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Blonde eva notty enjoys sucking lexington steele black cock
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Tuesday morning starts off with my sister Liz in a different mood than previous mornings. She's not happy or grumpy, just kind of blah mood as we all get ready for school. I let her be alone with her thoughts while I attempt to ask my Father for something I don't usually ask for. "Dad I've got a problem," I tell him as he's getting his boots on for work.

"What kind of a problem Guy," Dad replies without missing a knot. "I need some money for a date tonight," I say watching him pause as he's lacing up his boot. "And who are we taking out," Dad asks finishing the final knot. "Mathilda, I need to get her out and doing stuff that doesn't involve her weight set and I figured a date mid week would be a nice emily grey gets plowed in hardcore fashion I explain hoping for a miracle.

"Well I think that it's a wonderful idea," Mom says joining the conversation," You need to have some normal time with all these girlfriends you keep around. And when are we going to meet this other one from Texas?" "Soon Mom I promise," I tell her to placate the question for now," I just need like a hundred bucks for a nice dinner or something." I watch my Mother turn on her expectant gaze to my Father who stands up and takes out five twenty dollar bills then hands them off to me, I try to take them but my Dad has them in a tight grip to get my attention.

"A nice date, you will dress up and you will take the car," Dad orders me. I nod and he releases his hold on the money which immediately goes back into my room and in the lockbox in my computer desk. Getting to school after picking up Kori I notice Allison has elected to not follow us around like a happy puppy today. I don't mention it to the crew at all as we head off to classes. I just start to grab my bag and head off to lunch after third period when I get a visitor in Hanna waiting for me outside my class door.

I get outside and am greeted with a goofy salute. "Ginger ninja reporting for duty," Hanna jokes as we head towards the cafeteria. "So aside from you we have two other's I've recruited, both are guys but that's not a problem for you anymore is it," I joke back. "Yeah, some of the girls found out about my jumping the fence and while some were okay with it a few don't want to even touch me," Hanna says with very little sadness," So what's on the big list of things to do for today?" "Well first off you might not want to try to take my job as assistant, that's Natsuko's job," I tell Hanna as we get to the cafeteria," You keep Mathilda up to speed and relay messages." I can see she doesn't like being put into a single job informing someone else but it's not like I have a million things that need to be done in a day and I make it a point to emphasize how it's important to me.

We get seated at my usual table and I watch as the johnny sins drinking milk from boobs of the crew fills in the table crowding it up to the point where I have to get a second table and pick people to move over.

"Okay, we're too crowded so I want Jun and Lilly to pull that table over and I want Ben to join them," I tell the crew getting odd looks. "Why are we being moved," Lilly asks confused. "Jun has been here longest of the guys, you are his girlfriend and Ben is the second best fighter in the group," I explain and watch my reasoning register in their cherie deville n jasmine wolff share lucky hard shaft. As we get adjusted I see Hanna move over as well and then I watch as a few punks move over to the second table and quietly sit down.

It doesn't take long for me to recognize the girl and her guy friend after the ass-chewing I gave them for not standing up for themselves.

I warned Johnny about this type of shit and now here they are creeping into the circle for protection. I finish my milk and tap Katy to get her attention as I stand up and head over to their spot at MY crew's second table. I watch the girl get rigid as I stand behind her before moving over to the guy who turns to see my face. "Outside now," I order him getting a puzzled look. "Ummm we can move to a different spot if that's okay," the punk says trying to worm his way out.

"Maybe you didn't fucking hear him but when he says 'outside now' that means get your ass outside right now or your ass becomes three different colors of paste on the ground," Katy barks at the two raising her voice enough for the cafeteria to pay attention. I watch the punk couple get up and after grabbing their bags get lead out by Katy, I start to follow but getting an idea I stop at Jun's nerd table and grab one of the guys I see him talking to more than most and point for him to go outside.

"Nothing to worry about everyone, just some business among the Pariah's," Jun says getting people to focus on their own lives. Once outside I catch up to Katy who is taking the punk couple around the corner of the gym.

Once we're out of sight I back them up against the wall and turn my attention to the Asian nerd I had follow us. "What's your name man," I ask quickly. "I'm Hideo, I've been friends with Jun for…," He starts in before I cut him off with a look. "And you two morons, names now," I demand from the punk couple. "I'm Vince and she's Jenny," the punk boy says quietly. "Wonderful, now hand over what you're holding," I tell them getting a desperate look.

"Maybe you didn't understand him, hand three chaps and one horny asian whore japanese hardcore over now or we go tag team on your asses," Katy says grabbing Vince by the shirt," First we'll kick your asses then I'm gonna fuck the two of you." I watch the Hideo's face go completely shocked at the thought and both the punks don't like their prospects as they slowly take a plastic bag out of their backpacks.

Each bag has what I can only guess is about a hundred dollars in smaller portioned bags of drugs in them, mostly weed and a few pills. I snatch the bags out of their hands and take Hideo's bag from him and moving everything up place the bags under a few of his books. The look on Hideo's face is priceless as I turn him into a drug runner for the day. "I'm going to make this simple, you answer to me right," I ask Hideo getting a nod," Good, now unless I tell you to you do not let what's in your bag out for anyone to see, you don't show it off and you don't let anyone take it from you.

If someone tries you come find one of my people and you tell them that I said you were protected. Understand?" "Yes sir, does this mean I'm a Pariah now," Hideo asks getting a withering glare from Katy.

"No but it means that I know your name, and if I know your name then I know that I can either trust you or I need to hurt you," I tell Hideo coldly," Pick one." I see him register the implications of failure with me before nodding and heading back to the cafeteria. Once out of sight I return my attention to the punk couple who are more nervous now than when they were being threatened.

"I will be bringing those in today when I go meet Johnny, Katy and I will be showing up there after school," I start to explain," now you will leave that boy alone and you will let Johnny know that I'm coming by and that I will not be in a pleasant mood when I get there.

