Familystrokes cute stepsis seduces bro with lapdance large cock and beautiful

Familystrokes cute stepsis seduces bro with lapdance large cock and beautiful
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THE HUMILIATION OF JENNIFER Jennifer was an attractive girl. She was 5' 3" and weighed about 110 pounds. She was admiring her naked body in the mirror of her room.

She had a reasonably shapely body for a 17 year old girl. Her brunette hair hung down to her shoulders. Her breasts were good sized, about a c cup. She didn't like her legs; she felt they were a little to short. She felt her greatest asset was her ass. She turned to look at it.

It was well rounded and firm. It had kind of a heart shape to it. She turned back and looked at her pussy. She would need to trim her pubic hair. She kept it trimmed to the point that there was a small patch just above her slit. Floozy loves sucking a meaty pecker hardcore creampie did this so she could wear high cut bikinis without fear of pubic hair showing.

Yes she decided, she had a good body. She had a pretty face as well. She was the picture of a very sexy, cute 17 year old girl, yet she was miserable. She desperately wanted to hang out with the "Beautiful People." At least that's what they were called behind their backs.

They were the most popular kids in school. One in particular, David, was someone she would do anything for. He was the best looking guy in school. Jennifer knew that she had no way of being part of that group. They were not only the most popular, but they also came from very rich families.

Her parents provided for her, but they were by no means rich. She thought she would do anything to be able to hang around these people, especially if it meant getting near David.

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At school later on that day Jennifer saw Brittany. Brit as her friends called her, was recognized as the leader of the beautiful people. She was very domineering and very rich. No one questioned her when she wanted something. She also happened to be dating David. Jennifer had tried to become friends with Brit, but to no avail. She was constantly hanging around them, trying to get them to accept her. Little did she know that they had noticed her and that Brit had decided to do something about the little bitch that wouldn't leave them alone.

Everyone was hanging around Brittany's locker. Jennifer walked up and just stood there as if she belonged. They were talking about a daughter swap sex tor boss that was going to be at Brittany's that night. Jennifer hoped that she would get some sort of acknowledgement that would allow her to attend. Out of the clear blue Brittany turned to Jennifer and asked her "do you want to come?" Jennifer was shocked.

She couldn't remember the last time Brittany actually spoke to her. Now she was being invited to a party. "Sure" she said. "What time should I be there?" Jennifer asked. "Be there around 8:00pm. Oh, by the way," Brittany said. "It's a theme party so dress up in a toga." Jennifer said, "ok, no problem." Then the bell rang and everyone had to go to class and the group broke up.

One of the girls there, a strikingly beautiful blond named Beth had a class with Jennifer and they went off together. "Just a piece of advice," Beth offered. "I wouldn't wear a bra or panties with the toga tonight." Jennifer was shocked. "Why?" Jennifer asked. "Because they would stand out and make you look ridiculous. The ancient Romans didn't wear anything under their togas, so why should we. Besides, if you do you'll get teased and may never be invited to a party again." Jennifer didn't know what ancient Romans wore under their togas, but she suspected they wore something.

The threat of being teased and not being invited to another party was real however. She had seen how this adorable hottie sucks and bounces on rod had unmercifully teased some poor girl just because her outfit didn't match. They could be very cruel. She decided that she would take Beth's advice. Jennifer got home after school as fast as possible. She wanted to get ready. Her mom helped pick out the sheet and all the stuff to help make her look good.

Jennifer had to admit that the toga did look real. She got ready and left the house. She had a bra and panties on because she didn't think her mother would approve her going out without them. Once she was a couple of blocks away she pulled her car over.

She slipped her panties off then worked on her bra. When they were off she started to head to Brittany's for the party. She had to admit that she felt pretty sexy with no underwear on and just a sheet to cover her up. It wouldn't take much to get her naked. She was a virgin, but the idea of being mostly naked appealed to her. She had masturbated and let guys feel her up, so she wasn't completely naive. If things worked out, maybe she could get naked with David.

She would be more than happy to give him her virginity. She got to the party right on time. She started to mingle around with everyone. For the first time that she could remember, they were actually mom and son inces sex to her. She noticed that none of the girls appeared to be wearing a bra.

She couldn't tell if they were wearing panties. After a little while Brittany came up to Jennifer. "We have a little initiation for all newcomers to our group," she told Jennifer. Jennifer hadn't thought of anything like that, but she was willing to do what ever was necessary.

She was having such a good time; it was like a dream come true. The dream soon turned into a nightmare.

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"We're all going to go out back to the pool. Then you get to go skinny dipping, in front of everyone. Don't get too upset, everyone has had to do it." Of course that wasn't true, no one had been required to do that before. Jennifer was mortified. She had never been completely naked in front of anyone before. How could she be expected to get naked in front of all these people? Brittany could read her thoughts on her face. "If you don't want to do it that's fine. Of course you'll have to leave right now and stop hanging around us.

We only want people around that belong. You will only belong if you do what I say when I say," Brittany said harshly. Jennifer was shaking she was so upset. If she didn't do it her dreams would be shattered. If she did it, all of these people big ass blonde babe hollie stevens drilled on the couch pornstar and hardcore see her naked. "Hurry up bitch and decide. You know you don't belong here.

You're not one of us. If you want to be here you have to do what I say, no matter what it is or get out. Your choice." Brittany was meaner than Jennifer had ever heard her before. Brittany intimidated her. Jennifer didn't consider herself shy, but she wasn't aggressive either. She just stood there looking at Brittany trying to figure out what to do. "Fine bitch, get out. If you aren't going to obey me then leave.

I don't want your fucking ass around anyway," Brittany screamed. "N . no," Jennifer stuttered softly. "I'll do what you ask." Brittany lightened up. "Fine, let's go." "Hey everyone, let's go outside and watch this little bitch go skinny dipping." The crowd roared their approval. Jennifer just wanted to shrink away and die.

How could she go along with this? Was it worth it to hang around sunny leone sex xxx storys people?

Then she saw David and he had a great big smile on his face and he was looking at tight pussy teen takes large dick up slit tits. It was then that Jennifer noticed that her nipples were hard.

As she walked she felt moisture in her crotch. She was excited. She realized that she was sexually excited. Almost as if this is what she wanted, to be naked and humiliated in front of everyone.

She slowly followed Brittany out to the pool area. When everyone was standing around the pool Brittany turned to Jennifer. "Ok bitch, prove to us that you deserve to be here." Jennifer closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Then she reached for her belt and undid it.

She threw the belt onto a lounge chair and grabbed the toga that now hung loosely on her. She quickly pulled it off and threw it on the chair with her belt. She was interested in getting this over with as quickly as possible. She now stood completely naked in front of at least twenty mom and son cex sex stories story. She was humiliated beyond anything she could ever have imagined.

She blushed furiously. She looked at Brittany and waited for instructions. "Hands at your sides. Let everyone get a good look at you," she told Jennifer. Jennifer had put her hands in front of her pussy in an effort to claim some modesty. Jennifer resigned herself to her fate. She figured she had gone this far, she might as well go all the way. She moved her hands to her sides. She noticed that David was again starring at her naked body.

This made her feel warm all over. Somehow she had become sexually aroused by the thought of being humiliated in front of everyone, and the fact that David had an unobstructed view of her nudity just made her feel even more aroused. "Since you seem so willing, I'm going to give you a break. You've done a real nice job on your hair tonight; I'd hate to see it get wet so here's the deal. If you agree to hang around the pool naked for the next half-hour, I'll set three easy rules for you to follow and you can hang around us all the time.

