Sunny leone tgirls boys xnxx

Sunny leone tgirls boys xnxx
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One Night stand with a twist My name is Stefan and this is my story of a one night stand I had many years ago, I was 27yrs old and to remind you 6ft tall, olive skin, average build and a decent 9" cock. I was down my local having a few beers with nothing much happening. I did something I have never done before and decided to go to the club in town on my own, always gone with a group before, nothing fancy just your usual run of the mill club.

A short journey and I'm in the club, get a drink and find some where to watch and see what's happening. I love people watching and although very merry with drink I'm not pissed, the usual scene a few pill heads dancing, girls who think their models with a look at me look, lads acting cool hoping someone notices, and my major interest older woman escaping their mundane mom and wife duties. My inhibitions are now starting to wane, after a number of JD's and a few black big ass mother and darther fucks boyfriend, I'm really tempted to dance, but no, not pissed enough yet.

Anyway I clock this woman, late thirties or early forties dancing and looking at me more often than is just a glance, I guessed by now she could be keen on me. I watch her intently as she dancing like most women do, move the arms and hug a female friend.

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I would say she is size 16, big hips with a large arse; tits look quite big with a tacky tattoo on her left tit, brown hair shoulder length and about 5ft 4".

She is wearing a black top that's reasonably tight and a skirt, not a mini skirt just a normal skirt. She continues to look at me, I make sure she sees me staring at her, I decide when she leaves the dance floor I'm going to say hi, I have enough Dutch courage and anyway she has been giving me the come on.

Eventually a song comes on that clears half the dance floor and my mature whench leaves to go to the bar. Fuck it here goes, she gives me another glance as she goes past, I follow her to the bar and stand behind her waiting for her to be served.

She orders her drink and when the barmaid returns for paying I pushed forward and offer to pay ordering myself another JD for good measure. "Thanks" she says with a smile, at this point I'm checking her out fully, I get a full view of her cleavage, with a love heart tattoo on her left tit, face is alright, nothing stands out just ordinary.

I reply "your welcome, I had to say hi as you caught my eye" she looks me up and down and says "I'm Amanda, how did I get catch your eye" I smile at her and reply "I'm Stefan and if I'm being self bondage table these dumb smashing teenagers and their keg soirees and bonfires in I noticed you looking at me and wanted to see that tattoo amazing schoolgirl takes care of fat dicks at this point I actually jabbed her tit as I pointed to her tattoo.

She looked at me with a glint in her eye "Yeah right, an excuse to feel my tit I reckon" I'm not sure if she is pissed off with me or not for jabbing her tit so I sort of apologise "I'm sorry if I offended you, I'm not sorry for touching your tit, I think your fit and was hoping to get to know the rest of you" this was now going to end in a fuck or her walking off "the rest of me?

Cocky sod aren't you" she said with a smile, game on I thought. We slid off in to a corner where I found out she was 39 and separated, she had 2 girls one 19 and moved out and one 16 still at home.

As the drinks flowed the conversation eating cookie previous to shagging pornstar hardcore being about family and the past and more naughty, we kissed and as we did she grabbed my cock through my jeans and whispered "is this for me tonight" I thought too fucking right it is, beer goggles on and pretty pissed and horny "it's yours if you want it, where do you want it?" I whispered in her ear as I grabbed a handful of her fat arse.

She still had hold of my now growing cock "fuck me you're a big boy, have I made it grow like that? I want it and you can put it where you like" come on I thought, now I'm pretty content with fucking pussy or getting a blowjob, but getting a girl to let you fuck her arse, especially if your pretty big is very hard, it's why I go for older women, and I love the dirtiness of fucking a women's arse.

This is the point you set the boundaries, the fuck is inevitable, how the fuck goes depends now on what we both want. I love the build-up of a dirty fuck, the teasing, the mind games, the language used, who is in charge, who is submissive.

"Assuming we are going to fuck, I want my cock in your mouth, then your cunt and finally your arse, you going to let this big cock to slide in your arse Amanda" I have now started to rub her cunt from behind, as she still is rubbing and hold my now raging cock.

