing together with the gaming console. At 3:17 PM Gabriel phoned that he and Thomas were at the train station.

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"Would you like us to start a run to your house?" proposed Gabriel. "We will be in great attire and a little wet when arriving.

Otherwise we can rent a car, or maybe we can just rent some bicycle?" If Nicholas agrees to the running plan (hard sport), go to 7) If Nicholas prefers the bicycle plan (a little effort), got to 8) If Nicholas prefers them dry and clean at arrival and advises them to rent a car, go to 9) 7) Gabriel and Thomas found a showering area at the train station and unfastened their bag. They stripped naked.

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Shocked expressions were on every face around when seeing their dream body exposed. A few took out their camera and took pictures of the two friends.

It was certainly inapporpriate but they could not resist doing it. Their penises dangled in view of the photographers, their firm and athletic bodies on display. They dressed in a state-of-the-art running attire: a body, tight shorts, running shoes, both with running socks, and sunglasses on top. They wore no underwear. They rented a taxi to send the suitcase to Nicholas' home, and started running fast under the spring sun.

They arrived more than a little wet and panting, Especially Thomas who was not so well trained in running. They deposed their wet running shoes and socks on the dining table next to their friend's socks.

Nicholas and Quintin kissed them welcome and started to caress their shorts and the nice tent poking forwards. Continue reading at 10) 8) Gabriel and Thomas rented some bikes, they just put some cycling shorts (keeping their underwear) and started riding. They arrived zee teugu hot aunty 1 xstoryscom little tired but still in good shape.

They removed their casual sport shoes and shuffled their slightly wet socks inside. These joined their friend's socks on the dining table. The four friends exchanged glances at their feet and greeted each other. Continue reading at 10) 9) Gabriel and Thomas were in business clothing and had no desire to get wet in any way. They rented a nice car, with air conditioning and drove it gently to Nicholas' house.

They unlaced their shoes and removed their socks after enterig the house. These joined their friend's socks on the dining table. The four friends exchanged glances at their feet and greeted each other. Continue reading at 10) 10) Gabriel was more than a little eager to start.

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"What do we do?" he said with hope of an exciting answer. But to his disappointment, Thomas was not in such a hurry and wanted to talk.

He had not seen his friend Nicholas for two months and had plenty of conversation to catch up. For now Thomas wildly explained why his personal computer needed a new graphic card. He had his left leg folded on high right thigh and his bare foot exposed with the sole right towards the face of Gabriel. In addition he was spreading his toes unintentionally.

Gabriel stared blankly and was about to crack. Quintin, who was sitting to the other side of Gabriel and had kept his own feet on the ground, whispered to Gabriel's ear: "Wanna quick release?". Gabriel was tempted to accept.

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