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Family Unity Anikkas tongue makes contact with bretts pussy tribbing natural aliveinpr My stories do not necessarily reflect my personal proclivities, desires, wants or fantasies.

Please read and enjoy this fictional writing. Joanie was a beautiful young lady ready to enter into life as a woman. She was looking forward to high school graduation and her eighteenth birthday.

Her adult life was ahead of her, but she did not know what she was going to make of her life. She was undecided as to a career to pursue. Once she chose a career, she would then determine her university choice. Her boyfriend, Jeff, already had his career planned and chose a local university so they could still be close. Soon he was going to pledge a fraternity. As Joanie matured, she began to be a mirror image of her mother.

Very early, she sprouted breasts similar to her mother, Marisa. A 38C tight bra, long shapely legs, brunette hair to the shoulders and a round tight ass that exquisitely pronounced her movements as she walked. They both turned men's heads with their beauty. She was very much in love with Jeff, a young man in her graduating class. For the last two years, they explored sexuality with each other just short of intercourse.

They both had been tempted, but were willing to wait for another year. Joanie felt that Jeff was a sensible boy and always acted like a mature gentleman. They both petite babysitter gets teen pussy abused by enormous dick high grades all through high school and they seemed to agree on everything. Her world was perfect as she had loving parents. Her father, Phil, is a manager in a local factory and her mother is self employed as a personal counselor of some type with many late night hours, but no specific set boy suck boobs milk spain. Joanie marveled at the love between her mother and father.

Some times, her mother would get home from work and lay on the couch as her father would rub and caress her feet and legs, causing pleasurable moans from her mother.

They treated each other as king and queen, always caressing each other and when kissing, a loving kiss, no peck on the cheek. Many nights, Joanie could hear the muffled sounds of love coming from her parents bed room, most nights involving two to three hours of sexual bliss. Once a month, her mother and father left for a weekend leaving Joanie alone in their beautiful house. Their mini vacations lifted everyone's spirits.

Joanie noticed the spectacular smile on her mother's face when they came home on Sundays. Her mother had a special glow as she walked into the house. Her father always had a beaming smile and had a spirited gate in his stride. Their love was infectious making Joanie smile when she welcomed them home. Joanie did not know what work her mother did, but she always came home with cash. Marisa and Phil didn't believe in credit cards and they paid all their bills in cash. Joanie was always treated on shopping trips by her mother.

She was pampered with nice clothes and shoes. Both daughter and mother had similar tastes in short mini skirts, short-shorts, garter belts and nylons. High heels were the norm except when she was in school. Joanie was treated well by her parents. They respected her and gave her freedom in her choices.

Joanie woke with a smile. It was Sunday and Jeff was going to take her to the frat house for a tour of where he would be living once enroled in the university. He was going to pledge early and wanted her to tour the house with him. It was 1 pm when Jeff picked her up and headed to the frat house.

Joanie was impressed that the house was clean and neat. Jeff explained that the brothers all shared in the pay for a house keeper. Without having to always clean, they could devote more time in their studies. They toured the first floor where there were three computer set up in a study for the brother's use and research. There was a large kitchen where they were responsible for their own meals. Joanie followed Jeff up the stairs to the second floor where they passed two bath rooms and then several bed rooms off the hall.

Jeff stopped and opened the door to his future bed room and they entered. Jeff playfully pushed Joanie onto the bed where she bounced several times and giggled as her legs flew up lifting her short skirt up past her panties. When she stopped bouncing, she did nothing to push her skirt down as Jeff immediately knelt in front of her and pushed his face into her panty covered pussy.

His hands held her legs spread as his tongue licked the edge of her panty elastic. Slowly, his hand edged upward and pulled the leg of her panties aside exposing her wet labia. She was exposed to his tongue as he began to lick her vaginal lips as his fingers continued upward to strum her clit. Joanie just laid back and closed her eyes as she felt an orgasm beginning to overtake her body.

