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Unfathomable and carnal asian group play japanese hardcore
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Alan did his best to steady his hands Merlin!? THE MERLIN?

What in the hell was going on? Was there truth in almost all of the old legends? Laughing hesitatingly Alan looked closer at the man, ok maybe there was a .little resemblance to the man of legend. "Wait, wait, wait," Alan started out, "you're The Merlin? King Arthur? Camelot and the round table? All of that?" "Well yes, is there another magic user on earth called Merlin?" The man smirked, though it was hard to tell with the long growth of beard the man had.

Alan stopped and turned toward Hopix, "I thought you said that the earth now has a dampening effect on all magic users? That was the reason I couldn't." "A dampening effect?

Only on Magic users?" The man was saying as he tried to sit up still stiff from not having moved in over a thousand years. "Sounds suspiciously like what happened in my time. That bitch Morgan le Fay was learning magic at an alarming rate. I found out later that she was seduced by promises of the dark council." Alan had stopped for a moment causing Merlin to turn and see the look of pain and great distrust on Alan's face.

"Ah I see that you are well acquainted with them! A real nasty lot for sure." Merlin stared at Alan harder a moment longer then nodded, "So you know how properly to deal with them I see, and the fact that you caught them in a lie, and used that against them was genius my boy.

Though I would caution you not to do it too often they always seem to find a way to turn the tables on you I know for a fact as you can see. Oh yes, this was their work." The whole time Alan was taking in every word the man was saying he had been at this far longer than he had and with less power to boot! "I've been told you came here a very long time ago," Alan told the man.

"As outnumbered as you are you think that the white council would have helped." Here the man lowered his head, "I'm afraid that they didn't know at the time 'til it was almost too late. By the time they placed me in the chamber, the planet was already in the hands of the dark council. I am afraid it was all they could do, had they taken me they would have been in violation of their own rules they set down." Alan could only smile he was really starting to like this man!

He'd kept the council in the dark. Hell yeah Alan had to learn how to do that, maybe then the assholes wouldn't do that to him again. Merlin could only smile he could almost see the thoughts that the younger man had going through his head. It might be good to teach the man some of his tricks, might make his job easier and a lot more fun that's for sure!

"So my good man though almost all the pain is gone I still can't walk, bum leg and all." Merlin informed Alan. Alan nodded and started back healing the leg within minutes the man was almost whole again. Standing the man patted Alan teen mouth spunked in pov cuminmouth hardcore the back, "Thank you my good man now," Merlin slapped his hands together rubbing them together. "It's time to get back to work!" Alan passed a hand over Merlin effectively freezing the man.

"I think not Merlin; I just brought you back from near death. I'm not about to let you try and temp fate again ok? Stay here for a bit I'll go kill a few then we'll talk ok?" "You're a damn sure fire, cocky bastard aren't you?" Merlin spat at Alan. Alan stopped a moment then turned to Merlin with a huge smile on his face, "Yes, you might say that, I have to be or I'd most definitely be dead right now. Just stay here and rest you haven't been out there in a very long time the little I have done today has barely affected the balance on this world." Alan walked up to Merlin and with a deadly serious look told the older man, "I damn sure intend to change that!" Merlin watched as Alan walked away, a wide smile crossing his face, so it was true!

The one had finally been born and arrived. Sighing Merlin sat down if the man actually could kill a few more then they had a chance. With the removal of the weakest twelve plus their apprentices Alan might not feel a difference but he most definitely could. Alan and Hopix exited the underground cavern; Alan stood there a moment wondering who he should go after. "Hey asshole!" Alan heard from behind him, (again?!) A fireball bounced off his shield.

Well that solved that problem, "Ok, here's the deal, you can leave or stay and die!

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Your choice." Alan could feel another what? 20? 30? They too felt as pathetic as those before. Must have sent their apprentices again. Shaking his head Alan just extended his arm then lifted it, might as well see who he was killing. As the 30 bodies flailed about in the air Alan again repeat his earlier warning.

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"Same deal, stay and die. Well?" All of the 30 began to spit, and curse at him in several languages, nodding with a sigh Alan closed his hand and all 30 popped out of existence. The one that had fired at Alan started to blubber and scurry away. Alan made a slashing motion and the last dropped dead. "Damn it! The pansies are sending their apprentices out after me. They obviously think I am like Merlin and am weakening. I put the remaining 87 of you on notice I am coming for you!

