Verified amateur teen masturbation xxx suspect was apprehended under suspicion of theft

Verified amateur teen masturbation xxx suspect was apprehended under suspicion of theft
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Disclaimer: The following contains non-consensual sex between a father and daughter.

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If this is not something you enjoy then do not continue reading. All characters are fictional and any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidence. I stared at Shay as she finished her dinner, shocked to realize that she was looking like her mother more with each passing day.

It made my heart ache still to think of my beautiful deceased wife. She had lost her battle with breast cancer 5 years ago but the wound on my heart still felt fresh. I hadn't starting seeing anyone in the years following her death because every time I thought about it I felt like it would be cheating.

That isn't to say there had never been anyone interested since, even at 40, I was not a bad looking guy. Standing at 6'4, broad shouldered and still in very good shape since I went to the gym as often as I could, I was often considered a very attractive man. "Dad, would it be okay if I went to the movies tomorrow night with Tim?" Shay asked. "Tim? Who exactly is Tim?" I asked, not liking the sound of this.

"Just a guy from school," she replied with a blush, letting me know that this was not just a guy she goes to school with. "Okay, but I want you home by 10 and I want to meet this Tim before you go out," I said, not liking the idea but knowing that it was never a good idea to smother a teenage girl. "Thanks dad!" She said, jumping up and rounding the table to give me a big hug before running off while looking at her cellphone.

As I watched her retreating form I sat there in a bit of a daze, realizing my daughter was going on a date. Thinking about it, I really shouldn't have spicy lezzies fill up their big asses with cream and squirt it out surprised. She was a very attractive girl with her red hair and blue eyes.

I thought about her objectively for a minute, realizing that because she was so short at 5'2, I had been thinking of her as a little girl when she wasn't really anymore.

She wasn't overly voluptuous but she the same stunning body as her mother, with small perky breasts, a tiny waist and a perfectly rounded ass that I had always loved to fuck.

Startled by my thoughts, I tried to push them from my head but they stubbornly remained. Frustrated, I thought I should really look at getting laid because obviously more than 5 years without sex messed with a man's mind. Getting up and clearing the table, I felt my jeans starting to get uncomfortably tight. Putting the plates in the dishwasher a little too forcefully, I decided that I would start looking for someone first thing tomorrow.

As I headed up stairs I passed my daughter's room and heard a moan from inside that caused me to pause. Is she hurt or something? I wondered as I looked through the opening of the slightly ajar door. What I saw shocked me to the core and I was unable to tear my gaze from the scene. There, on top on her pink bedspread, was my naked daughter on her hands and knees watching porn as her right hand worked between her legs.

From my position at the door I could see that she was watching a video of a girl getting fucked by two guys as she seemed to struggle to get away. Wondering why I couldn't hear the sounds of the girl's nicolette shea angela white washing car protests, I realized Shay had her headphones slow sensual relutant sissy seduction. As I watch, she dropped down onto her forearm, thrusting her beautiful ass in the air and arching her back so that I had a better view of her hand working her pussy.

Before I knew it I had my thick 8" cock in my hand, pumping it as I watch her fingers glide over her slick pussy lips.

As I watched, she dipped first one, then two fingers in, starting to finger fuck herself. I let out a groan as I watched her fuck herself, finding myself taking a step closer before I could stop myself.

All I wanted was to slide balls deep into that juicy little pussy and fuck it like it so obviously needed to be fucked. Watching her writhe on her cute pink bed in pleasure, rubbing her tits into the fabric as she gyrated her hips on her hand, I felt my control slipping.

Seeing that she was close to the edge, I couldn't stop thinking about what it would feel like to have her come on my thick cock. Watching her hand speed up, I felt my control snap and I was across the room in seconds. Grabbing her hips, I flipped her over onto her back, dislodging her hand and startling a shriek from her. Before she could react I pulled her thighs apart and lay my weight over her tiny little body, rubbing my cock against her soaking wet pussy lips.

"Dad? What the fuck?!" She shouted as she tried to push me away.

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"Shh, baby. I know you need this. I'm just giving your pussy what it needs, baby girl," I said breathlessly as I thrust against her pussy, loving the feel of her slick lips against my aching cock. "Daddy, stop! You can't do this!" Shay said, a sob escaping her as she moved her hands lower to try push my hips away from her. Grabbing her by the wrists, I pinned her down with her hands beside her head and rest my weight more fully on her squirming little body.

I let out a groan as her struggles caused her tits to rub against my broad chest, grinding my hips harder against hers. I quickly transferred my grip so that I had both of her hands pinned above her head with one of mine, leaving my right finger on her arse young cheating british mum caught free to roam over her body.

I trailed my hand up and down the side of her body, revelling in the softness of her skin. It felt heavenly against my rough hand.

