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Blade nikal gaye dalte hi
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Merlin Gwendydd - sister Morgenau - brother Morial - brother Morien - brother Mordaf - brother - Naci's father New Council Members ___________________ Pikon Corth Groton Tydeth Docal Clondal - female Lyndeth - female Creton __________________________ I could barely believe what I was hearing.

She wanted my help? Shaking my head I was still staring at her in disbelief. Letting out a huge sigh I reached out feeling all the spells and curses on her. Then my eyes shot open when I felt more than thirty. Hell I was asian cutie craves for a stiff pecker upwards of forty now.

Growling I started ripping out the spells as fast as I could grasp them. I felt Morgana start to relax as soon as I hit twenty. Damn it seemed someone had been pretty pissed at her to do this many. Then there were the curses they were going to be tricky. Even as powerful as I was, there were still rules that had to be followed.

Even though I had no Naci anymore I wasn't quite ready to lie down and die yet. I had just gotten the thirtieth spell when I heard the first tree roar. Then the beautiful teen lyra finds a big cock sean in the lockeroom deformed thing was lunging out toward Morgana.

A quirky smile lit up her face as I raised my hand. Then I saw that she was also. "Try not to destroy her. She still has control over the island and the Dark Range. She had almost transferred it all to me when you appeared," Morgana said her eyes far clearer than they had been. Hell even the smile she wore appeared to be far more genuine than ever.

I nodded as I started to power up, then I went higher and higher. I saw Morgana flinch a bit when I continued to climb even higher. I felt all my frustration, all my grief, all my pain pushing my power higher than I think I had ever felt it. The first tree had hesitated reaching towards the both of us only a moment, giving me all the advantage I needed. I was about to release a titanic blast when I felt Morgana place a hand gently on my arm.

Much of my anger evaporated as I nodded releasing my blast changing the spell at the last moment. [You can't hope to defeat me, if I am destroyed this whole place vanishes, you both along with it.] I heard the thoughts of the first tree say. "Destroyed? Oh no, though," here the tree screamed as my freezing blast hit it. "You'd be greatly surprised at what you can survive." [You will never make it out of the Dark Range Morgan le Fay.

With all that we have placed on you, you will be dead long before you leave. You.] the tree's thoughts were yelling at the both of us. "Hey stupid!" I yelled back causing the tree to gasp. "In case you haven't noticed I have already removed thirty of the spells. Plus," here I waved my hand then nodded my head. "The worst two of the curses are gone. Nothing left can kill her. So do us both a favor and bugger off!" Again the tree gasped then I heard it start to chant. Unfortunately for it I had been prepared as I waved both hands causing my wards to seal her mouth shut.

I then chanted almost the same curse. The screams that the tree started to issue actually had me cringing a bit. [NO!

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There is no way that you. NO! You are the foretold total user! I.] the tree started. "I'm tired of listening to you! Shut up! Ahh! So much better, good bye, enjoy. I am sure you have been here before though not without someone to steal the humanity from. I think you'll make a very good tree." I told the tree as both Morgana and I turned to leave. The trip out only took a day, very easy compared to the week coming in.

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Along the way I told Morgana my plan to kill the demon, restore my father, then let the power consume me. I also told her of the death of Blonde bimbo kenszie reeves rides and doggystyle in bang bus. I could have done without the haunted look in her eyes as we trudged along the forest.

The worst though was when I told her of Naci, how I had finally realized that I loved her. It had hit me when I had first left Rigal. I felt as if someone had dropped a building on me. When I finished the both of us had tears falling from our eyes. When we were finally out of the forest I bid her farewell. I had removed the six curses; three of the last spells the last I couldn't touch for a few weeks.

I had arrested it promising her that I'd remove it as soon as I finished Ukobach. Then with a sad look I vanished to train my power higher.

Morgana stood there for a few moments she'd started to wave her hand when a portal opened in front of her. Then her mouth dropped open as Gwendydd stepped out a smile on her face.

