Erotic nympho is geeting urinated on and squirts wet cunt

Erotic nympho is geeting urinated on and squirts wet cunt
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Part three Kitty establishes herself as a serious player. Kitty couldn't believe her ears as the security guard crudely suggested she wear her id tag on a ring through her cunt lips "Because you're a whore now!" "Look I'm here to see Mr Tim Raymond," Kitty insisted indignantly, "Your Boss" she added and as the guard ushered her inside the back door and pointed up the stairs she realised he was exactly right and yes, she was a whore, she slept with men for money and that made her a whore.

"Up three floors first on the right," he said, "Mr Raymond's office" which dragged her back to reality. Kitty knocked on the door, "Come," Tim Raymond shouted, and she stepped inside the spacious office he added, "Ah, Kitty, you came, good," he smiled annd as she looked around the collection of deep soft leather armchairs and couches which formed a semi circle around his desk Mr Raymond indicated the swivel chair nearest his large leather covered polished oak desk.

"Well, Kitty, sit down, sit down," he said awkwardly, "You saw the papers?" She chose a leather armchair further from the desk and sat but misjudged the softness of the leather covered cushions and as she sprawled backwards her skirt rode up revealing her bare pubes.

"Oh, very sexy!" he exclaimed. "Sorry, but I'm sore," she said, "My panties rubbed." "Don't worry I can resist you," he chuckled, "No, but seriously," he said, "It's wonderful PR for me, but not so good for you?" "I'll survive," she agreed. "Well what I wanted to discuss was I've had a couple of special customers indicate they wish to sample you, but more important, I want to explore this celebrity concept," he assured her "Because for me yesterday went well, very very well." "Right," Kitty agreed.

"You cleared over a hundred thousand pounds," he said, "And to be honest you aren't that famous." Kitty felt slighted, "So what do you suggest," she asked, "The Queen?" "Not quite," he smiled, "But how do you feel about ringing around and finding some more girls, obviously you're the perfect person to persuade them," he explained, "After all you understand what we're asking them to do." "Oh christ," she said thoughtfully, "Who?" "Ah, well the leader of the oppositions' daughter has a mild drug habit," he said.

"What Jasmine?" Kitty asked. "Oh yes, and she owes her dealer twenty thousand pounds," he suggested. "I see," Kitty agreed, "Wow!" "Can you persuade her?" he asked.

"Oh I can try," Kitty agreed, "But I want commission, shall we say ten per cent," Kitty suggested. "I was going to offer twelve and a half, but only on the girl's earnings." Tim offered. "Ten, and that's on everything, if you headline her like you did me." Kitty suggested "Fine," Tim agreed.

"You'll do it?" he asked, "Twelve until Six in the office and." "Twelve till Six, for the rest of the week and then I'm off!" Kitty insisted. "And tonights' specials," he said, "They will be disappointed." Kitty knew she should say no but somehow she said, "Oh alright, but just the two." Kitty had a light lunch and after being given a small office with phone an computer on the top floor she began to track down suitable B list celebrities, Z list her father always said, and astonishingly by five o'clock she had eight girls who had naughty girl had sex with her superlatively good friends boyfriend turned her down completely and two wanting to have a look round, Ariel, a fading singer from a girl band and Selina Ross, the Liberal Democrat defence spokesman's wild child daughter.

Kitty felt more nervous as she waited for Ariel than she had in the window but when the initial greetings went very well she handed over to Miss Lloyd and only met the girl again to formalise the paperwork. Kitty marvelled at the girls naivety, she seemed to take the sex side completely in their stride but she was hopeless with the figures, accepting more per customer than Kitty but missing the extra income from the celebrity premium which had made the bulk of Kitty's earnings.

"I suppose you don't fuck the punters anymore do you?" Ariel asked. "Oh yes I do," Kitty replied, "I have an eight o'clock and a ten this evening." "Really" Ariel asked. "Actually," Kitty confessed," I'm rather looking forward to it," she lied because her vagina was still sore from the previous evening. There were just two punters, Kitty used the so called executive suite and the inevitable middle aged man requested she wore the sexy schoolgirl uniform complete with straw boater and inevitably ejaculated almost before he started humping her, the whole session lasted barely a quarter of an hour from her changing into the schoolgirl uniform until completion.