Do we have an understanding?" I watch Vince nod but Jenny seems stubborn about the situation. I motion for them to head off and while Vince is quick to do so Jenny seems adamant about either saying something or doing something. I can tell Katy is itching for a fight but I step up to Jenny first to take inventory, green and red hair in short pigtails on the side of her head.

About 5'7" with about b cup breasts and no bra on under her tank top and sleeveless jean jacket, her hips have a pair of long shorts that have been destroyed either by time or just because she bought them that way and striped black and red socks with black boots.

I like her style but it's her brains I'm questioning. "Did you not understand that now is the time where you fuck off and do what I told chick loves to get fucked without mercy I ask Jenny who is giving me the asshole look.

"Because I'm gonna have to pay out my ass for getting my shit taken from me with Johnny," Jenny explains," Anyone who loses their stuff has to pay for it." "Did Johnny tell you all to hang around me for safety," I ask grumpier now that when they first sat down. "Yes but bbw niki lixx tall bbw give her ass to skinny old man told me you two were good about it so can I get my stuff back before I get in trouble with him," Jenny asks plainly.

"No bitch, but maybe if you suck up really good next time you try looking to us to save your ass we'll help you without taking your shit," Katy growls.

"Fuck you, you get one bit of charity from someone with connections and now you look at me like I'm fucked up. You were fucking the same people I ended up fucking just to get by so don't," is where Jenny gets in her tirade before Katy starts in on her own. I don't know where it came from in Jenny to push Katy's buttons like that but I definitely recognize the form when Katy drops Jenny with a hard shot to the gut. Jenny hits the grass on her knees hard but Katy isn't stopping as I watch her reach up under Jenny's jaw and stand her back up and put her against the wall.

I can see the next shot coming and grabbing Katy's arm by the wrist decide to stop the next one before it connects. Katy glares at me but I'm giving it back hard and after a moment she's lets go of Jenny's neck.

I let Katy back off before getting in Jenny's face. "You start a fight you better be ready for the consequences," I tell Jenny," as for Johnny I'll handle him and you won't have to worry about anything when it comes to paying for something I did." I give Jenny a moment to catch her breath then send her back to the cafeteria. Once she's out of sight I turn my attention to Katy who is still pissed about the comment made and a little pissed at me stopping her from delivering a wholesale ass kicking.

"So now you're protecting Johnny's shit and his people too? What the fuck are we doing Guy," Katy demands.

"What are the fucking rules," I growl back. "What rules," Katy asks confused and angry. "Rules of engagement, first fucking thing you learned before Dad would teach you," I growl getting in her face. I know the rules, I've known them for eight years but she's new to it and judging by the recognition on her face she remembers it too as I watch the anger drain out of her face. "Guy I'm sorry, she really pissed me off and I just reacted," Katy says with a little fear," Please don't tell Dad." I grab Katy by the back of the head and walk her to an alcove for one of the gym exit doors cute teen babysitter banged by horny couple shove her up against the wall.

Katy's got her punk hoodie on and a pleated school girl skirt with black leggings covering up to her mid thigh. She's shocked by my being angry with her as I start in. "You should fucking know better by now, you drop a girl just because she points out your past," I growl," If I did that I'd be out of school because they'd find a trail of bleeding people." "I'm sorry I just got mad dammit, what you never fucked up and had to explain it," Katy says with a little more anger.

I love the look on a girls face when she's angry and I'm not responsible for it. Katy is almost firing on all cylinders as I crash my body against her, shoving my mouth into hers hard and invasive. Its takes no time for Katy to adjust by hiking one leg up so I can grind against her mound.

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Katy tastes like metal today and it's more of what I'm in the mood for as she slow down the kissing to bite my lip before pulling me back in for more tongue warfare. I was a little hard as she started threatening the couple but now I'm rock hard and not planning on settling for a rain check. Almost reading my mind Katy undoes my pants and gets my cock out in the cold air, stroking it lightly as I pull her panties aside so she can line us up.

I keep her leg up and thrust about half my cock inside Katy's pussy getting a moan in my mouth from her. She's not as wet as she would be normally but with her hands on my ass pulling me in as we start pounding our bodies together gets me almost all the way in. Katy's warm folds are getting wetter with each thrust and all our moving has me sweating a little in the cold, I'm feeling the need to hurry as I start thrusting up into Katy faster and deeper.

We're not wasting time with our sex and Katy finally breaks our kiss and I bury myself in her neck biting down a little as her hands paw at my back.

I can feel myself getting close and back out of Katy quickly and sensing my intention watch as she drops to her knees and opening her mouth I jam as much of my cock in her face as I can.

Katy gags for a moment but I back out and push again bypassing her mouth and feeling my cock head opening in her throat, Katy herself is shaking and I can see one arm is down in her own nether rubbing away frantically. I back up my cock again and start taking short fast thrusts into Katy's mouth getting myself up to the point of cumming, I look down and see the look on her face before burying my cock deep in her mouth and throat and cumming hard.

The rush has me oblivious to much in the world as ropes of cum shoot directly down Katy throat, I can feel her panicking a little and someone is talking but I ignore it until I the rush fades. "Oh god that is so fucking hot," I hear coming from my left. I turn and see Hanna and Natsuko standing there holding mine and Katy's bags with wicked smiles on their faces. Katy helps to put me back in my pants and I get her up off the ground before watching her beeline it over to Hanna who has her bag and taking Hanna's face in her hand before shoving her tongue in Hanna's mouth.

I grab my bag from Natsuko who is very turned on by the whole thing and we watch for a moment as Hanna stands awestruck after the kiss is broken. "And that is what cum swapping is," Katy says jokingly as we all start to head back towards classes. The rest of the day goes by fairly smoothly and into final class where I am actually able to get into my homeroom class, there are a couple students in the moral club here but as soon as Ms.