"I take it up the arse Stefan, and you don't have to be gentle you can fuck my arse as hard as you fuck my pussy" come on MILFS, always the dirty ones. I suppose I'm assuming at this point we are going to hers, mine is an option but if I'm honest I don't want a one night stand around mine, encase she's a lunatic and remembers where I live. After lots of kissing, feeling her tits and fingering her at every opportunity, it's time to make tracks. "I need to get going" Amanda slurs "Come on then let's get a taxi, we are going to yours yeah" I asked "Yeah as long as you pay stud" she drunkenly replies now with hiccups.

We go to the taxi rank, as we walk I take every opportunity to put my hand under her skirt, or grab her tits. We get a cab quite quickly, thank fuck.

I hate waiting for taxis, especially when it's cold, late and you got the serious beer horniness. We both get in the back; Amanda tries her best to say the address so he can understand her.

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The obvious happens, we start kissing and feeling each other, I really push my luck attempting to push her head towards my lap, hoping to make her want to suck my cock, but even pissed she isn't doing that in back of taxi. The taxi gets to Amanda's address, it's a council estate and a bit ropy if I'm honest, Nikki bell daddys secret masturbation and smalltits not sure where we are if I was to want to sneak out at any point.

I pay the driver and we go in to the house, after five minutes of rooting through her bag, she finds the key and lets us both in. She leads me upstairs shushing me as we go up "my daughters asleep ssshhh" like I care, as soon as my balls are emptied a satisfactory number times I will be gone my whench I thought.

We get to her room, it's a messy disorganised room, and she puts a soft lamp on. "I'll be back in a horny mature slut gets dpd in a foursome threesome and hardcore, I need a piss" she giggles and stumbles to the toilet, I'm deciding on getting undressed or just waiting.

Fatty mom xxx sex lesplaymates sons from mama bear decide to wait, after a few minutes she comes back in wearing just her top half. She obviously couldn't be arsed to put her skirt and knickers back on. I check out her shaven pussy and she really does have a fat arse, a bit of a tummy is visible. She sits down on the bed; I get up without a word, unzip my jeans and take my cock out.

I walk to Amanda and feed my cock in to her mouth, she starts to suck and lick likes a porn star. Surprisingly Amanda can fit a lot of my now hard cock in her mouth; I can feel my bell end reach the back of her mouth, to her throat I suppose. She is really now going for it sucking and wanking me with a purpose, that purpose to make me cum. I'm really close now, I want to cum because we lads know cumming with a blowjob means the fucking lasts longer, no premature spunking.

I can feel my balls tighten as I grip her head to hold her mouth on her my cock as I erupt. "Fucking hell girl you can suck cock, I'm cumming, swallow the lot Amanda" and she obliges, by gulping down every last drop of my spunk.

"Damn you're good at that Amanda; you sucked a lot of cocks yeah" I ask. "One or two" with a lying wink she replied. Amanda takes off her top and bra and out fall these saggy big tits, large red nipples.

"Play with your cunt Amanda while I have a smoke and watch you, I'll get hard to fuck you baby" She looks a bit pissed off I didn't lick her pussy, but you know when you just don't fancy it or her, that was me then, happy for the blowjob and fuck but no going down on her. She gets on her hands and knees on her bed and starts playing with her clit, I have a full view of her fat arse, with a well-used arsehole in view, her fat tits hanging and her fat cunt. Even the roughest women become more attractive in that position.

She is rubbing and moaning "you hard yet, I need that cock in me" she grunts. "Nearly there my little slut, keep rubbing" I reply. "Come on fuck me you bastard, I need cock" she pleads.

"Which hole first" I ask. "My cunt, stick it my cunt first" she orders. I am hard enough now, so walk behind her and direct my cock to her cunt opening, I rub the head of my cock up and down her cunt slit and up to her puckered shit box. "Don't tease me, stick you fucking cock in me, cute hairy lesbian blondie fingered and licked it in bastard" she barks. Ok then, I aim and slam in one thrust I'm balls deep in her cunt, I watch as each thrust makes her grunt and her fat arse cheeks wobble like jelly.

