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Big tit blonde police officer first time raw video takes hold of officer fucking a
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Well, those wonderful episodes with my uncle and my special boy scout friend were long gone. I had been with quite a few boys & girls, men & women since those days. I was in my mid 30's, had been laid off from my last job and had decided to move to Las Vegas where I had heard there was still a lot of work available. I sold most of my belongings, emptied my savings and rented a moving van for what little I had left.

It was Friday morning and I was really looking forward to the weekend. I'd spent the entire week looking for a new apartment and had finally found one Thursday night. I had been living out of the moving van for several days. Now all I had to do was move in and settle down for a while. Saturday went quick as the entire day was spent unloading my belongings from the moving van and getting things arranged in the new apartment. It was a really nice place, built in a square, two stories high and a huge park/garden in the middle with a beautiful stream running through it to a small pond in one corner.

I had a balcony overlooking the garden and decided to spend Saturday evening relaxing with a beer or two and enjoying the view from there. So I showered, got into my favorite comfy cloth shorts & t-shirt, grabbed a couple of beers and headed for allys step daughter handjob cumshot xxx the rave trade balcony when the door bell rang. I put the beers down on the coffee table in the living room and went to answer it.

I opened the door to find a kid standing there smiling. He looked up & said "Hey there new neighbor! I just came over to say hi, and to ask you if I could hang out on your balcony for a little while. You have the best view in the whole complex you know".

Not wanting to appear rude at this point I replied "Sure, I was just going to go relax & have a couple of beers out there". Not thinking at all about what I had said, the boy quickly responded "Beer!?!", "…SWEET!", "Can have one too?". "How old are you, 12?" I asked. "15" he answered sharply and followed it with "Pleeeeeaaaaaaase??" I really didn't care and he was friendly enough, so I let him. As we sat on the balcony sipping my beers, he told me all about the boy who had lived here before me and how they had been best friends for many years but that the parents had divorced and they all moved away.

He told me how they used to sit here on the balcony while the parents were working and watch the sun go down and listen to the stream below. I began to take specific notice of the visiting boy. He was a very cute, very well tanned Asian boy with little visible body hair, thin but good shape everywhere, nice smooth legs and though he had on very baggy shorts, I could see the nice shape of his ass when he sat down. His lips puckered perfectly each time he took a sip from his bottle of beer and I felt myself getting quite excited about it.

Afraid he might notice the bulge in my very loose cotton shorts, I calmly crossed my legs and tried to think about something else. We sat for a few hours on the balcony and finished a 12 pack of beer.

I don't remember how many he had but it was enough that he was too silly for me to let him out of my sight. I asked him if pashtdrama actress nadia gul porn story would like to spend the night on my couch citing the kind of trouble I'd be in if someone found out I had served him beer.

He agreed. I turned on the TV and we sat down on my couch to watch.

I figured I'd stay up with him until he fell asleep to make sure he stayed put. After surfing the only 3 channels I got at this point, no cable yet, the boy asked if I had any good DVD's to watch.

"Sure" I said, "Right over there in that box". He scrambled over to an unpacked box and began to dig through the movies. After old man vs the virgin few moments he stood up & said "This one looks good to me". "Good" I said, "put it in and we'll check it out".

He put the DVD in, came back to the couch and sat next to me to watch the movie. I was not paying any attention to the movie at all, I was paying total attention to the fact that when he had come back to the couch, he sat right next to me instead of the other end of the couch where he had been before.

I also couldn't help notice what seemed to be a good sized bulge in his shorts where I hadn't noticed one before. As all of this was racing through my inebriated brain, I noticed him look up at me with a very sweet smile and then moved his hand over and placed it on my thigh.

My cock jumped! Totally out of my mind now about what this little kid is doing I looked up to see that he had found, and begun playing one of my porno movies!

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Before I could get another thought processed, he had moved his hand up my thigh and wrapped his little hand around my now throbbing cock, gently squeezed and said, "Relaaaax, it's just sex, relax and enjoy it with me". I'm not sure if it was the alcohol or the complete and utter SHOCK factor of what a 15 year old boy had just said to me. I'd never even read anything about a young boy as aggressive as this before but I was too drunk and now WAY TOO HORNY to stop myself.

My shoulders sank as I relaxed back into the couch and began to enjoy the boys touch. My lose cloth shorts were no match for the small sly finger work of this boy, soon he had worked my cock out the base of one of the short legs. I wiggled a bit to allow the shorts to shift & provide even easier access. He began to stroke my cock ever so gently up & down, with a gentle squeeze sometimes at the base and sometimes at the head. I looked over to see his baggy shorts revealing his cute hairless ass, I reached over and began to tug on his front button, it came lose, then I slowly unzipped his shorts, it didn't take much before they fell away.

He had blowjob cum while and ass grinding cumshot me love you lengthy time no underwear and I now had his rock hard little cock in my hand.

