Jessica jones got fucked for delivering bad news

Jessica jones got fucked for delivering bad news
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Daddy sent me to bed with no dinner at 8pm that night. My little sister Abigail came home shortly after we did and was all smiles when she found out I was in trouble. She was sucking up to my Dad all the way until I got sent to bed with a sharp smack to my bottom for complaining, to which Abigail giggled.

I was told to expect a punishment the next day. During the night I tossed and turned, dreaming of the punishment I had seen that day, and the punishment that I would be going through tomorrow. "Kylie." I blinked and opened my eyes to the sound of my Dad's gruff voice, "Wake up, come into the living room." I looked at him from my fluffy white full sized bed.

"Now." He ordered. I got up, my pink tank top clung to my body lusious reality sexe story xxx saran wrap, and my white cotton panties were the only bottom wear I was clad with. Embarrassed, I quickly made my way to my small dresser.

"Don't bother." Daddy said, "Just hurry up and come out to the living room." I gulped; not thinking my punishment would be first thing in the morning and quickly followed behind him, even though I had the urge to go to the bathroom. To my surprise, when I got to the end of the hallway, Brandon and his mother were seated on our tan suede couch.

"Kylie, I think we all know that it was wrong to be having sex. Especially at your age." My father started. He belgium cute teen girl anal over to the dining room and grabbed a straight-backed chair and sat it in the living room a few feet in front of the couch.

"But Daddy I-" my protest was quickly cut off by my Dad grabbing my arm and swatting my upper thigh with his big hand. "Ow!" I cried out. I blushed, remembering that Brandon and Bridget were watching. "I don't want to hear any excuses Kylie!" Daddy boomed. " I know all the little girls are slutty these days, but I will NOT allow you to be one of them. Hopefully after this session you won't even THINK about having sex again." Tears were streaming down my cheeks now, "It wasn't my fault!!" I wanted to scream, but it was obvious that he wasn't going to believe a word I said.

On the table I saw a wooden spoon, a hairbrush, and a small metal cane looking thing. Daddy sat down on the chair, making it squeak under his weight, and motioned for me to come over to him. I bit my lower lip nervously and slowly shuffled a couple feet over towards him. He grabbed my skinny upper arm and pulled me over his lap. Bridget cleared her throat, "How often do you spank Kylie?" she asked. "Never," my father answered, "I've never spanked her, not since she was very little.

Kylie is normally a very good girl." I felt his finger and thumb tugging at my panties. I started to struggle. "Daddy no! What are you doing?!" I panicked, putting my hands on top of my bottom to try and keep him from pulling them down.

I was answered with a stinging slap to my hand from the wooden spoon. "Ah owwie!" I cried out. "You didn't think you were gonna keep these on did you?" Dad asked, "Bridget is a woman, its nothin new. Brandon has obviously seen everything. And I am your Daddy, and I can see your bare bottom if I want!" He yanked my little panties down so they tangled around my knees.

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"Wow you must have had one hell of a night." Daddy commented, "He bruised ya up real good." I squeezed tears out of my eyes from embarrassment. "Were you a virgin?" He asked me. I kept my mouth closed. SMAAACK! "Ahh oww yes!" I screamed out feeling the wooden spoon on my tender bottom. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "You will answer me when I ask you a question Kylie Anna!" Daddy bellowed. Tears were openly flowing now, the stinging on my bottom was intense to my knowledge, I didn't have anything to compare this feeling to.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Daddy thoroughly covered my bottom until I was crying and begging him to stop. I heard him set the wooden spoon down, and sighed a breath of relief. "Stand up." Daddy ordered me. I stood on my shaking legs. "Brandon, get over here and sit down, you're going to spank Kylie with the hairbrush." My mouth dropped in horror.

"Da-Daddy NO! Pu-Please don't let him!!" My body was trembling as I watched Brandon get up and sit down in the "spanking" chair, a smirk on his face, "Come lay across my lap Kylie." Daddy sat down on our other couch. "Nu-NO!" I screamed at Brandon.

"Kylie, you had better do it or I will make you." Dad warned. Covering my small privates from his view, I lie down across Brandon's lap and immediately felt his growing hard-on on my tummy. I shook my head no. "no, no, no…" I whispered. SMASH! I felt a force two times harder than Daddy's smash down on my already burning ass. It knocked the wind out of me and made me choke, I couldn't even scream. SMASH! "AHHHH!! I cried out and kicked my legs, trying to get off of his lap.

"Count them!" Brandon said over my loud crying. I couldn't believe this was happening. He raped me, stole my virginity, now he was punishing me for it!!

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SMASH! "one!" SMASH! "two" SMASH "three!" Each counting of swats was more that a shriek, and the few seconds pause between each stroke made it that much more painful. I could feel his huge cock throbbing against me, taunting me with every smack. Luckily, Daddy stopped him at 20. I felt like I could barely breath. I couldn't see through my tears anymore and felt close to passing out.

"Get up, both of you." Daddy commanded, "Brandon, help Kylie to bend over the table." Daddy pointed to the dining room table.

Brandon lifted me up from underneath my arms and walked me over to the table with great care, and even though I hated him I loved the feeling of his arms wrapped around me, and the cool softness of his shirt against my hot tear streaked face. He gently laid me over it, my shaky legs standing my body up. I had to pee really badly. "One more punishment, it won't take as long, but it will probably be the most painful yet." I was only half-listening to what my dad was saying, "Brandon, you will also be giving this punishment." I closed my eyes and whimpered pathetically, knowing he would give it his all.

I felt in and out of consciousness waiting for this last beating. WHOOSH&hellip. CRAAACK! "AHHHHHHH!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, feeling like a knife had just sliced into my upper thighs and WHOOSH… CRAACK!! another immediately followed, I felt my pee let loose and run down my legs. Johnny sins school bus fuck CRAACKK!!

While I was still peeing and sobbing and screaming, another sweet sweetie is gaping narrowed twat in close up and cumming pain from the metal cane tore into my flesh.

"Stop at ten." I heard Daddy say. So seven more mind numbingly painful swats were administered, and the whistling of the cane flying through the air before landing each time only made it worse. At the end I could no longer stand it, I felt the warm trails on my legs where I had peed myself, and my bottom and upper thighs felt as if they had no skin left.

I felt myself slipping off the table. "Whoa, whoa, whoa," Brandon dropped the cane on the floor and caught me before I hit the ground, and I passed out instantly. I woke up in a fog later, confused why I felt so much pain, but remembered the brutal beating from earlier.

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It was around 3pm and Abigail shouted to Daddy that I was awake. He came in with a plate of food and sat it on my nightstand.

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"I'm sorry about that baby girl. I couldn't hurt you that bad, but you needed it." He said calmly. "Me and the guys are going up to Daytona for bike week, so you and Abby will be staying with Bridget and Eddie until we get back." I was dazed, but couldn't believe what I was hearing. "But Daddy-" I started. "Kylie, don't argue with me. It'll be fine, you'll be with your little friend Danni.

But if you cause these people any more trouble, God help me Kylie. Just don't do it." He warned me. As much as I didn't want to, I was in too much pain to argue. I hurriedly ate the food he had handed me, since I hadn't eaten for about 24 hours, and went back to sleep, with a kiss on my forehead from my Daddy.

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