Don't." Alan started when there were several bolts teen plays with her tight little pussy sologirlcontent electricity that hit his shield, about time!

Alan thought. "You wanted us asshole we're here think you can take all of us? We aren't the weak pathetic creatures you have faced before," came a voice behind a hill. "So are we going to see each other? Or are you going to hide?

I actually like to see who the hell I kill when I eradicate pure evil!" Alan said as he made a flattening motion and the hill was as flat as the land around it.

Behind it were several slimy orange blobs and a few creatures that reminded Alan of piranha walking on two legs. "Ha you are so dead!

We are nothing compared to our parents!" One of the orange blobs spit at Alan. "Good! I am tired of dealing with weak examples of those that are in power here!" With that Alan waved a hand and the ten in front of him simply screamed then vanished into a dust. Damn! Alan thought even when they are dead they are dirtying up the place!

Alan heard a gasp then he felt Hopix's power skyrocket suddenly there was a scream then Hopix was rushing to his side.

"I. I. killed one Alan oh god! I think I am going to be sick!" Hopix said when she reached him. Really? With all that they had been through and she wasn't upset 'til she killed one? Shaking his head Alan looked out at all the places he could feel the others hiding. "Ok, same deal as before as always. You leave you live, stay here and get slaughtered. There are only nineteen of you left.

I took out ten of you easily you nineteen really think you are strong enough to defeat me? As I said leave and live stay and well. you'll be dead soon so guess it doesn't matter. I'll give you a minute that's all." Alan didn't really expect them to give up but he was always fair he had to give them a chance. A few moments later all nineteen advanced on Alan firing a variety of different bolts, waves, and yes (sigh) fireballs. Alan could only smirk when he really didn't even feel them hitting his shield; well he gave them a chance.

Slashing at his throat eight fell bleeding from their throats, undaunted the others renewed their attacks. Sighing at how stupid they were Alan crushed another five watching the others walk over the screaming corpses. The last six were definitely in a higher class of mage; smiling Alan threw several knife shaped bolts at all five.

After four of the remaining six went down Alan nodded, so these weren't just weak ones any more, good! "I see we are found out, no matter," one of the last two said.

"Now feel true power!" With that a huge bolt of ice and frigid cold struck his shield. On the other side a huge wave of water fell on his shield freezing solid in a mere second. Alan nodded not bad he was near 1/2 power barely enough for his power to grow a little. Smiling though they didn't need to know that.

Outside the water user was laughing," he'll never escape that! No one freezes as deeply as you! He'll be dead long." there was a slight cracking sound then the ice exploded outwards sending thousands of razor sharp shards away from Alan. The water user screamed and tried to flash out but was caught by 1000 or more of the shards as they shredded part of his chest, and the rest of the right side of his body.

The ice wielder just smiled as he absorbed the ice that flew at him. So this was no wimp they had sent an actual mage not a fake like the last one he'd nearly killed.

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Flashing out before Alan had a clear line of sight on him, Alan cursed when he saw that the last one had gotten away.

Hopix curled up next to Alan tears falling from her eyes. Looking at her he held her close and waited, he knew they should be alone before long they always were. It seemed that as a byproduct of defeating them the slaves that they had held on to were brought to where he was. Sure enough a few minutes later a rather large mass of dazed and confused group of the Lobrits appeared.

Alan waved both of his arms creating a small city that had once stood here, and then came the process of clearing them though as he'd thought before it was getting easier to do larger and larger groups. Alan could see that there were about 5000 almost twice what he'd done last time, reaching out he did the first thousand with no problem the same with the second and third thousand, He was half way through the last 2000 when he began to find those that refused the freedom he offered.

He was already at 150 and the number was starting to climb. "Damn it! Hopix this is going to take longer than I want to. I'm already at over 200 that want to remain a slave to these assholes!" Alan told Hopix with an exasperated sigh.

Once he hit 500 he shook his head and sent a shock wave out through those that were left. Well over half of those left fell Jerking and shrieking. Alan cleared the rest and sent them to the rest of those in the city. In all Alan counted 988 that had refused to let go and accept freedom. Alan was suddenly tired, tired of fighting these assholes, tired of no life, hell he was just tired of being tired!

Looking around Alan started to send those that were there on the ground to other areas. Looking at Hopix Alan nodded that he was done. Hopix could see the bone weariness in his eyes; they had been at this for over a month now almost non - stop. Even she had to admit she was starting to grow weary with the constant fighting, hiding, and freeing of different worlds. When it was her world she had been tireless now she was just weary.

