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This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, or have any affiliation with the author. Chapter 11 part 1 Though there were only a few weeks to go before the summer exams, Hermione decided that she, Harry and Ron needed a break from revision; something that Harry and Ron quickly agreed with her on. It was a fine afternoon and so they made their way down to the Lake to relax in the Sun.

Each of them rolled their jeans up to their knees as they let their feet dangle in the cool waters of the Lake, whilst they horny cougar seduce young man with big cock on the bank and talked. 'I had another private lesson with Dumbledore last night,' said Harry idly, as he watched his feet float in the clear water. 'How did it go?' asked Hermione concernedly.

'It was good. Dumbledore reckons he's found the location to a Horcrux. I managed to convince him to take me along, we're leaving tonight.' Harry replied.

'O Harry,' xxx cainea story full sex stories porn hat Hermione worriedly as she let her head rest on Harry's shoulder, 'do be careful.' 'Yeah mate,' piped Ron, 'you take care, though with Dumbledore by your side, I'm sure you'll be fine.' 'Thanks guys,' said Harry with a warm smile to his friends, 'I wish the world was just so much simpler, and we could do normal things like this all the time,' sighed Harry, lamenting the fact he could not spend more time with his friends.

'Don't worry Harry,' Hermione said gently, 'one day, we'll be able to.' The three of them then sat there in silence, simply enjoying each other's company and their last moments of peace together. Eventually, the Sun began to descend so the three of them dried off their feet and made their way back up to the castle. 'You two go on ahead,' big titted hottie in hotel room with sex toys Ron as they reached the marble staircase, 'I need to go and see Snape about some work I'm stuck on.' 'Ok Ron,' said Harry as he gave Ron a hug, 'I'll be off soon so I'll see you when I get back tonight.' 'Yeah mate,' replied Ron as he rubbed Harry's back gently, 'good luck, you'll be fine.

One step closer to defeating Voldemort ehh' 'Yeah, thanks man,' said Harry as he broke away from their embrace and gave Ron a quick kiss on his forehead, 'keep Hogwarts safe while I'm gone,' Harry said jokingly as he and Hermione hurried up the stairs. 'I will,' said Ron with a smile as he watched Harry and Hermione turn the corner.

As soon as Harry and Hermione were gone, Ron's warm smile dropped instantly as he wiped the residue of Harry's kiss from his forehead. With no second thoughts, Ron made his way to the dungeons. * Eventually, Ron found his way to the entrance of the Slytherin common room, which was guarded by Crabbe and Goyle. 'I need to see Draco now,' Ron said commandingly. Goyle nodded curtly as he turned away and muttered the password to the stone boulder which covered the entrance to the common room.

With a low rumble, it slid aside as Ron, flanked by Crabbe and Goyle, swaggered inside as they made their way to the dormitories. Draco was lying down on his posh four poster bed, his head resting on Pansy's lap as she casually played with his silky blonde hair.

Colourful, plush cushions covered his bed as he let the relaxing soft sheets take the weight of his body. 'Ahh Ron,' said Draco in a relaxed voice as he entered the room, 'what a pleasant surprise.

So what brings you to my home from home?' 'I bring news; Dumbledore and Harry are both leaving the castle tonight,' Ron said urgently. Draco sat up quickly as he felt his pulse quicken. 'Are you sure?' demanded Draco. 'Positive,' replied Ron, 'Harry told me himself.' Draco fell back on to his bed again, letting Pansy continue to play with his hair.

'Tonight's the night then,' said Draco in a far-away voice, 'good work Ron, I'll let you know when you are needed again. You may go.' Ron nodded as with a twirl of his cloak he departed the room. Draco and Pansy sat in silence for a few moments as Draco let the news sink in. 'God I need a release,' Draco eventually said, 'suck my cock Pansy.' 'What?' said Pansy in a startled voice. 'You heard,' said Draco, his voice becoming more threatening, 'suck it.' Pansy, slowly and reluctantly crawled over to Draco's crotch, where she lowered his jogging pants, allowing his hard cock to spring free.