She loved the way he licked her pussy. With her eyes closed, she placed herself in her erotic world of pleasure enjoying her building orgasm, a place used many times during masturbation. Jeff was then pulling her panties off her hips and she lifted schoolgirl melissa moore has her pussy destroyed ass to allow him to move them down her legs.

His tongue fucked in and out of her opening and then without warning, and for the first time, she felt Jeff's cock head at her vaginal canal.

They had never had intercourse except for Jeff's fingers. Her eyes opened and saw Jeff smiling as he now was pushing his cock into her pussy.

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Joanie then said, "Jeff, please don't, I'm not on the pull, Please stop." Jeff continued to push his cock deeper into her. Joanie then felt a ripping sensation and pain. Again, she said, "No, Jeff, it hurts. Stop, you're hurting me." Jeff continued as he ripped her hymen and pushed further. He grunted when he pushed against her cervix.

Joanie began crying and continued to tell him to stop, but he then began to fuck in and out of her pussy. She felt the pain begin to subside as Jeff continued to fuck her. Jeff's cock was now bringing her erotic pleasure. Joanie looked down and saw blood on Jeff's cock each time he pulled back and she realized that she was no longer a virgin.

Joanie was now yelling at Jeff, "STOP, STOP, I'M NOT SAFE. PLEASE DON'T MAKE Brunette caroline pierce is one of those glasses w PREGNANT. PLEASE, NO, NO." Jeff ignored her pleas and began to fuck into her faster and faster until he pushed hard and held her hips tight. He began to cum. She could feel his cock swell and pulse as he pumped his fertile cum deep into her.

Not realizing it, Joanie's body was reacting to his violation as she began to spasm, her back arched and her arms flung to the sides grabbing the sheets. She was having a violent orgasm as her pussy was now milking his cock for more cum. Jeff laid on top of Joanie as his spent cock was beginning to soften.

Joanie had her head back and eyes closed realizing that she liked the incredible orgasmic rush. She then became mad that Jeff violated her and was no longer the gentleman she thought she knew. The fear she had that she could become pregnant from this insensitive bastard.

Joanie hot milf all oiled up hardcore big tits yelled, "YOU BASTARD, YOU CAME IN ME. I TOLD YOU TO STOP. GET OFF, I WANT TO GO HOME. GET OFF." Before Jeff rolled off her, she heard some one say, "Hey, he got her cherry". Jeff then rolled off and was immediately replaced with another cock. Joanie opened her eyes and saw Jeff holding her legs spread for a strange man smiling at her as he began to pump his cock hard into her pussy.

Joanie then screamed, "GET THE FUCK OFF ME. STOP, STOP." There was no stopping this strange person as he began anita super horny girl fucking and screaming pump his cock into her canal. Then she felt it again. His cock pulsed as he too was filling her womb with more cum. Joanie's body reacted with the pleasure she had never felt before and she had another orgasm.

Her vagina was pulsing against his cock. The pleasure she was now feeling was one of joy and she realized that she was enjoying the stimulation. Her body spasmed as she unconsciously submitted to his assault. She was now in the throes of passion from her new sexual horizon.

Busty cougar heather fills her pussy with a giant dildo the strange cock pulled from her pussy, she was laying back, lags spread wide and oozing cum onto the bed.

She did not realize that another cock was aimed at her vagina ready to push into her for the third time. As the third cock entered her pussy, her vaginal walls constricted around the phallus to pull it deep into her canal. She longed to feel it surge and expand to add more seminal fluid to flood her womb. After two hours, Joanie had been fucked by Jeff and fifteen of his future frat brothers. Each one of them deposited his cum into her womb. She heard the guys telling Jeff that he passed the initiation by providing them with a cum slut whore.

She realized that Jeff had planned this rape and instantly rage replaced her rapturous feelings. Joanie looked at Jeff with fire in her eyes and yelled, "GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, TAKE ME HOME. I DON'T EVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN.

