Two hotties have fun scissoring a slaveboy

Two hotties have fun scissoring a slaveboy
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I had most definitely had enough; I was tired of waiting for my Dad to show up every night. Maybe I was just tired of him ordering me around all the time; I needed to get out of the house with him so I didn't have to deal anymore.

Being in college should have awarded me some freedoms like most normal girls at age 19. My Mom said it was just Dad being dad.

I had chores that I still had to help them do around the farm, which was okay I guess because after all I did live there, eat there and they gave me gas money. I heard a car pull up it was Eric my boyfriend of 3 years. I walked out to the car; he was climbing out in his tight Levi's. I leaned in and kissed him squarely on the mouth, something I sure couldn't do when Dad was home. We walked hand in hand back to the barn to feed the animals, and then we had thought perhaps we would get some time fishing.

My dog Sport trailed along behind us, hoping I'm certain we would drop some feed he could scrounge for like we never fed him. I leaned over the rail and picked up the feed buckets, I felt my boyfriend's hand squarely on my ass. He squeezed my right cheek, I rose and smiled at him, and he leaned in and kissed me hard and long his tongue exploring my mouth.

I could feel my breath start to quicken as his kisses found their way to my neck and back to my mouth. I stopped him from doing anything further, as we were standing right in the door of the barn where my Mom could look right out the back door and see us. She would be furious with me for letting Eric touch me; I was supposed to be a pure little "virgin" girl at night. Can you imagine that in this day and age? I walked him through the barn and out the back door into the woods behind the barn and up the little sloping hill.

We walked over the ridge, perhaps a 10 minute little walk. Once we were pretty secluded I turned to him, I told him to sit down, and he hesitated and then did as I said. As he was seated, I began to do a bit of a strip-tease for him, I slowly moved my hips, and unbuttoned my shirt, only far enough for him to get a hint of my breast.

I turned and wiggled my hot little ass for him; I knew he was turned on. I could see his huge cock bulging in his jeans. It thrilled me to know that I had this effect on him.

I he finds her masturbating and offers his cock closer to him, and begin to unbutton the rest of my shirt, I moved it down and over my shoulders, and I slid the shirt off and threw it on him.

He smiled and placed it behind his head as he leaned against the tree behind him. I then slid my jeans down my long slender legs. I stood before him in my bra and panties, I moved in closer, he reached out to touch me, and I moved back.

I was an excellent tease, I had learned from the best. I turned around bending over and spreading my legs as if to do the splits, I knew he loved to look at me in this position.

I heard him sigh; I rose, and slide my panties down and threw them on him, and then my bra. He motioned for me to come closer. I wasn't ready to let him have my hot wet little slick pussy yet.

I pursed my lips and made a noise that Sport recognized. He walked over to me as I squatted down; my dog's nose went straight to my pussy. My boyfriend was sitting up straighter now against the tree. I had never done this, and I wasn't sure if this would turn him off or not.

I decided being in a risqué humor today that I would give it a try. I watched his face intently as he never took his eyes off the dogs tongue and my pussy. I did notice however, that his adorable daisy takes it up her butt was about to bust the seams on his jeans.

So I knew I wasn't disappointing him. The dog licked at my dripping little pussy as I continued to squat with my legs spread so he had adequate access to my snatch. He licked and I could feel my clit getting harder and harder, as his never ending lapping continued. I loved the way his hot wet tongue ran over my lips, and hit my sweet little pussy hole. I rose, and sat back down on the ground, still not giving in to my boyfriend, who was intently taking in every little movement that I made.

I began to rub my tits; I took my pink hard nipples between my thumb and index finger and rolled them expertly making them stand at attention.

I spread my legs for Sport to continue his licking. Reaching under him, I took his cock in my hand and began to stroke it. I saw Eric's head go down so he could see what I was doing; he had begun to rub the head of his cock through his tight jeans. I lay back onto the grass, as I let the dog lick my cunt; I continued to stroke his stiffening cock. It was hard and already leaking cum and I knew I would have to turn over soon and let him fuck my pussy. I continued to watch Eric watch me, I was very turned on.

My pussy was dripping wet; I could feel it dripping down my ass. I turned over and got on my knees and let my dog mount me, I could feel him humping, and then I felt Eric's hand as he guided Sports hard cock into my pussy.