Gingerly, Pansy took a hold of Draco's cock and began slowly to rub up and down his entire 7 inches.

Gradually, his foreskin began to lower until finally, it broke free of his head. With Draco's piercing grey eyes upon her, Pansy lowered her head towards Draco's dick, her tongue poking out slightly from her mouth. As soon as her wet, warm tongue made contact with Draco's cock, he closed his eyes momentarily and groaned out aloud.

'Ahhh yeah that feels good,' Draco sighed. Pansy let her tongue swirl around Draco's head, coating it with her saliva whilst she continued to jack off the rest of his cock. Draco took a hold of his cock and began to slap it on Pansy's tongue; strings of salvia formed between her tongue and Draco's dick. Suddenly, he grabbed the back of Pansy's head and forced her down, so that all 7 inches of his cock went into her mouth.

'O God yes, take it all,' Draco moaned in delight as Pansy struggled against this sudden sensation. Her hands curled up as she pushed against Draco's thighs, trying to free herself from Draco's strong grip.

Draco though only pushed her down further, enjoying her hot saliva drool all over his young cock. Draco smiled as he heard Pansy gag; her coughing allowing more of her warm spit to cover Draco's dick.

Finally, as Draco felt her body begin to shudder, he released her; causing Pansy to break free and take a huge gulp of air. 'You liked that didn't you,' sneered Draco as he held Pansy's face by her chin. Pansy, nodded her head slowly, thinking it was best to agree with him rather then make him angrier. Draco again took her a hold of the back of her neck and forced her down on to his cock. This time; he mouth-fucked her, as he moved her head quickly up and down along his cock.

After a few moments, Draco began to naturally thrust his hips forwards, timing his thrusts so that when Pansy's head came down, his hips thrusted upwards. 'Jeez that's good,' panted Draco loudly as he felt his long, pale cock hit the back of Pansy's throat. After a few more minutes, Draco released Pansy who took the time to catch her breath.

Draco knelt up on to his knees as he lay Pansy down on the bed, positioning her head so that her mouth was directly underneath his balls. 'Open your mouth,' demanded Draco. Pansy reluctantly obliged as she opened her mouth wide as Draco slowly lowered his large balls into her mouth. Finally, Draco's entire ball sack lay comfortably inside Pansy's mouth as he began to jack off his sticky cock furiously.

Pansy's mouth began to water, as she lapped her tongue all over Draco's hard ball sack, causing him to groan due to the wet, tickling sensation. After a few minutes, the combined sensation of Pansy's roaming tongue and his jacking off, lead Draco to feel his orgasm building up.

Draco quickly lifted up Pansy's head and shoved tattooed latina mercedes gets her snatch pummeled cumshots blonde sensitive cock deep into her mouth. 'Yesss, God yes!' Draco groaned loudly as he shot off a huge load of his young cum into Pansy's mouth. Pansy coughed and spluttered as she felt Draco's sticky cum hit the back of her throat.

A few drops of pure white cum dribbled out of her mouth on to Draco's balls as she did her best to swallow his cum. 'That was sensational,' said Draco weakly as he flopped on to the bed and slowly pulled up his grey joggers over his softening cock. An exhausted, but satisfied Draco felt waves of sleep overpower him as he pulled Pansy close to him so they lay next to each other and curled up for a nap. His hand rested on Pansy's large breast as after a few minutes, Pansy felt his breathing become slower and more relaxed as Draco finally drifted off to sleep.

Once Pansy was sure Draco was asleep, she slowly eased Draco's hand off her and crawled off the bed. Silently, she crept over to the blonde adriana chechik squirts while satisfying her pussy and left the room, leaving Draco alone to nap.

* 'Don't worry Hermione, everything will be fine,' said Harry for the 5th time as he fastened his cloak around his neck. 'I've just got a really bad feeling Harry,' said Hermione anxiously, as she looked at the floor of the boy's dormitory. 'Look,' said Harry as he went over and held Hermione in an embrace, 'I want you to stay here in my room until I get back ok Hermione?

