Bev gives a handjob and gets a facial

Bev gives a handjob and gets a facial
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Catelyn Stark sighed as she sat near the fireplace of her rooms. She used to share a room with Ned but had to leave as her husband's health continued to deteriorate. Maester Luwin had advised this as the best course of action. She had been lucky to get Ned to bed her before they had parted.

Now she could claim that Jon's heirs growing in her womb were Ned's. She couldn't help but rub her now slightly swollen womb in affection for the young growing within her. Catelyn couldn't help but marvel at how virile Jon's seed was and how quickly it had taken root and quickened her womb. His young grew seemingly rapidly, as if eager to be free to see the world soon. Her new wolf pups would be full of energy, it seemed. She had long given in to Jon and now came to his bed willingly and happily as he had her service his cock with her mouth and pussy almost every night.

It always ended with her naked and sweaty body laying on his bed, on her back with her legs spread or behind her ears, her pussy full of his thick white cum as she sucked and cleaned his cock, using her fiery hair to dry his manhood of her spit and his seed.

He treated Sansa like a queen, his own lady wife. Catelyn, on the other hand, was used like his personal whore and breeding factory. She had no doubt that if he ordered her to dress up like a common brothel whore and service the Men, hounds and Steeds of winterfell for money like gutter trash,she would have done so. She had fallen in love with his cock and she knew it. And this wouldn't be the last time he sired his bastards on her, this she knew.

Sansa had taken to ordering Catelyn impure mother id like to fuck like her milkshake in private. Her own mother!

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And strangely enough, Catelyn obeyed. "Think of it as payment. Those are my children you're carrying. The seed that quickened that womb of yours ripe with offspring was supposed to be mine.

I was supposed to be carrying my lord husband Jon's heirs by now." Sansa had said. It was only too bad that Jon had taken a message to the vale and was kept there by a bad snowstorm. And the damn royal party from kings landing had been delayed once more.

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What was keeping those royal pricks? Winterfell had been ready months ago. #################################### Lysa Arryn was the most powerful lady in the vale now. As head of house Arryn in her late husband's stead and mother of his (sickly) child Robert, she was now de facto head of the vale.

She was only 33 when Jon Arryn had died and now she ruled all the Vale. And she was still a beauty. Her gorgeous brunette hottie rides a massive boner Tully red hair in two braids and her face now having a mature beauty that still drove men to seek her bed in the night. So what if she was a little strange and still suckled her son from her large firm breasts? Robert or sweet Robyn as some called the boy, needed his strength from her milk.

She ruled all powerful now and was subservient to no one…… "OH FUCK!! BY THE SEVEN!!" Or that's what she thought.

Here she was in the locked throne room of the vale, her naked form on the throne of the vale in the Eyrie, her huge breasts going up and down and her legs spread wide apart as a Stark bastard with the same name as her late husband ravished her tight pussy as she screamed in pleasure.

It was lucky that she had sent all the palace guards to guard a nearby Riverland festival or they would have heard her. "Fucking Tully whores.

You're all the same. Just some Riverland sluts who can't get enough of cock. By the seven, your tight!" Jon said as he continued to pummel all 8 inches of hard cock into her juicy cunt as Lysa moaned in pleasure at the feeling of his large seed filled balls smacking against her ass.

He pulled her by her fiery braids to him and kissed her possessively, Lysa moaning into his mouth in pleasure as he searched and licked every each of her mouth, his searching tongue dueling with her own before licking her gums and pearl white teeth. "His an Animal…a real wolf." Lysa couldn't pretty teen screwed so hard by pervert dude on the couch but think as they kissed.

Jon broke their long tongue meeting and began groping her firm breasts, his cock not stopping a second as he continued to fuck her senseless. He suddenly stopped his fucking and slipped out of her needy pussy, smirking as she moaned in loss. He took her up in his arms and carried her bridal style to the roaring throne room fireplace, the flames making her red hair braids glow in the heat.

He found a thick and long Arryn banner nearby hanging on a pole and ripped it best friends receive a big hard pecker before placing it on the ground a few feet away but directly in front of the flames of the fireplace and laying Lysa on it before spreading her legs wide and stretching them to move behind her head.

"At least you Tully fish whores can stretch good. Must help to have those hips, good for birthing heirs&hellip.just like your sister." He said as Lysa's eyes widened. "What have you done to Cate.…OHHH FUCKKK!!!" She screamed in pleasure as Jon slammed into her cunt fully without delay, continuing his hard fuck session and making her cum hard, bathing his cock in pussy juice and tightening her velvet walls around his length.

"FUCK!! That sister of yours is just as tight as you, if not tighter. All you sluts of House Tully know how to do is spread your legs for cock and pop out heirs.

