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Cuties pound dudes anal with big strapons and blast sperm
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"Are you sure you want to do this?", Emma said and looked at me. "Yes, I've never been so sure about anything. I need this.", I say and lean over to her and give her a kiss. Me and Emma have been together since we both we're 14 years old. That would make this weekend our 10th anniversary. We met at a pretty dull party. There we're quite a lot of people there, mostly a bit older than us. We sat in the same couch when she approached me and started to talk to me. I had had a lot of jägerbombs and we both we're really drunk, after a while we started messing around on the couch, she kissed me and moved her hand under my skirt, placing it on my panties.

She pushed a finger against my slit, then she pulled my panties to the side and started fingerfucked my pussy. I came hard and the day after I repayed her by eating her out for a good long hour. We both are very into rape, death, vore & snuff and we've been roleplaying for a long time.

But after a few years we got a bit tired of it and decided to make reality of our fantasies. Our biggest and darkest one is to snatch a teenage girl from school, bring publicagent i cum over her tits outdoors to our place to have some fun with her and then cook her alive & eat her tasty flesh. We tried it and we loved it. We did it to around 11 girls during a period of 2 years. Fucking them and then cooking them alive.

Now we had decided it was my turn. Or, I had decided. I wanted to die for the love of my life and I wanted her to eat my flesh. On the morning of my death day we sat around the kitchen table as usual.

We had breakfast together and chatted. The coffee tasted unusually well. We had to start with the preparations directly after though. "Come over here", Emma said and patted her lap, hinting I should come take a seat. I nod and move over to her and sit on her lap. She places her hand at my panties and starts rubbing my pussy through the thin fabric.

She takes her hand and moves it under my panties and start rubbing my swollen clit hard. "Get on the table", she tells me and I obey. I sit on the table, take my panties off and spread my legs wide for her, revealing my wet pussy to her. She moves up and starts sucking and licking on my clit. At the same time she moves two fingers inside teen big squirt solo she not have enough money for a apartment and she desperate and need. I groan loudly and after a few minutes of her licking and fingering me I erupt in the best orgasm I've ever had.

"Mhmm, so tasty", she says and gives my clit a peck. I smile and look at her, exhausted. "I need to shave. I want you to eat my pussy for real when I'm cooked", I say and smirk. She moves up to kiss me, "I'll prepare the sauce", she says and kiss me again. I go into the bathroom and shave my pussy thoroughly, it's never been this smooth before.

It looks so pretty and tasty. When I get back to the kitchen Emma has prepared the sauce and heated up the grill which is on our backyard. It's a very big grill, since we've done this a lot of times before we know how to cook a woman. "Reach out your arms and spread your legs" I comply and watch as Emma starts painting me with the sauce, she's really good.

She doesn't miss a spot at all. It's a bit tickly and cold but I enjoy it. When I'm fully covered in this great smelling barbeque sauce we both head outside.

"I love you", I say and smile at Emma. "I love you too Allison," she says and smiles back at me. Then I walk over to the grill, the heat is almost painful even though I'm just standing next to it. I look at Emma, then I carefully sit down on the grill.

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It burns my ass and it hurts really badly. I scream out loudly but I force myself to lie down on my back. My head is outside resting on a table so I don't burn it. My back is hurting badly but the pain is going away minute by minute.

My back is going numb since the nerve endings are getting cooked. I turn around and lie on my belly to get my other side cooked as well. It hurts a lot in the beginning, especially against my clit and nipples.

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The pain is extreme but it's also making me very horny, I feel my pussy getting wet but it steams away quite fast. I feel myself getting a bit tired. I turn my head to the side and see Emma masturbating ferociously. She is rubbing herself off fast and hard to the sight of me being cooked. I smile and look at her cunt.

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My skin is turning from a pale white to white, to a more golden brown and after about 20 minutes I'm done. Emma lifts me up on the table and helps me sit. I can still move my arms but my legs are completely numb. "You look and smell so good", she says and grabs her knife and fork.

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"Thanks", I say and smile, feeling really appreciated. Emma starts cutting out some meat from my thighs, I can't feel it.

She takes a bite. "Those tits looks delicious", she says and smiles. I nod in agreement, my big tits look very nicely. She grabs a bigger knife and start cutting into my right tit. She struggles with it for a while but after a few minutes she gets it all off. It looks a bit weird, only having one tit. Emma bites off my nipple. "Mhmm, you taste so good". She says and then starts cutting of my clit with her knife.

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I can't feel it but it looks really weird, but still sexy. Some cream cums out of my slit. She licks it up quickly, then she hands me my clit. It's the best thing I've ever eaten. It's crispy and a bit salty. But oh so good. I'm getting more and more tired, I look down and see that Emma is eating my pussy.

She has already eaten up my pussylips and has started with the vulva. She looks happy, I am happy. I smile and shortly after I die.