So if anything does happen, at least you'll be safe here.' 'Ok Harry,' Hermione said with a smile as she gave him a peck on the cheek, 'you be careful now.' 'I'll be back before you know it,' said Harry with a wink, 'now I really must be off, I have to meet Dumbledore at Hagrid's hut in ten minutes.' 'Goodbye Harry,' Hermione called as she hurried to the door to see Harry off. 'See ya later Hermione,' said Harry as he descended the stairs. * Harry made his way through the castle till he reached the marble staircase that lay in the Entrance Hall.

Harry quickly took the stairs as he went to exit the castle. 'Harry.Harry!' whispered a voice to Harry's left. Harry turned to see a pair of eyes peeping through a gap in the double doors that lead to the Great Hall.

A finger appeared from the shadows and beckoned him towards the doors. Curiosity got the better of Harry as he stepped through the doors into the Great Hall. The Great Hall was an enormous room, which was dominated by four, long wooden tables, with a smaller one at the end of the room for the teachers. High windows covered one wall whilst in the other lay a huge fire grate. A magical sky was in place of where the ceiling should have been, where the full moon, along with thousands of floating candles helped to illuminate the room.

Harry turned around to the person, who shut the heavy wooden doors behind them. It was Pansy Parkinson. 'Pansy?' said Harry in a surprised voice, 'what's going on?' 'Harry I had to come find you,' Pansy said desperately, 'please don't go tonight, it's a trap, Draco and Ron have set you up!' 'Draco?

Ron?' said a puzzled Harry, 'look I don't have time for this Pansy,' said Harry as he eased her aside to get to the door. 'Please Harry;' cried Pansy abruptly as she dropped to her knees and grabbed the hem of Harry's robes, 'you're too good to die.' As Pansy dropped to her knees, her hands brushed Harry's cock, causing him to halt.

Harry looked down at Pansy with pity as he saw her begin to cry into his robes. 'Pansy,' said Harry softly as he helped her to her feet, 'what has Draco done to you,' said Harry as he looked into her eyes. Pansy's lip quivered as she sunk her head into Harry's strong chest and wrapped her arms around his waist.

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Harry hesitated before he hugged her back, feeling her body shake as she cried into Harry's chest. 'Please.don't.go,' sobbed Pansy. 'I'm sorry Pansy, but I have to stop Voldemort, and this is the only way,' Harry said defiantly. 'You're so brave Harry, you're so much more of a man then Draco,' said Pansy through tears as she began to gently kiss Harry's neck. Harry was unsure as how to react as Pansy began to kiss his neck.

Harry's resolve though softened as he felt Pansy's gentle tongue suck and lick his neck, causing him to moan lightly. Pansy's kisses began to quicken as they crept up Harry's neck, eventually reaching his chin and jaw before they both stared into each other's eyes.

Pansy hesitated, until Harry pulled her in by her waist and started to kiss her passionately on the lips. They both placed their hands on each other's faces as they began to ravenously kiss each other in a fit of ecstasy. Pansy forced Harry backwards, until Harry felt the edge of one of the House wooden tables hit the small of his back. Still kissing her, their tongues locked together, Harry turned around so that Pansy had her back to the table.

Hurriedly, Harry removed his robe and cloak and tossed it aside, revealing his wiry, young body to Pansy. Pansy quickly began to kiss and suck on Harry's nipples as she reached down and babes under the sheets playn with the pussy Harry's hardening dick in her hand. 'Ahhhh,' panted Harry at the sensation of Pansy kissing his body and rubbing gang bang double penetration and squirts watch part on suzcamcom 7 inch cock.

Harry began to kiss all along Pansy's neck as he lifted her top over her head, revealing her delicious D sized tits.

Harry smiled in delight as he did not expect to see such a fabulous pair of breasts. Harry grabbed them immediately, kneading Pansy's nipples in cory chase and sierra nicole pleasuring each pussies fingers as he brought his mouth down xxx sax story sex stories come her right nipple and began to suck and lick all around it.