If you would rather go skinny dipping, that's fine, but you'll get no towel and you'll have to dry off with your toga and still follow my three little rules. One way you get to put on a dry toga; the other you put on a wet toga. What'll it be?" Brittany asked. Jennifer knew that there would be no way to explain a soaking wet sheet to her mother. "What about your parents?" asked Jennifer. "Won't they see me naked out here?" "They're out of town for the weekend, it's just us." Jennifer decided.

"I'll stay dry," she announced. "Good. I thought you might. Ok, it's 9:30 now, all you have to do is stay out her naked until 10:00," Brittany informed her.

Jennifer was very self-conscious now. People were milling about and looking at her hard. She desperately wanted to cover up, but she knew Brittany wouldn't let her. "One more thing," Brittany young babes like to share a dick. "If anyone tries to touch you, anywhere, and I mean anywhere, you must let them.

Is that understood?" The stunned teenager just starred in disbelief. How could Brittany expect her to allow busty french anal whore liza del sierra ceska Brittany again could see the question on Jennifer's face. She just shrugged and said, "my party, my rules." Jennifer just lowered her head and whispered, "fine. I'll do what you want." With that Brittany went into the house, along with most of the girls.

A couple stayed outside to watch. The guy's had known what Brittany was going to do; yet none was too sure about really feeling up this girl they hardly knew. Finally David walked up to her and grabbed her right tit. Jennifer sighed at the touch and started to shake.

She was so turned on by the scene that she could smell her pussy. He rubbed and kneaded her tit. She just stood there and let him. That was the sign the rest of the guys were waiting for, and they all started to feel her up. She had hands all over her tits, ass and pussy. She felt a couple of fingers work their way into her very wet pussy. She was getting really turned on by this whole scene.

She opened her eyes and looked at the girls. They were watching the situation with interest. Jennifer felt that if it were just she and the guys, she would probably already be getting fucked. That made her happy and sad at the same time.

When the 30 minutes were up, Brittany came out back and announced it to everyone. Jennifer was allowed to put her toga back on and go back inside. She was very worked up sexually, never quite getting to the point of orgasm.

She desperately needed release, but had no idea how to achieve it. She would have to wait to go home and masturbate. Brittany called Jennifer over. "Ok, here are your three simple rules. One, you may never wear a bra or panties for as long as you are part of our group. Two, you must be willing and able to prove that you are in compliance with rule number one at all times to everyone here at the party. That means you will have to expose yourself or find some other way to prove it.

That also means that anyone can at anytime demand to touch you anywhere they want, no matter where you are, to further prove you are following rule number one. Finally number three, you must follow all of my orders to the letter without question or delay, no matter what that order is.

For instance, if I tell you to take your shirt off in the middle of the school hallway so that we can examine your tits, you will immediately take your shirt off and stand ready to allow us to examine you. Do you think you completely understand these rules?" Jennifer was scared.

She didn't know what to do. She just knew if she didn't agree she would no longer be able to hang out with these people. She had such a good time earlier that she wanted it to go on forever. She also had to admit to herself that for some reason, she was very turned on by being forced to strip in front of everyone, and even more turned on when she was forced to let them feel her up.

"Just one question," Jennifer said. "What happens if I don't obey an order or am too slow to do what you ask or don't prove I am obeying rule number one to someone's satisfaction?" "Simple.

If you refuse to follow an order, your out, and there won't be a second chance. If you are too slow or someone doesn't think you have done your best to prove your obedience you will be punished.

And to answer your next question, punishment can be anything from being severely spanked or whipped, anywhere on your body, to being forced to participate in a gang bang with a bunch of people you don't know. I am sure I will be forced to spank and whip you and I can promise you that your tits, ass and pussy will feel the sting of the whip. If you're a virgin, I suggest you loose it quickly because I can guarantee you that you will be fucked a lot if you hang around us. Does that answer your questions." Jennifer just nodded her shock and amazement at what she just heard too much for her to allow her to speak.

Jennifer was sort of numb for the rest of the party. She couldn't believe how her dream had changed so dramatically. She wondered around the party talking to people and eventually relaxed and enjoyed the party. Occasionally she would feel a hand on her ass or her tit. Several times she felt hands penetrating her pussy. She did her best to ignore them and carry on as if nothing were out of the ordinary.

When the party ended and everyone was heading towards home Brittany came up to Jennifer. "I'll be over to your house at two tomorrow afternoon. Be in the proper attire," Brittany ordered. Jennifer said, "ok," and left for home. On the way home she thought about putting her bra and panties back on, but decided that it was late and her parents wouldn't see her so what was the point.

She got home and noticed her parents were already in bed. She went up to her room in a hurry. She was so horny she had to masturbate right away. She had unbuckled her belt and was removing the pins in her hair when she ran into her wicked mother id like to fuck is being hammered. She gave a start and said "hi daddy." His eye's roved over her body intently.

She looked down to see that the sheet was hanging loose again, like at the party. Most of her tits were visible and one hip was plainly in sight. It was obvious she was not wearing panties or a bra. Her father cleared his throat and said, "I was coming down to make sure it was you coming into the house.

Um, by the way, aren't you missing something?" Jennifer blushed to know her father was seeing her mostly naked and knew she wasn't wearing underwear or a bra. "Please don't tell mom," she begged. "I would have looked real stupid wearing them," she offered. She realized that he had not looked her in the face.

He was eyeing her body, or at least what of it he could. When Jennifer realized this she flushed anew with sexual tension. She did nothing to cover herself up. Instead she reached over to the side that was pinned together and removed the pin. This caused the toga to fall from her right side and just hang off of her left shoulder. This had the effect of completely exposing her right tit and the entire right half of her body, including most of her pussy.

She was so excited by exposing herself to her father; it never dawned on her what he might do. "Please daddy, don't tell mom," Jennifer begged again. Her father, visibly upset by what he had seen, roughly grabbed his my reluctant wife first time fucking another man by the elbow and forcefully walked her to her room.

He threw her down on the bed and ordered her to wait for him. He stormed off. Jennifer didn't know what had come over her and why she exposed herself to her father. He was really angry. She had never seen him that angry before. She just sat there shaking her head wondering what had gotten into her. While she was waiting for him she felt her pussy. It was soaking wet. She was becoming more and more convinced that humiliation was a turn on for her.

She would soon learn that there is a price to pay sometimes for getting what you want. She would also soon learn that humiliation mixed with pain is a wonderful aphrodisiac.

Her father stormed back into her bedroom, carrying his belt. "I'll keep quiet, but you'll have to be punished for your conduct," he growled. Jennifer was frightened, yet excited at the same time. He told her to roll over face down on her bed. Jennifer was too scared to argue and moved to comply. Without warning he ripped the sheet from her body. She was now completely naked in front of her own father. She almost chuckled when she realized at the start of the night she hadn't been naked in front of anyone, and now over twenty people had seen her naked, including her father.

She buried her face in her pillows, not wanting to look at her dad who was looking down at her naked ass. She made sure she kept her legs closed. She didn't think she could handle him seeing her pussy. "You hold that position little girl while I give your ass the whipping of a life time," her dad said.

And without any warning she felt the sting of his belt hitting her ass. It felt like fire in her ass. She had no idea how bad this could hurt. She had hoped that she would be able to maintain dignity during this ordeal. Now she just prayed she could survive it. Again and again the belt landed on her ass. The pain was spreading. Her whole ass felt like it was on fire. The tingle of the pain was spreading throughout her body, especially to her pussy.

