Virgin tries her 1st weenie df6

Virgin tries her 1st weenie df6
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had just gotten off from work, and the walk back to the beach house was long and dark. There was no moon that night, and even the strong glow of the stars wasn't enough to light the dark pathways.

Work was absolutely awful that night. Time seemed to stand still and I ended up making no money whatsoever. All I could think about was getting back to the beach house and falling asleep.

"Shit." I moaned to myself realizing I smelled from work and I began to dread the shower I had to take. The showers at the beach house were outdoor showers, so it was always nice to take a shower with the stars out and the soothing sound of the ocean in the distance. But tonight I just wanted to go to bed. The house was lonely and dark. Turning on the lights didn't seem to make it any less lonely. I went to the fridge and grabbed a beer, and stood in front of the refrigerator for a moment and grabbed another for the shower.

If I was going to be up for a little while, I might as well get a buzz on. I pounded the first one as I black babe with small tits exploring her pussy with big white dildo outside onto the deck.

I looked around to see if anyone was around as I removed my clothing and moved into the shower. The water was cold at first, but it got very hot quickly. It felt soothing to have the hot water rinsing my body as I drank the ice-cold beer. I washed my body as the back door to the house opened. "What the. no, I'm just hearing things." I said to myself as I continued to wash myself.

I turned off the water and felt the instant cool summer breeze shoot across my body.

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I gave a quick shiver as I reached for the towel outside the shower door. It wasn't there. "But I remember seeing it there when I got in. Man, I am really out of it I need to go to bed." I grabbed my dick and balls and was happy to see the cool breeze didn't affect them. They were still big and heavy from the hot water. I walked out of the shower and looked around for the towel.

Horny hot teen fuck besides the crazy amount of liquor the boys were redhot and they. I didn't really care, no one was around and if they were, the hot water was making me look pretty good right now. The door creaked as I opened it, and I walked inside to see the tower draped over the chair. I walked towards it and passed a mirror.

Catching a look at myself in the mirror I stopped. I checked myself out; I hadn't looked in a mirror in forever. I was an average eighteen year old: brown hair, blue eyes, strong legs and a somewhat toned upper body. But working at Fire Island had its negative effects on me. The beer was getting to me I could see my abs fading.

"I have to work on that," I laughed at myself as I whispered in the empty house. It was then that I realized the television was off and the bathroom door was closed. I began to panic and wonder who the hell was here. It was a Wednesday night, everyone had work the next day, so it had to be someone from work. I grabbed the towel and put it around my waist. I sat down on the couch trying to figure out who it could be, but it was all a mystery until that door opened.

Suddenly I heard the handle turn, and my panic was suddenly soothed by the figure of my sister. She was in a short black dress and black shoes with laces up the ankle. It was a very exotic and sexual look for my sister, not something I was used to.

"What are you doing here Shannon?" I seemed to have startled her as much as she startled me. "Oh, hey Jason, um. sorry I had a girls night out I didn't feel like going back to the main land tonight. I figured I would crash here, if that is okay with you?" "No, don't be sorry, it's fine, this place is always open for you, you're my big sister!" She was obviously a little drunk, and upset about something.

I didn't really feel like getting into all the drama, so I just went to the fridge and grabbed a beer. I cracked it open and took a large gulp. I could feel her watching me and I realized I should get her something. I looked back in the fridge and was surprised to see a bottle of wind on the door. I was even more surprised to find a wine glass in the cabinet. I poured the wine and handed her the glass. She raised it as if to imply a toast.

"To." She looked at me as if I was to finish it, but I didn't know what to drink to. "Another lonely night," I said as we both started to laugh a little. I couldn't help but notice the dress she was wearing. It was so sexy and her cleavage was tormenting me.

Every time I caught myself looking at it I carmen hayes and dena caly lollypop whore pov scene take a long sip from my beer. We talked about stupid things: how shitty our nights were, our failed love lives, and she mentioned college but I was in no mood to talk about that. She walked towards the couch and dropped her cell phone. She bent over to pick it up and my eyes shamefully watched her ass.

She was 25, tan from weekend days at the beach, still thin like she has always been, and has the most amazing curves. Her tits were perfect, just enough to fill any dress or shirt she wanted with jaw-dropping cleavage. Her ass was really nice. When she wore tight jeans I would forget she was my sister and instantly think about stripping her new sone leone xxx story. And this moment was no different.

I could feel my cock rising under my towel, and loosening the tucked in part. She turned at the exact moment I realized it was about to fall off. I turned away and adjusted as I began to walk towards my room to get some clothes on. "Where are you going?" She asked with a hint of playfulness in her voice. It made me even harder as I replied afraid to turn my body at all.

"Just going to throw some clothes on." "But isn't your bag over here?" She asked. She was right. I was screwed, I had a bulge so obvious in the front of me and I had no way of concealing it. I turned, hoping she wasn't looking, and she wasn't! I was saved, thank God! I walked towards my bag with increasing pace until I saw her eyes lift on me.

I froze, and then slowly started to walk again, acting like I didn't see her looking at it. "I don't think boxers would help hide that too much." Her words shot right through me. It was arousing, having my sister see me like that, but her words made me very nervous.

I looked at her and started to laugh and apologized continuously. "It's okay, I know that happens all the time for no reason. Why don't you just sit down and talk with me I'm sure it will go away." It sounded odd, but as long as she didn't suspect she was what caused it I felt good. I sat down across from her, but she looked at me funny, almost offended. So I got up and went over to the couch she was on. As I sat down I could see down her dress. "What are you doing you idiot, stop it, she is your sister!" I yelled over and over in my head, but my cock continued to get harder.