WE ARE THROUGH. YOU'LL NEVER TOUCH ME AGAIN." Joanie pulled her panties on and as she stood up, she felt the crotch of her panties fill with cum.

She ran down the stairs and out the door with Jeff following. She got to his car and jumped in. Jeff got in and started to drive her home. Jeff kept apologizing to her that for his pledge, he had to trick her into fucking them.

He kept saying that it would never happen again. All the time in the drive, Joanie stared forward and said not a word. Jeff pulled up to Joanie's house and again said, "I'm so sorry that I tricked you, but I had to so I could get into the frat". Joanie said, "Fuck you, ass hole. Never call me or talk to me ever again. You are nothing but a lying bastard, I never want to see you again." Joanie jumped out of the car and ran into the house slamming the door.

She was in tears as she ran past her mother and up to her room, again slamming the door. Marisa knew something was wrong and went to Joanie's room, knocked and went in. She saw Joanie tearing off her clothes as the tub in her bathroom was filling with warm water. Joanie was now naked and ran into her mother's arms crying.

Marisa held her as she took her to the bathroom and eased her into the tub. Joanie folded her arms on the edge of the tub and put her head down crying. Marisa stroked Joanie's hair helping calm the girl. Marisa kept shushing Joanie as she said quietly, "It's OK baby, mommy's here, just calm down and relax." Joanie finally calmed and looked up at her mother with red swollen tearful eyes and said, "Oh, mommy, it was terrible.

I never want to see Jeff again, he's a lying bastard." Marisa then asked, "You two have been so happy with each other. Do you want to tell me what went wrong?" Joanie then said between sobs, "Oh, mommy, he raped me and then he let fifteen of the frat brothers rape me. He even held my legs apart for them. I told them to stop and that I was not on the pill, but they continued to cum inside of me. I don't know how many times, but my pussy was full." Marisa said, "It will be alright dear, I know what to do." Joanie then asked, "What if they got me pregnant, what am I going to do?" Marisa said, "Quiet yourself, you won't get pregnant.

I'm taking you to our doctor tomorrow." Joanie then said, "But, I don't believe in abortion." Marisa said, "You are not going to get an abortion, trust me, I know all about this." Joanie was quiet for a long time as she tried to scrub the past two or three hours away. She then said, "Mommy, what's wrong with me? After Jeff fucked me, I felt funny and began to enjoy the rape. It didn't take long before I looked forward for the next cock to fuck into me." Her mother then said, "Sex is a powerful emotion, even against your will, your body reacts with ecstasy.

Soon, you will enjoy sex as much as I do. Someday, you will look at certain men and your pussy will get wet as your brain wonders how his cock would feel fucking you." Joanie asked, "Is that how you felt when you met daddy?" Her mother answered, "Yes, and I still get wet looking at other men." Joanie didn't quite understand what her mother meant, but just got out of the tub and dried off as her mother left the room.

Joanie was quiet at dinner that night. Marisa said, "Don't be embarrassed honey, I told your dad what happened. He knows to tell Jeff he can't see or talk to you. He will protect you." Joanie looked at her dad and said, "I love you so much daddy, I'm sorry it happened. There is no way I will ever want to see that bastard".

Her father looked at her smiling and said, "I love you too. It's a hard way to become a woman. You can always come to your mother and me for anything." Joanie smiled and felt better.

As she was laying in bed, she heard her parents making love and it sounded unusually loud and active. She fell asleep listening to her parents, knowing her father was pumping his cock deep into her mother. They were sexually stimulating as Joanie heard her mother's orgasms.

She had a very peaceful and restful sleep that night. She even had a dream causing her to orgasm, more than once. Joanie opened her eyes when she heard a soft knock on her door. Her mother quietly let her know to get up and ready as they needed to see Dr. Wills, their OBGYN. She slid her feet out from under the covers as she thought of the day before. She was still angry of Jeff's deception luring her into the gang rape at the frat house. Now, she was having to see her doctor to see if they might have gotten her pregnant.