As her father beat her ass over and over, she could feel her pussy start to juice up. Tears were freely streaming down her cheeks and she was screaming into her pillow. Yet the whole time this was going on she could feel her pussy getting hotter and hotter. Without realizing what she was doing, she started to spread her legs.

Before long they were spread wide, giving her father a clear view of her virgin teenage pussy. This seemed to infuriate him and he hit her ass with renewed vigor. Her pussy was on fire. Her ass was practically numb. The more he beat her ass, the more excited she became. She didn't know her pussy was spread, nor did she realize that she was lifting her ass to meet the belt as it came down. Her mind was spinning out of control. Her body was experiencing sensations she hadn't ever felt before.

All of a sudden it happened. The whole night came crashing in on her and she exploded into her most intense orgasm ever. She saw stars and a bright light as her orgasm hit. Her whole body convulsed and shook with the force of her orgasm.

She screamed for all she was worth into her pillow. Her father had no idea what was going on and was afraid he had done some real damage. He just stood there and watched his daughter go through the throws of a very powerful orgasm.

When it was finally over he looked down at his naked 17 year old daughter. Her legs were still spread wide. He could see her pussy clearly and it was soaking wet and spasming. He saw her body twitch every now and again. It finally dawned on him that his daughter had an orgasm while he beat her ass.

This shook him terribly. He didn't know what to do, so he left her room and went back to his bed. Jennifer lay there for full ebony sex story best half-hour trying to pull herself back together. She was finally able to move and go up off of her bed. She moved over to the mirror and looked at her ass.

The asset she felt was her best was all red and bruised. She gingerly tried to touch sexbangale buode school grils nudecom and felt that it was hot. She could barely touch it without feeling pain. She touched her pussy and discovered she was more wet than at any other time in her young life. She wasn't too sure what to make of everything.

It was too much for her at that point. She still wasn't thinking too clearly. Her mind was still a blur. She decided to just go to bed and try to sleep. Jennifer woke up the next morning very sore. She moved over to her mirror and looked at her ass. The redness had mostly gone away. There were still some visible marks. She would be bruised on her ass for some time. She took a shower and threw on some sweats and went to the kitchen to get some breakfast.

Her father was there drinking coffee and reading the morning paper. It was Saturday so he was off from work and she didn't have school. "Where's mom?" she asked. "She went shopping," he said. It was just a little too tense in the kitchen. Jennifer could tell her dad was still upset about last night. She decided that she had to do something about it, after all it was her fault.

She looked at her father and said, "I'm not upset that you whipped me last night. I deserved it," she said. Jennifer took a deep breath and black slave gets cock blown and bangs tight cunt missionary sucking herself to an uncertain future. "I want you to know that I love you daddy and that I would never hold it against you if you decide I need a spanking or some other punishment." As she continued, she noticed the shocked look on her father's face.

"I'll try to be good, but if I'm not and you think I need to be punished, then I'll do my best to cooperate with anything you decide to do as a means of punishment." He just sat there makayla shows darci how to lick pussy at her. He realized what she was saying, he just couldn't believe he was hearing it. She had just told him in no uncertain terms that he could force her to strip and accept a whipping, or any other punishment he designed, without fear of retribution.

This was indeed something to think about. His immediate response was to acknowledge her statement and ask her how her ass was doing. He actually said ass, not butt. She said it was still a little sore, but doing ok. He said he had better see to make sure everything was healing fine. Jennifer flushed a little and said fine. She moved over to where he was sitting.

She turned her back to him and lowered her sweat pants. She pushed them all the way down to her ankles and lifter her top. She wanted him to have a clear view. She spread her legs as much as the sweats would allow and stood there this old goes young guy admired lenkas ass her naked ass in her fathers' face.

He tentatively reached out a hand and touched her ass. "It's still a little hot and I can feel the ridges where the belt impacted your ass cheeks. No real damage though. You'll heal," he said. His hand was gently moving all over her ass. Jennifer just stood there waiting for him to finish. When he did she causally pulled up her pants and made herself some breakfast.

The rest of the day passed like normal. Just before two she heard a car and wondered if it was her mom or Brittany. She looked out the window. It was Brittany. Jennifer went downstairs to let Brittany in. Jennifer introduced Brittany to her father and then they went to Jennifer's room.

Once they were in the room and the door was closed, Brittany ordered Jennifer to strip. Jennifer was a little taken aback by the suddenness of the command, but complied none the less, remembering what she had been told the night before. When she was naked Brittany ordered her to turn around.

Jennifer didn't know what she was going to say about her ass, but she was sure Brittany would ask about it. Sure enough when her ass came into Brittany's view she asked, "what the hell happened to your ass?" Jennifer explained to Brittany what had happened the night before, well most of it anyway. She didn't tell Brittany about her orgasm. Brittany smiled as the story unfolded.

"Well at least now you know what to expect when I have to whip you. Since he is doing such a good job on your ass, we'll have to think about whipping you someplace else," Brittany explained. While Jennifer was afraid of what that might mean, she was now excited about something that last night had terrified her. Brittany explained that a few of the girls were coming over to her house tonight since her parents were still out of town.

Everyone would be spending the night. Hot school girl xxx story she think she could get away for the night? Jennifer didn't think that was a problem.

"Good," said Brittany. "Be over at my house by nine. Now for some fun." "I want you to fully understand your place," explained Brittany. "Around us you dress whore watch more of her at ulacamcom be more like a slave than anything else. Around other people you'll be just like one of us.

That means you will have to dress better than you have been. I suggest you do some shopping. We don't want to be embarrassed by you. When you're around us you can expect to be naked a lot and have a lot of sex. Make sure you are protected.

Now I have some shopping to do for tonight so I have to get going. But before I go I want to emphasize just how important it is for you to follow my orders. If you are too slow on this order I will march you, naked, down to your father and ask for his belt.

I will then ask him to watch while I beat his daughters naked pussy. Do you understand?" Jennifer mumbled "yes, I understand." "From now on, unless we are in public, you will address me as mistress, understood?" Brittany asked. "Yes mistress," Jennifer responded. "Good. Now before I leave I want to see how you masturbate." Jennifer was stunned.

She had never even considered telling anyone she masturbated, let alone do it in front of anyone. She knew she had no choice however. Sure she could refuse, but then she would never realize her dream of having sex with David. She would also be forced from the group. She had already decided that she was willing to do whatever it took to be a member of the group by stripping in front of everyone last night.

She wasn't going to blow it so soon. So she swallowed her pride and said, "yes mistress." Jennifer slowly lay down on her bed, spreading her legs wide as she went.

She took one hand and lowered it to her pussy. She gently started to rub her clit. With her other hand she started to rub her tits. She was twisting her nipple and had shoved a couple of fingers into her pussy. She started to pump her fingers into her pussy, fucking it with her fingers.

She opened her eyes to see that Brittany was watching her very intently. She kept the fingers pumping into her pussy. She was pumping furiously. She moved her other hand from her tits to her hand that was finger fucking her pussy.

She grabbed the hand fucking her pussy and used it to help to pound her fingers into her pussy. She could feel the orgasm building up inside her.

She could tell it would be more intense than crazy video which includes loads of great close ups at first tied up she normally experienced when she masturbated. She assumed it was due to the audience.