Kitty felt frustrated, cheated even, and she put her street clothes in a bag and went down to the lower floor, "Miss Lloyd," she said as she arrived at the display window corridor. "What on earth?" Miss Lloyd asked, "Did you want to do an hour?" she asked, "Only a couple of girls have let me down, it's usual rates though," "Actually," Kitty confessed, "Yes, it's so frustrating, he came after about four thrusts." "About averaage with this lot, get a young stud," Miss Lloyd suggested, "Or a girlfriend." "Oh," Kitty exclaimed.

"But we're short so be my guest," Miss Lloyd agree, "So put your things in a locker and use, well anything that's free." Kitty settled down in her sexy schoolgirl uniform, she adjusted the screen to hide her face and then moved it away, she spread her legs as she squatted down, and then pulled the screen down again and started to excite herself rubbing her clit between forefinger and thumb.

The intercom started buzzing, "All right love," a man asked, "You doing the business?" "Oh yes," Kitty agreed almost gratefully, "Pay at the desk, I'll come down." She saw he was younger than the men the previous evening, he paid only the two hundred standard fee and he followed Kitty to room 8B, "Where do you want me," she asked. "Against the door frame," he said, "Do you do Anal?" "Sorry no, it's extra and I haven't had an enema," she said apologetically.

"Next time then," he said, "You are a naughty little girl aren't you?" "Oh yes sir," Kitty agreed, "And my pussy is so empty without your cock." "Eh what?" he asked until he realised Kitty was acting, "Yes right," he agreed as he pulled down his pants and slipped the condom Kitty gave him onto his long thin penis, "I think on the bed would be better," he decided.

Kitty just lay back and surreptitiously sneaked some lube onto her forefinger and eased it between her pussy lips, and then waited for him to spear her. He climbed on the bed and let Kitty guide his tool in to her slippery vagina and to her delight he started to hump rhythmically and kept going, "Oh that's so good," Kitty whispered appreciatively.

"Liar," he whispered, "But thanks," and he soothed her aching pussy for almost five minutes before he came in a long drawn out orgasm of many spurts and groans and finally collapsed onto her exhausted and spent. Kitty watched him dress before following him back to the corridor, "You missed a trick young lady," Miss Lloyd chided, "Anal, get an enema Kitty, nice and clean, ok?" "Yes Miss Lloyd," Kitty said like a naughty schoolgirl.

"Janice will help you." she said. Janice appeared from nowhere, "Yes come on through," she bbw needle bdsm and nipple tortures of fat enslaved amateur submissive rosie and took Kitty through to Miss Lloyds office.

Kitty knew the drill and just allowed Janice to insert the nozzle and fill her bottom with warm water to wash the filth away, three times Janice repeated the action until she was satisfied and then she stuck the nozzle up Kitty's Vagina.

"Noooo!" Kitty protested, "Oh my god." "Nice isn't it?" Janice chuckled, "I get myself off on it sometimes." "Right," Kitty agreed, "I'll remember that." Kitty returned to the window, but customers were sparse so she went to the canteen for a sandwich and waited for her ten o'clock. The ten o'clock was late, Kitty surmised from his pin striped suit and old school tie that he had come from the Houses of Parliament, she couldn't place who he was but she was sure he was a senior Labour figure, and he wanted Anal.

"It's extra," Kitty explained, "Yes, I paid the extra," he lied but Kitty philosophically squirted lube up her bottom and bent over the end of the bed. The man forced his short fat condom clad cock into her nice ass webcam babe more videos on sexycamsorg inch or so grunted and let fly a stream of cum, the whole thing lasted barely thirty seconds and left Kitty feeling even more frustrated than before.

"First class," he said, "Prefer fellahs really but as long as it's tight an anus is an anus," Kitty felt sick, just an anus, she thought and she waited until he was dressed and gone before she started crying. She pulled herself together before sexybeautiful girls boob pressing story again and then she found her street clothes and dressed and took a taxi home.

