Hot milf fucked on her hairy pussy

Hot milf fucked on her hairy pussy
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My wife made the mistake of telling several of her married girlfriends on two separate occasions that we had a great sex life and that I tied her up and took her out into the woods naked bound and blindfolded for kinky sex! One had shown up at our house unexpectedly and I had my wife naked blindfolded bound and tied face down on the bed for a noon-er,when I heard a knock at the door!

Still dressed and wondering who it might be I answered the door leaving my wife naked and spread out on the bed! After seeing who it was I invited her in shushing her with my finger to be quite and motioning her to follow me into our bedroom! She gulped and was astonished to see my wife stark ass naked tied spread eagled to our bed as I stuck a big dildo up in her wide open pussy she groaned and then moaned as I continued to work her over offering it to my wife's girlfriend that was almost in shock!

You guessed it shortly after this gorgeous gia and blair gets their wet pussy fucked hit on me! One of my female friends on a different site after hearing this story asked? So if these girl friends of your wife hit on you what did you do? This brings back some wonderful memories.

The first time was when we lived in southern California, this girl friend of hers, husband and I worked together back then, and we had a number of explicit conversation about our women at the local topless bar, a place called the Cherry Pit A Go Go.

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I had shown him several Polaroid pictures of my wife naked and bound an had talked in some detail about what I had done to her! Enough that I felt comfortable in telling him that his wife had hit on me!

Now you have to remember that back in those days we were both young and horny as hell !

I was taking my girl out parking pretty much on a regular basis naked bound and blindfolded into the woods, plus I was a kinky and devious guy always experimenting and looking for interesting sexual situations! So I suggested to him that I do the same with his wife! Her name was Joyce I told her to meet me on one of the back roads near a place I took my girl wearing as little as possible!

Her husband was suppose to be at work, as where we worked had a day and evening shift.

Earlier in the day I had taken him to the spot and told him to be there hiding in the bushes at about when I thought we, her and I would show up! I had all of my usual stuff cord duct tape! This was the second time I got to hug kiss and feel her up!

Several days earlier when she hit on me had gotten in my car in the local super market parking lot, slid over next to me made sure no one was watching grabbed my cock and kissed me!

This time it was dark and she was wearing no bra had unbuttoned her blouse which allowed met easily squeeze her bare tits and kiss her back! I had done similar things, parking with my wife out in the woods numerous times and had the things I needed ready! I would use small sections of tissue folded over her eyes and duct taped so she could not see anything!

At first she was giddy with excitement, then I removed her blouse leaving her topless, after this she became quite now realizing that she was in for who knows what? Normally I would not drive around with my girl blindfolded and topless! Usually with her she would be wearing a coat and dark glasses, so that if anyone looked very close naughty nympho is taken in anal madhouse for painful treatment would not be so obvious.

But it was after dark and not far from where I was taking her, once there she said she had changed her mind and did not want to do this?

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When I got her out of the car she made no effort at all to resist or say anything else as I undid her skirt and pulled it down allowing her to step out of it. She was also wearing no panties I helped her over and into the bushes and trees lifting her arms up and with rope and duct tape secured them above her head!

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Then lovingly patted her on the ass and kissed her as I stood back to watch! Her husband then took over fondling her smacking her bare ass several times pretty hard and fingering her! Then within a short time was fucking her good from behind with her naked and helplessly hanging! It was kind of a quickie as both quickly got off, but he was also turned on and pinay celebrity scandal sasha grey was she under the circumstances!

Was able to keep fucking her for quite a while finally leaving her hanging by her wrists! Then he stepped back in the bushes as I undid the duct tape and ropes leaving the duct tape blindfold and cuffing her hands behind her back! Then I drove her back to her car before removing the leather cuffs and duct tape on her eyes! She kissed me most passionately before getting dressed and thanked me for a most wonderful sexual experience!

We both had three young children at the time and my wife unknown to her was actually baby sitting her three kids while she was out getting her brains fucked out with Joyce thinking it was me!

She told me later that it was one of the most kinky and enjoyable sexual experiences she had ever had thinking that I was the one that did her! I do not know if her husband ever told her as it would have been a very interesting conversation to hear what was said?

I did go over to her house one night when her husband was working, but she would not let me in as her children were there asleep but she standing in the doorway opened her nightgown exposing a moist hairy muff and allowed me to get down on my knees and suck her off, that for me was quite enjoyable!

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Not long after this we both changed jobs and they moved back to IL and we moved to northern Calif. My wife did get a letter from her sometime later telling that she thought my wife was a true friend and that she enjoyed knowing us, never saying anything about what had happened! Don't get me wrong I would have loved to do Joyce and could have easily done so but at the time I was really enjoying my wife and this seemed to be the thing to do!

The next is about a friend of my wife's in northern calif not near as exciting or detailed, as my wife at the time being a bit naive and proud of the fact had blurted out to another girlfriend that we had a great sex life! june summers paying her sons bills

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