I was jerking when holly came i fuck her shaved pussy masturbation and pornstars

I was jerking when holly came i fuck her shaved pussy masturbation and pornstars
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Continued from "Me and the guys.and my sister?" The next morning, we woke up and sat in the kitchen drinking some coffee.naked. "You know we can't tell anybody about this," my sister told me. "Of course not. Juvenile amazing girl enjoys pussy stretch girlfriend and homemade in front of people that don't know us. we have the same last name. if they don't ask." She saw where I Was going with this.

"Well, I have some plans for you later today. How's your ass feel?" "Hungry for more," I answered. "What do you have in mind?" "You'll just have to wait and see." We talked some more about what had happened, about being naked all of the time from now on, about sharing other men and women, about some fantasies.

But as the day progressed, my cock was hard as ever and I needed some relief. "No, you just wait," Lynn told me. "You'll get relief, but not right now." She was driving me crazy with that naked smooth body and leaving wet spots on my kitchen chairs too.

LOL Finally her phone rang. Lynn walked into the other room to talk in private. When she came back in, she told me to go clean up and clean myself out. She was going to run home quick and get changed and she would be right back. So, off we went, and I was really wondering what the Hell I had gotten into. When Lynn returned, she was wearing a long coat.

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Sort of like a western duster. She asked me if I was ready. I just nodded and turned so she could see the plug in my ass. She opened a bag mom and son off husban dug out some things from it and plopped it down on the couch and told me to get "dressed." Then she took her coat off.

"WOW! What the fuck?" I asked in amazement of my sisters body and the way she was dressed. There she stood in some spiked heels, little pink cheerleader looking skirt that didn't really cover anything, and a black fishnet shirt.

Under it was nothing at all. Just her hard nipples poking through the fishnet and her smooth, shiny pussy and ass peaking out from under the skirt. "Well, quit staring and get dressed," she repeated.

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I picked up the things she put on the couch. A leather harness that went over my shoulders like suspenders and split at the crotch so my cock would be free to hang out. A cock ring, and a leash. "You're going to love this," she said both my companions sisters and two skinny teens share cock the blue balled bosss brother an evil grin.

I got dressed as ordered and waited for her. She attached the leash to the harness and then told me to put on a pair of shorts. There's still daylight and we don't want to be arrested.although that could turn out fun as well. hahahahahahaa Lynn led me out to her car and we drove to a truck stop about a mile from my house. We parked out by the road and she told me we had to look for a truck with a certain name on the door.

When we found it, Lynn knocked on the door and opened it. There was a voice from inside telling her to enter, so we both climbed inside. "Both of you get undressed," The voice said. "Hey," Lynn started, "I'm only here to watch the show." "I said get undressed or you both leave." She nodded to me and we both got undressed right there in the front of the cab where anybody that could see through the windshield would be able to see us. Then we stepped through the curtain to the sleeper area.

It wasn't big and there were three naked men sitting on the bunk stroking their cocks. I was really impressed with their sizes too. "Where'd you meet these guys?" I asked her. "No talking. Now get over here and use that mouth for something other than pissing me off," one guy demanded. "And you sit at the end and play with that little puss honey." I got on my knees and started to suck the man in the middle while grabbing a cock in each hand.

Lynn sat at the end as ordered. I alternated from one cock to another to another. All three men were hard as rock and had pre cum dripping. Then one stood up and got behind me. I thought, here we go, it's time. He removed my butt plug and started to finger my ass with some lube.

Damn he was rough. Then he aimed his cock right at my hole and pushed right in. I think my eyes must have almost popped out of my head.

I had a cock in my mouth and this one that just pushed into my ass was big. It felt like someone stuffing a Coke can into me. But I liked it. I looked over at Lynn. She was sitting at the edge of the bunk with one foot on the floor, one on the bunk, rubbing her pussy slowly as she watched this guy enter my ass.

Even her eyes got wide. Hell, I might have been in love. LOL The guy fucked my ass for a while and then pulled out making room for one of the other guys. When he pulled out, he waved his cock in front of Lynn and told her to stroke it.

She reached over and started to rub his cock. It was so big she couldn't even wrap her fingers kasey storm enjoys a nice hard dick it. But she did her best. Then they changed again. He went back to fucking me and leaned over to Lynn, "you wanna see me fill him up?" "Hell ya I do." She got closer and the guy fucked me harder and faster.

His balls slapped against mine. Then he stiffened up and I could feel him flooding my ass with his cum. Damn it felt good. He pulled out and another guy took his place. The guy that just fucked me told Lynn to clean him up, but she couldn't get her mouth around him, so she just licked him clean.

Now I had a cock in my mouth and one in my ass. Both of them pistoning in unison back and forth.

The guy in my mouth was straining and finally shot in my mouth as I swallowed his load down. Some of it dribbled out of my mouth, so they told Lynn to lick it up.

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Here was another first. Sharing cum orally with my sister. It was about this time I realized how hard my own cock had gotten.

I reached down to grab it while the guy fucking my ass noticed. "No no. You keep your hands off of yourself," he started to say. He looked at my sister and told her to lay back on the bunk and spread herself. Then he told me to get on top of her. I thought to myself, "Yes, I loved this last night. It should be awesome again." I got on top of Lynn and slid my dick into her waiting wet pussy. The guy got up behind me and pushed himself back into my ass.

He didn't wait to get a rythm going, he just started to pound my ass hard and fast. Strangely this felt really good to Lynn and myself too. My cock was straining for release and this guy was pounding the Hell out of me. Which in turn was pounding the Hell out of Lynn. I could feel him swetting all over me as he started to grunt. Then it happened. It had to be a gallon of cum erupting into my ass. I felt it all over my balls even before he quit shotting. I couldn't hold back sune leone ke sexy vedeo either.

I started to shoot my load into Lynn and she was trying not to scream too loud as she came too. "OK now," one of the men started.

"Get down and clean her up boy." I didn't have to be told twice. I was between her legs and licking and sucking before the guy finished giving the order. Then another cock was at my back door. I looked over my shoulder to see the first guy hard again and sliding back in. Lynn was laying there tweaking her nipples and moaning as I licked her from asshole to clit and back. The guy pounding me made my mouth and tongue push against Lynn's holes and clit.

He didn't last long this time before he shot a smaller load in my ass. I continued to lick, but on of the men told me to get up on the bunk on my hands and knees. Then he told Lynn it was her turn to clean me up. Oh my God did she ever feel good. Her tongue licked up buckets of cum from my ass and balls before one of the guys made her kiss me and swap all of that cum with me.

"OK you two bitches, show's over. Get out." And with that, we went back to my house and continued licking and fucking and sucking until morning. I can't remember a better night with my sister. I can't wait to see what the future has in perfect looker is exposing her gaped wet twat in close up for us.

But you can be sure I'll be writing about it.