Detress sees me she starts writing up my pass for another class but I'm feeling awesome today and hand her the change of homeroom form. I watch her read it and it's a priceless look on her face when she reads my reasoning why. "I'm not able to speak with my teacher concerning my academic future due to her focus on non academic activities groups," I watch her sputter the words out.

"Yes, every day I come in here and you are having a group meeting, and then yesterday I can't even get into the class to get a pass so I don't have to listen to a meeting for a group that I don't agree with," I reply smiling and feeling really smug.

"Well regardless of your personal opinion I think we need to have a student meeting about your academic performance," Ms. Detress informs me taking an authoritative tone. "So you won't sign the form then," I ask getting a head shake of no before taking the form back," I'll get Mrs. Jackson to sign it since you refuse." I get more sputtering behind me but I'm already half way out the door when I hear Ms.

Detress following me out. I watch as Heather and Kyle lead a few students into the building but I'm bound and determined to get to the principal's office and while she doesn't ask her 'youth group' to stop me I don't give her the chance.

Once I'm in the office I stand at the door and wait like a student is supposed to and I can see Mrs. Jackson is working on paperwork, Ms. Detress however pushes past me and goes into a tirade about how as I've been a poor student and have disrupted her club activities. I watch Ms. Detress make a foolish display and finally Mrs. Jackson waves me in and I hand her the form so she can read it. When she finally turns her attention to me it's more not the questions I've been preparing to answer.

"So Coach Campbell is taking on students for studies period," Mrs. Jackson asks plainly. "Yes Ma'am, I figured since I had been going there most of the year anyway I'd just get him to take over as my advisor," I explain. "And Ms. Detress's club activities are keeping you from having any sort of meeting with her," Mrs. Jackson asks. "Yes Ma'am, my ex Heather is in her club and it's just not an environment that I feel comfortable with," I explain taking a slightly defeated posture.

I watch as Mrs. Jackson signs the form and Ms. Detress starts to lose her cool and argue about my transfer and as I'm leaving I can hear Mrs. Jackson turn on her authoritative tone with Ms. Detress. I get to the gym and while my crew is up in the bleachers I hand off my form to Coach Campbell's new assistant before heading up the bleachers and explaining what happened to Kori. "I swear if that bitch held you up again Guy I would fucking lose it on her," Kori tells me trying to cuddle.

I stop the cuddling due to my need to actually finish an assignment from earlier. I barely get my work done before the final bell and as we're all starting to head out Katy explains she busty blonde wants to get fucked hard I are heading off to do at Johnny's place.

"I'm in," I hear Ben chime in. "Us too," from Lilly and Jun. "Not a group outing needed everyone," I start to explain but my words seem to fall on deaf ears. "Who else has a vehicle," Kori says taking over and after a moment Devin raises his hand. "Devin if you have a car why do you take the bus," Jun asks confused.

"I don't have a car, I can get my Dad's truck," Devin explains. Kori grabs my phone out of my coat and fires off a message to my home explaining that we'll be there late and then has Natsuko head back in so Hanna and Mathilda know what's going on. I get the feeling we'll be waiting when Hideo comes running back up and makes his way past everyone else and to me.

"Nobody came after me and I kept it hidden all day like you said," Hideo tells me beaming with pride. "Congratulations, you officially can perform simple tasks on command," I tell him deflating his ego," Now don't go off thinking you're in or out but keep around during lunch in case I need you." Not as happy with the results of his effort as he could be we transfer his smuggled contents from his bag to my bike before real estate fucks milf share with your mommy rushes off to Jun to plead his case.

I trust Jun to handle it his way before turning my attention back to Kori. "So am I still in charge here or did I just get demoted," I ask a little upset. "Honey I spoke with Johnny and he promised me that he wouldn't use us like that and he did," Kori explains," I warned him that if it happened that you'd come back and there would be shit to answer for." "Wait a minute, so when I left you made an ultimatum for me," I ask getting a scared nod," That's my girl. Well he agreed so now it's my turn to put the boots to him." I sit with Kori and Katy as they talk about what to do when we get to Johnny's.

Katy wants to bring violence and Kori wants something more subtle but that makes point. I am keeping my thoughts to myself considering I usually play it by ear and when people step out of line I'll bust them back into place. Mathilda and Hanna join us after half hour once they're out of practice and it's another fifteen minutes later that I watch a large truck come rolling into the parking lot with Jun, Lilly, Ben and Natsuko in the back and Devin driving.

It's not an extended cab or even a current model but its big and made of real metal which is bumping Devin up in the world as far as I'm concerned. "Dad says I have to bring it back by nine tonight and I can't wreck it," Devin says getting a laugh from everyone.

"Devin your truck will crush the shit out of whatever hybrid you hit with it," I tell him laughing. I ride solo on my bike leading the way; Mathilda and Hanna are in her car followed by Katy and Kori with Devin and the rest of the crew bringing up the rear as we head over to Johnny's.

The total trip takes a bout twenty minutes and the convoy rolling in has the punk/emo/slacker community that lives there at full attention. I get us rolled in and finally stop my bike and listen as all the vehicles get stopped behind me and motion for the engines off before killing my own.

I hop off and wait for someone to address me and it only takes a few seconds before I see Vince from lunch time come running over to me. "I told Johnny that you were coming but he's pissed you took his shit," Vince explains hoping to spare himself some sort of punishment.

"Get me Johnny or I will start going through people to find him," I tell Vince who heads back off to find Johnny. I wave to the rest of the crew to disembark and watch as everyone but Devin and Ben get out of the truck. It takes a moment and as soon as I see Johnny I can tell he's pissed off and ready for a fight.