I just keep slamming in her cunt as she rubs her cunt, I can tell she keeps teetering on the edge of an orgasm, because when she is close to cumming she stops, moans and twitches, then rubs some more. "That's it big boy use my cunt, fuck it, rape it, spunk in it you filthy bastard" she hisses at me. I love dirty talk and this is now giving me extra motivation as I fuck the shit out of her cunt "you like this cock bitch, yeah. Love it banging the fuck out your cunt slut don't you" I said with a bit of venom.

"I fucking love it, don't stop. Keep fucking me like that, I'm close" she says. I spit on my thumb rub around her bum hole and push, my thumb goes in her puckered arse with ease. I start sliding my thumb in and out of her arse, also holding it right in arsehole and feel my cock in her cunt through the thin membrane separating her cunt and arse. "You dirty fucker, that's it finger my arse, come on slam that cock in my cunt, I'm Cumming" she starting bucking and groaning, man she was dripping wet, my ball were soaked from her cunt juices.

When she had finished Cumming she laid on her front, breathing heavy from the orgasm, I got on top of her from behind, separated her arse cheeks and positioned my cock at her puckered shit hole.

Pop I was in her arse just as easy as I had entered her cunt. This was about cumming, so I put my full wait on her as I proceeded to slam my cock in and out of her arse.

"You dirty bitch, you're big cock coach bangs two babes doggy it all in your arse" I snarled at her, "Just cum fucker, I need to go to sleep" was her bored reply. So point taken I rammed the shit out her arse for the next 2 or so minutes and shot my load in her arse. True to her word, rolls on her side and is asleep in minutes. As Amanda lies there asleep with spunk leaking out her arse, time for a piss I head towards the toilet open the door and the lights on and there is her daughter sitting on the toilet, I stand there for a moment cock in full view, she was wearing an oversized white t-shirt.

There is no effort from me to cover up and she didn't seem bothered I was standing a few feet from her cock in view. Her eyes were fixed on my cock; whether it was the alcohol or the fact she was transfixed on my cock made me walk towards her.

I was now standing right in front of her and she simply reached for my cock, held in it her hand gently and started wanking me. At the time it just happened but looking back, how does that ever happen, my cock was now at full erection and her wanking had more purpose, I gently moved her hand away, without saying a word put my cock under the tap gave it a quick wash, she just sat on the toilet not saying a word watching me, walked back towards her and put my cock to her mouth.

She knew what to do, she may have been 16 gone but she had obviously done this before, like an old pro she started sucking my cock.

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I pulled away from her mouth handed her some tissue. "Wipe your pussy and let's go to your room" I said. She did got up and led me to her room, she took her t-shirt off and got in to her bed, I could see her young body, she cute teen with small tits gets fucked slim, tits were no more than a handful, peachy little arse and a trimmed pussy, not shaved.

She had dirty blonde hair that was tied in a scruffy pony tail. She only had a single bed so when I got in bed with her she pretty much pulled me on top of her, she opened her legs so I could lie between them. We kissed passionately and while we were her hand went to my cock and she was guiding me to her pussy, I felt that warm wet feeling as the head of my cock was at her young pussy entrance.

I was careful to be gentle and knew I had entered her pussy; I was an inch in then would pull out and push and enter her a bit more.

It took me a good few minutes to get over half way in; eventually with her wetness at my persistence I was full inside her young cunt. I pumped my cock in and out really gently to savour her tightness, neither one of us said a word she just was breathing heavy as my thrusting become a little more vigorous.

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She was starting to groan as my pace quickened, I manoeuvred her on top of me so she could ride me and control the pace and how deep my cock went, also mother an son mom xxxx her to play with her clit make herself cum. She ground herself on my cock until I saw her face contort and her body started to jerk with her orgasm. That was my cue to fuck her doggy style until I came deep inside her young pussy.

I got dressed called a taxi and left straight after, I never ever saw either of them again and didn't want to. It was a unique experience and one to remember.

Next story is one when I was 16 and got a sex lesson.