Marisa and Joanie arrived at Dr. Wills office and the secretary told them to go to exam room 3 right away. Joanie looked at her mother and asked,"We don't have to wait? How do we have priority over the other women?" Marisa said, "Oh, he owes me a favor." Joanie thought that her mother has made several strange statements in the last couple of days. She didn't understand because her mother has always been straight forward. The nurse told Joanie to undress, put on the paper gown and get on the table with her feet in the stirrups.

As Joanie lay on the table with her legs spread wide and her pussy exposed, she remembered she was in the same pose yesterday when her boyfriend was holding her legs apart for all those strange men to fuck her.

She began to excrete vaginal fluids as she remembered back to the rape, her only regret was that they could have made her pregnant. Dr. Wills entered and asked Marisa, "Is she going to work with you?" Marisa put her finger to her lips and whispered, "Maybe later, she's only 17 now." Dr.

Wills smiled and sat on the stool in front of Joanie's spread legs. Joanie thought she just heard another strange question and answer between Dr. Wills and her mother. Dr. Wills asked, "What brings you here today?" Joanie said, "I was raped yesterday by my boyfriend and I think he could have made me pregnant".

Marisa then said, "Not only her boyfriend, but his fifteen frat brothers, probably twice each." Joanie's face turned beet red, she wasn't going to add the frat brothers, making things sound worse. Dr. Wills smiled and said, "I'm glad you got here early. The longer you wait, the more the possibility she could be pregnant." Joanie asked, "Do you think I could be pregnant?" Dr. Wills laughed and said, "It's way too early for pregnancy.

I am going to give you the 'Morning After' pill. That will keep you from becoming pregnant." Joanie then said, "But I don't believe in abortion." Dr. Wills said, "This is not an abortion pill, there is no abortion. Too many people think that this pill is causing an abortion, a misconception by too many people." Joanie took the pill from Dr. Wills and then asked, "How does this work?" Dr.

Wills said, "You have up to five days to prevent the egg insemination, less chance for each day you wait. It also factors with the fertility of your menstrual cycle. This is the next day and you just finished your period, so you have a very good chance that the egg will not be fertilized.

This is not an abortion, but another means of birth control. I don't recommend this way of birth control every time you have intercourse. There are many ways to prevent pregnancy". Marisa then said, "That is the second reason we are here to see you, birth control." "Well," said Dr. Wills, "abstinence is the best birth control, 100% perfect. Then there is the 'condom', 'sponge', 'copper coil', 'patch', 'implant' and many others, but then like your mother, there is a combination of IUD and pill.

With the right combination and with the specific hormones, they can work together." Joanie then asked, "What do you mean like my mother?" Marisa then said, "Honey, someday you will understand. There are times when birth control is very important." Dr. Wills turned his face away and gave a persuasion is getting fucked hardcore and fucking snicker and Marisa punched him on the shoulder.

Joanie felt that something strange was going on. Why were they talking that way? Dr. Wills gave Joanie a complete exam and then looked at Marisa and she nodded her head. Dr. Willis then picked up a silver tube, looking like a round end bullet but about 14 inches long and an inch and a half in diameter. It had inch marks marked along the shaft. Dr. Wills then took a tube of clear lube and squirted some on the tube and then on his gloved fingers and inserted his fingers into her vaginal canal.

He moved two fingers in an upward motion contacting her 'G spot' causing Joanie to flinch with an excited feeling causing her to flow heavier. Involuntarily, her pelvis pushed against his fingers to increase the pressure and pleasure she felt.

She let out a pleasurable moan as his fingers stroked her 'G' spot. She didn't know what the doctor was doing, but she felt stimulated and wanted to masturbate her clit. Dr. Wills continued his finger manipulations for several minutes as he and Marisa grinned at each other. He then began to insert the tube into her vagina. He slowly pushed it inch by inch as Marisa kept watching the insertion.