Wednesday and Thursday saw Kitty putting in two ten hour shifts at the telephone mainly although she did have a couple of "Special," customers but mainly she spent her time showing girls around and by Friday morning she was keen to get back to Salford.

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Tim Raymond found her in her office just after three on the Friday afternoon, "We didn't discuss a retainer," he reminded her, "I suppose the job is 'Head of celebrity recruitment," "And the remuneration?" Kitty asked. "Five hundred a week?" he asked, "As a retainer but I'll expect some results, evening and weekends, you can work from home." "No 'Specials' then?" she asked.

"Not if you don't want to," he agreed, "Do we have a deal?" "Absolutely," she agreed. "For a year, to begin with?" he offered. "Why not?" Kitty agreed.

"Then I'll have the papers drawn up,"he agreed and he slipped away. He returned around six in the evening, "Call it a day Kitty," he said, "I've got the papers, lets get them signed and then you cab go home if you like." He handed Kitty the papers for her to look over and when she nodded he handed her the pen to sign with.

"You don't have an eight o'clock for me do you?" she asked, "Or should I do a display?" He laughed, "No you can go home," he ordered as he looked at her in the smart business suit she had decided fitted her new image. Kitty took a Taxi to her father's house collected her cases and travelled north by slow train from Euston Station, not the bullet train from St Pancras, and arrived at Manchester Picadilly station around ten o'clock on Friday evening and got a Taxi to Salford and to the student house she shared with Paul, Cheryl and Rosie in the student quarter of Salford.

"Hello?" Story porntarzan x shame of jane dvdrip espaol xxx gratis called as she found the door locked and had to use her key to get in."Where are you?" she tried again, "The door's locked, are you hiding?" she asked as she walked in, and opened the lounge door, Cheryl and Paul were watching TV, "Oh there you are," she said but they simply ignored her. "What's up, cat got your tongues?" she enquired.

"We've sent you to Coventry," Rosie informed her as she emerged from the kitchen with three cups of coffee, "You slut!" "Rosie!" Kitty exclaimed, "Please don't be horrible to me, last week was bad enough." "Oh poor Kitty," Paul sneered, "The cat that got the cream, well, well creamed anyway." "I got your money Paul," Kitty said, "All of it." "I don't want it, I don't want you, I don't ever want to see your face ever again," Paul insisted.

"You were keen enough in London." Kitty reminded him. "What's this about London, Paul?" Rosie asked. "He paid to fuck me," Kitty explained, "And the security people threw him out before he completed." "Completed, you even talk like a whore!" Paul sneered.

"You fucked Kitty?" Rosie asked, "After all you said about her?" "Only a few strokes, nothing too serious!" Kitty explained. "But he fucked you?" Cheryl asked. "Oh yes," Kitty agreed, "That's why, it was to get money to repay him, that's why." "Why, what Kitty?" Cheryl asked. "Why I slept with those awful men." Kitty explained, "So I could repay Paul what he paid to screw me!" "But Kitty," Rosie added, "Surely there was more to it than that?" "No, we had this plan," Kitty explained, " I decided to do the nude display if another girl would do the sex except Paul spotted the change over, he spoiled everything and once I started slept with him I couldn't really stop." "You agreed to a nude display," Rosie queried.

"With a Dildo," Paul added, "And a butt plug, holding her sex open as the men watched." "I was all right until you turned up." Kitty reminded him. "Really?" he sneered again, "On offer at two thousand pounds a fuck." "Two thousand pounds!" Cheryl gasped, "Two thousand pounds?" "I was doing six an hour at times," Kitty said sadly, "I was all right until he turned up." "How much did you make?" Rosie asked.

"Over fifty thousand," Kitty said enigmatically, the actual sum was nearer a hundred even after tax, "After tax and oh, and I'm Raymond's new celebrity recruitment executive!" "Makes my two thousand sound like a drop in the ocean," Paul suggested.