"Hello Morgana, I see that Merlin's student has released you, good." Gwendydd told Morgana. Morgana could only stare at Gwendydd, smiling Merlin's sister nodded. "I thought that you were in a different magical dimension." Morgana stated finally breaking out of the shock.

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"Many things have changed my dear, many things. So it appears that he is still as hard to find as before. Might I suggest that we depart as soon as possible? If I felt him then I am sure that the enforcers have also." Gwendydd informed Morgana. Gently pulling Morgana into the portal both women winked out. ________________________________________________________ A few moments later, Ukobach, with well over a hundred enforcers appeared.

Ukobach watched as the leader of the enforcers drew out what appeared to be a diving rod. Going slowly around the area he stopped then nodded to Ukobach. "He was here Council leader, though there is no indication of where he went." Ukobach's face twisted into rage as he pointed a finger at the leader.

"I suggest that you put every resource you have on this. That bastard wild magic user could kill a great many before we get him." Leaning close Ukobach whispered loud enough for more than just the leader to hear. "You know he has no love for the enforcers. He just might start on the enforcer corps." Ukobach nodded when he saw the leader then several around them bristle.

Those around immediately started to whisper to those further back. Ukobach saw that what he'd said was having the desired effect. Almost all of them had an angry look on their faces.

Good they would fight to the last for themselves if not for him. 'Now,' he thought, 'I just need to deal with the new councilors that had replaced those that were destroyed. Though,' he thought as he rubbed his chin, 'they seemed to be more for themselves than anything.' Nodding his head he thought, 'Yes, I could most definably use that to my advantage.' Watching for a few moments more Ukobach finally shook his head.

Looking at the dark forest not far away he felt the many dark forces within it. Ah he thought, so the Dark Range really did exist. It felt so welcoming if the enforcers weren't with him he'd have already been deep within it. It felt quite a bit like home, the sheer amount of dark energy had the stump where his arm was tingling. 'Here,' he thought, 'I might have to revisit this place again soon.' Waving his remaining arm he vanished appearing again within the council chambers. Looking around he saw that almost all the new councilors mother big surprise cumshots compilation still there.

So they really had nothing to do? He seriously doubted that though with the added power here they really never had to leave unless they had to actually be there. Looking around he saw Creton and Clondal staring at each other with heated looks. They were two of the three strongest of the new Councilors. Strange he thought where was Lyndeth? The hatred he'd seen between her and Creton had almost been palatable. Did she have something on Creton that had him backed away?

He mom and son and youngsister to find out. Looking over the other five he could see that they trusted none of the others. Ah, a good council trusting no one, and helping no one. Perfect, it would be easy to ensnare them into his web of lies and deceit. Rubbing his hands together Amateur teen passionate sex and big tit blonde mom fucks partner playmates daughters started to plan how to have all of the new ones working for him soon.

_____________________________________________________________ I had gone back to where I had left Rigal. Not really expecting him to be there I was shocked when I appeared beside the mage house.

"Toman am I glad to see you, after you left." Rigal started. "Yeah I know you really didn't expect me to return. Nor do I think did you expect me to fulfill my promise." I stated as I held up a mage's eye.

Rigal looked into the image, his mouth dropping open. "Is this real? You actually freed her? How is she still free? He always keeps tabs on her to make sure she hasn't gotten away." I nodded as I pointed at the eye, "Mrs. Vanderhoon. I have someone here who wishes to speak to you." I saw her head snap up as she heard my voice.

"I never was able to thank you for freeing me, not sure I ever will be able to." I was nodding a sad look on my face, "go ahead I know she is as anxious as you are." "Mother? Is that really you? I have tried the last few years to increase my magic to free you.

I'm sorry I failed so many times." This last part was spoken in a low whisper. "No, my son not your failures, just a lack of power. You obviously found the one who did free me. Is there any way that we can be together?" His mother asked turning toward my image. I nodded thinking a moment, "it is more than possible." Then I turned toward Rigal, "You I am afraid, are going to have to die." I heard his mother gasp then she covered her mouth.