Dr. Wills got to the twelve inch mark and asked Joanie, "Do you feel discomfort?" Joanie answered, "A little bit. It feels that my insides are being pushed up to my stomach." Dr. Wills then turned to Marisa and said, "She can take quite a lot." Marisa then smiled and thanked the doctor for his exam.

Dr. Wills then asked Marisa, "You have about a week, do you want to test for STD s on this visit?" Marisa scowled at the doctor and said no. Joanie was now in a real quandary. Why would her mother need to test for STD s. Wednesday, Joanie and Marisa returned to the doctor's office where Joanie was given her birth control pills and Dr. Wills inserted a hormonal IUD. He said, "Your mother uses this combination.

Usually a combination is rare, but you are so much like your mother, I think this combination is good. Lighter menstrual flow, less mood swings, timely periods and better protection from pregnancy. The only thing left out naughty beauty exposes her boobies hardcore blowjob STD s, so when the time comes, you should come in when you mother comes in for her exam." Now, Joanie was totally confused.

Again, why would her mother have monthly exams for STD s? Joanie totally enjoyed her high school graduation and her principal seemed to occupy himself talking with Marisa, more than any of the other parents. She shed her cap and gown, then cleaned out her locker. She was carrying a box with her personal things and saw her mother and principal Wilson standing close and holding hands in a dark corner.

Why was she so popular with Dr. Willis and principal Wilson? On the ride home, she asked her mother why she was so friendly with her principal. Her father looked at Marisa and said, "Maybe it's time." Marisa looked at Joanie and said, "Maybe this weekend after your eighteenth birthday celebration.

There are a lot of things we need to discuss with you, things you deserve to know." Joanie's birthday party was a day of joy, especially since her parents presented her with the keys to her own new car. She felt she was floating and walking on air with elation. She was now ready to face the world, then she thought about what her mother was going to reveal.

She knew about sex, after all, she had been gang raped and informed by Dr. Wills how to prevent pregnancy. What else was there to know about 'the talk'? After lunch Sunday, Marisa and Joanie were finishing cleaning the kitchen when Marisa took Joanie's hand and led her to the living room.

Marisa told Phil to get the DVD ready as they sat down. Marisa said, "Joanie, it's time we told you how your father and I keep happy. We have a personal life you haven't known about and we feel, now that you are eighteen, you need to know. Please keep an open mind and listen through what we tell you." Joanie sat down across from her mother and father.

Phil started the DVD as Joanie watched two people making mad passionate love.she was watching a porn movie, she thought. She then recognized the two people, they were her parents. Phil was between Marisa's legs licking and sucking at her pussy and clit. Obviously, the way the camera was moving to get better angles, there was a third person in the room. Joanie watched her mother in the throws of a violent orgasm, her legs shook, her back arched upward pushing her pussy into Phil's mouth.

Marisa's head was whipping from side to side as she was screaming, "FUCK ME, DAMMIT, FUCK ME NOW". Phil then pushed up and moved upward to place the bulbous head of his penis at the entrance of his wife's vaginal opening. This was the first time Joanie observed her father's cock, it was huge, much larger and longer than those that fucked her in the frat casting looker goes away after hardcore sex and asshole poking. She watched Phil's cock push deep in Marisa's pussy, while Marisa pushed forward to meet his thrust.

Suddenly, Joanie noticed there were hands fondling Marisa's breasts, and they were not her father's. She then noticed an erect cock being fed into her mother's mouth. Joanie was now aroused and her hand went to the crotch of her shorts. Her eyes were glued to the TV screen as she watched the room fill with many naked men. Her mother was obviously enjoying the gang bang and she was not shy on being video taped.

Marisa and Phil watched Joanie as she began to rub her pussy through her shorts, and then the other hand went to her breasts as her passion built. Marisa quietly told Joanie to take off her shorts. Being mesmerized with the scenes before her and without realizing what she was doing, Joanie stood and pushed her shorts down and off. She sat back down again and her hand then disappeared inside her panties as her fingers frantically strummed her clit.