She could feel it building. She would hit it very soon. Her hips were bucking up off the bed. She was driving her pussy up to meet her fingers. She could tell that within a few seconds she would be hitting her orgasm. Then it hit.

It was more powerful than normal. Nothing compared to last night, but powerful indeed. She could feel her pussy spasming around her fingers as her orgasm hit. She slowly started to settle down and looked at Brittany. It was then that she realized that she still had her fingers in her wide spread pussy.

She also realized that she had masturbated to orgasm in front of someone who was still mostly a stranger. This humiliated her terribly and she blushed deeply.

"I'm glad you're embarrassed. You should be," Brittany said. "As punishment for such a shameless act, you must be whipped by your father this afternoon.

We'll want to see the marks. Oh, and just for fun, make sure its someplace other than your ass," Brittany said laughing.

Jennifer was scarred now. How was she going to get her father to whip her again, and to do it somewhere other than her ass? Worse yet, as bad as her ass hurt, how could she stand to be whipped somewhere else? Again, she knew she had no choice. She answered, "yes mistress. Is there any place in particular you would like the marks to be?" She prayed for a reasonable answer. It was not to be. "I think I would like to see the marks on your tits.

You've got nice full tits. I'll bet they make a nice target. And if I were you I'd shave off all of that pussy hair. It'll go easier on you if you do." Jennifer groaned, but simply responded, "yes mistress." "Well I've got to leave," Brittany said.

"I'll see you tonight." "Yes mistress," was all Jennifer could manage. She got dressed and walked Brittany out to her car. Once back in the house she tried to think how to get her dad to do what Brittany ordered. "Your mother met a friend shopping and won't be back until dinner time. Did you want a late lunch?" her father asked. "Sure," she responded.

Her mind was not on what was going on around her. She was trying to think about how to get her father to whip her tits, and not on what she was doing.

As a consequence she managed to drop a whole gallon of milk on the floor making a huge mess. "Awe shit," she said.

Her father was perturbed, not angry. When they got the mess cleaned up Jennifer decided to see if her father was angry enough over this to whip her.

It was an accident and he normally didn't get that upset over accidents, but it was all she could think of and time was running out. "If you wanted to whip me for making this mess, I'd understand," she said with eyes lowered. He looked at her with a stunned look on his face. "It's no big deal.

Accidents happen," he responded. "But that was a whole gallon of milk and it happened because I wasn't paying attention," she pushed. Her father just looked at her. She looked up at him with an almost hopeful look in her eye. "Let's cut through the bullshit Jennifer.

Tell me I'm wrong, but I think you want to be exposed in front of me and whipped. Am I right?" Jennifer just stood there and starred at her father. How could she answer that question? In her heart she knew he was right, but was she ready to admit it to her father, and herself?

"Well?" he asked. She decided it was time for a little honesty, no matter what may come of it. "Yes," Jennifer said. "What did you say?" her father asked. "Yes, I want to be naked in front of you and whipped," she said. There, she said it. Now what she wondered? Her father stood there looking at her. After what seemed like an eternity he said, "fine, I'll go and get my belt, you can take off your pants." As he turned to leave Jennifer reached deep inside herself for courage and asked, "daddy would you please whip my tits instead of my ass?" That stopped him dead in his tracks.

She could tell he was trying to think about this latest and most bizarre turn of events. Finally he answered. "Fine, I'll whip your tits, but you will be completely naked. Now go into the living room and wait for me, naked." She responded with "yes daddy." She saw him shiver and head for his room. She went into the living room and stripped naked. When he walked into the living room he was greeted with the site of his very beautiful and sexy 17 year old teenaged daughter standing in the middle of the room, naked.

He just stopped and looked at her. Damn, he thought, she was hot. He walked up to her and positioned her in the middle of the room. This gave him the most room to maneuver. "Put your hands behind your head and spread your legs wide," he ordered. Jennifer immediately moved to comply. She noticed that by putting her hands behind her head her tits thrust out more, making a much more inviting target.

"Are you ready?" he asked. She just nodded. "Alright, here we go," he announced. Within seconds she felt the most intense pain she had ever felt in her life. She was convinced her tits had been cut and were bleeding. She was screaming her head off with the pain. She managed to open her eyes and through the blur of tears she saw the angry red welt forming on her tits, but no blood. "We can't have that kind of screaming.

The neighbors will hear. I'll have to gag you," he said. She nodded, knowing that he was right. What happened next shocked Jennifer to her core. Her father removed his jeans and then his shorts so that he was naked from the waist down. She had never actually seen a dick out in the open. Sure she had sucked her boyfriends off, but she had never seen a dick out in plain sight. And it was bigger than her boyfriends were and it was very hard. He took his shorts and walked up to his daughter and said, "open wide." Her eyes were already wide open from shock.

She slowly opened her mouth as wide as she could get it. He then stuffed his shorts in her mouth and said, "that should take care of the screams." Jennifer was shaking with both lust and shock. Lust at being naked and whipped by her father, and because he was naked from the waist down showing her a very large and hard cock.

With shock because she would never have believed it possible to be in this situation. Her father was now back in position to resume whipping her tits. "Are you ready," santa fucks petite body teen from her ass to her mouth asked.

She nodded her head. She closed her eyes and waited. She didn't have long to wait. The belt again smacked her full on the tits, just below her nipples.

The pain was excruciating. It was all she could do to hold her position. Before she had fully recovered from that blow another hit, this time just above the nipples. It felt as if he were using a hot poker on her tits. She kept seeing stars and bright lights in her mind as the pain exploded throughout her tits. He kept whipping her tits, occasionally hitting her squarely across the nipples.

This produced the most extreme of reactions. Her knees would buckle and he could hear her scream, even through his shorts in her mouth. His cock was so hard that he didn't know if it would go down. He had never been this turned on in his life. His daughters' tits were a mass of angry welts and bruises. Still, she stood there with her hands behind her head and her legs spread wide.

He wondered if she knew that pussy juice was running down her legs. She had mostly recovered from the last blow that had landed on her nipples. "I'm going to give you a choice. You can take five more across your nipples or twenty more elsewhere. It's your choice. Nod once if you want the five or nod twice if you want horny brunette milf gets fucked and facialized twenty." Jennifer was struggling to maintain her sanity.

Her father was whipping her on her tits. She was completely naked, and he was mostly naked. Now she had to make a terrible decision and it was all because she asked for it. Jennifer nodded once, knowing that five across her nipples would be excruciating pain, but the tingling in her pussy told her that was what she wanted.

"All right, here goes," her father said. With a force not yet felt by Jennifer, her father landed five very powerful blows across her nipples. The pain was so intense that Jennifer had collapsed to her knees by the fifth stroke.

She was practically hysterical she was crying so hard. When she finally regained some control she stood back up and assumed her position. Without saying a word her father walked up to her and put his hand on her pussy. He felt around and shoved a finger up inside her.

There was no resistance since her pussy was so wet he probably could have shoved his fist inside her. He continued to manipulate her pussy, making sure to work on her clit.

She mewled as he did this. She moved her hips in a fucking motion against his fingers. The orgasm hit without warning. Her senses were so messed up as a result of the whipping she had no idea she was that close.

As her orgasm hit, she closed her legs holding her fathers' hand in place. She was having an orgasm at least as powerful as the one she had last night when her father whipped her ass.

She was getting weak from the effects of the orgasm. She was barely aware of her surroundings. She reached out to hold on to her father, as she was no longer able to stand on her own. It seemed to last forever. When it was finally over she opened her eyes and looked into her fathers' eyes.

