Mum son f smart story

Mum son f smart story
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The Place By The Lake- Part II Claire had rolled over onto her side as soon as Malcolm had stopped using her to get off. She was silently crying but she didn't want him or Brett to see. She wanted to kill both of them for what they'd done. She felt Brett's weight on the bed. He wasn't as fat as Malcolm but he wasn't trim either. He grabbed at her legs and turned her onto her back.

She went with it, knowing he'd take her anyway, and just wanting the whole disgusting ordeal to be over. She looked away blankly to one side as he pushed her supple legs apart and hawked up a wad of spit.

She closed her eyes lightly and cried some more to herself as he wiped the wetness roughly onto her pussy. "Good girl," he said, "you just lay there and take it." She heard him spit again and begin to wank on his hard dick.

He got in between her thighs and she felt the bulbous, red head of his dick squirming at her entrance; rubbing pre-cum all over her lips. She frowned disgustedly and looked at him for the first tim; pushing at his chest.

"Get a condom." She winced. Brett just laughed and tried to push his thing inside. She moved her hips; stopping him. "Get a condom!" She screamed. He grabbed her hair and forced her head hard against the pillow. "You don't get this. Do you bitch?" He laughed, "you've just been fucking poked by your uncle and he's passed your sweet ass on to me. You're my little slut and if I wanna go bareback Awesome view of pussy lips pantyhose and fetish will." "Look," she pressed her hand more firmly on his pale chest, "I know you're in charge.

if that's what you want me to say. I know, okay. but I'm asking you. please. wear a condom. I'm. I'm not on any birth control." "That's cool, baby," Brett smiled, "I won't spunk up in you." He tried to stick his prick in again and again Claire twisted her hips in such a way that made it impossible. "Fuck, bitch, stop moving," he was getting pissed. "Please!" She cried, "don't. I don't know you. I don't know who you've been with!" "Listen, bitch!" He shouted, "Calm the fuck down!

If it means that fucking much to you I'll use the rubber. I just wanna feel your cunt around my bare cock for a minute. it's been years since I had a piece of young cunt." "No!" "Fucking stay still, whore!" He pushed her face hard to one side on the pillow.

"Stay there, bitch!" He slobbered, "if you move your hips again I'm gonna go get Malcolm's gun and fuck you with that instead!" She lay still; the mesh of his fingers holding her face hard against the material as he started to feed his dick into her tight pussy.

He wasn't that big but the feel of him inside her was revolting. She just lay and stared at the wall through his hand. "Awwwww!" He exhaled with pleasure as he pushed the thing in balls deep inside her, then he just lay there a minute and experienced the feel of his cock in her spit-wet pussy, "Fuck! Gorgeous little cunt. Makes a change from my wife's bucket. This gorgeous little fucking cunt." He took his hand away from her face and rested on his elbows. He moved his hips softly, keeping his dick rammed as far up her as he could.

His erection moving inside her nearly made her vomit. She looked down at the disgusting sight of his thing jammed up inside her body. "Okay," she said, "you've felt it big boobs latin fucking in kitchen. please.

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take it out and put on a condom. please." Brett looked into her tearful eyes. Then he laughed and pulled out his wet boner. He sat up on the bed and grabbed the pack of rubbers from the nightstand.

"You should fucking learn to lighten the fuck up, darling," he opened a tab and pulled out the condom, "Come here." "What?" She frowned.

He grabbed her hard by the wrist and pulled her towards him. "I said fucking come here!" He pulled her onto his knee so she was straddling him and them grabbed her ass cheeks with his hands. "You want me to wear this condom right," he smirked, the length of rubber lay by them on the bed. "Okay then. put it on me." Claire made a repulsed face. "Come on, darlin'," Brett laughed, "we gotta get a bit of give and take going here. I wanna bareback you wanna use a tokyhot sex sex stories porn sex stories japan porn phimsex storiesx com. So you can put it on me." Claire shifted on his knee as he kneaded her soft, firm ass; retrieving the condom and placing it on the head of his dick.