Joanie watched her father on the TV cum inside her mother as her mother was screaming with a trembling orgasm. Suddenly, another man with an erection laid on the bed and Marisa climbed onto him and plunged down on his cock sending it deep into her pussy. Marisa then leaned forward on his chest as Joanie watched another cock enter her mother's ass. The cock in her ass thrust deep into her rectum as her mother pretty hottie seduces man to fuck pornstar and hardcore screaming from another orgasm.

Marisa was fucked in the mouth, pussy and ass for over two hours as Joanie counted at least thirty men. Joanie was oblivious that her parents were present as Phil was finger fucking Marisa only a few feet away. She masturbated to a mind blowing orgasm with her fingers in her pussy as her parents watched. Joanie was calming and laid back on the couch, then brought to her senses when Marisa said, "Yes dear, I'm as close to a nymphomaniac as one could get". "Oh, my God," Joanie said, "you were so beautiful.

When.Oh, my God, one of those men was Dr. Wills and I think I saw Principal Wilson." Marisa said, "Yes, they are some of my regulars. When I'm not working, I enjoy my gang bangs, our monthly vacations." Joanie's hands were still inside her panties and asked, "Is that why I enjoyed the gang rape?" Marisa said, "Maybe, and you probably wanted to do it again. If you hadn't been forced, you probably would have gone back to the frat house for their cocks again".

"Oh, my God," said Joanie, "yes, I would have. I did enjoy it, but I didn't like Jeff's deception forcing me to be gang raped." Marisa then said, "Now, you probably have another question. What I do for a living?" Joanie nodded her head. "All you know right now," said Marisa, "is that I am an independent consultant. This is partially true.

I am hired by large firms to provide entertainment to their clients. They provide a nice hotel room and send japanese students want experienced lover to please her clients to meet me. I then entertain them with my pleasures, the pleasures between my legs. I give them my pussy, ass and mouth. That is why I have monthly exams for any STD s. Usually I only entertain one man, but then there are several at a time, three or more.

Some times, there are women that I entertain, but that's rare. I suppose, you could label my job as an 'escort', nice term for a whore." Phil said, "Since your mother and I married, I knew of her libido and I couldn't keep up with her sexual desires. We discussed her need and figured out this was the way to keep her pussy full of cock and cum. Her customers only pay in cash so there is no record of prostitution. My work is our basic taxable income, but you have no knowledge of that." Marisa added, "I report some of my income for tax purposes, and paying Social Security and insurance.

Less chance of questions from the federal boys." Joanie's eyes were wide, her mouth open and her hand furiously masturbating her clit., still with the image of her mother in a gang bang.

Marisa then said, "Now that you know, do you hate me for being a slut?" Joanie answered, "No, mommy. You looked so beautiful in that DVD, your legs spread and oozing cum. Maybe, someday, I will be brave enough to do a DVD like that." It excited Joanie that her mother and father were watching her masturbate.

Then Joanie had another orgasm and laid back panting as her mother and father smiled at her.

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Her father then said, "Just let us know, we know a man with video equipment. We also know of a group of men that can keep a secret." At that they all laughed. For the next week, Joanie went to sleep after masturbating and listening to her mother's orgasmic screams. She had many dreams of being gang banged while having the events video taped.

She was becoming obsessed with sex and especially gang bangs. To be fucked over and over like her first time at the frat house. Every morning, she would wake with her fingers in her wet pussy. At the breakfast table with her mother and father, Joanie asked, "Mommy, what does it feel like to have a cock in your ass?" Marisa reached over and put her hand on Joanie's and said, "The first time there is some pain, but you have to remember to relax your sphincter muscles to allow the cock to enter.

The first time, you must use a lot of lube to ease the friction, then later, it is easy and very pleasurable". Joanie asked, "Is that why Dr. Wills measured me with that tube?" Marisa said, "Well yes, but he was measuring to see how long a cock you can take in your pussy without pain. He didn't check for width". Joanie then asked, "Can you take a long fat cock?" "Yes," said Marisa, "it's unusual to find long and fat cocks, usually they're average size.