She's currently nurturing my young stark pups in her womb and soon you'll be doing the same." Jon said, smirking as Lysa's eyes widened in shock and lust. To think of proper and prim Catelyn, fucking her husband's child and bearing his taboo children. Jon swooped down and plunged deeper into her pussy, his cock now hitting the entrance to her cervix.

He took a firm breast in his hand and let his mouth snake over a ripe nipple, licking it wet with his tongue before sucking hard on it and drawing a steady stream of milk into his hungry belly as Lysa screamed in pleasure at the milking of her heavy breasts.

He suckled on her breasts for a minute before letting her breast go free and kissing her, letting her taste the milk on his tongue, all the while beautiful teen blowjob first time partnerly family competition cock was growing more rigid and hard in her cunt.

"I'm going to breed you like a wolf in heat, Lysa. Your body and Love are mine now. You know its the truth. I am your new lord.

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MY heirs will inherit the vale, not that sick shit of a boy you call sweet Robyn. I'm going to sire my offspring on your womb and like the good fish whore you are, your going to care and nurture them and name them head of the vale when you die.

You Tully bitches are famous for pushing out babies by the bucket load. On that point, you've been slacking. I'll be making sure you're pregnant with my children till you can't take any more.

Those hips aren't for show and I plan to push them to the limit." He said as his cock began to pulse. Lysa couldn't believe her ears. "No, please. Don't give me a bastard. You may cum in my mouth…I'll drink your seed, just don't…" Jon laughed loudly as he continued to pummel her cunt.

"Too bad you red haired cunt. I'm going to cum in you hard. Something about you redhead sluts just makes me want to see you grow big with my child. When your father dies, I'm going to the Riverlands and making sure I leave a nice amount of Tully ladies growing a snow in their wombs. But for now, I'll START! WITH! YOU! FUCK! I'M CUMMMIMG!" Lysa's eyes widened as she felt Jon's cock penetrate her cervix and hit the base of her womb.

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He held onto his orgasm and whispered in her ears. "Look into the fire, you little Tully whore. Look into those flames and see your future." He whispered before mashing his lips against hers and beginning to release thick creamy loads of virile cum into her fertile and unprotected womb, pasting her ripe eggs with his hot load of sperm from his full balls. Lysa's eyes looked into the fire, deep into the roaring flames.

She saw… she saw herself. Sitting on the throne of house Arryn in the Eyrie's throne room, where they currently were. Her fiery Tully red hair was loose from its usual braids and fell in thick waves to her back as she rubbed her her belly proudly and lovingly, now large and curved with young. She was carrying Jon snow's bastard children proudly in her womb. Time passed and she saw a cradle in her room, three babies sleeping within peacefully.

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Two girls and a boy, all with red Tully hair. She cooed at them and watched as they awakened and gazed at their mother happily, all of them having dark eyes&hellip.Jon's eyes.their father's eyes. A year passed. She didn't know how she knew.

She just did. She was pregnant again. Her womb once more curved in pregnancy. Jon snow sat on the Arryn throne as she knelt between his knees and sucked at his cock gently. Every year went on the same and the same. Getting infinite pleasure from Jon's snows cock and bearing his heirs.

Heirs who would make the Vale grow strong and mighty, Heirs who would grow to be great men and women of honour and beauty, Who would take the kingdoms to new heights!! And her, heralded in history forever as the great Matriarch of these men and women. She had to have it!!! She broke from the trance of the flames and kissed Jon back passionately, her legs coming from behind her head to wrap around Jon's waist, pulling his cock in deeper as he came, making sure his anikkas tongue makes contact with bretts pussy tribbing natural reached its target.

Her hands went down to his balls, massaging them gently, urging them to release their pent up load of fertile jizz to seed her womb. Finally the flow tapered off and Jon's cock slipped free of her clutching pussy as she lay on her back, moaning in pleasure as she used two fingers to spread open her cunt lips and show him the thick load of steaming hot seed that leaked out, covering the Arryn banner in his hot steaming load of backed up jizz.

High as honour indeed, Jon smirked, watching the ecstasy of his newest mistress. #################################### He sat on the the Arryn throne a few minutes later as nearby, Lysa milked her breasts into a gold goblet, which filled with her warm milk.

She walked towards him and knelt between his legs where his once more rock hard cock was waiting. She poured the warm liquid onto the whole of his length before taking it into her mouth and beginning to suck hard on it. Jon groaned in pleasure and let her continue her ministrations before feeling the familiar ache of release and slamming his cock deep into her mouth and spurting his thick load directly into her hungry belly.

He sighed in relief and watched as Lysa slipped his cock from her throat and began sucking it clean. Winterfell could wait a while. He was in no hurry. A few days fucking Lysa would ensure her pregnancy and his hold on the vale.