Alan flashed them back to the underground sanctuary, even the warriors who had come to welcome them stood back. They knew some of what Alan and Hopix had been through, though they sympathized there was far too much at stake for them to rest. Much as when Hopix had been trying to free her world, they didn't have time to be tired or exhausted.

Alan walked into where Merlin was resting taking a cot on the other side of the room. Laying down a heavy sigh escaped his lips. Though not as powerful as Alan, Merlin could recognize and feel that Alan was exhausted more than he wanted to guy bonks gorgeous chick in wazoo hardcore blowjob. Especially after today, Merlin had felt Alan come up against the last one he'd fought. Reaching out Merlin could now truly feel the balance of the planet starting to shift.

Though he'd taken out forty-one nearly half of those here, he'd only gotten five of the middle strength mages. The fifty-nine that were left wouldn't be a walk in the woods that was for sure. Smiling Merlin could see quite a lot from the powerful young mage including the love he had for a certain young Fairixie, yes this was very interesting!

Merlin walked out through the back door he'd made well over a thousand years ago. True he wasn't as strong but he had a brain and amateur bbw fucked by young stud hardcore blowjob than a few tricks that he could use to get some of them.

Damn that young mage anyway this had been his mission and by the great power of the universe he was going to see it through. Besides he'd already picked up a little of the ability that the young mage Alan had. He could already feel his power slowly increasing, not a lot, but possibly enough to keep him alive longer at least 'til Alan was feeling better.

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Kneeling outside Merlin prayed to an ancient named power that he'd make it and one day get to see his wondrous Glimmer again. Making his way Merlin set a low shield around his self, Ah! Good it was as he thought even low power helps to increase it nice ability the young mage had. No wonder he was so tired to get where he is now he'd have to have been going for well over a month straight!

Hell even he'd be exhausted after a month of that much intensity! Merlin approached the middle level mage's home, I just hope I don't muck this up Merlin thought any I take out should help the young mage. Merlin had lowered all his power but had them set to snap up at a moment's notice, hmmm even pushing his power down was causing them to slightly increase.

My, Merlin thought, I keep this up and I should be middle level mage in no time! Knocking at the. Merlin guessed it was a door he felt a weak power approaching. The. door opened an ant shaped creature gasped then died in a ball of flame. There was a rasping german boob xxx fat com as Merlin hid then another bigger ant looking creature appeared beside the ashes. "This was no accident but I feel no one here, strange the idiot must have been practicing his.

" Merlin hit the wankz ava alvares shows off in thong creature with everything he had. Screaming the creature tried too late to erect a shield, then withered as the flames quickly ate the creature up.

Smiling Merlin thought well that helps but I better go! A moment later Merlin was 1000 yards away. What! He'd never been able to muster more than 100 feet!

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What had he gotten from the young mage? Though tired Merlin thought of getting away again and was another 1000 yards further! Merlin walked back in the back door and lay down, god he was tired that had taken so much out of him but he could feel several of his abilities now at middle level. Finally he could do more than just trick the bastards!

Merlin closed his eyes he had to rest he still wasn't used to the amount of power his body had produced. An hour later Alan awoke, god that had helped so much! Checking on Merlin he could see that the man was still exhausted from his ordeal. Alan had been hoping to take him out today so the man could show him some of the tricks that had kept him alive. Shrugging Alan walked out to find that many of the Lobrits there were excited, it seemed that last night one teen touches herself and master slave xxx halloween scare the evil Triacaries had been killed without raising an alarm, and there had been no sign of a battle or struggle.

The other Triacaries were as baffled as the Lobrits were. Many looked at Alan but they all knew that he'd been resting last night worn out from all that he'd done the day before. Hopix came to Alan a moment later, "I went there with the patrol when we heard, I at first thought it had been you also but I didn't feel you there.

It was a mage that much I am sure of but one I am not familiar with. You think you could find out?" Hopix asked Alan. Ok what in the hell was going on? Thing is he'd had that strange ass dream last night like it had been him but not him. Sighing Alan nodded as he and Hopix headed to where the mage had lived. The closer they got the more certain Alan was that he'd been here before but that was impossible! He hadn't moved all night and as far as he knew his energy self had stayed also so who in the hell had done this?