We do have a couple of men in our group that have longer cocks, not too fat, but longer than average." Joanie was no longer embarrassed in asking personal questions.

She then looked at her father and asked, "Does mommy deep throat your cock? In that DVD, you look like you have a long cock." Phil then said, "I think that's what your mother likes about me the best. Yes, she does deep throat me, but she had to practice before I could penetrate her throat".

Marisa added, "Whether I deep throat them or not, I love them filling my mouth and throat with their cum, and yes, I swallow." The thought came to Joanie and she asked, "Daddy, are you really my dad?" Phil said, "Yes, we made sure until your mother was pregnant, that there were no other men during that period she was off birth control. You are our daughter, we planned for you and we love you very much. We wouldn't have it any other way." Joanie couldn't shake the feelings she had when being gang banged at the frat house.

She wanted to return to enjoy all those cocks, but she didn't for the fact that Jeff might be there. She hated him for the deception he pulled, she brunette caroline pierce is one of those glasses w wanted his cock to touch her again. Just the thought of being fucked by all the frat brothers made her pussy flow with her vaginal juices.

Somehow, she would find a way to join her mother in one of her gang bangs. Marisa was getting ready to see Dr. Wills for her STD exam when Joanie passed her bedroom and saw her mother dressing. Joanie asked her mother if she was getting ready to meet a 'client'. "No, dear, I'm getting ready to see Dr. Wills. I have my appointment this morning." Joanie said, "Oh, I saw you dressing and looking so sexy with your lace panties and short, tight dress.

You really look hot." Marisa said, "Thank you honey, I feel best when I dress to look sexy. I think you should come with me, maybe Dr. Wills could answer any other questions you might have." Joanie thought that would be a good idea and ran to her room and dressed in her sexiest dress.

She wanted to imitate her mother. "How are your today, Marisa? I see you brought Joanie with you." Dr. Wills said. Marisa said, "Yes, I think she should know how you screen for STD s." Marisa had already undressed and was wearing the paper gown. She was on the table with her legs spread in the stirrups exposing her damp pussy to the doctor.

Dr Wills spread Marisa's labia apart with his fingers and inserted his speculum spreading her vagina open. After a few moments, he called Joanie over. He pointed out the vaginal canal and all the way to the cervix, then said, "Your mother's pussy is beautiful and I see no unusual signs.

Can you see the cord sticking out of her cervix? That is attached to her IUD and there for a doctor to remove the IUD. You have the same IUD." Joanie was impressed and this was sexy legal age teenager drilled hard hardcore and massage first time she had seen the inside of a pussy. She had seen her own using a mirror, but never inside. As she observed the puffy membrane, she could imagine a cock scratching them as it entered the pussy.

She could feel her own pussy begin to constrict and dampen as she observed the doctors examination. Dr. Wills finished and Marisa got off the table and said, "Doctor, my daughter needs a special examination. She has been curious about anal intercourse." Dr. Wills smiled and told Joanie to undress and get on the table. Joanie did as ordered milf suck and swallow huge cumshot cristall gloss forgot to put on a paper gown.

The doctor smiled when he saw a beautiful nude young lady on the exam table with her legs spread and her moist pussy facing him. Again, Joanie saw the long shinny metal tube as the doctor rubbed a clear lubricant on it.

He ran the tip of the phallus up and down her vaginal lips which stimulated her to begin flowing. Her mother walked over smiling at the doctor and began to stimulate Joanie's clit. Joanie was now squirming on the table as Dr. Wills readjusted the stirrups raising her legs high to expose her anal opening. With her other hand, her mother began to run her lubricated fingers around Joanie's anus, spreading clear lubricant for the doctor.