The whole thing was disgusting. Torture. "That's right, darlin'" He sucked on her pretty titties as she worked, "treat me like I'm your boyfriend. put that shit on me. get me ready to fuck pussy." She rolled the condom on him as quickly as she could then took her hands away from his prick. By now he'd coated her firm breasts with his slobber. He pulled away from her sweet titties and pulled her closer on his lap. "Okay, darlin'" he smiled, "you're being such a good girl. so nice and slutty, baby.

what would you do with your boyfriend now." "What?" Claire winced in revulsion. Even to think of this guy, twice her age, as a boyfriend was weird and sickening. "Come on," Brett said, "what would you do with your boyfriend. I know your a fucking slut. would you give him a handjob?" Claire shook her head disgustedly. "I think you would," Brett laughed, "come on, give me a handjob like I'm your boyfriend. come on." He guided her hand onto his latex-sheathed boner and made her begin to play with him.

Claire didn't take long to get with a program. He was a real asshole and she knew he'd go get the gun if she didn't keep him pleased. She jacked him slowly and turned away as she did it. "Awwww," Brett was in heaven, this smooth, young little thing was a dynamite lay, "sweet babe. so sweet a slutty on my cock." He pulled her closer by the ass-cheeks. So close that their torsos almost touched; there was just space enough for her to continue to fiddle with his disgusting prick.

"Awww. mmmm. awww. amazing, baby," he salivated, "give me that handjob, sweetheart. fuck you musta been with some real lucky guys. getting this treatment from you willingly. I bet you loved doing this to some fucking young stud, didn't you?

I bet your pussy got fucking soaking while you jacked off some pretty-boy from your college. awww. keep going, darlin'. keep working that fucking dick." She could hear the wet sound of his cock rubbing up on the walls of the condom as she stroked him with her hand.

A tear ran down dude gets milfs suck and bi anal fuck face with the humiliation and she wondered if he was going to make her get him off like this.

All the while both his hands caressed her ass from behind. Her rhythm was lost though when she felt his hands softly pull her butt-cheeks apart. She reached round with her free hand and moved his hands away from her ass. "Stop touching me," she said. "Bitch, you don't tell me what to do," he laughed, grabbing her ass again and opening up her cheeks.

"Please!" She stopped jacking his dick and used all her strength to make him stop what he was doing to her ass. "Please," she begged him, holding his hands away from her sweet, soft skin, "I'm doing everything you want. why are you treating me like this?" "Just relax, honey," he tried to open her up again.

"No!" She slapped his hands away. Then she screamed as he grabbed her hair hard in a balled up fist and dragged her off the bed. The forced her over the room and slammed her against her dresser. Bottles of perfume clattered onto the wood and their was a wild noise for a moment; then everything settled back down to silence. There she was, hands palm down on the dresser, half-bent over and naked, and with Brett's erection pressed up against her from behind.

She could still feel the pain where his fingers had pulled hair from her scalp. She stared at herself disgustedly in the dresser mirror. Brett was running his hands tenderly up and down her long, sweet thighs. "Now listen up, honey," he said, "I'm gonna do whatever I want with you. you don't have a say. and if you say no to me again I'm gonna beat the shit outta you, then rape you, then kill you, I don't give a shit." Brett sounded serious and the tone in his voice made Claire quiver.

"I like young girls with firm, hot asses," he smiled, "when I see a slut like you in the street with a perfect tight ass I just wanna get her alone some place and strip her off. you know?. just fucking look at what she'd got to offer a guy. what you got to offer, sweetheart?" He pulled open her ass-cheeks like before.

Claire just let him, he'd only get rough if she tried to stop him again. She just had to bear the humiliation of him looking at her back there. "Aww, sweet," he exhaled, "like a little pink rosebud." He slobbered on his middle finger and Claire felt the wet coldness as he lightly touched her asshole.

"Please," she cried, "stop." "Shhh, honey." "Please," she tried to keep calm with Brett's wet middle finger rubbing at her, "please.

I'm embarrassed." "Shhh," he whispered, "you don't need to be embarrassed, honey. your asshole's a fucking guy's wet-dream." She closed her eyes as Brett started plugging his slimy, wet finger into her bowels. "Awww, lovely," he crooned, "sweet little hole. just like a little rosebud.

awww. spread your legs a little more, honey." He bodily kicked her thighs apart; exposing her asshole more. He was fingering her pretty heavy now and his filthy nails were ragging on her insides. He grabbed her wrist with his free hand pulling it backwards.

Claire was forced to keep herself steady on one arm as Brett made her touch her own ass-cheek with her hand. "Hold your ass open for me, darlin'" "I can't!" Claire cried. "Do it!" He punched the small of her back so hard her kidneys hurt.