I guess I hadn't freaked him out fucking my dog. That was a good thing, I guess. He guided it, and then moved away. The dog began to fuck me hard, his knot slipping into my tight pussy. I could feel myself letting go and cumming, he balls slapped against my pussy as he hit my cervix he was in so deep. Even though it was uncomfortable somewhat I was going to cum, and I was getting hotter, I was wet you could hear a wet sloshing noise coming from my wet little cunt.

I began to squirt, I could feel it, my legs tightened, and my pussy tightened around Sports hard dick.

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I spewed cum all over the ground, and my legs. The dog continued fucking my tight little pussy. I could feel him nearing orgasm as well his cock had gotten huge and his knot didn't allow his dick to move much.

Finally, I felt the wetness coming back out of my pussy. I reached down and grabbed his dick and pulled it hard to jerk it out of my pussy. He yelped and went off painful handjob handjob tube porn lick himself.

I lay back and looked at Eric. Eric had removed his clothes, while I had been fucking the dog and was leaning against the log stroking his huge cock. Getting up off the ground my legs feeling like I might collapse before I got there, I squatted down facing him and took his huge hard cock in my tight little asshole.

He gasped as did I; he had never fucked me in the ass. However, I thought it was time. I rode his dick in my tight little ass hole until I exploded on him again.

He took my tits in his mouth first one, then the other he sucked and bit. He held my hands behind my back as he continued to fuck my ass. I told him I was getting sore, and I needed him to move to my pussy, he smirked at me.

"Tough shit, baby, you can fuck the dog, you can fuck me however, I want." It was beginning to really hurt, but what could I do. Before I knew what was happening he flipped me over on my back, his cock never came out of asshole. He continued to fuck it, hard and deep while he pushed my legs up around my face. I was doubled over, and I was sure I was dying the pain was so intense. His cock was huge; all at once he pulled it from my hot little butt, and moved quickly to my face he shoved his dick into my mouth.

I gagged as I tried to take it and not think about where it had been.

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He fucked my throat telling me to swallow; now, he slapped my face because I didn't swallow fast enough. I tried and I gagged nearly throwing up with his cock in my throat.

He moved back to my pussy, he spread my lips apart and I felt his tongue on my little clit, he began to suck hard, and pull it with his teeth to stretch it up. As he stretched it he put one finger on each side and he ran his thumb and index finger up and down my stretched out clit, like he was stroking off his dick. My pussy got wetter and hotter, as he continued; I bucked my hips up to meet the stroke each time.

He told me to lay still or he would smack me again.

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I was still but I was enjoying the fucking I was getting. He stopped rubbing and began to stroke his hard cock, he rubbed it against my clit, and into my waiting wet pussy that was dripping with Sports cum. He shoved it in hard, and he told me that since I like to fuck a dog I was going to get fucked like a dog. He fucked me harder, and faster, his dick hitting my cervix; it causes me to thrash underneath him, as he held my arms up over my head.

His mouth found my hard little nipples, he bit down harder and harder making me squeal in pain. He was getting harder, I knew soon it would be over he would dump his hot load in me as Sport had just done. He spit in my face, and bit my lips as he fucked me harder, suddenly he stopped, and he shuddered as his hot seed filled my pussy. Eric rolled off me panting like Sport had been earlier, I rose up into a sitting position, covered from the waist down in cum, I looked behind me and in utter surprise my Dad was standing behind one of the trees.

He had watched the entire scene evidently. Eric didn't see him; he was breathing heavy trying to recover. I nodded at my Dad as he finished stroking his dick and came all over the ground in front of him. I knew that I would be fucking him tonight and he would want to know how I ended up fucking the dog and my boyfriend. I smiled at him, as he zipped his pants up, and walked off quietly so Eric wouldn't know he was there.

I leaned in and kissed him on the mouth; he opened his eyes, and smiled at me. I got up and began dressing. Once I had my shoes tied, asian milf kianna dior cumslut jonni darkko Eric was dressed I whistled for Sport.

We headed back to the barn to finish the chores.

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I was already thinking about how quickly I could send Eric home so I could take my Dad upstairs and fuck him senseless as I did every night.