He was clearly shocked at what had just happened. He removed his shorts from his daughters' mouth and sat down on the couch. Jennifer stood there looking at her very whipped tits and then at her father. "Is that what you wanted?" he asked. She looked at him and said, "yes, but I had no idea how bad it would hurt." "Well, you seemed to get off on it ok, so I guess you got what you wanted.

What am I supposed to do with this raging hard on?" Jennifer knew what he was hinting at. He wanted her to do something about his hard on. After all, he had given her two of the best orgasms of her life; she felt she owed him. She could give him a blowjob; she knew how to do that.

Then she remembered what Brittany had said. "If you're a virgin, better lose it fast." Jennifer wondered what her dad would think if he knew that he was going to deflower his own daughter. Jennifer was still so worked up over the whipping and the whole crazy scene that it didn't even bother her a little to think she was going to fuck her own father.

She just walked up to him on the couch, looked him in the eye, and without saying a word, positioned herself over his cock. She reached down and grabbed it. She put its head against the opening of her pussy, not taking her eyes off of her father the whole time.

Once his dick was in place, she started to slowly lower herself onto her fathers cock. It was a huge dick. She had no idea if she could get it all the way inside of her. She just kept lowering herself onto his cock. He was stretching her pussy wide. She felt like she was taking a telephone pole up her pussy. With about half of it inside of her she stopped and moved back up. Having never had a cock in her pussy before she didn't know what to expect.

She got to the point that her fathers cock was just inside her pussy and then she started moving back down. She was moving down faster than before and this time his cock moved into her more easily. She almost had all of his cock inside of her pussy. She was feeling so full she couldn't believe she had as much of his cock inside her as she did.

The feeling in her pussy was so great she didn't want it to end. This time she moved up more quickly and almost slammed her pussy back down. The sensation and pain in her pussy set her aflame with lust once again. She felt his pubic hair on her ass and looked down to vanessa too aroused to strokes her own pussy to orgasm that she had his whole cock buried inside her.

She was shaking with lust at the sight. She looked back at her father and he had a look of satisfaction on his face. She started to fuck him as well as she could. She wasn't experienced at all, so she wasn't sure what to do. She just went with instinct and did what felt good. She was moving with reckless abandon. She was literally throwing herself on to his cock. Her father just sat there and watched as his beautiful 17 year old daughter fucked herself on his dick.

He was so worked up from the whipping and the masturbation of his daughter that it didn't take long for him to approach orgasm. He could feel his cum getting ready to spurt into his daughters' pussy. Jennifer was also approaching another mind-blowing orgasm. She was bouncing up and down on her fathers' cock. She was amazed at how easily her pussy stretched to accommodate his cock. She felt his cock tighten up. She had no idea what that meant of course since this was her first time. She did know that her own orgasm was fast approaching.

The friction of her fathers' cock on her clit was sending her to new heights of sexual release. She loved being fucked. If Brittany was intent on humiliating her and hurting her and getting her fucked, she was all for it. She would do what ever Brittany ordered as long as she got what she needed. She realized that this made her a slut, but to be able to feel like she did right then, she was willing to accept that reality.

Her fathers cock stiffened incredibly inside of her and then she felt his cum exploding inside of her. The feeling of the warm slippery fluid being pumped into her teenaged pussy was too much for her. She came and came and came. The feelings were so intense that she started to black out. Just before she lost consciousness she felt her father grab her tits and squeeze.

The pain was all it took to complete her mind shattering orgasm. She just limply lay against her father, her pussy spasming with the after throws of an intense orgasm and her fathers' cock twitching inside her pussy. When she woke up she was in her room on her horny slaves ashley adams marica hase aj applegate saya song. She was still naked and her sweats were on the floor next to her.

She had no idea how long she had been like this. She reached down to clutch her pussy. She was still wet. She brought her hand up to her face and she noticed that she had something other than pussy juice on her fingers.

It had to be her fathers cum. She brought her fingers to her mouth and licked them clean. She decided she needed to shower to get ready for tonight.

She walked into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. Her tits were bruised and stripped. She was in shock at how bad they looked.

Her ass wasn't much better. She decided it was probably a good idea to shave her pubic hair off as Brittany suggested. Once out of the shower she looked at her very naked pussy. It seemed even more naked than usual because she had no pubic hair. She just shrugged her shoulders, not really understanding why Brittany had told her to shave. She got dressed and went downstairs. She met her mother on the way. She asked her mother, "did you have a good time shopping?" "Yes I did.

Did you and your father enjoy your afternoon together?" This made Jennifer a little uneasy. She hoped she covered it well as she answered, "yea, it was ok." She then went down to the kitchen were here father was again reading the paper. He looked up at her and they both seemed a little uneasy about the situation. Jennifer decided it was up to her to let him know everything was ok so she acted as if nothing had happened.

"Anything good in the paper" she asked. "No not really. How are you feeling? Are your tits ok?" he asked. "They're pretty sore, but they'll be ok. I don't think there'll be any permanent marks." "Good, glad to hear it. Let me have a look and make sure everything's ok." She didn't say anything or even hesitate. Jennifer simply lifted her shirt and showed her dad her badly bruised tits. He gently touched them and she jumped. "Did that hurt?" he asked. "No, it just surprised me a little. It's ok, I'm sorry I jumped.

I have something so show you," she said. With that she let her shirt fall back into place and pulled down her pants to show her father her newly shaved pussy. "Very nice," he said. "Why did you do that?" "Because my friend suggested that I do it. She's also the one that suggested you should whip my tits," she responded. "You like what's happening to you don't you?" he asked.

"Yes I do. I didn't know it until last night, but I do like to be humiliated and hurt. I have also discovered I like to cosplay blode teen anal sex toy fun fucked." He cringed when he heard that. He knew what that meant. "So, will this friend humiliate and hurt you?" he wondered. "Yes she will," Jennifer said.

She didn't want her father to know why. "I was also hoping you might be interested in doing some more? I've liked what we've done so far," she asked hopefully. He sat there for what seemed like forever to Jennifer. "We'll continue with what we've done today and last night, if that is what you really want.

But understand this, I will use every hole you've got, even your asshole. I'll also be inflicting a great deal of pain on your body. If that is what you want then go over to that drawer and bring me the thongs we use for hot dogs on the grill, or if it's not then simply pull up your pants and leave." She didn't handjob from amateur blonde slut in hot amateur porn 1 tube porn hesitate.

She shuffled over to the drawer and pulled out the thongs her father had requested. "Bring them over vay bon ar sax story and spread your legs wide," he ordered.

Jennifer was unable to spread her legs with her pants around her ankles, so she removed them completely and then spread her legs wide. Her father reached out and grabbed her clit and she moaned with her approval of his rough handling.

He then brought up the thongs to her pussy and grasped her clit between the ends and started to squeeze, hard. He squeezed and squeezed. Her clit was in extreme pain. Tears were running down her face. She didn't try to stop him however; she just stood there taking the punishment. Finally his hand got tired and he let go. Blood rushed back to her clit and the pain of that was almost as bad as when it was being squeezed. He told her to wash and put away the thongs and then to get dressed.

As Jennifer was pulling her pants up she felt her pussy and found it soaking wet. She decided that this was further confirmation of what she was, a pain slut. She went to her room to get ready for tonight. Jennifer knew that she would spend the night at Brittany's naked. For that reason it didn't matter what she put into the bag, it wouldn't be needed.

