Stepfamily takes turns getting screwed by plumber

Stepfamily takes turns getting screwed by plumber
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Hobbs was a huge black Great Dane. Being abandoned many years ago by his owner, the giant dog would just wander from town to town. He fed himself from garbage bins and road kill. His size kept people from approaching him. He stood about five feet tall and was about six feet long. His legs were long which allowed him to run very fast and easily get away from animal control whenever they tried to capture him. This also benefitted him when he ran after any female dogs he wanted to mount and fuck.

He eventually found a nice small town to settle in. There was no animal control to worry about, an old man that lived alone kind of adopted him.

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The man wouldn't try to leash up Hobbs, all he seemed to want was just to pet the old dog and leave him a nice big dish of dog food or some delicious leftovers from the man's meals.

Hobbs was starting to think he had a good thing going. He can wander around without any worry, a nice old man that would feed him and give him good scratches behind the ears. But unfortunately, one thing was missing, there were no female dogs to be found. One day after eating a delicious meal, Hobbs got a little worked up and decided to go looking for any dogs to mount.

There was nothing but males and cats in the area. He just kept pacing around until something caught his nose. It was a very pleasant smell and decided to see where it led to. Hobbs went about a half mile until he came up on a house. This was where the smell was coming from and all he had to do was find the source. He ventured off to the other side of the house. There he found the source. In the middle of the backyard, a young teen girl was sun tanning in her yard.

The girl was laying on her stomach in a skimpy thong bikini. Her long black hair nice looking mom self joy japanese hardcore tied up in a bun.

Skin was nicely tanned and shined with the oil that covered her entire body. She seemed to be pretty fit and toned. Legs were well shaped and her ass was perfectly round and perky. Hobbs couldn't believe how nice this looked to him. He was always attracted to female dogs but this looked better than any random bitch he has encountered before.

He knew he had to have what lied before him. He knew this wouldn't be tolerated by other humans, so he silently scanned the area to see if there were anyone else around. From what he could tell, this beautiful creature was all by herself. So he slowly crept up to her. The closer he got to her, the more he was able to tell just how tine and petite she was. She was practically half his size. He got up to her and started to sniff her ass. The smell was beautiful. She didn't seem to know he was there, in fact she was sleeping.

Hobbs looked down at slut does her best to receive cum in face hole hardcore creampie partially spread legs and could see that her bikini bottom barely covered up her smoothly shaved pussy and that he would have no problem slipping passed that piece of fabric.

This was his opportunity, he used his right front paw and slowly scooped her up by her small waist. He was amazed how light she was. This was going to be easy. He raised her up to his cock which was starting to unsheathe. She started to stir a bit. He lifted her a bit higher. Right when the tip of his cock touched her ass, she woke up. "What the hell?" she screamed as she tried to get away. But all she could do was kick and flail her legs and arms around as he held her off the ground.

He started to push his cock into her nicely tight pussy. His pre-cum helped lubricate her so he can slide in. She let out a loud gasp as he got about one inch of his ten inch erect cock inside her. This pussy was tight, tighter than any of the other bitches he has fucked in the past. He pushed in some more, slowly getting it in there. As he made progress, she moaned and gasped. Hobbs couldn't believe how amazing this pussy felt, it was unlike anything he has ever experience.

He lost patience and pushed himself into her harder. The girl let out a loud scream promiscuous babe vany ully enjoys anal dicking all ten inches of him violated her pussy. Hobbs started to fuck the young hot girl as fast as he could. Her small tight body tensed up. Her beautifully shaped legs bounced back and forth. Her tits swayed to the rhythm of his thrusts, one breast popped out of her bikini top.

The shock of such a fucking caused her to lose consciousness. Hobbs was soon getting ready to cum.

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He pushed all of himself into her small body as his cock started to knot. He finally released his grip on her waist as he came into her. Her unconscious body hung off his knotted cock as he filled her with his seed. Old Hobbs couldn't believe what he just experienced. It was the greatest mating moment of his life. He just stood there trying to catch his breath as his new bitch hung off his cock. After a while, she was finally able to slide off. She finally came to but was unable to really move after getting raped so hard.

All she could was lay there.

Hobbs cum was oozing out of her pussy. Being the dog he was, started lick up the cum from her pussy. When he did this, his eyes shot open and couldn't believe how great the pussy of this bitch tasted. His tongue couldn't get enough of it. He licked at it vigorously, getting deeper into her folds with each lap.

Soon it was inside of her, snaking around. Hobbs had to get as much of it as he could. Soon her crotch and ass were in his mouth so he can get his tongue as deep into her delicious pussy as he could. Her lower stomach resting on the teeth of the lower jaw. The girl moaned as her body started to betray her as she started to build up towards an orgasm. Her pussy throbbing as the tongue explored the insides of her.

She looked back and could see that her entire area between her legs was inside this giant beasts mouth.

Everything went blank as her body erupted in orgasm. Hobbs could taste as she came. This made him work his tongue even more. His cock started to twitch again.

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It seemed like he was ready to fuck again. But he was smart enough to know that wouldn't be a good idea. Well, not in this location anyway. He removed his tongue from her, looked around and decided on what to do.

She was still pretty worn out, especially after the tongue fucking she just endured. Hobbs gently grabbed her head in his mouth, and dragged her off into the woods. He had more plans for her.