A few guys are trailing him as he sweetheart exposes anal aperture for fuck hardcore and russian to me and I finally take off my helmet and pull up my hood so we can 'talk'. "Who the fuck do you think you are taking my shit," Johnny says pissed off. "Apparently when Kori and you agreed not to abuse my good nature and have your people hide behind mine that meant shit to you," I say keeping calm," Now I took your shit because you damn near put it in my hands whether you wanted to or not.

The only reason I'm not kicking the shit out of you right now is because we have a history and I do like you, but that shit today has me more pissed than you so if you want to find out how bad this can get, bring it. Or we can try the talking again and this time you're not going to make my girl look like a fool." I horny college hot beauties hardcore and reality hear Devin get out of the truck and move over to Kori and Katy while I see Ben start to flank me on the right as he's watching the rest of Johnny's boys.

I let Johnny weigh the options before he backs down and gets a more talkative look on his face. "Alright man, I did wrong by your woman and you're right we've been friends before," Johnny says calming down," You didn't flush my shit or turn it in right?" I smile and open my storage area on my bike removing the two bags of 'goods' before handing them off to Johnny who looks a little relieved that I still have his property.

I let him hand off his goods to his people before pulling him aside to talk privately. "So the two people I took their shit from what happens to them," I ask plainly. "Well you lose your stuff you pay for it, cash or in some of the girls cases ass," Johnny tells me audrey bitoni fucks in her wedding dress little smugly," I gotta get mine back somehow." "And I just returned it, I want their debts waived," I tell Johnny getting a surprised look," You want some sort of an agreement where I help you then here's the deal, your people get harassed while carrying they come to me and mine, I'll make sure the runners are protected within reason but if I have to take it and hide it with my people the runner is in the clear." "Man that's a lot better for me but still you holding shit means it ain't selling and I need shit selling," Johnny tells me trying to ply for more.

"Johnny this is the deal, either we keep your people safe when a real problem occurs or I just start shaking down every runner for cash and stash," I reply getting a grumpy look," You've got at least ten people running your goods at our school alone, even if I have two or three people covered you're still not losing goods or runners." "Okay man, but are you sure you can't help me out with sales," Johnny asks getting a glare before backing off the topic.

I walk back with Johnny and let him start talking down his own people as I give my crew thumbs up and watch them relax. I explain what's happening to Kori and Katy who both give me 'what the hell' looks and I decide to explain. "Johnny has been there for me and us in the past, either we make some friends and help out a little or I make more enemies for us at school and if you didn't notice not all of Johnny's people run weed for him," I explain getting a nod from both of them.

I make my way over to Mathilda who is feeling a little out of place not have been exposed to a punk community much with her old school. She perks up a little as she sees lovely babe rammed by nasty pawn dude at the pawnshop approach.

"So what are you doing after all this awkwardness and conflict," I ask Matty smiling. "Dad's home, he wants me back so he can spend some time with his daughter," Mathilda says a little disappointed.

"Awesome, I get to meet your Dad and take you out tonight," I tell her getting a shocked look. "Dad won't let me go out it's his first that adorable babe raises her blue top back, and I don't think meeting my Dad would be a good idea," Matty tells me a little concerned. "Baby I need to meet him sooner or later and besides, it's just you and me tonight," I tell her letting the incentive of some more one on one time linger.

I head back and let everyone know to head home and get the others dropped off at their homes before I get back on my bike and head towards home.

I get in the driveway and immediately head inside to get clean up and get changed. I get a pair of dress pants on with one of the 'summer' shirts that I got while I was down in Texas with Loretta and her family before grabbing my cute australian lesbians lick their pink holes and waiting for Katy to get back with the family car.

"Where are you taking your date tonight," I get asked by Liz as I wait. "I honestly have no clue, gonna let her pick what she wants to do," I reply shrugging.

I watch Liz give me a look like I'm making a bad move but I'd like to think that I know my girls a little better than my sister does. Katy finally gets home and she passes off the keys and a kiss on the cheek before I get behind the wheel and head off towards Mathilda's house. It's about six at night when I arrive and I can see her car is there along with a big rig sitting out in front of the house.

I've seen Matty's father before but only at a distance, I get out of the car and head up to the front door. A quick knock on the door and I'm looking at a large man in a beat up t-shirt and dirty jeans holding a beer in his hand, I'm more noticing the expression on his face as he looks down slightly at me confused. "We're not buying anything," I hear him say as he starts to close the door on me.

"Sir I'm here to pick up Mathilda for our date tonight," I tell him as he starts to close the door in my face. "You're dating my daughter," I get asked with some skepticism," Is this some sort of joke, did the kids at her new school send you to play a joke on her because if you are here to hurt my daughter I swear to god I'll chain your ass to my rig and drive to New York dragging your carcass the whole way." "Daddy! He's my boyfriend, I told you he would be coming by tonight so we could go out," I hear Mathilda exclaim at her father," Guy please come in, Daddy be nice." Mathilda's father steps aside so I can get through the doorway and into the living room.

I watch him move in and sit down in what I was told by Matty was 'his' recliner during one of the first times I visited, I take a seat on the couch and note he's watching basketball. "So how long have you known my daughter," Matty's Dad asks taking a swig of his beer. "About a year now," I answer calmly.

"So if you've known her for a year why am I just meeting you now," He asks taking another drink. "Probably because she's been afraid that you would kill me when we first met," I reply smiling.

"Considering I'm pretty sure I have a damn good reason to kill you for dating my daughter why shouldn't I," her Father asks putting his beer down and leaning towards me.

"Well aside from the fact that I have four girlfriends and she is one of them I'd say normally you'd have a reason with petite redhead honey has her pussy rammed alone," I tell him getting a wide eyed look," but in one year I have never lied to her, she's met my other girlfriends who treat her like a sister and I never make her feel like she is anything less than my Amazon goddess." "You have sex with my daughter," He asks getting quiet.

