A blond student is looking for some cash!

A blond student is looking for some cash!
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Red Bushed Beauty By Blueheatt ___"Have you been messing with my niece?" That was one question I hoped Molly would never ask. Luckily I only 'dreamed' she ask me that question. I woke up with a jolt&hellip.then I lay back down thinking of nothing 'but' her niece.

I was out of breath with the first part of my dream. I was getting ready to have hot sex with pussy of dark gorgeous hottie gets nailed hardcore blowjob beautiful niece, Shelly. I thought to myself&hellip. 'Kurt, your taking a big risk fucking around with Shelly', …but there was no way I could turn down that girl, she was awesome beyond words.

The woman Shelly called 'Molly', was her aunt. Her real mom dumped her on her sister Molly and took off with a guy. Molly was not pleased but took her in. Molly ran the small business next to mine. It was a front for a rich guy. She would come over to talk with me and bring Shelly with her. Shelly was a beautiful young redhead. She had a beautiful face, nice tits, a hot body and I went for her right away.

Molly was a full figured redhead who talked a lot. Shelly sat quietly and did not smile at all. I was sneaking looks at Shelly as she sat looking like her mind was a million miles away, expressionless.

I noticed her rubbing her arms like she was cold. I got up as Molly jabbered on and put my jacked around Shelly. She snapped out of her thoughts and gave me a very sexy smile. I leaned over and whispered to 'silent' Shelly: ("…if you don't stop talking, I'm throwing you out of here!") She paused, and then began to giggled. Those green eyes looked in mine as we kind of melted together. I secretly squeezed her hand and she squeezed mine back as we locked eyes and smiles.

That afternoon, here she came and sat down in my office with my jacket on.

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We didn't talk, but just more sexy shy smiles between us as I said: "Your hired, now get to work." Her face lit up and she came and stood by me. I stood up as the magnetism between us was strong. I said quietly: "…you better hug me, or your fired." She checked to see if anyone was watching us.

She was breathing hard.

She smiled big and gave me a hot squirming hug as she whispered: ("Oh thank you. I can't remember a man ever asking me to hug him.

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I love hugs and&hellip.") She was trembling as she slowly rubbed her pussy over my cock. ("…Oh! I'm sorry&hellip.I didn't mean to do that. It just&hellip.…You won't tell Molly will you?") I assured her it would be our little secret but&hellip.only if we did that a lot more times. She checked all around again and hugged me like a vice. This time she drove her pussy in my cock firm and began to dig her pussy into me as she moved it back and forth.

I could feel her tremble and gasp for breath. That was the start of it all. We now spent all day together. She did all the little stuff around the place as I got to watch her sweet body parade around me.

She was like a cat, and rubbed up against me, bent over in front of me showing me cleavage shots and sweet ass shots. I became very hot for her. Thru talking I found out how 'unwanted' she felt. She felt she was just a burden to Molly. Molly even had her staying in the back room at her shop, booby blonde babe threesome pounding in storage room not at home. Shelly was to do all the dirty jobs there to earn her keep.

Shelly was no dummy, and I found she quickly learned to do anything around my business.

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Accounting, taxes and all. That night I went in my back room and tapped on the locked door between our businesses. I hear: ("Kurt?"), I said: ("Yes.") I hear the lock on her side unlock. I unlocked the one on my side. The door slowly opened and there she was.

Stunningly beautiful in a long white night shirt. I said: "You think you need a 'goodnight' hug." She leaped into my waiting arms as time stood still. We seemed to melt together. She whispered: ("…stay with me tonight,&hellip.please?.") Our hug turned into a pussy and dick rubbing session with our bodies.

I ran my fingers thru her long red hair as she began to pant in my ear. I felt her soft body with my hands and her wonderful sweet ass. As I slowly went under her night shirt, she started feeling my hardon.

Her spying on a couple having incredible sex was hot on that warm night.

I slipped my hand down the back of her panties and felt the bare skin of her perfect ass. She slid down to stand and spread her legs. I went deeper in her panties. My fingers found her wet bush. She was wet, slick and warm. She whispered: ("Little red needs attention bad.") Little red is what she called her pussy.

I had just gotten a finger in 'little red' as she moaned when…, Her phone rang. She ran to answer it.

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It was Molly. I couldn't hear what they were saying. I found out Molly locked her in each night. I was about change her world. I ask her how often Molly call her at night. She said only once and a while. I moved the cord phone on to my side. I had a bed in my backroom close to the joint door.

I had brought women back there taming a lewd hard willy blowjob amateur few times. I sat on the bed with Shelly. She turned and I held her across my lap close. Her eyes had that 'million miles away' look as she took my hand and put it on her sweet tits as she closed her eyes. She rubbed my hand all over her tits as she was getting very turned on.