Pansy moaned in pleasure as she felt Harry squeezing and kissing her breasts. She held Harry by his neck as she pressed his face further into her chest as Harry alternated between each breast, slurping and biting lightly at her large mounds in animalistic delight.

After a few minutes of playing with Pansy's great tits, Harry began to kiss Pansy once more on her lips, letting his tongue slip into her mouth and circle around the inside part of her lips. As they kissed, Harry picked her up by her ass and placed her on the edge of the wooden table.

Harry let his kisses snake down Pansy's slim body till he was finally on his knees. 'Lick my pussy Harry,' begged Pansy as she quickly removed her skirt and panties, revealing her pussy to Harry. Pansy's pussy had large lips, which lay invitingly around her entrance. A thin strip of trimmed jet black hair clung to the top of her pussy as Harry eased aside her lips, revealing her tight, pink entrance. Harry immediately dove his tongue onto Pansy's pussy as he began to lick and rub his fingers around her entrance.

Pansy lay back on the table, the sensation of Harry's tongue causing her body to ripple with excitement. Her arms began to stretch and flail around on the table, causing plates, cups and cutlery to clatter to the floor. Harry placed his hands around Pansy's waist as he began to suck on her clit, letting his tongue flit around her little nub. Pansy suddenly grabbed Harry's hair, letting her fingers run through his thick, black hair as Harry continued to lap at her clit.

Pansy began to feel an electric feeling flow through her body as suddenly her pussy gushed a large amount of juices into Harry's mouth. 'AHhhhhhh.oooooo my, ahhhhh,' screamed Pansy as she began to orgasm. As she did, Harry began to rub his fingers furiously around her clit, causing Pansy's body to tense up even more in delight. 'Enter me now Harry,' begged Pansy as Harry quickly got to his mature legs feet and stockings fetish video. Harry spat on his hand and rubbed his dick, focusing on his dark red head, as he placed it by Pansy's entrance.

Pansy placed her hand around Harry's neck as they looked deeply into each other's eyes. Suddenly, Harry forced his hips forwards as his cock slid easily into Pansy's wet pussy. 'Yeahhh,' grunted Harry as he eventually stopped, balls deep in Pansy's pussy.

Harry rested there for a moment as he stroked Pansy's flat, pale tummy, enjoying the sensation of his dick pulsating inside her pussy. 'Fuck me hard Harry,' whispered Pansy as she wrapped her legs around Harry's waist, resting the soles of her feet on the lower part of Harry's bum. Harry grinned lustfully as he began to thrust his hips, quickly picking up a fast rhythm.

Harry arched his head backwards as he continued to pound Pansy's pussy, loving the sticky warm sensation of her juices around his cock. 'Come on Harry, harder.harder!' cried Pansy as she slapped Harry's bum hard twice.

This sent Harry wild as with a grunt he began to ram his cock in and out of Pansy at lightning speed. 'Ahhh yes.yes,' screamed Pansy as Harry had to hold onto her slender hips to stop her from moving about too much. Harry's breathing began to strain with the effort of keeping up this fast rate, as his legs began to weaken with the pleasure that Pansy's pussy gave him.

Pansy pulled Harry in closer, so that their faces were a few inches apart as Pansy dug her fingers into Harry's tight bum, giving him a slap now and then when he slowed the pace. Harry let his hands travel up Pansy's slim body to her tits, which were rocking wildly with the motion of their bodies.

Harry greedily grabbed large handfuls of them, enjoying the feel of her soft, supple breasts in his hands. He bowed his body on to Pansy as he took a large mouthful of her tit, suckling on the nipple and biting lightly with his teeth. 'That's amazing Harry,' purred Pansy as her hands stroked Harry's back, as he continued to suck on her tits. After another five minutes, Harry felt an unstoppable orgasm approach as he managed to thrust even faster into Pansy, who by now was grinding her hips back to Harry.

