That adorable babe raises her blue top

That adorable babe raises her blue top
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This is part 5 to You have to love me If you don't like the idea of rape DO NOT READ. After talking on the phone todd showers and gets in bed with lily. He pulls her into his arms, pulls up and covers and falls asleep.

The next morning lily wakes up first and rubs her eyes. She looks over at todd and just thinks she might love him if he would just let her go but she know that isn't going to happen.

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She crawls out of bed to go use the bathroom and shower. Yhivi and zoe laying on the bathroom floor licking each others pussies she is washing her hair and singing softly to herself todd sneaks into the shower with her.

He woke up with a painfully hard dick and he needs her before work. He steps up behind her and reaches around her to grab a breast in each hand. Lily jumps and starts yelling "Why would you scare me like that! Can't I have a few minutes of alone time!" Todd smiles and says "Baby I have to go to work you will have lots of alone time.

he smiles a wicked smile and says.well untill your little friend gets here." She says "What are you talking about?" Again he just smiles and says "Turn around bend over and put your hands on the wall." She doesn't move.

Todd says "Lily baby if you don't fucking do as I said I'm going to beat that cute ass of yours and then take you! Now please do as I said!" She says softly "Todd I don't wanna." He grabs her turns off the water and dries her with a towel as her carriers her to the bed she scream "Ok ok ill do it!!

Please todd ill do it!" He cuffs her wrists to the bed keeping her on her belly and he grabs his belt from the floor and he strokes her ass he says "Lily this is what you get if you don't obey, I love you but I must teach you that if you disobey you get in trouble." She begs him not to do this but he just says "Shhh" he folds the belt and lands it hard on her ass she screams.

He does this over and over till she has gotten 20 hard smacks. She is shaking and sobbing. He drops the belt and strokes her ass for a minute before climbing on the bed and getting right to the point of slamming into her tight pussy. He laughs and says "Lily did you like that princess because your soaking wet." She tries to get away from him because she is angry, hurt, and overall embarrassed.

He just grabs her hips to keep her still and fucks her with all he has got. He keeps telling her things like how tight she is or how wet she is for him and she hates him at this point in time for doing this to her.

He looks over at the clock on the bed side table and says "Oh shit I'm late!" He says "Princess I'm going to finish up quick this is all for me if you cum I'm going to punish you!" He reaches around and rubs her clit as he fucks her fast and hard.

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He cums just before she can and he pulls out and leaves her ass in the air pussy dripping cum. he finishes dressing and someone knocks on the door. He opens it and says "Oh hannah just in time." She walks in and hugs todd. He says "Thank you for coming I know lily gets lonely while I'm at work, also lily will be staying in bed today because she was a bad girl this morning. Oh and she is not to cum at all today." He goes over and kisses lily on the forehead and says "Ill be home soon be good I love you." He leaves the room locking the door behind him.

Lily blushes knowing hannah is here but she whispers "Hannah I'm glad your here.

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Hurry up and get me out of her!" She walks over and slaps lilys sore ass and she says "Hell no I love Todd and he is never going to love me back till he is over you so I have to let him do this." Lily says "You love him?!?!" She smiles and nodds. Lily secretly feels a little jealous but says "You can have him just help me!" She shakes her head no. She giggles and says "lily your a sloppy mess!" Lily says "That asshole came in me and left it!" Hannah perks up hot teen strip and masturbation dildo insatiable itch relief says "That's todds!?" She slids a finger into the mess and licks it off she closes her eyes and says "Mmmm so good." Lily pulls away and says "Don't touch me hannah!" She rolls her eyes and does it again she can't get enough of todd she crawls onto the bed and grabs lilys hips and starts to eat her out.

She licks and suck with all she has not wanting to miss one drop of todds yummy cum. Lily can't belive this she is beyond embarrassed but it feels amazing. Hannah says "Lily you taste so sweet like sugar!" She sucks on lily's clit getting her right on the edge of an orgasm then stops. She goes to her bag she brought over and takes out some toys she has a little of every thing. The one she picks up is an eggs shape with a remote. Lily doesn't know what this is for till hannah licks it and pushes it into lily's pussy lily gasps and wiggles around but it won't cum out.

Hannah turns it on and lily starts to shiver it feels so good. Hannah ignores it and says let's watch a movie. She walk to the tv pick out a movie and pops it in. She climbs onto the bed and sits back to enjoy the movie. Lily can hardly bare it having this virbating going on. Hannah turns it up and lily screams with pleasure.

Hannah turns it back down to lown and laughs saying "Sorry I thought that was the volume to the tv." This goes on all day with hannah turning it up and down and off before she can ever come. Todd gets home and comes in and says "How is my baby girl?" Hannah goes to say I'm great but then remembers he is talking about lily.

Lily is worn out she can't even lift her head off the bed. Todd smiles and says "Hannah you wore out my little sweetheart." Lily can't take it anymore she whispers "Todd can you pplease make me ccum." He smiles and unzips his pants to pull out his already hard cock. He reaches up and uncuffs her wrists before helping her stand and bend over the edge of the bed. He slide into her and says "ohhh." He pulls out and pops the egg out of her and tosses it at hannah before sliding back into her tight pussy.

He slides in and out slowly. Lily moans and says "Todd please I need to cum!" He laughs and fucks her hard pounding in and out of her tight pussy. he rubs her clit at the same time holding off on his own release till right when she finds her then they come at the same time and he just rests against her then pulls her into his lap and sits on the bed. Hannah is pissed she whispers "whore!" Todd gives her a stern look and she says "I'm ready to go!" Todd says "No I think lily needs a friend." He gently lays getting it on with shemale renata araujo on the bed and goes to his clothes before pulling out his old dogs pet bed that he would never sleep in he puts it on the floor at the end of the bed and says "Come here hannah and go to sleep." She says "Hell no!" He grabs the cuffs from the bed and cuffs them to the railing at the foot of the bed then he drags her down to the foot of the bed cuffs her there and says "Now go to sleep!" When he looks up at lily she is already fast asleep so he gets ready for bed and climbs in next to lily sleeping great with her by his side.

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