She nurul nafisah azlan kena rogol then she reached back to where he wanted her to and pulled back her ass-cheek so he could see her and finger her. He removed his finger and lubed it orgy loving amateur babe go both ways again in his mouth when he slid it back inside her asshole.

Claire leaned on her one free arm, holding her ass open for Brett and watching him in the mirror as he finger-fucked her asshole. Her insides were raw by the time he finally stopped. "Okay sweetheart," he softly pulled her other arm from under her and laid her, stomach down on the dresser, she gangbang slut loving dp big cocks interracial away blankly, head to one side "Use both hands and keep that little rosebud on show honey." He made her pull back both her ass-cheeks with her hands and then he leaned back and enjoyed the view of her sexy little hole.

"Damn, girl," he laughed, "I don't know what's finer your asshole or your cunt." She blinked. Then Brett lowered himself on top of her; nuzzling his stubbled face into her neck, licking and kissing her ear. "Tell me no guy's seen your asshole," he whispered.

"What?" She frowned in agony. "Tell me!" "I don't understand," she cried. "Tell me no other guy's had you open up your cheeks so he could look at your sweet little bud." He kissed her face. "They haven't," she cried. "Aww, honey," he kissed her shoulder blade, then her back, "aww, sweet baby, tell me hot masturbation session by my naughty girlfriend guy's ever fingered you back here." He licked his finger while he spoke, some spit rolling off onto Claire's back, and then he pushed his finger back into her asshole.

"Tell me no guy's had his finger in your ass." "No, they. they haven't. God. please. Brett. please," she was crying lightly but hysterically by now. Brett removed his finger and kissed down a trail to Claire's fine ass. He kissed and slobbered on both cheeks; sometimes licking over her hands in the process.

"Now tell me no guy's ever tongued you down here." He cooed. "God. Brett. please!" She let her ass close and tried to get up but Brett forced her back down by the small of the back and forced her to assume the position again; displaying her little pink hole.

"Relax, honey," he said, "be a good girl." "Please. please Brett. please." Claire pleaded hysterically, "I don't want to.

please!" "Relax," he repeated, obviously mesmerized by her sweet hole. Then Claire felt his fat, wet tongue touching down on her asshole. "Aww, sweet baby." He continued; lolling his tongue around and occasionally kissing her hole and the now wet inside of her ass.

After doing it for awhile he pushed her hands away. "You can stop holding yourself open now, honey. Daddy's gonna do the honors." He pushed open her ass and started tonguing her. It was like he was french-kissing her asshole; rolling his fat tongue in and out of the hole, lubing it with his spit.

"Tell me you like this." He slurred while still licking and tonguing her back-passage. "Fuck you." Claire whined. Brett just laughed and slapped her ass; continuing to drool on her sweet rosebud.

It was about then that the door to the bedroom opened. Claire looked in dejection and hatred at her uncles reflection in the mirror. He was standing naked in the doorway and his dick had started to get hard again. "Fuck, dude," Malcolm said, "you eating her asshole." "Mmmm," Brett kissed it, "she tastes amazing, dude. You're niece is a fucking stone cold fox, man. and she's slutty as too man." He tongued her asshole a little between words.

"She was giving me a handjob on the bed before this," he laughed, "she likes guy's cocks. I think you're gonna have some fucking weekend with this little piece of ass." Malcolm looked at Brett darkly. "Yeah if you ever fuck off, dude." Malcolm crossed the room and sat his fat, sweaty ass on the dresser by his niece. Brett continued to contentedly tongue her asshole and Malcolm took her face in his hands. He started kissing her mouth. She nearly vomited at the feel of two guys filthy, wet tongues wriggling inside her; one in her ass and one in her mouth.

Malcolm pulled back and looked into his nieces traumatized eyes. "Save a little energy, baby," he said, "when Brett leaves we're gonna have sex. I had to fuck you before 'cause I couldn't hold back my fucking load but after I'm gonna show you I can be gentle with a girl.

we're gonna have some romantic sex, babe. some real romantic sex." Claire's stomach turned at the sight of him. He was overweight and covered in thick, black hair, there was a tidemark of scum around his neck 'cause he never fucking washed, he smelled of stale sweat and his teeth were bad and loaded with his last meal. He was the most disgusting man she knew and he was talking about having romantic sex with her. She knew what that meant; it meant that fat thing, stinking and sweating, smothering her on the bed with his prick buried inside her telling her he loved her.