Joanie noticed that her mother and Dr. Willis were smiling at each other. Doctor Wills then placed the tube at her opening and pushed an inch into her. He told her to relax her sphincter muscle which would alleviate the initial pain. He told her to push like she was trying to defecate. Soon six inches of the tube was inserted and Joanie was beginning to feel pleasurable sensations as the phallus began stimulating her nerve endings. Slowly, the tube was inserted until it was at the twelve inch mark.

Marisa then took hold of the tube and began to fuck it in and our of Joanie's rectum and strumming the girls clit with the other hand. It didn't take Joanie long before she had an anal orgasm. When she calmed, she opened her eyes and saw her mother was totally naked.

Her mother had removed the gown. She also saw that the doctor was fucking her mother from behind. The sight signaled another orgasm. Dr. Wills did not cum in her mother, but pulled out as Marisa pulled the tube from Joanie's ass, moved away and allowed Dr.

Wills to insert his erect penis inside Joanie's ass in one full thrust. Joanie was in full orgasmic mode as her head threw back, her hands grasped the side of the exam table and amateur lesbian chicks get their pink vaginas licked and screwed pushed her ass forward to meet the doctors cock. Joanie was beginning to make loud guttural sounds causing the nurse to enter. The nurse smiled and then went to Marisa and began to stroke Marisa's pussy and clit as Joanie screamed as the excitement overwhelmed her to another orgasm.

After the final orgasms of Joanie and Marisa, the doctor and nurse left the room. Slowly, mother and daughter dressed smiling at each other. On the drive home, Joanie said, "I want to be gang banged when you have your next gathering. I want all my holes filled like I saw you on the DVD." Marisa grinned and said, "Dr. Wills and I have already arraigned that for next Friday night. We knew you would like anal sex. It looks like our monthly 'vacations' will be including you." Joanie smiled and wondered if she would be brave enough to have them video tape the event.

Thursday evening, Joanie was watching a movie when her mother got home from entertaining clients for the last three hours. Joanie jumped from the couch and hugged her mother and welcomed her home. Joanie asked, "Did you have a client tonight?" "I had three this time," answered Marisa, "I really enjoyed their cocks and they knew just how to make a woman cum. I didn't have time to clean up, so I need to go to the bathroom and clean." Joanie followed her mother and watched her mother on the toilet.

Through Marisa's spread legs, Joanie watched many gobs of cum drip from her mother's pussy. Joanie smiled and said, "I want to work clients too." Marisa knowingly smiled saying, "It will be Monday, I will take you to meet the companies that use my services.

We all have discussed this for the past year waiting for your eighteenth birthday. There are many clients what want natalia starr sex stories xxx vido mother-daughter team.

We already have a hotel suite set for your audition with all of the corporate heads. Monday, you become an escort, just like your mother." No mater what it was called, 'slut', 'cum dump', 'whore', or 'escort', Joanie didn't care, she wanted cock all the time. Friday night came. Joanie, Marisa and Phil headed out to the hotel where a suite and several men, including Dr. Wills james deen plunders hot milf cunt pornstars Principal Wilson awaited their arrival.

Joanie's pussy was lubricating in anticipation of her all night gang bang. She was secretly hoping there would be video equipment to memorialize her becoming a whore like her mother. She envisioned her pussy and ass so flooded with cum that she would be leaking for a week. They arrived at the hotel and there was a quiet ride up the elevator. When Joanie walked through the door to the suite, she knew the night was going to be exciting when she saw a room packed with man wearing only robes.

She took special notice to see the robes poking out just below their waists. She didn't see Dr. Wills or Principal Wilson until the door opened to the second bedroom. There she was personally greeted by the doctor, principal and ten other naked men sporting hard long erections glistening with pre-cum. Marisa told Joanie, "That's your first round, the second and third are here in this bedroom.

I am going to get them ready for you." Joanie entered with desires of debauchery, her legs shaky and vaginal fluids flowing down the inside of her thighs. She saw video cameras everywhere and smiled for her debut. She was also looking forward to Monday's audition with the corporate CEO's. Joanie finally chose her career.