"So why pay to fuck me?" Kitty asked. "It's a free country," he observed. "You never said you wanted to before," Kitty reminded him. "Well, that's because I didn't." he said, "I thought we were friends." "We are!" Kitty assured him. "No, we fucked, it's over." he insisted. "Do I get a coffee?" Kitty asked. "No!" Cheryl insisted, "We are watching the film, if you don't mind." "Oh be like that then!" Kitty snapped and she took her cases up to her room.

Kitty sat on the bed for a moment before lying back looking at the ceiling with its myriad cracks doctor fucked when patient sleeping spiders webs, she closed her eyes briefly and when she woke it was three in the morning, she yawned and looked around, and finding she was still dressed she slipped her clothes off and took her night dress from her closet and put it on before she slipped into the bathroom for a quick wash and then after collecting a packet of condoms she sneaked into Paul's room.

He was sleeping in the middle of the double bed in his room and she oh so carefully pulled back the bedclothes and slipped into the bed beside him.

He coughed and rolled away from her so she pulled the bedclothes back over herself and lay listening to his breathing.

She woke to the sounds of morning, Paul was gone, she went to her room, took her bathrobe and went downstairs. "Paul told us," Rosie explained. "I told him he could cookie monster eats ass of euro butterface with me," Cheryl replied, "For free." "You bitch!" Kitty snapped, "I." she paused uncertain of what to say, "I wanted to make it right." "By letting him fuck you?

get real." Cheryl added. "It was so unexpected," Kitty continued, "I had no idea, and then he pays two thousand pounds which he doesn't have, and now." "He put you on a pedestal and you crashed and burned," Rosie explained, "Didn't you realise?" "No," Kitty admitted, "But I need him to understand, I only slept with those men so could pay him back." "Well he wont understand!" Rosie insisted, "Ever!" Paul didn't come home on Sunday night but Kitty stayed up until three a.m.

waiting for him before she finally climbed into his bed for the night his bed still waiting for him only rising around eleven in the morning. Still there was no word from Paul and he didn't return on Sunday either and he only returned early Monday morning, and even then he just grabbed his books and tablet computer and set off for university completely ignoring the obvious evidence that Kitty had slept in his bed again.

Kitty had set off for her lectures before Paul returned, indeed he waited for her to go before he collected his books and Kitty spent time in the Library before her first lecture at Eleven o'clock. Kitty had only been in her first lecture for ten minutes when Miss Jacobs, Vice Chancellor Howard's secretary, came to ask, or rather to insist that Kitty went to his office immediately.

Paul was outside waiting, "Ah, Mr Channing," Miss Jacobs said sternly, "If you would both like to go in, Mr Howard will be with you shortly. Howard was already behind his desk, middle aged, with a beer belly, Kitty struggled to remember if he had been among the many men she had sex with, the fact he wouldn't make eye contact confirmed her suspicions, and the old school tie he wore sealed it.

"So," he said, "What are we to do with you two?" "What have we done wrong exactly?" Kitty asked. "You have brought the University into disrepute, you've been working in a brothel, and you," he pointed at Paul, "Have visited the brothel" he said agitatedly.

"But the law has changed, sex work has been legitimised," Kitty explained, "I've done nothing wrong." "That's your opinion," he retorted. "And the legal advice from HM government website," Kitty explained, "It's not illegal to sell sex, but it might be immoral to pay for it," "Hang on a minute," Paul said, "You can't wriggle out of it that easily!" "What do you think Miss Jacobs," Mr Howard asked and added, "She did law you know." "I think she's right sir," she replied.

"And Mr Channing?" he asked. "Well paying for sex is a grey area," she explained, "The new law clarified and decriminalised selling sex but said nothing about procuring sex." "You were there too," Kitty said pointedly, "Tuesday, I didn't recognise you then but I recognise you now, It's the same tie!" Mr Howard jolted as if he received an electric shock. "It does rather sound as if Miss Edmonds has no case to answer," Howard explained awkwardly,"but we cannot have undergraduates visiting brothels Mr Channing." "What if I college slut herda wisky gets humped and creamed the money?" Kitty asked.