"Yes sir, but mostly I make love to her," I say making the distinction. I get skeptical look before he resumes watching TV and drinking his beer. We talk a little about the game and after a few minutes Mathilda comes out wearing a yellow blouse and a black long skirt. I pause to take in my tough girlfriend in a skirt and watch her face get a little confused. beautiful collage girl i xxxx story don't like it," Matty asks confused.

"Baby you look wonderful, I want to take a picture so I can show the other girls," I tell her getting out my phone. "Don't do that, Kori is the one who helped me pick this," Matty says a little disappointed," Blonde gang rough first time street racers get more than they bargained for a little lost when it comes to clothes." I cover the distance between us and give her a quick kiss on the lips before we head out to the car.

I get us out of the neighborhood and down the road towards the restaurants and mall in downtown Olympia. I start pointing out the 'trendy' independent restaurants to Mathilda who looks a little skeptical as we keep passing them up until we get near the mall and the chain restaurants. We drive around for a few minutes when I stop in the mall parking lot and let her think about where she wants to eat, I can see something is bothering her but I can't figure out what it is.

"Matty I'm just wondering if you want to eat tonight at all," I say starting in," We've passed so many places I'm just wondering if you are feeling okay or something?" "I'm fine I just don't know, I'm not used to actually dating," Matty says a little embarrassed," And I feel weird wearing dress clothes to go eat." I don't want her to feel out of sorts just because she's getting some one on one time with me but I am getting a little hungry.

I pick Red Robin in the parking lot and move the car closer before parking. We both exit the car and head inside, it's a week night and before long we're seated and there are TVs with different sporting events on and Matty finally starts to relax as we get our menus and browse the food. I get us an appetizer and we order before just settling down and talking a little. "Why take me out tonight," Matty finally asks," I know Kori would love to go out and Katy could probably use a night out." "Kori gets a lot of attention and Katy's idea of a date is let's going somewhere and listen to music then have sex," I explain," And we've never been out on a date just us, I was just hoping that we could get you out of your comfort zone and have some fun." "Well I'm having fun so you win," Mathilda says smiling.

We sit and I let her explain the sports shows to me and we enjoy each other's company as we finally get our appetizers. We're about half way through the plate when someone decides to join us. "Well look who decided to attempt to look like a normal person in the real world," Taylor, Heather's little dork, says as he grabs a chair and sits down. "We're in the middle of our meal, be a good little stooge and leave," I tell him not taking my eyes of Mathilda.

"I don't need to go anywhere; we're all civilized young adults here. Is it too late to get a menu and sit with you guys," Taylor asks looking around for a waitress. "Taylor, or douche bag, May I call you douche bag? Here's the thing, I'm not sure if you realized this but of the two people at this table with muscle mass above average I'm not the one you have to worry about," I start to explain," Xxx sex rape storys download fire xxx her, she's out on a date and having a good time but here you are trying to ruin it.

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I'd suggest 'a tactical retreat' and maybe we can have this conversation tomorrow at school?" "What and miss out on a wonderful time with some 'quality' people like you and your la…," Anna maxova my first time solo porn about as far as Taylor gets before I watch his face get contorted with pain.

It takes me a second to notice Matty's hand enveloping Taylor's, her knuckles are white with the force she's applying but her face and body are calm as she uses her other hand to turn the pages of the menu. I sit back for a second and when she notices me she smiles lightly and pulls Taylor's hand under the table. "Honey I want chicken fingers as an appetizer tonight," Mathilda says making Taylor grunt in pain," Is there a dipping sauce you like best or should we just stick with ranch?" "I don't know about chicken fingers baby, their kind of boney and stringy I hear," I say chuckling.

"What do you think, Taylor right," Mathilda says turning her attention to him," I want you to understand that I'm usually a really milf putona manda video por messeger tube porn person and if it wasn't for all the crap you've been pulling with my friends we'd be getting you a chair so we could be friendly. Now when I let go of your hand I want you to remember that I grabbed something with bones and not a few things without them." I watch Taylor pull his hand up from under the table and see him back away before turning and leaving the restaurant.

I give Mathilda and an approving smile and we resume the deciding our dinner. Our dinner date goes well after Taylor's visit and after paying the bill I have money left over and suggest a movie which gets me a disapproving look from Mathilda.

"I want to go somewhere private and enjoy my alone time with you," Matty tells me smiling as she gets into the car. I get out of the parking lot and after a little direction following Matty steers me to an old parking lot and once we're far enough in the darkness we both get out of the front and into the back. I don't push to start anything and neither does Mathilda as she leans me back and rest her head on my chest as we just lay down in silence.

It's quiet and peaceful with nobody around and when Mathilda starts to crawl up my body a little and starts to kiss me lightly on the lips. I kiss her back and gently wrap my arms around her back while sliding down till we're both cramped but lying down in the backseat. Our bodies are gently pressed against each other as we lie there kissing before I feel Mathilda pull herself up and sit down on the back seat start to get her panties off leaving her skirt on and then opening her blouse enough for me to see more skin in the low light.

I watch as my Amazon goddess undoes my slacks and pulls my half hard member free before working it over slowly and with long deliberate strokes of her mouth. I don't normally get any sort of oral action from Mathilda but tonight is special for us and I let her work me over. It's warm and wet with the contrast of cool air in the car as she takes her time getting me fully hard. I feel Matty's tongue working over my shaft and then without any warning she slowly starts to suck on one of my balls, it's different for her and really different for me considering I usually have the girls do that but with her I'm enjoying the boldness as she gently takes one into her mouth and after some light sucking lets it fall out before switching to the other one.

I don't push or rush Mathilda at all but I am aching to repay the favor she's giving me and finally get her to stop before reversing our positions and with me on top. I kiss her again on the lips and work my way quickly down her body and pulling up her skirt marvel a little at her pussy before gently licking in between her folds. My Amazon hot friends are sharing their hard dicks moaning lightly as I lick up her slit slowly before stopping at her clit and gently sucking on it.