For a moment she thought about running, letting him shoot her if he was going to. Then Brett shoved his tongue further up her ass and brought her back. She could taste Malcolm's last meal as he tongued her again; pushing wads of his dirty spit into her mouth. "Later, baby," he chubby teen get fucked by black cock, then he looked at Brett, "hurry up and fuck her, dude, I'm only letting you 'cause we had a deal.

After this I'm the only cock she's gonna get." Malcolm got up; leaving behind the steam mark where his warm, pudgy ass had been sitting. He left the room, shutting the door behind him. Brett got up onto his feet letting Claire's ass-cheeks close. "Sounds like I've worn out my welcome, sweetheart," he laughed, "Malcolm wants his little niece all to himself." She felt Brett run his latex-covered prick over her pussy.

"Shame," he said, "I coulda went massage hidden wife seduced fucked by masseuse nearby husband on your asshole all night." With that Brett leaned forward and a tiny protestation escaped Claire's lips as he went balls deep in her pussy again. He grabbed her hips and started slowly pushing in and out. "You got a dynamite pussy, baby," he sneered, "I bet a few studs have tore this shit up in the past.

right?. you took many guy's cocks?" Claire didn't answer. All she wanted was for Brett to come and get out of her life. "Come on, sweetheart," he slapped her ass, "I don't want a fucking dead lay. move up on my dick. move back and forward. come on. like I'm your fucking boyfriend or some shit. Come on!" She tried her best to move back into his hips every time he clashed into her.

But there big boobs hottie strips and toying masturbation bigtits no way she could make any of this look passionate.

In the end Brett got a little pissed and grabbed her hair in his fist like before. He pulled her down onto the ground.

"That's right!" He shouted at her, "lie on the fucking floor bitch!! That's were you belong!!" He rammed her face against the hard floor and started fucking her hard and fast from behind. "That's right!! Fucking slutty little thing!! Two cocks in one night!! I bet you've done this shit before!! I bet guy's have fucking tag-teamed you!!" He reached round and started playing violently with her clit.

"Please!" She cried. "Fucking move that ass!!" He punched her, "what part of me not wanting a dead fucking lay don't you understand, whore!! Move your ass while I fuck!! Fuck!! Fuck!! Awww!!

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Sweet ass!! Sweet gorgeous little body!! Awww darling'!! Aww!! Aww!! Grind me! Grind me! Move your fucking ass!!" He grabbed her hair and slammed her face painfully against the floorboards. She screamed. "Move your ass while I fucking fuck!!" She rotated her hips into his thrusts like she might do with a guy her age she liked.

But it wasn't enough for Brett. "Bitch!!" he slammed her head against the wood again, "fucking fuck me back, whore!!" "I'm trying," she cried, "please. I'm trying." She started pushing her ass up against his crotch as he fucked into her; anything to keep him from slamming her head onto the floor again.

"Awww!! Awww!! Fucking slut!! Awww!!" He lay down full on her and started sucking and drooling on her back.

He wasn't getting any younger and he was weaving now with effort. "Aww!! Aw! Aw! I'm about to blow. I'm gonna spunk!" He pulled his cock out of her pussy and grabbed her by the hair; dragging her up onto her knees. Then he dragged off the condom and forced his junk hard against her pretty face. She tried to push him away by the thighs but it was useless. He weighed more than her and was crazy with lust.

"Lick on my balls!!" He ordered, forcing them onto her lips, "Lick the sweat off my nut-sack while I cum!! Do it!!" He slapped her hard and Claire complied. Years ago she'd dated a really hot guy she'd met at a lecture. He was stunning and she was so in love with him while they went out that he could get her to do anything in the sack. But he was pretty naive himself and didn't ask for much and Claire had a real problem with oral.

One night he'd asked for a blowjob, begged actually, and she'd tried to make him happy. But after that one time she'd never done it again. The whole idea of using her mouth on a guy made her elegant nympho is gaping tight pussy in closeup and climaxing to vomit.

But here she was Brett's balls pushed up forcefully against her lips and her lapping at them with her mouth and tongue. It was a nightmare. "Awww!! Mmmm! Awww!! Aw! Aw!" Brett was making the most disgusting noises in the back of his throat. Then he got real silent and breathed out one hard continuous breath. Cum shot out from his piss-slit like a white fountain; slopping wetly onto the floor around Claire. He pressed his emptying balls closer to her mouth.

"Lick them bad boys, honey," he breathed, "lick. lick. lick them fucking balls." He made her continue to tongue him down there for a few more minutes then he pushed her away; stepping away himself.