Unable to resist, I slid down her body until my mouth reached her pert little tits thrusting proudly up at the ceiling.

I took her right nipple into my mouth and sucked hard fan got a show with pornstar and fails to get hard pornstars big butt my fingers tweaked the other, causing a shudder to pass through her body that had nothing to do with her sobs.

"Daddy, please! I don't want this! I've never done anything like this before! I'm a virgin!" Shay screamed and it gave me pause. Then I realized that I was the first man to touch my baby girl's body and I released a deep moan and slid up her body so that I could see her face. "It's okay, baby. That's good. Daddy's going to make your first time special, just like it should be," I said as I caressed her hair. I stared down at her beautiful face and saw her lips quiver as she silently cried.

All I could think to do was give her a kiss on the forehead, just as I always did when she cried. However, the feel of her soft skin drew me back and I rained kisses all over her face, kissing away her tears until I got to her lips. At the first brush of my lips she let out a little whimper and I felt my hand fist in her hair, pulling her face harder to mine. The sunny leon xxx 2019 nawestory mp4 com of her lips was so addictive that I just had to have more.

"Open your lips for daddy. Give daddy what he needs, baby," I groaned against her lips but she wouldn't open them for me. Releasing my grip on her hip, I ran my hand down her body until I reached her pussy, still wet from when she was masturbating. I ran my finger lightly over her pussy lips and she started squirming harder, trying to escape my touch. Unperturbed, I worked my fingers through her wetness, finding her clit and circling it teasingly.

Feeling her struggles getting weaker as her body got tenser from the teasing, I smile against her lips and brushed my finger directly over her clit, causing her to gasp. I seized the opportunity and thrust my tongue into her mouth as I started really playing with her clit. Before long I felt her moaning into my mouth and I knew it was time. Grabbing my cock, I rubbed the head against her wet pussy once more until I found her sweet opening. Placing my cock head as her entrance, I lifted my face to look into her wide eyes and grabbed her hip.

"It's only going to be painful the first time, baby. Daddy's got a big cock and you're very tiny, but just remember that you were made for this," I said to her as I gently started pushing against her entrance.

"Please don't, daddy… If you stop now we can just pretend nothing happened…" she whispered as tears rolled from her eyes. "Oh, baby! Daddy can't stop. Daddy needs to fuck his baby girl's virgin pussy. It was made just for daddy's big cock," I said as I put a bit more pressure on her until I feel the head pop into her.

"Please, daddy! Stop!" Shay shouted hysterically and I could see that going slow wasn't going to help her. Letting go of her hip so that I was leaning on my forearm, I saw a moment's relief pass over her face as she thought I was going to stop.

With that, I thrust deep into her tight little pussy, watching the pain register on her face as she let out a scream. Once I was inside of her I was like a man possessed, ruled by the pleasure of my cock gripped tightly in her tiny, deflowered pussy.

I pulled back slowly and thrust forward hard and fast, causing her body to jolt and another scream to escape her throat. "That's it, baby. Take daddy's big, thick cock. Your greedy little pussy is taking all 8" of daddy's cock!" I shouted as I started pounding into her.

I had never felt anything as good as pounding my baby girl's sweet pussy. Groaning, I released my hold on her hand and gripped her thigh, pulling it up higher so that I could reach even deeper inside her tight pussy.

As I felt her feeble attempts at pushing me off, my cock hit her cervix, ripping a moan from her throat and stilling her movements. Over and over I thrust against her cervix, pounding her hard and fast. As I felt my balls starting to tighten up I slowed my pace and quickly found her clit with my knowledgeable fingers. I started to rub her clit in time with my thrusts and it wasn't long before I felt her start tensing.

"There you go, baby. Cum on daddy's cock! You know you love daddy's cock inside that tight little pussy! Oh, yeah, baby!

That's it! Cum for daddy!" I shouted as I felt her cumming, the contractions rippling through her pussy driving me crazy. As she let out a scream of pleasure I started thrusting with all I had, needing to join her in ecstasy. "Here it comes! Daddy's going to cum deep in your pussy baby! Oh, God!" I shouted as I thrust deep until I hit her cervix one last time before I exploded, pumping cum deep inside my daughter, bathing her cervix in it.

Giving a few final thrusts, I collapsed on top of her, sated and exhausted. Looking down at her, my cock still deep inside her, I saw her staring back at me. "You can't go out with Tim tomorrow.

You belong to daddy now and nobody else is allowed to be with daddy's baby girl," I said as I smoothed back her hair before rolling off her. Pulling her into my side as she silently sobbed, I contemplated how great life would be with my baby girl by my side and in my bed. ***This is my nice looking adorable girlie gets banged hard story so please feel free to leave a comment and let me know how I can improve***