I cranked on it a few times and then had to explore some more. My hand released the grip on his cock and swept down to gently caress his boy sack. As I fondled his teabag and my natural chick sucks penis in pov and gets tight pussy screwed stroked his inner thighs, he moaned and at the same time leaned in to envelope my cock in his mouth.

Both hands gripped tightly at the base of my cock as he began to swirl his tongue around my tip and soak my member with his face juice. Now completely fixated on this young boy blowing me, I slumped downward on the couch a little and spread my legs apart giving him a perch and giving me the perfect view.

With his eyes closed he sucked on my cock like a little girl would a lolly-pop, bobbing up & down the length, then off to one side with his velvety smooth lips, underscoring each pass with his tongue.

Occasionally he would run his tongue from the base of my cock all the way along the length to the tip and then sip, sip, sip, pause, and gently kiss the tip, then he would swallow the entire length again, until those supple lips were all I could see of my cock. His hands would softly flow, gently caressing, from near my knees to my inner thigh, lightly tickle behind my sack & around my cock, up to my belly button & chest.

This was without a doubt one of the hottest blowjobs I'd ever gotten. As I lay stretched out across the couch, watching this amazing boy blow my cock… and my mind, I couldn't help notice his perfectly formed ass behind him. Each time his head went downward to envelope my cock, I had a perfect view of it, the small of his thin torso curving outward to the heart shape of his cute little ass cheeks that were pointed upward behind him.

All I could think about now was how badly I wanted to fill that ass with my throbbing hot member. He must have seen me looking because a moment later, he released my cock from his mouth and reached up to remove the loose fitting shorts he had been working around all of this time. He pulled them over my soaking wet meat stick, down my legs and off for good, throwing them up over his shoulder to the other side of the room. Then he looked up at me grinning and biting his lower lip with his own saliva and my cock juice dripping off his chin.

"Got anything we can use for lube?" he asked. My head spun with desire as I desperately tried to answer without shooting my load right then & there. "Sure" was all I could muster before getting my senses back & following it with "It's in the bedroom in the nightstand". We stood up together and he paused facing me, staring into my eyes with his beautiful smile still shining.

He reached around and pulled me closer. Our cocks rubbed together as our bodies closed in. What came next sex xnx water thailend com just so strangely natural. I leaned in & down as he stretched upward to meet me and we locked into a soft passionate kiss. I could smell & taste my own cock, and I loved it! His lips were still hot and wet from blowing me.

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We kissed there for a moment, our tongues playing a game of tag as we traded sucking on each others soft supple lips. I paused and said "let's go get more comfortable in the bedroom".

He simply nodded and took my hand as I lead him to the bed in the other room. We climbed up on the bed and laid down facing each other, our legs interlocked and our cocks rubbing against each other we locked lips again. My hands explored his velvety soft skin. I ran my hand from his shoulders downward caressing the small of his back and then to his soft little ass cheek. It was such a perfect size, each cheek just about the exact same size as my hand.

I ran my hand up & down the hairless crack of his cute little ass, dipping my middle finger inward just enough to slightly spread his cheeks. He moaned softly and thrust his ass back enough to spread his cheeks a little more, giving me full access. I tickled his tiny puckered hole with the tip of my middle finger on each pass of my hand and each time he would let out another slight moan and his body would tremble ever so slightly.

I rolled back and lay flat reaching behind me to the nightstand drawer to get the lube. As I was grabbing it from the drawer, the he moved himself down and reunited with my cock. This was one hungry kid! I laid ebony london blowjob and fantastic first time domestic disturbance call and watched for a moment.

After a few minutes, I decided I'd better take advantage of his offer before I wasted this hard on.

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I opened the lube and poured a generous amount on one hand. He took the bottle of lube from me and grabbed my hand, pulling it over to the crack of his ass he buried my hand full of lube and we began to work it between his cheeks.

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He then let go of my hand and I continued on my own. Gliding my hand & fingers between his soft warm cheeks, I slipped a finger down to this hole and began a circular motion around his hole.

Making sure there was enough lube distributed on & around his hole and my finger, I slowly slipped it inward. As I entered his tight fuck hole with my finger, he closed his eyes and gave a soft moan "MMMmmmmmmmmmm&hellip.", "…that's fuckin' it" he said.

I worked my finger in to the knuckle and began to fuck his little brown pucker softly. He savored the feeling for a few moments laying his head down on the bed and leaving his ass up high in the air mega big boobs mature mom make you horny for all day me to continue fingering him gently.

Then he lifted his head, turned the bottle upside down and poured a stream of lube across the length of my cock, dropped the bottle and began to work the lube on my cock, making sure it was completely covered. He then turned around and lay face down next to me. I turned over and positioned my cock over his crack. With my legs outside his, my cock lay perfectly in his crack where I began to cheek fuck him for a moment running the length of my cock the entire length of his crack and squeezing his cheeks inward with my hands.

Then I stopped with my throbbing head at his tiny opening. Pushing gently with a thumb at the middle of my shaft, I aimed inward and began my plunge. "Go slowly" he said softly. I pushed in a little more and watched as concupiscent adorable teen in a virgin sex act tip of my cock spread his bung hole open.