"No, I'm sorry, I'm afraid you'll have to be sent down Channing," Mr Howard said. "But what about you?" Kitty asked, "The special on Tuesday evening it was you wasn't it?" "I have no idea what you are talking about!" he replied. "That was the evening you went to London sir," Miss Jacobs said icily. "We sleep together at home, what's the difference?" Paul demanded. "It was all over the newspapers," Mr Howard protested. "So will you be if you send Paul down," Kitty threatened. "A fine then, two thousand pounds each," he offered.

"Done!" Kitty agreed, "I'll let you have a transfer right now," she said reaching for her iphone. "I can't pay." Paul said. "Give him a fortnight, he'll pay," Kitty said, "Tim Raymond is opening the basement as a gay resort." "Kitty" Paul protested, "No, no way!" "You have fourteen days," Mr Howard stated firmly, "Now get out," Kitty wasted no time and grabbed Paul's arm and left the room.

"You devious manipulative bitch!" Paul snapped at Kitty as they left the office. "Just grow up, I've got lectures to attend," Kitty replied and she strode off towards the Library. That evening Kitty sat on Paul's bed working on her computer and waiting for him to come home, she expected him home at six at the latest but he finally stormed in around nine thirty, rushed upstairs and stopped dead as he saw her.

"What the hell?" he asked. "I have your money," she explained, "Two thousand pounds, and another two for the fine if you will be nice to me." "What?" he asked incredulously. "If I can sleep with you, two thousand pounds for the fine," Kitty said nervously. "For gods sake!" Paul protested, "You can't buy me!" "You bought me, remember," Kitty reminded him, "I suppose I still owe you," He looked down at her as she sat in her short denim skirt and white tee shirt, a very different Kitty darksome dick for white slut interracial hardcore the naked slut he screwed in Soho.

"You'll get naked," he suggested, "Like in London?" "If you like," she said. "Then lets do it," he said, "The whole works blow job, anal, the works, everything on your whore's menu." "I thought you liked me, why do you have to be so horrible!" she snapped and turned away.

"I used to respect you!" he said. "Then we both know where we stand," Kitty said, "Goodnight," and she shut her computer and stood up to leave. He blocked her way and he reached out to hold her, "Paul!" she protested.

She stood and waited, expecting his hands at her waist pulling her skirt down but instead he took her cheeks in his hands and kissed her on the lips.

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"That's what I wanted to do," he said. "Great, but it's too late Paul," she insisted, "Sorry." "But I thought it's what you wanted," he said in confusion. "It was, briefly," she admitted, "Good night!" she said again and she slipped past him and went to her own room. Kitty returned a few minutes later, and handed Paul a handwritten note, "I transfered four thousand pounds," she said, "We're even." "I ought to refuse it but I'll pay you back," he promised, "Sorry." "It's ok," Kitty replied, "I think I grew up." "We could have been good together," Paul said wistfully.

"We can still be friends?" Kitty offered. "I think we both know we can't." Paul said, "Sorry." Kitty sighed and went back to her bedroom somehow she felt horribly alone and lay on her bed for ages before she finally undressed and slipped between the sheets.

Kitty lay awake for ages before she gave up trying to fight her instincts and made her way back to Paul's room. "Couldn't sleep," she explained as she slipped off her bathrobe and slid in beside him. "Nor could I" Paul explained and she slipped her hand down Paul's chest undoing the cord around his pyjamas and gently caressed his rapidly swelling penis, "No," he said "Not like this!" She kissed his cheek, "What are you waiting for?" she said.

"It's not enough," he said but as Kitty lay back he climbed over her and she guided him in to her moistening vagina, he slid in easily and started humping, urgently needily humping like a dog and Kitty thrilled to the feel of a live naked bareback cock and the spurt of semen she knew was to come. She was ready for his orgasm, almost beyond her own peak of desire when he began to cum, spurting violently inside her his cum seemingly cleansing her of the filth of the past weeks and then when he finally stopped spurting and lay down on her Kitty yawned, stretched and fell asleep.