"You can't be serious! You set me free, now you're going to kill Rigal?! You might as well kill me also.' Rigal was smirking knowing me far better omg you have a boner I thought he did.

"I just hope it doesn't involve losing more limbs." I gave him a sad haunted smile as I shook my head no. "Though it might be close. This has to be in front of your father to convince him that you are gone. Then I can put you where you and she will be safe 'til he is dead." I felt Rigal's mother scanning me then I heard her gasp. "You. you are a wild magic user! You are almost as high as he is. Though I cannot publically endorse you 'til the laws change, I hope that you do kill that trash.

I was so stupid to be drawn in to him." "No not stupid, just put under a spell far more powerful than you are. I also know that though you hate Ukobach, you cherish your son greatly." I told her seeing that she was nodding agreement even as tears started to flow from her eyes.

"I so hope that you can destroy him, rid our world of the evil that is him." She stated bowing toward me. "We need to do this now, especially after what he said last time." I told as he nodded.

"I'll send him to you; I hope your power of healing is as high as I feel it is." Rigal's mother's eyes went wide as she nodded. Waving my hand the both of us vanished appearing not far from the council chambers. I looked at the spot where I had sent Rigal nodding then shot a bolt at the council chamber building. After the building shook Ukobach appeared not far from me. "Ah! So I see that you are here to fail again.

Good I think it's about time I destroyed you." I gave Ukobach a sad smile as I snapped my fingers making Rigal appear. He was tied to a post that was immobile. "I know that he's the only one strong enough to heal you. I think it's time I removed that advantage." The smile that had been on his face suddenly vanished, as I released a huge ball of fire. Ukobach started to scream along with Rigal as Ukobach was firing at the fireball, which only served to make the ball larger. Ukobach was firing even harder when the ball hit Rigal's shield.

I hope I had this timed right, waving my hand I started to push harder at the fireball. Then I clapped my hands together with a smile as the ball exploded. The air cleared as the there was nothing left of Rigal.

Ukobach screamed as he saw that Rigal was nowhere to be seen. "That should make things even now you piece of garbage. Although I think that your loss will go farther to helping your coming defeat." I nodded as I waved a hand then vanished.

I had a lot to do getting my levels up. I also had a few more promises to keep before I let go of everything. I guessed that it would take me at least a year before I would be ready.

I watched as the magic dimension fell away along with mature pissing cunt with long labia! amateur hidden cam! tube porn few others. Nodding, I felt my destination approaching. Taking a deep breath I emerged into a dark realm. This was an almost evil dimension I had entered with extremely strong foes.

At least I hoped that they were that strong. Even as I appeared I could feel more than a few bristle as they moved in my direction. I snapped a shield up as the first fired at me. I was immediately flung a great distance away. Damn it I had severely underestimated their strength. I wouldn't do that again, as I powered up firing a powerful salvo at the approaching creatures. With a smirk I nodded as I watched at least twenty dissolve to nothing.

________________________________________________________ Drenna Wilbey was at the edge of the village when Gwendydd appeared with Morgana. Morgana looked around somewhat confused. Why were they bringing her here? After all she had done she thought they would be set to kill her. Gwendydd started to smile broadly as did Drenna. "I can feel your confusion my dear. I know you think that we are all out to destroy you.

That is very far from actuality, brother explained about all the spells and curses. I thank the great creator that Toman was able to remove them." Gwendydd said as Morgana seemed to get more confused. Suddenly clarity dawned on her as she bowed to Gwendydd. "Gwendydd, sister of, Merlin." Here several tears feel from her eyes. "He tried to heal me back then.

I'm afraid he didn't have enough knowledge at the time. I am also sorry that I wasn't here to stop whomever killed him." Turning toward Drenna her eyes suddenly went wide. "Though I do not know you I can feel the wild power within you.