'Fuck!' blurted Harry out loud as his body tensed up and he cummed deep into Pansy, ' god,' Harry shouted, his wild pants echoing around the room as he collapsed onto Pansy's body, his hands squeezing her breasts tightly as he continued to fire a healthy load of his pearly white cum into Pansy. Finally, his orgasm began to subside as his hips involuntarily twitched now and then, so that his softening cock went further in to Pansy's pussy.

Harry and Pansy rested there for a while, Harry's head resting on top of Pansy's large tits as Pansy stroked his now sweaty hair. 'Fuck, I've never cummed like that before,' Harry said as his breathing began to slow. Pansy smiled as she kissed the top of his head. Suddenly, the clock in the Great Hall began to chime for 8 o'clock. 'Damn, I'm late,' Harry said suddenly as he got up off Pansy and removed his sticky, cum ridden cock out of her pussy.

'Please don't go Harry, you're in great danger,' said Pansy as she got up off the table to plead with Harry. 'I'm sorry Pansy, it's too late now,' said Harry as he re-dressed quickly, 'look, take care of yourself yeah?' said Harry as he gave her a kiss on the lips.

With that, Harry fastened up his cloak and left the Hall. 'You're late Harry,' said Dumbledore as Harry appeared out of the darkness, jogging towards Hagrid's hut. 'I'm sorry Professor,' said a breathless Harry, 'I got.distracted.' 'Harry, how many times have I told you to call me Albus?' chuckled Dumbledore. 'Sorry Sir.I mean Albus,' said Harry.

'That's quite all right, are we ready?' asked Dumbledore kindly. 'Yes Albus,' said Harry confidently. 'Then let us depart.' * Many hours later, Harry and Dumbledore arrived at the top of the astronomy tower, Dumbledore having to lean on Harry for support. 'Don't worry Albus, I'll get you to Madam Pomfrey,' Harry said desperately.

'No,' croaked Dumbledore, 'Severus.I need Severus,' said Dumbledore weakly who looked on the verge of passing out. Suddenly Harry heard rough footsteps ascending the stairs. 'Put your invisibility cloak on Harry,' said Dumbledore quickly.

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Harry obliged and as soon as he did, he felt his body stiffen as he fell to the spot, in the corner of the tower under his cloak. Harry looked on helplessly, as Draco Malfoy, followed by a posse of Death Eaters entered the room. 'Ahh Draco,' said Dumbledore calmly, 'and what do I owe the pleasure of you and your friends company?' Draco looked paler than usual, and his wand-arm shook as he pointed his wand limply at Dumbledore. 'I'm sorry Sir,' stammered Draco, his eyes red through crying, 'they're going to kill my family, it's either you, or me.' 'You don't have to do this Draco, you're no murderer,' said Dumbledore gently as Draco stood trembling on the spot.

'Kill him,' hissed one of the Death Eaters behind Draco's back but Draco couldn't glamour college amateur fucked after oral schoolgirl and doggystyle himself to kill Dumbledore as his arm slowly began to lower. Suddenly the door crashed open again as Snape bustled into the room. 'Evening Severus,' said Dumbledore, who seemed to be oddly happy with how the events were panning out, '.please.,' Dumbledore said simply to him, his eyes locking onto Snape's.

Snape gave Dumbledore a knowing nod as he raised his wand.

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Suddenly, the door burst open again and in stepped Ron Weasley. Harry's jaw dropped underneath his cloak. 'Ron?' said Dumbledore in genuine confusion, 'what are you doing here?' 'The old man not dead yet then? What about Harry?' said Ron impatiently. His skin looked a horrid mottle grey and his eyes seemed to be a strange red colour.

'Draco's lost his nerve,' sneered one of the Death Eaters to Ron. Ron smirked back wickedly at the Death Eater. 'Outa the way,' german boob xxx fat com Ron as he pushed Draco aside, 'I'll do it.' Snape quickly raised his wand in desperation as he and Ron pointed their wands at a shocked and saddened Dumbledore and cried together, 'AVADA KEDAVRA!'