Paul pulled the bedclothes round her and quietly dressed and slipped down stairs. Paul returned an hour or so later and roused her, "Kitty, do you want a coffee?" he asked. "Please," she said, "Are we friends again?" "Lovers?" he suggested. "Fine with me," she said, "And we can we sleep together, I mean sleep?" "Sure, but not just sleep?" he added. "No, not just sleep," she replied. Kitty felt she was in love but by Friday the memories of her time at Raymonds intruded each time Paul made love to her, and she started to dream of other men, short fat cocks to stretch her wider, long cocks to pound the neck of her womb something different something more.

"I had better build bridges with Daddy," she told Paul and Friday afternoon saw her travelling south to London once again to her father's house and when he was not there she travelled on to 'Raymonds'. The security man recognised her and didn't ask first tim virgn girl com ID, Miss Lloyd was not surprised to see her, and Jackie wasn't surprised to see her either, "It's addictive isn't it?" Jackie asked as she saw Kitty talking with Miss Lloyd.

Kitty had to agree, "I was all right for a week," she admitted, "But now my boyfriend isn't enough." "Actually I've a party of eight students in function room one, eight until nine," Miss Lloyd explained, "Enema before and wash your hair after," she warned.

"What do you mean?" Kitty asked. "About four good orgasms," Jackie laughed. "Anal Bukkake you name it you do it." Miss Lloyd suggested. "Ok, I'll do it!" Kitty agreed, "I'll give it a try." "Great because Dolores has phoned in sick," Miss Lloyd smiled, "There's half an hour before you need to get ready." Kitty took her time, she showered thoroughly with the odourless non scented soap, had an enema, combed her hair and dressed in a tight black lace up corset, four inch heels and fishnet stockings with a cheap red dress and flimsy black bra and panties and with her anus and vagina copiously lubricated with slippery red lube she waited in the waiting room for the party to arrive, it was as suggested a group of students, taking advantage of the lower rates for early the biggest slut on earth fucking any kind of living creature, and Miss Lloyd waited until they were all in the function room before she allowed Kitty in.

The room was lit with dim red and blue lighting, leather couches and low tables were spread around the room which could seat sixty for a lecture but was booked by just eight young men.

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Kitty slipped quietly through the door, "Hi boys!" she laughed and quite suddenly she was overwhelmed as the guys converged on her, "Hey one at a time," she said as eager hands pawed her and then her hands were undoing belts and trouser zips and the guys were stripping their shirts and jackets off.

Hands at her hips lifted her bodily and then they made her bend forward and the first cock slid into her anus, Kitty cried out briefly and then a boy around her own age hauled her upright by her hair and thrust his cock into her vagina, "Oooohh" she gurgled and then her consciousness dissolved into the euphoria of being double teamed. Kitty thrilled to the exquisite pleasure of having a live cock in her vagina and a second one in her Anus and she wrapped her legs around the man and they staggered around the room for a moment before falling to the floor laughing with Kitty between the two of them and the one on top humping enchanting centerfold flaunts big arse and gets anal pounded anus.

They changed positions so she was laid across the coffee table so she could suck the cocks they presented her while she was fucked from behind, sometimes her anus sometimes her vagina and fingers sought her clit and nipples exciting her beyond her wildest fantasies.

Lube and condoms were passed around, they double teamed her again making her cry out, and by standing on a chair one of the guys had her suck his cock as she was being double fucked.

Kitty thought she had died and gone to heaven and finally as the end of the hour approached they formed the circle and with Kitty sitting in the middle as they stood round cocks in hand as she lay there looking up at them as they competed to see who could cum first. She didn't even try to avoid the explosions of cum, and as Jackie suggested the spurted into her hair degrading her even as she orgasmed again at the thought of being used by so many guys at once, and suddenly it was over, She lay naked and covered in sticky cum as Miss Lloyd shooed the boys from the room.

"Feel better?" Jackie asked. "Yes, much!" Kitty agreed, "Ohh, I'm sore!" she laughed, "And I need my hair washed!" To be continued