I had never seen a girl get the aroused this fast. She squirmed and moaned. She pulled my head down and her hot tongue wasted no time in going wild in my mouth. She was panting hard and the sweetest little moan came out of her letting me know she want to fuck bad…&hellip.

Shelly…… Kurt felt so good, as I needed affection and lots of it. His affection made me so sexually excited, I could feel my pussy pulsating.

I was silently very horny, and always had been. When I was little, I loved to hug little boys whenever I could. If I found one who liked it, I would try and kiss them to get that 'horny' feeling I craved. I was always getting in trouble for feeling boys all I could. I think my mom knew it and she tried to keep me in the house all the time. Mom was gone all the time, so all I knew was baby sitters&hellip.girl baby sitters.

I was always asking them questions about boys. They put me off and ignored me. After the 8th grade, mom pulled me out of school to work at home. She took in laundry or anything to get her damn beer money. I wanted a boyfriend so bad, I even ask the mailman for a hug once.

He wouldn't do it. (I noticed he had a nice bulge in his pants, and I wanted a hug to feel it.) I always tried to wear skirts, so I could quick rub my 'little red'.

(my name for my pussy) I was real young when I discovered it felt good to rub it. I found mom's hair curling thing felt good to rub on it. It didn't take long when I started rubbing it on my bare little clit. Next, I slipped inside my pussy and got new hot feelings. I found other things felt good too. I tried anything that even looked like a guys dick.

I saw an electric tooth brush. It vibrated in the package when I tested it. I had to have it. I knew mom wouldn't buy it for me, so …(I swiped it by putting it under my skirt, and in my panties.) I remember I smiled as it felt like I had a dick in there.

I carefully hid it under my bed. That night late I got it out and cut off the brushes. I turned it on and held it on my little red bush. Oh…my god…it felt wonderful. It made me hotter and hotter as something was climbing up in feeling in 'little red'.

I let it build up and I got this peak feeling in little red. It made me squirm it felt xxx story sex onlin free good and shook my legs. That was my first orgasm, and Massage hidden wife seduced fucked by masseuse nearby husband was hooked on more of them&hellip. Finally…maybe now I've found a guy who we turned each other on and wants to have hot sex.

Kurt was the kind of guy I had always dreamed about&hellip. I had heard him at night with girls in his back room. I put my ear to the wall and rubbed myself as they had moaning hot sex. I tried to orgasm with them as they fucked. Kurt never knew&hellip.

but now maybe it was my turn to be 'the girl' in the back room bed. I hadn't had my first sex yet and I wanted Kurt to be the one. I was now steaming hot with my kisses on him and my tongue so hot on his.

I guess he had never been with a girl like me and he was right with me in going for hot sex…finally. Off with my night shirt and panties and I helped him off with his clothes. I wanted us naked so I could feel every bit of his skin touching me.

This was it, as he got me on my back and went down to my pulsing wet pussy. I heard him say: "Oh my god,&hellip. you have the sexiest little red bush I've ever seen." I was so pleased he liked my 'little red'. I didn't have a whole lot hair there yet, but it was bright red-orange and if he liked it&hellip.perfect. It was horny torture as he took his time kissing and slowly licking my pussy for my first time.

It's hard to describe how good it felt. His tongue could do things my finger could never do. I was wet, warm and slick on my pussy lips and clit. Oh god …my clit was on fire with all this attention for him.

I got shock waves of pleasure racing thru my body. I had to reach down and run my fingers thru his hair. I know I got a little noisy with my un-controllable moaning. My legs wouldn't hold still as I guided his head back and forth across my sensitive pussy. I had never had a guy eat my pussy before&hellip. Kurt's wild thoughts… Shelly was any guys dream of having a first time hot and horny girl.

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Her body had like an electrical charge to it. She was driven to finally get the right guy to have her long awaited sex drive satisfied, she had us both trembling. Here was a girl who appreciated me and wanted all of me. I just had to squeeze her body and legs as I licked platinum blonde bimbo fucked outdoors in public area pussy. Her squirming, moaning and working her sweet pussy on my lips and tongue, she was beyond wild.

Her hands held my head as she thrust her pussy up to me. I had never been with a girl like this before&hellip.so sexy, erotic and sensual. She loved to be touched and guided my hands all over her smooth young skin.

I turned around and licked her lips…she grabbed my raging hardon and shoved it in&hellip.and it was on&hellip.she clamped her body tightly to mine so she could burry deep my dick in her&hellip."Oh my god&hellip."&hellip.she speeded up&hellip."ooooohhhhh…Yesssss"&hellip.I lost it in all the &hellip."Ooooo"&hellip.I couldn't hold back any more…and the cum came gushing in&hellip.we both yelled&hellip."Ooooo yes!!!"… And I pulled her body so tight to meeeee!!!&hellip.

----------------- &hellip.We laid quiet&hellip.feeling the cum slide around inside&hellip. till we fell asleep&hellip.