I can feel Matty writhing and one of her hands rubs my head as I work her pussy and clit over with my mouth. I can taste her more as I work down to her entrance and as I get faster she speeds up pushing her hips towards my face. I slow down and move back up her body and while we're not perfectly face to face we're close enough for me to see some anticipation and a little joy in her eyes as my cock head reaches her entrance.

I push inside slowly and as warm as Matty's mouth was her vagina is a furnace as I push the whole length of me inside her and rest as adjust to the car's cramped quarters. After a little shifting and some moaning at the shifting I finally start to rock my member in and out of Mathilda taking long and slow strokes.

Usually when she and I have sex it's hard like the porn she watches but this is more about how she's feeling and I letting her know how unbe-fucking-lievably special she is to me.

I keep my pace slow and we don't kiss much as hot school babe rubs little pussy up skirt just lie there and enjoy the quiet intense moment we're having.

My Amazon is hot and clamping down lightly on me as I feel her wrap her legs around mine as we get into a rhythm of pushing our bodies together. I can feel my blood boiling to speed up but I push it down and keep my control as push as deep as I can making my strokes go from my cock head to the base.

Matty's is groaning and moaning with each stroke while I can feel the sweat building on my back and head. I watch as Mathilda's face goes from please to shock before her first orgasm creeps up on her hard and I can tell it's big by how harness gag bondage and bdsm toyed fucked public your pleasure is my world she starts pulling me into her.

I take my cue from her and speed up my pace which I think makes her own orgasm start to last out as she grunts while holding me against couples have an anal creampie before dinner. My blood is pumping and I don't last long with all her attention and after a few loud grunts shoot my load into my Amazon's warm folds. My own orgasm has me resting my weight on Mathilda and I can feel her patting my head and rubbing my back while her pussy milks the last of my cum out me.

"Baby I need to get up and step out so I don't make a mess on the back seat," Mathilda tells me getting me back to my senses. We both get out of the car and I watch as Mathilda gets herself taken care of and all our clothing gets put back in the right spots before I back her up against the car a little and pressing my body against hers kiss her lightly again on the lips. We enjoy the moment before she decides it's time to head back home. Our return trip is nice and I realize that we ate up a lot of time just holding each other in the back of the car as I pull in front of Mathilda's house.

I quick kiss and a wave to her dad who seems like he's happy his daughter is smiling as she heads into the house has me in a better than average mood as I head home and get in the door just before ten at night.

Dad greets me in the living room and I hand him the change from dinner but he waves me off as I head to my room and to bed to get some much needed rest. Wednesday and Thursday don't turn out too well for the school and some of the students outside of my group. On Wednesday I hear from Jun after school that a few of the nerds we bullied hard by some of the larger 'moralists' until Devin and Jun stepped in to break it up.

Worse than that was Thursday when Tracy, Coach Campbell's daughter and Liz's friend was roughed up by a few females in the locker room, Mathilda and Hanna were there to even the odds but somehow shit got out of hand and a lighter took out some of the hair on Tracy's head. After school on Thursday I'm getting looks from all sides and make it a point to tell everyone that I need to think and take the evening for myself.

About half an hour into me working out my Dad and Katy pop their heads into the gym and seeing my expression Katy bows out leaving my Dad alone with me. "People are getting scared at your school," Dad says not wasting time," they're getting bullied around and I'm guessing your friends are looking to you?" "Yeah, I'm just wondering when they are going to finally come at me," I tell him sitting on a bench.

"I don't know son. If I did I'd just point you at who they were and tell you to get them first," Dad tells me getting a surprised look out of me. "Dad you always told me to go on defense and let them make the mistake," I say explaining my surprise. "And in a fight that works, this isn't a fight you're looking at it's a war," Dad tells me," Rules are kill or be killed. Or in your case take no prisoners and devastate the opposing force until they break and run or surrender." I shake my head at the thought, war.

Really, a high school going to war with itself? I love my father but it's sounding more like a goofy fantasy than a feasible idea. We talk some more and Dad tells me to be ready when they come at me but I feel more ready than I have in a while.

Friday comes and goes pretty easily compared a majority of the week but once I get into my home period I have Coach Campbell yelling at me to get into his office immediately.

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I don't waste time heading over to his office, he's sitting at his desk and I can see Tracy sitting across from him wearing a hat and black boy sitting next to her wearing a sweater vest and thick rimmed glasses, his hair is cut short.

I leave them be and pay attention to Coach as they both leave the room closing the door after them. "You bringing a fucking fight to my doorstep boy," Coach asks once we're alone. "No sir I'm not bringing a fight here at all," I reply a little put off that this could be blamed on me.

"Well my daughter says that she's trusts you and my son doesn't know you so I want you to tell me why someone would try to intimidate my family," Coach Campbell asks with a little anger in his voice. "Sir I know who's doing it but honestly they won't stop till they get what they want," I try to explain," Your daughter is a strong leader for the girls sports and they went after her because she didn't do something they told her to do. They keep coming after people that don't conform to what they say because they believe they are in the moral right." "So why did you send your girlfriends to bail out my daughter," Coach asks calming down a little.

"Sir had I known that they would have gone after Tracy I would have had my whole crew there and the closest they would have gotten was the locker room door," I inform Coach with a stern tone. "Well as of right now I want some help keeping things calm around here and IF there are names of who was involved I want to know," Coach tells me before dismissing me back to my dolly darkley and francesca felucci daughters friend. I see that most of the crew is hanging around except for Kori and Ben; I ask where they are but get a eating pousse for dessert coast to coast of shrugging and no real answers.

I shoot Kori a text and go about just chatting with the rest of the gang while I wait for a reply. It's almost the end of school when I get a reply from Kori saying her mom texted her and picked her up to head home for some mother/daughter time.

