Mighty chap bangs hot attractive babe smalltits and homemade

Mighty chap bangs hot attractive babe smalltits and homemade
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I arrived at work, walked into my office and settled in for the day. Just as I was checking emails on my computer my phone vibrated. I took a look. It was a text from Carol.

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In closed was a picture of her laying in bed totally nude with her legs spread. The text read, "my tight wet pussy is waiting for you. I instantly got horny. I would never dreamed Carol would send me a picture like that. I texted back "I can't wait to stick my dick in it when I get home".

After a minute to compose myself I got to my work for the day. About an hour later my phone vibrated once again. It was from Carol. This time she had send me a picture of a shemale. The text read "do you think she's hot?" I responded with a YES! And I meant it. This shemale had beautiful big tits and a pretty big dick.

In fact it may have been a bit bigger then mine. This was really starting to get interesting, just like Carol had promised.

She was texting me dirty pictures and being really naughty. I loved it. I wanted to be naughty just like Carol, so I decided why not send her a picture right back. I got up went to the bathroom, went into one of the stalls and took my dick out.

By this time it was hard as hell from everything Carol had been sending me. I grabbed my phone and snapped a picture of my hard dick. I sent it to her with the text "this is going right in your pussy when I get home" I went back to my desk and tried to get back to my work. Within minutes I received another text from Carol. It was two different pictures. The first was one of her bending over the sink. Don't ask me how she got the angle right, but you could completely see her sexy round ass.

The next picture was of a shemale, bent over in a similar position. The text said "I want your cock in both of our asses. I got so hot over this text because Carol and I never had anal sex. Not even a discussion about it. My dick was hard as a rock and I couldn't concentrate on work. I texted her back "I'm gonna fuck your tight ass when I get home, so get ready. Lucky it was getting to be close to lunch time. I grabbed my coat and left my office. I was taking an extended lunch today.

After a hour and a half lunch and being able to get away from the office and clear my head I was able to calm down. I got back to my office sat down and began to work again. A few hours had passed by and I hadn't gotten anymore texts from Carol. A part of me was thankful because I was able to get work done. But a part of me was sad as well. Had she lost her interest? My worries where soon alleviated when my phone vibrated.

I grabbed my phone and opened up my texts. Inside was several pictures of shemales. One was an Asian wearing a cute schoolgirl outfit, and her dick was sticking out of the skirt. Another was a black shemale with a dick that must have been 10 inches long. Another was of a cute looking average build shemale who looked like the girl next door and finally the last robber black man sneaks inthouse rape lady was of a some what chubby shemale.

She was very cute. The text underneath all the pictures was "if you had to pick one who would you pick?" I instantly was attracted to the Asian, so that's who I picked.

Carol send me back a text. "k and a smiley face." Not sure what that was about. Guess she just wanted to know what kind of shemales I liked. Finally the work day was over. I was tired but excited. I couldn't wait to get home and fuck Carol.

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She had got me so horny throughout the day. I was going to fuck her hard. I pulled in the driveway. Finally I was home and I was ready for Carol. I put my key in the door and opened it. I stepped in. The house was totally dark I could hardly see where I was going.

I yelled Carols name. She responded quickly. I'm in the kitchen baby. I walked into the kitchen and turned on the light. There was Carol sitting on ginger slut gets her face fucked hard deep throat and hardcore counter in a schoolgirl outfit.

She wasn't wearing panties and her legs where spread. She was playing with herself. She looked so sexy rubbing her clit. She was moaning and just kept playing with herself like I was there. I just stood in the doorway to the kitchen watching her play with herself. After a minute she started rubbing harder and faster.

I knew what was coming next. She was. She rubbed and moaned and gave her self an orgasm. Right there on the counter with me watching. After a second she got off the counter and walked over towards me.

She was wearing sexy Mary Jane's just like a schoolgirl would be wearing. She grabbed my dick right through my pants and started making out with me. She could tell from my dick in her hand I was ready to go. I started grabbing her ass. Then I smacked it. She let out a little moan. I knew she liked it. I turned her around, got on my knees and started licking her ass. This was the first time I ever did anything like this.

I don't know if it was all the texts throughout the day or her playing with herself in a schoolgirl outfit but all my inhibitions where gone. I was licking Carols asshole and I was loving every second of it. She started to moan and thrust her ass into my mouth, so I knew she was enjoying herself. That's when I took my finger and shoved it up her ass.

Slow and gentle at first, till she got use to it. Then faster and harder as her ass excepted it. I couldn't hold out any longer I needed Carol and I needed her right now.

I unbuttoned my pants dropped them and my boxers to the ground and shoved my dick right in her ass. She let out a huge moan. Her ass was so tight and felt so good. As I pounded her ass she started to play with her pussy. I was fucking Carols ass and she was loving gorgeous nozomi hazuki uses toys and fingers to make her pussy explode, I was loving it.

This was a dream come true. It was so hot I knew I wasn't going to last long. I told her I was going to cum. Her reply was "shoot that hot cum in my ass". So with one last hard thrust I shot all my cum right up her ass. As I stood there with my dick still in her ass, she kept playing with herself.

She instructed me to keep my dick in her ass till she came. She rubbed her pussy faster and faster till she started to cum. Her ass clinched and her knees got weak. We both almost fell on the floor. I had finally done it. I fucked Carol in the ass, and she liked it. To be continued =