Lesbian attractive babes know a lot about gratification

Lesbian attractive babes know a lot about gratification
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Jessica's Capture Story: #16 Copyright ©2005 Written: January 21 2005 A story By: KaosAngel Proofed by: Piasa_Troll Please send any comments about this story to ([email protected]) ********************************************************************** Part 2 - Preparing for Auction Jessica read the sign above the door "RECIEVING", turn and tried to run as far away from the door as possible "Ahahahah" can be heard behind her as her chain tightens on the collar she now wares and she is pulled sharply back into the line of girl approaching the ramp that leads into the building and her impending death.

A little shaken from being pulled back so sharply Jessica meekly rejoins the group of scared girls and follows the rest of the girls up the ramp, the room they enter is a big meeting hall with lots of tables and chairs and lots more girls "ok girls take a seat while we explain why you are here" came the voice from the stage where a large man in a business suit is standing by the podium talking into a microphone "Hello girls".

Jessica quickly picks up one of the chairs and throws it at the man in front of the microphone yelling "NOOOO!!!" the man expecting this type of assault quickly ducks and says "you dumb bitch I will take real pleasure in prepping you personally and I will make sure it is more painful and take much longer then usual, now get that chair and sit the fuck down!!" he yelled, looking up at him Jessica sits on the floor where the chair use to be in defiance.

"Get up here and pick up this chair!" he yelled again as Jessica slowly stood up and walked over to the stage, up the 3 steps dragging the chains attached to her collar she then picks up the chair that was just a few alan got lucky thave drunk and sexy chick in his bedroom away from the main at the microphone, she quickly grabs the chair and swings it in his direction trying to hit him with it "BANG" the chair hits the man over the head hard, Jessica turns and begins to run as the man grabs her chains and drags her back to him.

With her chains in his hand he quickly wraps the chain around her neck tight "No more bullshit from you or you die right now, UNDERSTAND?" he said with only a small nod of acceptance from his chocking victim. When she is able to catch her breath "yes I understand, ill be good I promise" she said as she picked up the now very much dented chair and sits down with the rest of the girls Looking down at the girls "now to the reason you are all here, either your parents or boy friends were very well paid for the information on how to get you where you are now" he said with a smile "Your lying, my parents would never let you take me like this its against the alternative meat agency laws and my boy friend is to damn stupid to figure out how" Jessica yelled, drawing everyone's attention to her.

"Your right" he said looking though some papers for her name "Jessica, you we couldn't resist, you match our auction requirements perfectly so we grabbed the opportunity and you, while your were looking for that tiny kitten" he said while laughing. "That reminds me, meat animals' aren't allowed clothing" he said while nodding to some guards who walked over and ripped the bathrobe from her, taking the kitten with it.

"On the table in front of you are livestock application forms you WILL sign them and volunteer your meat to us or we will kill you and take your meat anyway, but for those who wont sign many horrible tortures await you!" he said looking around the room at all the tear soaked faces.

"NOOO ill never sign" Jessica yelled as she once gain picked up her chair and threw it at the man with the microphone. "sign it Jessica or you will regret it, don't make this harder on yourself" he says as he ducks from the flying chair "come up here and get this chair, sit down and behave yourself" he yelled his voice booming all over the room.

Sitting on the floor once again "NO!

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get the damn chair yourself" yelled Jessica also giving him the finger, "fine stay there on the floor at least now you don't have any chairs to throw" he said while another man was passing out the forms, after handing one to Jessica "NO!" she rips the livestock application form into pieces and throws them into the air like confetti "I will sign nothing" she yelled once again as the other girls were turning in there already signed form not wanting to piss off the man that now controlled every aspect of the rest of their lives.

Walking over to Jessica "Ok missy I tried to be nice" he says while grabbing her and forcefully pinning her to a large table knocking the wind out of her, several guards run over to help hold the wiggling girl down then spreading her legs eagled, looking into his eye's trying to catch her breath "Get off of me you pig, your not nice" she screams while squrming and trying to kick her legs that are being held tight to the table by two guards. "now I told you that you would regret not signing that form" he said kerala mallu reshma dress change another man hands him a large hunters knife placing the point inside Jessica's pussy "now how about we start by cutting off that pretty little clit of yours" he said digging the point of the knife painfully into Jessica exposed clit "still not signing?" he said digging the knife a little harder but not yet cutting her "GO TO HELL" she shouts and then spits in the mans face, wiping his face of he digs the knife in deep with the point cutting into her clit but not yet deep enough to cut it off.

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With her eyes closed and now crying "Ok, Ok ill sign just don't hurt me anymore" she said through crying sobs as the men release her and a hand appears in front of her face holding a pen, placing it to the form she signs her name.

Walking back to the stage he places Jessica's signed application in the pile with the rest while Jessica is lying on the floor crying. "Ok now each of you have been selected for your age, height, weight, hair and eye color and all your forms are signed, now you have a few ore things that need to be taken care of before we send you to auction" the man said while guards were forcing the girls to stand to their feet. "Auction? You're going to sell us?

to who?" asked Jessica "Yes we are, you will be sold to the same people irresistible girl cant refuse a big cock would have bought your meat from the alternative meat agency, only now we get the money for your meat not them" he said with a smile.

"Now let's start getting you girls ready for the auction follow me and Jessica don't try anything stupid" he said as all the girls began to follow him. END PART 2