I shrug it off and catch Ben getting on a bus as the rest of us are heading through the parking lot to head out. I get home and settle in to relax in my room. It's about an hour after getting home when Kori finally texts me again and tells me she's at the mall and really wants to see me cause she's got some items from Victoria's Secret that she wants my opinion on.

If you ever want to attempt to set a land speed record put a hot woman you are attracted to in lingerie and have her wait at the end of the track, I grab my coat and am out the door on my bike before anyone can ask me where I'm heading. The trip to the mall only takes me about twenty minutes and after parking I shoot Kori a text asking her where she is, she replies with that they're still in a store and she asks me to wait at the food court for her.

I cover the distance to the food court easily enough and get a seat to wait for her. I check my phone and text Jun asking him if he heard from Ben, he replies he hasn't and I ask him to get in contact with him before putting my phone away.

I'm sitting there for at least ten minutes when I hear a voice that I really don't want to hear today. "Hey baby, so glad to see you here today," Heather says with a smile as she sits down across from me.

"Heather?! What the fuck are you doing here," I ask a little shocked and angry," Never mind I don't care, get the hell away from me you crazy bitch." "Well I'm here to see you sweetie," Heather says going from smiling to a more sinister grin," We have unfinished business and I'm not taking no for an answer." I take my phone out big gothic lesbian and her naugty friend her and pull up Kori's number and push it to call, I hear it pick up and look up to see Heather holding Kori's phone.

I don't know how much fear is in my face but I know Heather can see it and she hangs up the phone before setting it down and smiling back to me with her new sinister grin. "She's really not the person you want to be speaking with right now," Heather says sickeningly sweet. "Heather what did you do," I ask trying to remain calm. "I told you that you had a choice to make and now we're at that point, I tried to reason with you and show you that I'm the only girl you should have in your life but you didn't want to see reason so now I have to make sure you see that little slut of yours for the dog she really is," Heather says turning on a little rage in her voice.

"Heather whatever you think you are going to do to make me love you it's not going to work," I tell solo big boob czech milf dildo play trying to remain calm," You killed that over a year ago." "Shut up Guy and listen to me cause for the first moment of our new relationship you are going to learn that I get what I want and you'll give it to me," Heather says keeping her anger under control," Now as for your choices here they are; option one, you do what you've been doing and stop listening to me and my friends go through everyone in your little gang taking them all apart piece by piece starting with your precious little Kori today.

Option two, you break it off with all of them here and now and we get you back to the way you used to be, calm and a good boyfriend." Everything in my stomach is churning and I feel a little sick, I know Heather is watching me but all I can do is slowly take Kori's phone from the table and trace the edge of it with my finger.

My brain kicks in and I can see Heather has waved over one of her friends, it's the slacker from the bike ride with Hanna still decked out in his school clothes looking all unkempt and smug. He knows what's going on, I turn my attention back to Heather.

Her face has a cold confidence in it and I realize the grimmest thing about this situation, I take a deep breath and stand up from the table. "Where is Kori, tell me now and this doesn't get painful," I say taking my coat off and stepping around the table to stand next to Heather. "Awww baby, we both know that this isn't going to end well for you, just break your soon to be former bitches hearts and we'll both enjoy a soda," Heather tells me smiling," Besides, you won't lay a finger on me and we both know it." That's when the chucking comes, I don't know where it's coming from at first then I realize I'm the one who's doing it.

I feel really happy right now, all happy and excited. I can see Heather and her friend are confused and when he moves to help her up with her chair I slam my fist into his jaw sending him down to the ground. Slacker boy hits with a thud on his side and I can hear someone yelling but the only thing I hear is laughing, my laughing.

I take a drop step and slam the toe of my boot into his gut doubling him over before dropping down over his torso and taking the back of his head in my hand I use the other to wipe as much of his nose on the floor of the mall as I can.

I hear the laughing die out a little and can see my new 'friend' is still conscious as I get up. "Tell me where she is and I'll stop," I tell him still chuckling. I watch him shake his head, it makes me laugh a little harder and I'm not sure why.

I reach down and place one of his hands flat on the mall floor before taking the heel of my boot and resting it on the back of the hand with the edge of the heel across his knuckles. I start to shift the weight in my foot under his pinky knuckle I can feel the tension and I close my eyes and tilt my head back before ending the tension by separating the knuckle with a light feeling of a pop and a scream from the slacker. I roll my foot a little and move up to the ring finger.

I take a little more time grinding the corner of my heel on it and I hear him begging beneath me but I'm just waiting for the feeling and when it hits me I push down hard and feel a second pop and another loud scream. "OH GOD PLEASD STOD," comes flying out the slacker's broken nose and mouth," SHE'S AD DA STONE FIELD!" "I'm sorry but who's at the stone field," I ask taking my boot off his hand and bending down to see his face. "Your girlfriend Kori, She's ad da stone field behind da circle key," Slacker boy tells me again clutching his hand.

I can see the two fingers I separated on his hand as he clutches at them, it probably will be months before he can use his hand fully again and still that tickles me. I turn away from him and back to Heather who is petrified in cute oriental smiles for livecam japanese hardcore standing at the table.

I calmly walk up to her and lean in so she can hear me. "Am I everything you hoped for," I whisper. I pull back to see Heather's face afraid and confused before I step around her making sure not to touch her before grabbing my coat and rushing out of the mall. I'm on my bike and down the road in a matter of seconds before I check my rear view and see no cops behind me, either she didn't tell anyone what happened or nobody called the cops.

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The reality of what I'm riding into hits me more than the cold and light rain do as I race half way across town to the stone field.

I slow down enough to keep from wrecking my bike as I cut through the gas station parking lot and up the trail to the field. I get to the edge of the rock clearing and see movement in the middle which gets my hopes up a little. I kill the bike and drop my helmet in a mad dash to what I'm hoping is my Kori. As I get up close I can see more of Kori's skin exposed than I care for in this instance, her clothes have been torn open or off of her and her backpack with its contents have been scattered out by whoever did this to her.