She said goodbye to her parents and headed for Brittany's. Her mind was trying to cope with what had happened over the past couple of days.

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Over twenty people had seen her naked and she had her ass and tits beaten. She had lost her virginity, to her father none the less, and now was on her way to a party that was lustful teen deep throating a fat rod as a bribe to cause her great pain and humiliation. The amazing thing was she was excited about the prospect and was slave mistress heels shoe worship lick humiliation forward to it.

She shoved her hand inside her pants to feel her newly shaved bald pussy and found she was wet just thinking about what might happen. She finally arrived at Brittany's and went to the door. She left the bag in the car, as she was certain she wouldn't need anything from it. Brittany opened the door looking as beautiful as ever.

"I see that you had the guts to show. Good, we're gonna have real fun. But you have too many clothes on to come into my house. If you want to come in you'll have to be naked. You can put your clothes in your car if you want, you won't need them tonight." It was worse than Jennifer had feared. She had not expected to be naked outside where someone could see her. But she was determined to see it through. She had already accepted the fact that she was a slut and loved the pain and humiliation, so she just had to work up the courage to go through with it.

She took a deep breath and took off her shirt and shorts and shoes. Now standing completely naked on Brittany's front step she hurriedly went to her car to put her clothes in it.

She furtively looked around to see if anyone was watching. She couldn't see anyone, she just hoped no one saw her. Once she had her clothes in her car she quickly returned to where Brittany was standing. "I see you've learned your lessons well," she said. "I also see you took my advice and shaved your pussy and had someone whip your tits. Was it your father?" she asked. Jennifer responded with "yes mistress." "Good. By the way, you will refer to me as mistress all night, understood?" "Yes mistress," she whispered.

This whole conversation was happening out in the open on Brittany's doorstep. All she wanted to do is get into the house.

Brittany now just stood there and looked at Jennifer. It was as if she were waiting for something. All of a sudden Jennifer head a car drive past and heard a bunch of yelling and carrying on. She realized that Brittany had arranged for a carload of boys to drive past while she was naked outside her house. They only saw her ass, but it was enough to embarrass her.

"Ok, now we can go inside," Brittany announced. Once inside the house they went down to the basement were all the other girls were already waiting for them. As Jennifer walked in the room got quiet. They were all starring at her bruised tits. "You should see her ass," Brittany announced. Jennifer blushed deeply. She was an object to them, nothing more. Jennifer knew it would be a long night, and indeed it was.

The pain and humiliation started as soon as she arrived. Two different girls fisted her recently deflowered pussy; her tits were completely covered with wax and she had a fat candle shoved up her ass while it was lit and she was upside down. The wax dripped down to her ass and hit her pussy. They slapped her tits and pussy. The whole time she was in a state of sexual arousal and had more orgasms than she could count. Finally it got late and the girls were settling down. The girl named Beth that she had a class with walked up to her and lifted her T-shirt.

She was naked underneath. "You're going blonde mature gives footjob to fake agent uk eat my pussy you little bitch," she said. This was by far the worse thing that happened to her that night. She had gotten off on all the pain, but this was different. Jennifer looked at Brittany for guidance, but all she did was smile. Jennifer knew that she would have to do it. She edged forward on her knees until she was right in front of Beth's pussy.

It big white cock anal and dirty tit s hot gonzo girls at college the goods neatly trimmed and Jennifer realized that she tanned naked. Jennifer took a deep breath and opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.

She made contact with Beth's pussy and Beth almost jumped out of her skin. Jennifer had no idea what to do so she just started to lick her pussy like she was licking an ice cream cone. She started to taste something and realized it was Beth's pussy juice. "Put your whole mouth over my pussy and stick your tongue inside of my pussy," Beth ordered. Jennifer moved to obey and when she stuck her tongue inside Beth's pussy she heard the girl groan.

She started to suck on Beth's pussy and licking it. She could feel Beth starting to grind her pussy into Jennifer's face. "Nibble on my clit and on my pussy lips," Beth ordered. Obviously Beth knew what she wanted out of this experience, and Jennifer was happy to get the advice. She did what she was told. A few minutes later she felt Beth stiffen up and then shake all over. She was having an orgasm, all because Jennifer was giving her head. When Beth was calmed down a little she said, "not bad.

Your first time I assume?" Jennifer just nodded her head. After that it didn't take long and Jennifer had a line of girls waiting to be treated to what Beth had gotten.

Brittany laughed and Jennifer resigned herself to the fact she was going to kannada villege xxx blue film out every pussy there.

By the time that Jennifer was allowed to go to sleep she had eaten every pussy there, even Brittany's. The first girl, Beth, came back for seconds. She commented to Jennifer that her skills had improved. It was probably the most backward complement she had ever received. She settled down under some blankets to go to sleep and reached for her pussy.

She had eaten out all those girls, but she had not received any satisfaction. She touched her bald pussy and found it wet. She started to stroke her clit and the feelings overwhelmed her. She became more aggressive and shoved a couple of fingers inside her pussy. She was fully masturbating now.

She was close to her orgasm. Her hand was moving fast and her pussy swelled up with desire. Just as she was about to cum she felt a hand on the blankets. She opened her eyes just in time to see Brittany yank the blankets off of her, exposing her to Brittany while she was in the middle of masturbating herself to orgasm. The humiliation of being discovered played on her emotions and she kept up her activities.

Her hips began to bounce and gyrate to the rhythm of her hand. She threw her head back and spread her legs and came with a furious intensity.

She knew she was being watched, and this turned her on big time. After she finally calmed down she reopened her eyes and saw not only Brittany, but also Beth. "That was a nice show," Beth commented. "You didn't have permission to masturbate bitch so you'll have to be punished.

Tomorrow morning at breakfast, in front of everyone, you'll get your pussy whipped. It will hurt worse than your ass or your tits. Sleep well," Brittany, said. Jennifer was scarred now. She remembered the pain in her pussy from the thongs and realized that was not going to be even close to the kind of pain she would feel in the morning. She just curled up into a ball and tried to sleep.

Jennifer woke up; surprised she could sleep at all. As she got up she felt very self-conscious because she was the only person wondering around naked. Brittany walked up to her and said, "let's go to the living room. Everyone will eventually be there and we'll get to your punishment." Jennifer shivered at the thought that she was going to let someone whip her pussy.

She followed Brittany to the living room of her house. A number of the girls were already there. In the daylight they got a much better view of her bruised and battered tits and ass. She wanted crawl off somewhere and hide. When everyone was there Brittany got up in front of everyone.

"This little slut was caught masturbating without permission last night. Her punishment is to get her pussy whipped. There are twelve of us. I'm going to give her a choice. She can take five from each girl for a total of 60, or she can take 50 from me. I should point out that I have a very good aim and can guarantee curvy latina has her big butt jazzed creampie and brunette I will hit your clit a large number of times.

The other girls may not be as good and you may get lucky. I'll leave it up to you." Jennifer thought it over and decided while the number was higher, she was hoping some of the girls might show her mercy and not hit her too hard. She knew that Brittany would hit her hard and believed that Brittany would score a large number on her clit. "I would like to have everyone give me five on my pussy mistress," Jennifer stated.

They pulled a coffee table over to the middle of the room and placed Jennifer on he back on the table. Brittany had Jennifer hold her legs up and back, fully exposing her pussy for all to see. The table was rather short for her body so her head hung off the other end. "Now you must hold that position. If you fail to keep your legs apart with your pussy open for us to see and beat, then we start the whole process over.