Looking over everything Alan could still see the attack from last night everything 'til whoever it was had flashed out. Hmmmm Alan had an idea but he wasn't that sure, he'd have to check tonight then he'd know for sure. They'd just finished and were starting back when several of the evil mages from the planet appeared. One more powerful than the rest stepped forward, "This was a good trick, don't think it will be that easy next time, that is if you survive!" The spokesman backed off as the others and then he started to fire at Alan At half power Alan smiled so then, they were out of weak ones!

Just past half power Alan just stood there hardly feeling their blasts. Finally they stopped to regroup, "Ok guys same deal leave gelangweilt auf dem sofa smalltits group sex I won't mess with you as long as you leave me alone.

Stay and I'll just have to destroy you. Your choice." "Leave? And do what? I worked all my life only to be spit on by the same people that wanted me to be a Clintarie. I killed all of them their screams are the only thing that brought me peace. In the words of your world shove your deal up your ass!" The spokesman said with most of the other 10 nodding in agreement.

"Fine then," As Alan reached in and crushed all the magic the leader had. "That was easy; from what I felt he was the strongest. Now then same deal. What's your decision?" There were a few moments that only the screams of the leader could be heard then the nine remaining started to fire at Alan again.

Alan sadly shook his head killing four of them with a blast of energy. The remaining five tried to run and would have made it but Alan caught four of them effectively crushing them. The last flashed out Alan just shook his head, he might shy schoolgirl with black hair fucked hard in classroom on desk well prepare for the Lobrits that he knew would be coming soon.

Alan had already cleared an area and had just finished erecting another small city when there was a sudden rush of power. The same man from the day before appeared holding the one that had gotten away by the throat. "Hello Alan I just thought you'd like to see that he really didn't get away, oh by the way that was a good trick last night. Seriously though don't think it will work on the rest of us.

Ah! Here they come. Masters." The man thing bowed to the dark council. "Very good Tnavres, Nam Daed you knew the penalty for what you did yet you thought to hide from us! Your soul is ours Dead Man!" The leader of the dark Council shrieked as all twelve of them descended upon the man screaming and shrieking himself.

Among the evil laughs Alan could hear the ripping and tearing of the man's flesh and soul as both were devoured. "Ah, it's always good to have an early soul, but nowhere as good as yours when we take it Alan Glanto!" "Well you can try but as you see you are losing, that one made fifty-nine I know, I Know they weren't the most powerful.

Then again they were nothing and they were the middle of the middle level. Just like your pathetic!" Alan said trying to bait the leader of the council hell the entire council for that matter!

The leader and several of the council smiled wicked evil smiles, "There won't be a way out this time Alan Glanto at least not for you!

Beware as you said these were pathetic, but they were nothing compared to our Hunk and babe swap cum cumshot blowjob The creature that had appeared with the escaping man threw a blast at Alan.

Smiling Alan brought up almost all his shields at full. At first Alan just looked at the creature as he started to increase his power. Ten minutes later Alan saw that the creature was struggling as was he. Firing off a full blast the creature was barely able to deflect though it still singed his arm a bit.

Finally stopping the creature turned to the dark council, "finally! A combatant worthy of my power as I feel I am of his! Wonderful!

I sir, will thoroughly enjoy killing your ass!" With a flourish the creature vanished. "So no bets I see you must be afraid that I will kill your Champion leaving you with nothing; not unlike you have now!" Alan said pressing the matter they might know what he is doing but that didn't mean he still couldn't get them to lose it and say something stupid again. "Nice try but we know we will win, no sense betting what we know will be ours soon. Goodbye Alan Glanto it wasn't a pleasure meeting you but it will be eating your soul." The leader said a wide smile on his face.

Alan started to laugh, looked at the council, and laughed harder. "What have you found to be so funny?" The leader asked. "You and how ridiculous you sound. After I defeat all of these assholes I imagine that I won't be able to get rid of you interfering in my life.

You idiots can be such a nuisance." Alan said laughing even harder. The leader's face contorted into a mask of rage, "Fine you little shit, you win we won't interfere in YOUR life again." "Hell with that in any of the life of earth, or are you afraid, cause I think you are!" With that Alan turned and started to walk away.

"Fine you shit, it's settled, if you win but if we win we get both of you!" The leader spit out in a fit of rage. Alan looked at Hopix who smiled and nodded, "Agreed, oh by the way the previous agreement stands you interfere and the deal is off and I asian adorable hotties slit examination squirting japanese call for another judgment" Grumbling the leader and several of the council nodded then vanished to a smiling Alan.