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Three college girls blowjob first time sex greedy woman katerina
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It was another warm day in the middle of spring. The sky was a beautiful blue with not a single cloud in sight. Even the leaves were rustling softly miss pageant nudist 5 getsex fairy tales a gentle breeze blew through the trees.

It was the perfect day to practice my archery training for the tournament. I changed into my robes then grabbed my bow and quiver then walked out onto the range. "Good, no one else is here." It felt good to have some peace and quiet after all the hustle and bustle with the morning activities and the welcoming ceremony for the new students.

I pulled an arrow from the quiver and set my aim for my target then drew back to take my shot as the wind picked up. I waited patiently for the wind to settle then took the shot.

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The arrow soared through the air and struck the target a mere millimeter to the left of the bullseye. I sighed then pulled another arrow from the quiver and reset my aim. As I drew back the bow I heard the laughter of the group of first year female students. "They must be exploring the campus and visiting the clubs." I sighed with a slight aggravation in my voice. "Today is a day that I wish that I wasn't the captain of the archery club." "But being captain has its privileges, Bethany." A male voice chuckled from behind me.

I didn't have to turn around to see who it was because that voice and it's sarcastic tone was enough to know. "What do you want, Eryk?" I demanded with a growl as I took my shot. The arrow struck the target almost an inch away from my first shot.

Eryk whistled then walked towards me, slowly closing the distance between us. "Man your aim is off today, B." My tone grew harsh. "Don't call me by that idiotic pet name sex xnx water thailend com yours!" Why did he have to show up now of all times when I just wanted to be able to enjoy the peace and quiet while practicing.

"Awe, come on, B.why not?" He laughed then moved close enough to lay his hand on my shoulder. My eyes flared a fiery crimson as my anger turned to a fierce rage because he was touching me. "Get your fucking hands off of me, Eryk!" I growled, with a tone full of disgust.

"I don't think the captain likes being touched?" A deep male voice called from over by the gate entrance. It was Markus, my second in command and the only one to ever come close to beating my school record at the competitions. Eryk turned and glared at the tall red head then stormed off. I had asked him why he never entered the tournaments with his skills but he always smiled with those deep sapphire blue eyes, completely ignoring my question.

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I gripped the bow firmly as I heard the cheerful voices of the first years nearing the gate entrance and heaved a sigh. "That stressed huh?" Markus asked in a calm voice as he looked towards the gate where the voices were coming from. I gave him a slight nod as I reached for the quiver. "Then just relax, I can handle showing a few newbies around the grounds.

After all I am second in command so it shouldn't be to hard to handle." "Thanks, Markus. I really owe you one." He smiled the gave me the quick trade mark salute that he was well known for then headed for the gate.

Bushy gorgeous teen gets hairless schoolgirl and japanese just shook my head with a slight smile then focused my mind back on my training.

The voices grew even louder as he led them through the gate and began showing them around. -Markus' POV- As I lead them around the range I noticed that a couple of female students watching the captain constantly while whispering something to each other. "Hmm, why have they taken such a liking to the captain?" I shook my head and continued showing the new students around the archery range.

"Excuse me, upper class man, sir sorry to bother you but who was that?" When I turned around I realized that it was one of the two girls who were watching the captain.

"That's the captain and you will address her as such." The girl's eyes sparkled with excitement. "That's the captain? Wow she's beautiful!" I heaved a sigh and shook my head. "Sorry to disappoint you but she doesn't like when the students faun over her plus she's spoken for." The girl rolled her eyes at me then went back to talking with her friend.

"Pfft! She won't last long with the captain with that attitude." I thought to myself then heaved a sigh. -Bethany's POV- "Alright that's it for today everyone, out you go." Markus said in a cheery voice as he opened the gate.

"Awe, don't we at least get to meet the captain?" I heard a young girl's voice call out. "Nope, sorry but I am under strict orders today." He replied to her with a slight chuckle in his voice. Most of the upper class men found it rather annoying how he handled things but that was just Markus for you. It even took me some time to get used him. "Any progress?" Markus asked as he walked towards me. "Not really since I would much rather practice alone, no offense Markus." He smiled then gave me a quick nod.

"No worries, catch you later!" Markus then left the archery range without another word. It felt so relaxing to finally have the range all to myself again.

About an hour had passed into my training when the wind began to really pick up and whip through the trees. -Anna's POV- "What's with this wind?" I wondered as I brushed my hair from my face.

"I'll bet she's at the archery range taking a break from all the chaos since she had to handle most of the preparations for the welcoming ceremony." I quickly and carefully made my way down the steps leading to the club grounds on the east side of the campus. As I neared the sonia and mili get a nice dildo to the archery range I took one quick look around before I entered the gate.

I suddenly heard a high pitch whistling of an arrow soaring through the air. A wicked smile slowly crept across my lips as I made my way through the shadows, closing the distance between us. I knelt down in the shadows of the trees and watched as my lover drew her bow, taking the aim for her shot. -Bethany's POV- Another gust of wind came whisping through the trees carrying a very familiar scent.

I lowered my bow and closed my eyes lifting my head towards the sky as I enjoyed the breeze. "I know this scent, it's the same as Anna's perfume that I bought for her when we went on our trip with Alexander." I thought to myself as I heard the faint sound of a heart beat over by the trees. "How long are you planning to watch me from the shadows, Anna?" I couldn't help but to smile inside as I spoke those words. "H-How did you know that I was here, Bethany?" I noticed that Anna's cheeks were flushed as she walked out of the shadows.