Is that clear?" Brittany stated. "Yes mistress," Jennifer replied. She only hoped she could hold this position. 60 was bad enough, if that number were to be increased she didn't think she would be able to take it. She was afraid of permanent damage as it was.

The first girl to grab the belt that Brittany brought for the occasion was Beth. She was still wearing the T-shirt she wore the night before.

Everyone else was dressed. Jennifer had to admit that Beth was beautiful, probably the best looking girl there. She realized that the idea of being exposed to someone so beautiful was turning her on.

Fear crept into her mind as she saw Beth practice with the belt on the couch. Jennifer's breathing increased and her heart pounded as she held her position waiting for the first blow. Beth stepped up to the table that held Jennifer with her pussy an open invitation for the belt and took her first swing.

The belt landed on the right side of Jennifer's pussy. The pain was intense, almost as intense as when her father beat her tits. She struggled not to scream.

The next three blows hit on either side of he slit. Jennifer had closed her eyes tightly and tears were streaming down her face. Her pussy was on fire with both pain and lust. Beth's fifth and final stroke hit its target. The belt bisected her pussy lips and found the girls' clit. The most horrible scream erupted from Jennifer's mouth.

The pain was so extreme she felt like she was going to pass out. The inhuman screaming coming from Jennifer shock up the other girls a great deal. Brittany waited until Jennifer calmed down and stopped screaming and shaking. When that finally happened she asked Jennifer, "are you ready for the next girl?" Jennifer wanted so bad to be able to say no, I don't want anymore, but she didn't.

Even through the haze of pain she could tell her pussy was getting wet from the situation. As she thought about it she could only imagine the carolyn reese casting couch povs creampie and big tits that she presented.

Lying on her back, holding her legs back and spread, her bald pussy open for all to see, and whip. It was so lude and depraved it made her shiver with lust.

She responded to the question posed to her in the only way she could, "yes mistress, I'm ready." The next girl walked up and grabbed the belt. Her first blow caused Jennifer to scream even though it didn't hit her clit. Her pussy was so sensitized by what was going on and the emotional state she was in, there was no way she wouldn't scream.

"We can't have that screaming now can we," Beth said. With that she removed her T-shirt and walked over to where Jennifer's head was located. Jennifer looked up at the completely naked Beth and admired her beauty. She was even more gorgeous naked than Jennifer believed possible. She apparently liked to show off her body because she didn't even hesitate to get naked. Beth spread her legs and proceeded to lower he pussy to Jennifer's mouth. "Suck on this while you get your punishment. Maybe eating my pussy will keep you quiet." Jennifer opened her mouth and began to work on Beth's pussy.

With all the recent experience she had, Beth was near her first orgasm before too long. Everyone took her turn whipping her pussy. She would scream into Beth's pussy on almost every stroke, but most especially if someone managed to hit her clit. By the time it was Brittany's turn Jennifer's pussy was throbbing and red and puffy from being hit 55 times. Her clit had swollen up and was poking out from under its hood, making a very inviting target.

Beth had stayed on Jennifer's mouth the whole time. The screams seemed to cause her great pleasure. Beth had more orgasms from the work of Jennifer's mouth than she could count. Brittany lined up to give Jennifer her last five lashes. Jennifer had no idea how many lashes she had left or who had done what to her. When mom crash sex full story heard Brittany speak, she started to shake in fear.

"I'm the last one slut. I hope your ready for some serious pain." Jennifer was ready. She had come so close to orgasm several times. While she was afraid of the pain it would cause if Brittany hit her clit, she was secretly hoping that she would because she knew that it would push her over the edge and give her a powerful orgasm.

The first lash hit Jennifer squarely on her clit. It was by far the most powerful stroke she had felt yet. Her scream into Beth's pussy was enough to send the beautiful girl into another orgasm. Brittany took her time and lined up for the second lash. It hit Jennifer's clit again. It was all Jennifer could do to hold her legs apart. The pain was excruciating.

The third lash hit her clit again and it caused her to lose control. She started to buck her hips and squirm all over the table. "Help me out. Someone hold her down," Brittany called out. Jennifer felt hands all over her body holding her in place.

The fourth lash also connected with her clit and Jennifer was almost hysterical. She was so close to orgasm that in what was left of her mind she was actually hoping the fifth stroke would hit her clit. She got her wish and she went into such a powerful orgasm that her mind couldn't handle all of the sensations and she passed out. When she woke up she was lying on a soft bed with some very worried looking girls standing watch. "You were out for almost an hour. We were going to call an ambulance if you didn't wake up soon," Brittany informed her.

Jennifer tried to get up but the pain in her pussy made her lay back down. "Here's a bag of ice. Your pussy is pretty swollen and bruised. This might help." Jennifer took the bag of ice from Brittany and put it on her pussy. The sensation of that much cold on her overheated pussy was quite a shock to her system. Once she got over the initial sensation, her pussy did feel a little better. "Thank you mistress, it does feel better," Jennifer explained. "I'm sorry we hurt you so bad.

I had no idea that it would hurt so much that you would pass out," Brittany offered. Jennifer knew the real reason she passed out. Yes she was in a great deal of pain and she was paying for it now. But she knew she didn't pass out from the pain but from the best orgasm she had since her father beat her tits.

She wasn't too sure she wanted to explain the truth to Brittany because it would confirm to everyone there that she was a pain slut and got off on it. But she couldn't let Brittany think she had hurt her so bad that she passed out either.

Brittany was obviously upset about the situation. She decided she had to tell the truth. "I didn't pass out from the pain," Jennifer explained. Everyone looked at her with a questioning look. Everyone that is except Beth, she had a huge smile on her face. Jennifer took a deep breath and explained to everyone what happened. "I was in a great deal of pain. I seem to have a high tolerance to it however.

It also happens to be a major turn on to me. When Brittany hit my clit with all five of her strokes, it was the trigger necessary for me to have a mind shattering orgasm. The orgasm was so powerful that it caused me to pass out. I'm sorry I scarred you, but I don't seem to have any control over the situation." "I knew it," said Beth. "I've heard of people who get off on pain and humiliation, but I never believed I would ever meet one." Everyone just starred at Jennifer.

She blushed anew from all the wild stares she was getting. "Well, we'll have to see what we can do to satisfy you. Can you move yet?" Brittany asked. "I think so mistress," Jennifer replied.

This time she was able to move. She kept the ice pack on her pussy as she walked to try to ease the pain. "If you're serious about what you told us, I will have to do some thinking on how we can accommodate you. When you lose your virginity let me know. The guy's would like to use you as a party favor, if that agrees with you," Brittany said. Jennifer took another deep breath and said, "I have already lost my virginity. I would very much like to be a party favor for the guys.

I seem to get turned on by humiliation as well as pain and I've discovered I love to fuck." This statement seemed to shock Brittany quite a bit because she was only able to stutter a simple ok to Jennifer. They got back down to the basement and all the girls were getting the place cleaned up. Jennifer was not required to help. She just sat on a chair, naked holding the ice pack to her pussy.

When the party started to break up everyone went out to her car, including Jennifer. Brittany walked Jennifer to her car and as Jennifer reached for her clothes Brittany grabbed her arm. "I think you should drive home naked. You can get dressed at home before you go into your house. If you're lucky, no one will notice that you are naked and have bruised and battered tits." This was a little much for Jennifer.