We watched T.V. as I prayed for my hard on to go away, but it was futile.

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She rested her head on my shoulder and nudged me to get my arm around her. I acted cool, but lesbienne fait jouir une femme mariee I was in a complete state of panic. She whispered in my ear, "do you have any blankets, I'm cold." I could feel the heat of her breath in my ear. I finally had an excuse to get up and I was even happier to see her turn off the light.

As I began to stand up I realized that my towel was not coming with me. By the time I stood up I was completely naked, facing away from my sister. My body blushed and I knew I was screwed. I looked back to see her trying to look at my cock. I felt it grow even more. She handed me the towel but never looked away. I began to wrap it around me as I heard her whisper, "Leave it off." My mind was racing; my heart was beating so fast I began to shake.

I didn't just hear her say that, did I? What do I do? Turn around? Walk out? Shit! My questions were suddenly put to an end when I felt her hand on my waist. It traveled up and down my side and then pushed forward to grasp my cock. I turned around, still in shock. "It's big. Bigger than I thought it would be. Sit down will you?" I sat down fast. Her grip on my cock never loosened. Suddenly she was stroking it. We locked eyes as she began to stroke it faster. I had never had a girl jerk me off this good.

I kissed her hard. I began to suck on her neck and collarbone as she continued to rub my hard cock. She stood up and we kept our eyes on each other. I kept working my cock as I watched her take off her dress. Suddenly before me were the tits I dreamed of for so long. They were round and firm, and her nipples were perfect.

Slowly the dress slid down and revealed her in a thong with stockings and garter belts. It was the sexist thing I had ever seen. She knelt down before me and her eyes locked onto my cock.

"wooww, your balls are huge!" She licked them and my moans seemed to echo in my mind. She sucked on each of them one at a time. She jerked me off as her lips and tongue explored my balls.

She licked up the bottom of my shaft, and then wrapped her lips around the tip of my cock. She looked at me and the most sensual lesbian scene ever jo peaches eyes alone almost made me explode. Suddenly all seven inches of my cock disappeared into her mouth. She sucked me hard. I knew I wasn't going to last long, and she didn't want me to. I let out a loud moan as she took her lips off my cock. She began stroking it hard and fast with her spit still dripping down my shaft.

"I want it, baby, I want that cum, give me that cum!" She began to yell at me and I didn't want to keep her waiting. I wanted to give her a massive load; I wanted to show her what her brother could give her. "Here it comes!" I yelled as a long stream of cum shot out of my cock and onto her chest. She wrapped her lips around my tip and milked the rest of my cum out into her mouth.

She swallowed it, and then moved up on me. "This is too good to waste," she whispered as she scooped up the cum off her chest and licked her fingers clean. My cock jerked about against her tits as she slowly moved her body against mine.

I could then feel her wet silk thong pressed against my cock as she sucked my neck up to my lips. We kissed for a long time, and every second of it made me want her again, but this time I would fill her. She got up on her knees and held onto the back of the couch as I stood up behind her. I ripped the thong off her and pulled down the stockings, but I left on the shoes.

I ate her out from behind, tasting the sweet juices of her wet, shaved pussy. She moaned loud as my tongue licked circles around her clit. I roxy panther been fucked up real good my to the center of her pussy and licked between her lips, going deeper and deeper inside her every time.

Her hips gyrated as I licked and sucked her pussy. I slid my finger inside her deep and slow, as I watched her ass rise with every inch. She shuttered and moaned as I fucked her with my finger and licked her at the same time.

"Please don't stop baby, make me cum, I want to come harrrrrd." I didn't slow at all until she came. Her body shook and she moaned and cooed as her pussy began to drip. I rubbed her pussy and she would jerk with every movement.

I laid down on the couch and she laid down on top of me. We made out intensely as I ran my hands all over her back and ass. I began kissing her neck and she sucked on my ears and we knew it was time. "Put it in me.

I want that big cock to fill my pussy." In a moment my cock was slowly plunging into her pussy, inch by inch. Her eyes lit up with every inch I pushed in. She slowly began to move her hips up and down my body.

We stayed in that motion for a while, and I drove deeper and harder with every thrust. She came quickly as our bodies started to sweat.

Her orgasm sent her body shaking and every thrust into her she moaned loudly and pressed back hard on my cock. She rocked back and forth and I watched her tits bouncing with every motion.

She sat deep on my cock, until I could feel my balls pressing against her. I held her hips and rocked myself until I knew I was about to cum. "I'm going to come Shannon, It's going to come really soon." "Fill my pussy baby, I want to feel that hot cum spewing inside me." I sucked her tits as cum erupted from my cock inside hot vixen kelsi monroe gets her pussy smashed, there was so much it spewed out from around my cock.

Her eyes lit up in surprise as she was instantly hit with an orgasm. She moaned loudly and sat down deep on my cock pressing all the cum from my heavy balls. I could feel the cum oozing down her legs as she collapsed on top of me. Sweat glistened on her skin as we kissed until my cock slid out of her. She laid on top of me and I knew this was not going to be a one-time thing. My sister craved my cock, and I was addicted to that pussy.

"Wow, I'm soaked with sweat and cum. I guess it is time for a shower." She said exhausted. "Yeah, I guess so, and I just took one." I said, a little upset the night was over.

"Well you're going to join me in there aren't you, because I'm not done with that cock yet." She smiled and got off me. I watched her tight body walking to the door and she turned. "Why do you need me?" i asked "I wasn't really asking you, I was telling you" she says wih a grin.