"Come now, Anna it's not like I wouldn't notice when my lover is nearby?" Anna put her hands behind her then looked at the ground. The blush of her cheeks grew deeper as she rocked on her feet. Her reaction was so cute that I couldn't help to laugh just a little. "What's so funny, Bethany?" Anna asked curiously. "Nothing, baby. But I must ask what brings this little kitten here when I heard she was supposed to be at rehearsal?" A slight smile crept across spoilt luscious student gets a schlong girlfriend and hardcore lips as I lowered my bow, dropping the arrow back into the quiver.

I could feel her eyes on me, watching my every move.

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"Something wrong, love?" Anna quickly looked away, shaking her head. "N-No, why do you ask that?" A soft snicker rose within my voice. "Because your reactions say otherwise." -Anna's POV- Before I realized it Beth had closed the distance between us and we now stood nose to nose. "B-Beth, what are you." Beth quickly captured my lips in a fiery kiss, silencing me. The outer world seemed to fade away as a new one was born from the pleasure growing within me.

"Come with me." I heard Beth's voice whisper against my cheek, bringing me back down to reality. I felt Beth gently tug my arm as she lead me into the locker room towards the sunny leon sex story xnxxx.

I followed her without any hesitation what so ever. No matter how much I tried to deny it my body craved her touch. I wanted it, oh god how I wanted it and how I wished it would never end. Beth pulled me into one of the showers, pinning me back against the wall as she lavished my neck in hot hungry kisses.

-Bethany's POV- I loved the way Anna whimpered and writhed under my touch. I pinned her hands over her head and held them there with my left hand. Anna closed her eyes and whimpered pitifully, pleading for my touch.

"B-Beth." Anna's voice sounded so beautiful as she called my name in that sweet voice of hers. "Tell me what you want, Anna." I said with a tease in my voice as I ran my tongue over the V of her neck, tracing it.

Anna gasped from the sudden sensation that my simple touch awakened between her thighs. "I" How could I resist such a request.

I released her hands then gripped her shirt and ripped it right down the middle, sending the buttons flying in all direction as I lavished her skin in warm, wet kisses.

Anna whimpered repeatedly as she felt my hands move further down her body to rest at her hips. My thumb popped the button on her skirt with such ease as I hooked my fingers into the sides of her underwear. I felt first time teen xxx story hips jerk under my touch as I slipped the garments over her hips, letting them fall around her ankles.

"Mmm!" Anna's body shivered from the cool air brushing against her as she slipped her feet from her shoes and articles of clothing then pushed them aside. I felt the gentle breeze on my skin as my training robes eased open from where Anna untied the belt.

I then shifted my shoulders slightly, letting the garment slip from my shoulders and fall to the floor. Anna blushed as she looked down to see that I now stood before her wearing nothing but a pair of navy blue underwear with a white lacey trim.

I ran my fingers down her stomach slowly until my fingers reached that most intimate part of her. Anna rolled her hips against my hand until my finger tips pressed against her weeping core then eased her hips down sheathing two of my fingers inside of her. A deep groan escaped my lips as I felt the warmth of her pre run down my fingers.

" warm." I whispered as my own excitement over took me, causing me to drive my fingers even deeper into her. "AHH! M-More, please." Anna pleaded then wrapped her arms around my neck and held onto me tightly as I quickened my pace.

"Cum for me, Anna." Just as her name left my lips I felt Anna's sweet essence flood my palm. -Markus' POV- "Shit!

I forgot my backpack in the locker room back at the club, it has the books I need for my next class." I wasn't far away so I quickly turned around and ran back to the archery range. I opened the gate and walked inside as I wiped the sweat from my forehead. "Captain, I'm sorry to bother you, but." My words trailed off as I looked up to see that the captain was gone.

I walked around looking for her but saw only her bow left behind. "Hmm, that's not like the captain to leave her bow unattended like this." I picked up her bow and carried it into the locker room with me.

My locker was at the far back near the showers so I decided to put the captain's bow in the office on her desk. "Damn, I got to hurry or I'm going to be late for my next class." I heard a strange noise as I neared my locker, which was only about two feet from the door to the showers.

"Is she still here?" I asked myself as I silently peeked inside the shower room. The captain was indeed still here but to my surprise she was not alone. I was shocked to young cuties elsa and jojo swap some cum the captain flat on her back on the floor with a smaller female's arms wrapped around her thighs with her head bobbing between the captain's legs.

"Holy Shit!" I whispered as I quickly and silently grabbed my backpack and headed for the door. Just as I made it to the door I heard the captain scream, my face blushed instantly as my eyes widened. "Damn, that must have been a good one!" I quickly punched myself in the face. "Oh my god, I can't believe that I just said that about the captain." I quickly left the archery range and headed to my next class with only one thought constantly repeating itself in the back of my mind.

"If she finds out that I saw her, she's going to kill me for sure!" -Bethany's POV- Anna lifted her head from between my legs with a smile as my essence slowly slid down her chin. "Feel better, love?" She asked as she crawled up beside me and ran her fingers through my hair then wiped the sweat from my forehead.

", Anna." I panted then rolled on my side to face her and kissed her on the lips lovingly. We laid there in each others embrace for about fifteen xxx full sex stories dayna vendetta all before Anna started snickering. "What is it, Anna?" I asked with a curious look. "Well I can't go to my next class all sticky now can I, Beth?" Anna said with a slight smirk. I couldn't help but laugh.

"No I guess not, babe." I said as I stood up and walked over to the nearest shower and turned on the water. Anna followed me without any hesitation. After the shower we both got dressed then kissed each other goodbye then headed to our next classes at opposite ends of the campus.