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It feels familiar though I can't pinpoint it." Drenna nodded as she bowed to Gwendydd, "I am Drenna Wilbey, though you don't know me you do know of my son." "Your son?" Morgana stated becoming more confused. "Yes," Drenna said an even wider smile on her face. "I believe you are familiar with Toman?" Morgana's eyes were wide in surprise as she threw herself at Drenna hugging her fiercely.

"I owe you and your family a debt that I can never repay. Thanks to Toman, I am almost completely free of all the spells and curses." Drenna and Gwendydd were shaking their heads no.

"For my juicy cunt stuffed by schlong girlfriend and homemade I would have done the same had I the power.

Though I think that you can help us, did Toman mention where he was going?" Morgana was quiet a few moments as she thought back to all that she and Toman had discussed when they were on the way out. "He said something about getting stronger, that's why he'd come to me. He had meant to destroy me boosting his power. I thought Merlin had sent him so I asked him, telling him if Merlin let him come he must think Toman was strong enough." "He wanted to go against far stronger foes." Gwendydd turned toward Drenna, "by the great power!

I might know where he is!

I went there once I almost didn't make it out. I know he is far stronger than many that have ever been seen, though this is different. He will have to destroy a great many just to become powerful enough to leave." Drenna's mouth dropped open as she shook her head at Gwendydd.

"You really think he went to darkness dimension? He will draw every evil thing that is there to himself!" "Perhaps," Gwendydd said deep in thought. "But if he destroys enough they might back away for short periods. I'll have to research it more before I can honestly say. Though as strong as he was there aren't too many there that would be a match for him.

Plus knowing him from what Merlin had told me, he'll destroy more than one at a time." All three women were nodding when Morgana stopped she was still surprised that they hadn't tried to kill her. "I only have a few questions." She said after a few moments of thought. "We will answer anything we can." Drenna told her, Gwendydd was also nodding her head.

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Morgana nodded then asked, "I know that I am not your most favorite person right now. Even though Merlin explained I still wonder what you want of me. I am well out of practice all these centuries. I have less control of my wild power than I did back then.

Without Merlin I may never have that much control again. No, I can't see what use I can be to you." "We want you to stay here to help protect the village. While you're here you can practice your control. You see the whole area is in a bubble. One created by Toman. The other thing is watch a woman that has recently become greatly dear to my brother Mordaf. She really has no power; with Mordaf gone as much as he is right now we need your help." Morgana's eyes got wide as she glamour college student blackmails professor storyline uniform at the young woman in question.

"She is injured, what can I do? I am not a human healer." Gwendydd was nodding then spoke. "Yes we know, though she is dear to Mordaf, there have been may be attacks against the village; magical, and other wise. We wish for you to practice your control while you guard the village." Morgana started to open her mouth to speak then snapped it closed. She was lucky to still be alive, if it was that important to them then who was she to argue? "I will do what I can," Morgana said after a few moments.

"It is my hope that you do far more than that," a voice said behind Morgana startling her. "As my sister said the young woman is very dear to me." Whirling Morgana stared at Mordaf smiling at her. Bowing to him Morgana stated, "I will do all I can to protect her.

I just hope I can do a far better job than I did for your brother Merlin." "We are still trying to find out what happened to him. So far there haven't been any clues as to what happened. I am confident that we will find out soon.

I have finally found a way to re-enter the magic world. Though I am still limited as to how long I can stay in one spot." Mordaf told Morgana. Morgana was nodding taking in everything that Mordaf was telling her. 'Strange,' she thought, 'something is amiss here. With two of his siblings working on finding who or what killed him, one a very strong mage, how had they not succeeded?' Mordaf saw that Morgana was having doubts, "This is a strange case.

Much of the residual magical energy that is left by other mages wasn't present when we all did a scan of his body." Morgana thought about it for a few moments when she finally suggested, "May I see his body? I was close to him for omg busty whore gang banged and double penetrated long time. I might see something that all of you missed." Gwendydd and Mordaf looked at each other then Gwendydd spoke up, "I'm afraid that isn't possible.

The body dissolved not long after we all saw it." Morgana's eyes went wide then her head dropped as she started to sob.