Behind the scenes with the kardassians venom

Behind the scenes with the kardassians venom
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Here's Part Two! You'll notice I put a little dialect in the story, I hope you enjoy it! Don't forget I always love positive or helpful feedback.(: Kyle finally sat up after a few minutes from recovering from his powerful and intense orgasm. He didn't remember even shooting so much cum so quickly!

To his surprise when he sat up, he found innocent little Samantha licking his cum off herself. This wasn't exactly helping him stay soft.

"Mmm big bro, your cum tastes so good!" Samantha said, giggling as she finished cleaning the cum off her face and chest. Kyle was astonished that he had turned his innocent, sweet, little sister into a girl who craved her brothers cum. "Samantha, what you did was wrong and we can never tell anyone, or ever do anything like that again. Do you understand?" Kyle said, with a stern but gentle tone to his voice.

He wanted this night to end, as he was so confused! What if someone found out? What if. He likes her more than a brother should? Samantha pouted, because little did he know, his babysis had actually tasted hot cum before. Our dear little girl has a dirty little secret, which you'll find out about later.She knew how babies where made, and she planned on seducing him to fuck her.

She wanted him to be her first time fucking and was intent on making it true. "Oh big bro, Pure mature wife wakes up horny and wants a big dick know. I promise never ever ever ever ever to tell!" She said, hugging him tightly in her usual innocent tone. "I do have one question though big bro. If a guy can shoot that stuff, can a girl too?" Samantha pried, hoping to trap Kyle into quenching her virgin pussy's thirst.

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She knew almost all too well how to seduce and trick a man to do what she wanted. Kyle stuttered. He was unsure of what to do next.

Kyle care so much for Sam, and he hated lying to such a sweet face. So, he explained how some girls can do something called squirting. Samantha said that it's no fair if he got to cum and she didn't!

"But Samantha, you and I know that what we already have done slow sensual relutant sissy seduction wrong. We can't do anymore." Kyle said, trying to escape what he knew was coming up next. "B-but big bro. Don't you love me? It wouldn't be fair to make me hold off on something if it feels good." She whined and pouted.

Kyle finally caved in and said he would, but this was the only time he was doing it and that they weren't doing anything else ever.

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Samantha squealed with glee. Her plan was working. Then she asked if she was supposed to have or do anything.

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Kyle instructed her to take off her shorts and lay down on her tummy, and she did. He then said that instead of using his hand like she did on him, he was going to use his mouth. Kyle pulled up her sweet little ass and spread her legs a little, displaying her pink insides opening up for him.

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He noticed she was already drenched wet, and gave her ass a playful spank. "Oooohhhhhhb big bro." She moaned. Kyle spanked her a little sweet girl needs more than a sex toy this time.

Samantha began moaning harder and louder each time he would smack her firm young ass. Her right cheek was turning red from her bro's hand but Kyle couldn't stop. Hearing his little sister moaning for him had gotten his dick throbbing hard, and it was throbbing for her. While doing this, Kyle was wondering if the love between he and his sister was starting to grow.

Was it maybe more than just the love of brother and sister? Could it be that. Maybe. He wanted something more? While Kyle was thinking about this and spanking Samantha's sexy bottom, her virgin pussy was getting so drenched, it was starting to slowly run down her legs. So Kyle stopped spanking her, spread her legs out a little further, and starting affectionately kissing and licking up each leg, cleaning up her sweet virgin nectar. Doing this made Samantha shudder and shake, over come with desire and a sensation.

She wanted her big bro to make her cum again and again. "Babysis, you taste so good! Don't worry about doing anything or something happening, I've done this with a lot of girls so I know what I'm doing." Kyle said, gently kissing his babysis's slit. He was going to make what he thought was her first time being eaten out, the best she'd ever have.

While Kyle began teasing and kissing, Samantha was thinking about the first time she'd ever cum, and the guy who'd turned her into the naughty little girl she was now.

But who was this mystery man? Well. I suppose we'll just get into that later. Kyle had gotten her rolled on her back, legs spread wide, and watched her display his virgin pussy like a blooming flower. More juices ran out of her tight young pussy. He saw lil sis's face flushed from all the excitement so he got on top of her and kissed her.

This was what he thought to be Sam's first kiss. It was certainly the best. Big bro had gently began kissing her lips, until he ran the tip of his tongue on his babysis's lips, causing them to open for his to tongue to enter her mouth.

They played with each other's tongues, exploring the tastes and sensations. Kyle's kiss even made Sam moan a few times. She was absolutely loving this. This kiss made both of them begin to blush. They'd blushed beet red, and even though Samantha claimed that she hated being cute, she knew it made her cute and she did kind of liked it.

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As they had finished their passionate loving kiss, Samantha leaned up, looked Kyle right in the eye, smiled so sweetly and said: "Kyle, I think I love you."