It was one thing to be the sex object that everyone could abuse in private. It was a much more different thing to be on display for the whole town to see. She looked into Brittany's eyes and knew it was useless to argue. Jennifer went over to the drivers' side and got in. She looked up at Brittany begging for mercy in her eyes. Brittany offered no sympathy. All the way home Jennifer kept a watchful eye out for anyone that she knew or that might be able to see that she was completely naked driving her car.

She took all back roads home. The normal twenty-five minute drive took almost forty-five minutes. About three blocks from home she saw her mothers' car coming at her.

Her heart started to pound and her hands stated to sweat and get slippery on the steering wheel. She didn't know what to do. She knew that if her mother looked over at her as they passed she would see that Jennifer was naked and that her tits were badly bruised. She only had seconds to think. All she could do was to slouch down and hope her mother didn't look too carefully.

As they passed her mother honked her horn and waived at her daughter. Jennifer gave a weak wave back and kept going. Her mother must not have seen anything or didn't think anything strange about her daughter being so slouched down, because she just kept going.

When she got home she pulled into her driveway. She noticed for the first time that it was somewhat private and she could get into her house without anyone seeing her.

She decided not to get dressed as she was in so much pain from the whippings this weekend, clothes would only aggravate the situation. She wasn't worried about her dad seeing her naked, not after what happened yesterday. She just grabbed her clothes and bag she had packed and walked into the house through the garage.

She met her father in the garage and to her horror her neighbor. They both turned to look at whoever it was that was walking into the thick ebony teacher gangbanged by her class. Both men just stared with their mouths open.

Jennifer was equally stunned and stood teensdoporn harvard student wants to be a pornstar first timer and first time with her mouth open. She was so stunned she didn't even try to cover up.

Finally her father spoke up, "honey, you know our neighbor Bill." "Ya.ya, h hi Bill," Jennifer stammered. A very stunned Bill spoke up. "What happened to you and why are you naked." Jennifer could see that her father was a little nervous and she knew she had better come up with a good story. "Well I'm naked because I didn't think anyone would see me, except possibly my father and as you can see I have some pretty bad bruises in some rather sensitive area's.

I didn't want to wear cloths because they would be painful on the tender areas," Jennifer explained. "Ok I can accept that, but how did you get so bruised?" Bill asked. Jennifer swallowed hard and explained, "I like to be hurt and humiliated. I get off on it. My father whipped me on my ass and my tits. I wanted it and was finally able to convince him to do it.

The girls I spent the night with last night whipped my pussy this morning. I can have a very intense orgasm when being whipped as I have been." Bill was shocked. He couldn't take his eyes off of the naked teenager with the angry welts and bruises all over her tits and pussy. He hadn't seen her ass yet. Which made him ask, "could I see your ass?" Jennifer slowly turned around to show him her battered ass.

"My god," was all he could say. Jennifer's father finally spoke up. "Well Bill, as you can see my daughter and I have a very special relationship." "No kidding," Bill said.

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"You're free to talk to my daughter when I'm not around. You'll find that this is all very consensual and she really does like what has happened to her. Of course, my wife knows nothing of this, and she can't. She wouldn't understand. I hope we can count on your keeping this between us Bill." "On one condition," Bill said. "I want in. I want to be able to punish her and see her naked and everything else. I mom and son cex sex stories story that and I stay quiet." Jennifer groaned while still showing them her ass.

On hearing what Bill had to say she just slumped down as if the fight was gone. She was the plaything of the "Beautiful People" so that she could hang around them and be part of their group, if only as a sex toy. She and her father had a special thing going on that she was excited about, and now her neighbor was going to use and abuse her. Where will it end she wondered? "It's up to you Jennifer. What do you want to do?" her father asked. Jennifer turned around and faced the two men again.

"If Bill is serious about keeping quiet, then I'm willing to let him do what ever he wants," Jennifer replied. "Great," Bill responded. "For starters, how about you getting your sexy ass over here." Jennifer's dad just stood back and watched. Jennifer walked over to where Bill was standing and stood in front of him.

She had her legs slightly parted to give him a better view. He wasn't interested in a view however. He reached out his hand and grabbed her pussy. Jennifer took in a sharp breath and jumped a little. "Sorry," she said.

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"It's a little tender." "And wet," Bill shot back. Jennifer blushed at how fast her body could betray her. He started stroking her pussy and she quickly forgot about the pain. "Can I fuck her," Bill asked. Jennifer looked at her father for guidance. Right now the way he blanche bradburry her students chance to fuck playing with her pussy and with the intense emotion associated with the humiliation of being a new toy for her neighbor, Jennifer really wanted to be fucked.

Jennifer's father looked her in the eye and he could tell what she wanted. He suddenly started smiling for the first time since she walked into the garage. He knew his daughter was a complete slut and he and his neighbor were going to have great fun with her. "It's up to Jennifer," he said. "I don't care if you do, only that it's ok with Jennifer." Bill cutie in pigtails mean blowjob amp swallows at Jennifer.

Jennifer desperately needed to be fucked. The past few minutes had worked her up something fierce. "Alright, you can fuck me" Jennifer replied. With that Bill grabbed Jennifer by the arm and threw her against the wall. She bounced with a thud and dropped her cloths and bag. Bill walked up to her and spun her around so her ass was facing him.

He kicked her legs apart and pulled her ass out back towards him. Things were happening so fast that Jennifer had no time to think. She had told him it was ok to fuck her, but she didn't think that he would do it in front of her father. He didn't seem to care however as he just stood there watching. She heard a zipper and then felt Bill's cock at the entrance to her pussy. She was a little afraid of what getting fucked would feel like given that her ass and pussy were so badly bruised.

Bill didn't seem to care. Her pussy was wet and available and so he shoved it in as hard and fast as he could. He slammed his cock into Jennifer and as a result, slammed her body against the wall of the garage. This had the affect of crushing her tits, causing her to groan in pain. His cock seemed to be able to penetrate her pussy very easily. This surprised Jennifer a little as this was only the second cock she had ever had in her pussy. Then she remembered the fisting from the night before and it all made sense.

Bill started to pound into her pussy, slamming her body against the wall and slapping her ass. Her sensitive pussy was gripping his cock as much as she could manage. She wanted this to be over as soon as possible. Bill however was able to maintain some level of control and kept fucking the girl for quite some time. Jennifer could feel an orgasm building and she was grateful.

With all the pain curvaceous ass for fucking pornstar and hardcore her body at present, an orgasm would be wonderful. She looked over at her father and he was just staring at the depraved scene in front of him. He began to wonder how his daughter could be this way, and if there were a way he could take advantage of it.

Jennifer's orgasm was fast approaching. She could tell it wouldn't compare to the orgasm she had when her father fucked her, but it would be good. She started to shake and shudder as her orgasm hit. She was bouncing back against her neighbor, trying to get as much out of this fucking as possible.

Bill seemed to sense what was going on and moved to fuck the girl faster. He wanted to try to orgasm with her. Finally his cum was spurting out of his cock into the teenaged pussy of his neighbor's daughter. Jennifer's orgasm was just about over as Bill came inside her. She was able to feel the full effect of a man cuming inside her and it felt great.

It caused her to feel warm all over. When he was done he pulled out of her pussy and told her "clean up my dick." Jennifer obediently turned around and got on her knees. She took Bill's cock into her mouth and licked all of her pussy juice and his cum off of his dick. When she was done she stood up and grabbed her clothes and bag and said, "I'm going to my room to get cleaned up and rest, if that's ok with you daddy?" He just nodded and Jennifer headed to her room.