It's the blood that catches my eye first, not a lot of it like she's been stabbed but little pock marks across her back and some red strips to match them. I start to try to pick Kori up but as soon as I touch her an arm and a rock come swinging at me. The shot is easily deflected and I take Kori's face in my hand and turn her to see me but she can't, her eyes are swelling shut from getting punched in the face. "Baby it's me, it's your Guy," I tell her trying to calm her down," Kori I'm here but we need to get you out of the cold and back somewhere safe." Kori drops the rock when she hears my voice and I wait for the tears that don't fall, slowly Kori and I get her to her feet and I put my coat around her before slowly walking her back to my bike.

As we walk I can see that save for her shoes and her panties the rest of her clothing including her jacket have been destroyed in the attack.

I don't have any of the pained humor or whatever I was feeling in my body anymore as I get Kori back on my bike and our helmets on before taking care to get us back to my house safely. The whole trip Kori has her arms wrapped tightly around me like the world will end if she lets go.

I don't bother to pull into the drive way at home I bring my bike right up to the front step which gets my father's attention fast. Once the door is open and he can see the whole situation I watch my Dad go from slightly angry to calm and barking orders to Mom, Liz and Katy for everything from his first aid kits in the gym to contacting Kori's mom.

We get Kori into the house and my dad and the girls take her to my room before my Mom backs me out so that they can help. I don't know what's going on as I back into the living room but my head is swimming and I'm lost in the confusion of what's going on with Kori. At some point her Mom and Carl come over japon fever son help dad sex neither of them really notices me as my Dad starts to explain to them what happened and how my Mom is patching Kori up and that all her injuries are superficial.

At some point that I don't remember I'm in the gym on my knees trying to piece together what happened. I don't know what time it is but I can feel someone shaking me lightly by the shoulder, I turn my head to see Mary trying to speak to me.

I don't know what happened but all I could do when I wanted to speak was scream. Over and over again I sat there screaming so much that Mary got startled after the first one and backed off and nobody came back to talk to me.

I screamed until I had no air left and I felt exhausted on the gym floor. Finally in the quiet I hear Mary again, this time petite asian pornstar evelyn lin worships big black cock Mom coaxing me off the floor and onto a bench so they can see me.

I'm hit with a barrage of questions about what happened. I keep from answering and just sit quietly until both women give up and finally my Father and Carl come in to take their places. Both men pull up a seat and wait for me to speak. "Heather did this, she got a hold of Kori somehow and had her friends do… that," I choke on the words feeling pain in my chest," I got one of them to tell me where she was and when I found her I brought her here." "Well the women want to call the authorities but your Dad and I are holding them off," Carl tells me solemnly," He and I have been discussing what's been going on with the school and the rash of bullying but this is too much." "I don't want the police involved, Heather didn't give me up when I destroyed one of her people in the mall and she let the other's do it at all," I explain quietly.

"Guy, he never said to call the cops," Dad says getting me to look up. "Where I'm from kid someone comes at your family like this you make sure they know they're living on borrowed time," Carl says putting his hand on my shoulder," I want one thing from you in all of this, I want the kids who did this to be afraid of what happens when they even think about speaking my daughter's name." I watch Carl get up and leave the gym before closing the door behind him. My Dad is sitting quietly before moving next to me on the bench.

"I'm sorry this happened to Kori," Dad tells me putting his arm around me," I can see where you're going in your head boy. Keep that black inside for now, first thing is we let you amorous and explicit three some momsandteens threesome your girl what she wants.

After that I'll help you plan the next piece." Dad helps me up and I walk out of the gym into the silence of the house, everyone is in the living room or dining room but all talking stops when they see me. I hold it together and make my way down the hall to my room where Katy and Liz are talking with Kori on my bed. Everyone stops when I get there and both girls leave me with Kori before closing the door behind them. My heart is heavy as I see that while they got the swelling down on Kori's eyes and she has all her teeth it's the wraps on her arms and the large bandages on her back and stomach that have me almost balling my eyes out.

Kori sees my face and pulls me into her quieting me down. "I didn't cry baby, not once when they beat me with belts did I cry," Kori says holding me," Don't you start now." "She told me that I if I broke up with you she wouldn't hurt you," I tell my battered Kori weakly," But I knew she was going to hurt you anyway, I knew she couldn't keep herself from it." "When they stopped I heard them tell me he's coming," Kori says softly turning my head to see her face," Just the thought of you coming for them scared them so bad that they got back into their van and ran." I let her hold me and I finally calm down enough to sit facing Kori on the bed.

I explain the whole confrontation to Kori leaving out no details, including my laughter and how happy I felt. Kori smiles a little and takes my hand. "You ready to use that again," Kori asks me getting my attention," They hurt me but they didn't break me.

Fucking useless assholes should have tried to rape me if they really wanted to scare me." "I'd gut them and feed their fucking cocks to them before they died if they touched you like that," I growl getting angry. "Yes baby, you would. Now we are going to do this," Kori says with a steely tone," Not just you, all of us are going to be a family and we're going to show them how dangerous we are.

I don't just want violence for this, I want everyone who will follow behind our family to be together and understand that we're not going back until it's over." "One thing, nobody touches Heather," I say getting a questioning look from Kori," I want to tear everyone down around her till she's all alone again." Kori smiles a little and pulls me into the bed with her so we can hold each other.

I replay all of the events for today and come to one factor that makes my blood boil, Ben. He wasn't with us at all and when Kori gets grabbed he's nowhere to be found. First place to start tomorrow is his front doorstep, reckoning is coming.

PM and Comment at your leisure, I know this is a bit of a dark turn but it's not a rehash of the first series.