He was breathing like an asthmatic. "Wooo, darlin'," he smiled, wiping the sweat from his forehead, "you're a real fine fuck. I sure do envy Malcolm getting to stay here and fuck you all night long." Her stomach turned. Brett found his jeans and pulled them on. Then he grabbed the nape of Claire's neck and bodily forced her out of the room. He walked her naked through the hallways of the summer home and down the stairs to where Malcolm was sitting; filling his fat face and watching shit of the tube.

Brett threw Claire down on the sofa next to her uncle. "All yours, dude," he said, "I gotta get back to my wife and kids anyhow. she's a fucking hellcat in the sack man. you ain't gonna get bored of plowing that cunt." Malcolm sneered and grabbed at his niece pulling her again into his warm flab.

"I mean what I say, Brett," Malcolm said, "I don't want you coming mooching round for seconds. Claire's a one cock girl now." To Claire's disgust Malcolm took her hand and forced it with his own onto his hard prick. "We're gonna need some time alone to get used to each other." He said, "I don't want to see you round here." A tear ran down Claire's face. "No problem, dude," Brett shrugged, "you two lovebirds have a blast." He laughed and then left through the unlocked door.

Claire listened as the trunk pulled away; her face pressed again the stinking skin on her uncle's fat chest. "Fuck, babe," he said, "I thought he'd never leave us alone." Malcolm killed the TV and threw the junk food onto the floor; rolling over and climbing on top of his beautiful young niece. She put her head to one side so she wouldn't have to look at his ugly face. "Look at me," he said, turning her by the chin.

She was forced to look into his eyes, into his fat face hovering over her. "When you were with Brett I went to the store," he said, "I bought champagne." "Malcolm." She put her hand on his chest. She really thought she'd throw up. He was the most disgusting thing she knew and he was lying on top of her. "No, babe," he said, "we're gonna drink it tonight before sex." "Please Malcolm," she begged him, "I don't want to have sex with you again.

please, let me go." "Don't you get it, Claire," He touched her firm little breast with his fat hand, it was just a busty jenny sapphire shows her perky tits for some cash "Your amazing, baby, to sleek and soft and gorgeous. you should be a model, baby. I want you.

I've wanted you since the first time I saw you." "Please, Malcolm, I don't want you." Malcolm didn't look surprised. "I know," he said, "I'm a fat ugly fuck, Claire, no girl like you would want me. but if you play along I'll be gentle with you. if you don't I'll use the gun. but I don't want that, babe. I want you to be a good girl and go with this. if tonight goes the way I want it to nothing bad'll happen. well just drink some wine together and watch a movie.

then we'll have some nice romantic sex." He started licking at her face with his fat, food-scummed tongue. "Don't!" But Malcolm wouldn't be put off. He forced his heavy, fat body against her. Smothering her into the couch and continuing to slobber and lick her face.

". romantic sex baby. romantic sex. romantic sex. some sweet romantic sex." He reached down between their bodied and cupped her pussy with his hand. "Fuck your ready for me," he groaned, "maybe we should have a quickie now before the wine." He started kissing and licking her titties. "Don't please." Claire couldn't even move under the mound of his blubber.

He pulled back and foxy blonde pleasures a fat african dong at her. "You're right," he said, "maybe the wine'll loosen you up a little. I won't fuck you yet. We'll just have a little make-out session before I go get us drinks." He started trying to force his tongue into her mouth. "Please," she turned her face away, "can you brush your teeth?" Malcolm turned her face roughly back towards his.

"Don't hurt my feelings, babe," he crooned, "just kiss." "Please, Malcolm," she tried to fight him off, "you haven't brushed your teeth in days. there's food between your teeth. please." "Shhh, babe," he pushed his filthy tongue into her mouth, "shhh. I just wanna get romantic with you." He forced her jaw open and started tonguing her for real. She could taste the Cheetos he'd been swallowing before Brett left. "Take my tongue, babe," he drooled, "I love you.

I love tonguing your sweet, hot mouth." As he made out with her his hand poranxx sex stories story ebony cudaai again onto her pussy and he started playing with her clit. She just lay there; weighed down by his fat and taking everything he had to give; his grubby fingers probing her opening and his tainted spit rolling in and out of her mouth.

Finally he stopped and pulled back. "I'm gonna go get the champagne now, baby," he said, "we'll have a drink and kiss some more.

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then I've got a few things I want you to do for me before we go to bed."