Slowly I pushed I little more, now the head of my cock about half way covered by his ass mouth. Then another soft push as his sphincter popped down around the edge of my cock head. "Uuugghhhhhhhhhh&hellip." He moaned as I pushed slowly deeper, inch by inch I crept inward until I had reached the hilt.

Now completely inside his soft supple ass, I let go of his cheeks to lean in and wrap my arms around his torso. Not really ever pulling outward I thrust forward a couple of times very gently. It felt SOOOOO good to be inside this boy… As I thrust forward he would let out a slight chirp and a gratified moan.

His tight hole now firmly wrapped around my cock and feeling like a store bought cock ring, it tightly gripping the base of my shaft. I could feel his hot ass juice swirling all over my shaft & head with each inward thrust. "Oh god, your cock feels so good inside me" he exclaimed. "Now fuck me with it, fuck me with that hot fucking fuck stick!". That was pretty much it for me, he had riled me up with that and I had to get to fuckin'.

I sat up and began slowly fucking the boys ass taking my cock out to the rim of my head and then burying it back in to the hilt. Slow at first but soon the pace quickened and the thrusting became more aggressive. "Oh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh…", he said as I pounded him from behind "Fu, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uck, ye, es, fu, uck, ye, es, fu, uck, ye, es".

Wanting a better position to really pound my way home I lifted his ass up in the air and had him perched on his knees. I arose with him planting my feet flat on the bed and cute australian lesbians lick their pink holes again wrapping my arms around his torso, this time, grabbing his throbbing cock with one hand and jerking him in rhythm with the pounding I was giving him from behind.

Now as I rapidly ravaged his ass with my cock and firmly fondled his member, only short bursting breaths with an occasional chirp were coming from the boy. "Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh,&hellip.oh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh". I pounded his tight hot ass for a good ten minutes before slowing to a calm pace and then to a pause as I again reached the inner most depths of his sweet cavern. I gently kissed the boys shoulder and gave a nudge to roll over.

We rolled over as a single unit and with the boy still parked solidly on my cock, I backed myself up to the padded head board in a sitting position with my legs bent and my knees pointing upward. His legs draped over mine and my cock still deep inside, I now had a clear view of his cock as well.

I reached around his body a gripped it firmly. He turned his head towards mine and we kissed again. Then I began thrusting upward as I pumped his member in equal rhythm. He lay his head back on my shoulder and closed his eyes letting out a pleasure filled sigh. I began to quicken the pace again, I would thrust upward with my cock into his sweet chocolate hole and at the same time pounding downward with my grip on his cock.

With each stroke of his cock, his tight fuck hole would grip a little tighter on my cock. I was getting close and I wanted to see him blow his load as badly as I wanted to blast the depths of his ass with mine. It was then that I noticed a perfect view from the opposite side of the room where my dresser mirror was. It was like watching a porno of me fucking this little boy, the determined look on my face, almost angry, and the look of pleasure with a light hint of shock on his.

Just as I was taking this all in, he looked up to see me in the mirror and his jaw dropped open as his cock hardened, his tip turning bright purple and at last, the first explosion of hot white boy juice came blasting out of him. He gasped for air as it shot straight up and back down on his cock and my hand adding to the lubrication and the heat of the moment. Each time he shot a load I could feel the vibration all the way through his ass and my cock. As I watched intently both in the mirror and over his shoulder, I had reached the same point myself.

My head fell back on the head board and I felt the same explosive power and vibration as I blew my first load deep inside his hole.

I thrust upward with each blast and continued to work his boy cock almost as if I were jerking my own to make sure every last drop was milked. With my free hand I reached around and began to spread his hot come all over his chest, stomach & neck, working my fingers up to his lips where he reached out with his tongue for a taste of himself.

All the while, still thrusting into his ass to empty my load completely into my boy toy and softly stroking his cock to a resting position. After the orgasms subsided, we lay there smiling and still breathing heavy and my cock still completely rock hard and buried deep inside him.

Once we had caught our breath, I wrapped my arms around him gently but completely. He again looked up at me and we exchanged a very warm, soft kiss. A few quiet moments passed, then I suggested a busty babe jasmine jae first interracial encounter with lex and we got up and went to the bathroom and had a very long, very hot shower. I couldn't keep my hands off of him and through the entire shower, my cock never left it's upright state.

It reminded me of some of the times I'd been with my uncle and how his hard on sometimes would last hours after we had finished. I also realized that this was the hottest I'd felt during sex since my first time with uncle Donnie and realized he must have felt the same with me.

After the shower, he was on his way back out to the living room to "crash out on the couch" he said. "Why" I asked, "there's plenty of room here on the bed!". To which he nodded, shrugged his shoulders and climbed back into my bed.

I turned out the lights and lay down next to him, spooning his warm fresh naked body. We lay there quiet for a few minutes when it hit me …and I finally asked, "what's your name?", "or should I just call you my little fuck buddy?". He laughed and elbowed me in the ribs, "Eric, my name is Eric".