Her tight gazoo is banged hardcore blowjob

Her tight gazoo is banged hardcore blowjob
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Betrayed! Chapter 2 By Randy MacAnus Copyright 2018. All rights reserved by the author. When my gang rape was over, a voice whispered in my ear, "Have a good time, pussy boy?" It was the same voice from when this began. I didn't know who it was, but I sure recognized that whisper. I shook my head 'no'. He whispered, "Well, you better get used to it, bitch." Then he gave my butt a hard slap and the last two sets of boots walked out the door.

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I started struggling with my bonds in a panic. "You can't leave me like this," I tried to shout through the mouth opener thing. No response. I hung my head in shame and despair and I began to sob. After what seemed like forever, the tears finally stopped. Then I heard a noise.

At that point I would gladly have been fucked again just so I was released afterward! Boots crossed the cabin floor. Then I heard another whisper in my ear. "Would you like to be left like this?" I shook my head 'no' as hard as I could. The voice whispered, "I've already had you, a couple of times, and I don't need to use you again tonight.

But if you promise to submit to me whenever I say, I'll turn you loose now. There are more guys on the way. So, it's them tonight, or me until graduation. If you break your promise, I'll break your legs." I nodded my head vigorously. Hell, yes! Even though being tied up and helpless had been one of the big turn-ons of Sharon's domination of me, I was so scared of being left here I'd do damn near anything to be released!

Yeah, I know. I've got issues. So what? Who doesn't? At least I knew what I needed, and was actually okay with it. I said, "I 'omise" through that terrible mouth opener thing.

He slapped my ass, untied my legs, and disconnected the leash from the collar. He did not untie my hands, but he did pull off the blindfold. I slowly got off the table and stood. I turned around and saw the guy who was going to be using me until graduation. Aw crap! It was the football team's middle linebacker. Mean to the core! He was 6 foot 5 inches tall, and built stronger than a brick outhouse!

He really would break my legs. I'd be lucky if that's all he did! "I'm going to leave your arms tied. I wouldn't want to make things too easy for you," he said with an evil grin. Sadistic prick! I felt the mouth opener thing being removed. My jaw was killing me by that point, but I figured it would have hurt a lot worse if I'd had to keep it open all by myself.

Just a guess, but I figured a pretty good one. Who knew there were so many over-sized dicks in farm country? I leaned against the table for several minutes, slowly regaining a small amount of strength. But I knew I couldn't wait long. More guys were coming! Finally, I moved away from the table, used my shoulder to push the door open, and stepped outside. I saw a note taped to the door, with my name on it.

Luxurious babes with worthwhile forms of bodies play with dildos knew I wasn't going to like this, but I couldn't judge my options until I read it. It was from Sharon. The note said: "Hope you had fun. I sure did! You can either come to my place to get your clothes back, or you can walk home naked. If you come to my place you will have a price to pay for your clothes, but after that I'll give you a ride home." "If you walk home naked, I would advise staying off the road.

By now the word is out, and guys are going to be looking for you. Also your place is a lot further away than mine. I've left trail markers to get you to my place, but not to yours. Let's see if you make a wise decision." Well, this was going to be an easy decision!

I didn't know if it was a WISE one, but there was no way I was going to put myself back under her control! For one thing, she had three brothers and a father, all very big and very mean. I suspected they would be a part of the 'price' I would pay. I couldn't defend myself, with my wrists bound to the back of the dog collar. But I could walk and I could see. I left the cabin, and picked the path to the right, as that seemed to be the direction my Amazon bitch and I had come from. I wanted to head back to where the truck had been parked, and try to find her first trail marker.

I figured my father's farm would be in the opposite direction, as I was pretty sure we'd passed her father's farm on the way to the dirt road. I had been ducking down to avoid being seen by an on-coming vehicle at the time, so I wasn't absolutely sure. The moon was up and it was full, which helped. I had selected the right path, and soon came to the dirt road. The walk was going faster, despite my pain, as I was no longer blindfolded.

I stayed to one side of the road, so if anyone came along, I could duck into the undergrowth quickly. My pale body literally shone in the moonlight, and I wanted to give myself every chance to avoid predators—especially the human kind! As I neared the main road, I spotted a marker off to my left, by a path entering the woods on that side of the road. It was a piece of red cloth. I was just about to cross the road to be sure, when I saw headlights turning from the main road onto the dirt road.

I quickly ducked into the bushes on my side. It was a pickup with three guys in the cab and five more in the bed. I kept my head down, so didn't get a good look at anyone, but I heard a voice say, "Yeah, we left pretty boy tied up spreadeagled, so his tight little ass isn't going anywhere." I had gotten out of there just in time! I made some quick decisions. I wasn't going to bother checking the marker and I wasn't going to walk the main road.

These guys would be back in a hurry, and they'd be looking for my 'tight little ass'! I found a path that ran parallel to the main road, but about fifty yards away from it, and started down that as fast as I could safely go. It was a game trail, which meant it was narrow, and I was getting whipped by the underbrush as I jogged the trail.

I had to be careful with my hands tied behind my neck. I wouldn't be able to break my asian chick fucked by big black cock if I went down.

I was finding I could stand a great deal of pain with sufficient motivation. Hopefully, this would be the last time I had to! I was perhaps 300 yards down the path, when I heard the truck coming back up the dirt road. It stopped at the intersection to the main road for about a minute. I figured they were looking both ways to see if they could spot me. They turned right and I saw the truck pass me as it went down the main road.

The truck was only moving at about ten miles per hour, while flashlights shone into the brush along the shoulder. I figured as they hadn't seen me, they chose to head toward my father's farm. That made me feel better about the direction I had chosen. To be safe I ducked down until they were further along the road. As I started to jog again, another pickup turned onto the dirt road.

Cripes, didn't anyone get laid after the prom?! Well, hopefully they'd take the main road too. I had jogged perhaps another half mile when I heard rustling in the underbrush. I stopped dead, my heart pounding in my chest. How could they have found me?! They hadn't, but I wasn't sure this was any better. Out of the brush stepped a large wolf, not ten feet in front of me. Now usually if you just keep still and quiet they wander off, as they see you as no threat. Also the wolves in our area had plenty of rabbits and other critters to feed on, so they didn't need food.

But this wolf just stood there and growled, bearing his teeth. I couldn't think why he'd be doing that. Just as I took a step back, there was another stirring in the undergrowth behind me. Before I could turn around, a second wolf came up behind me, lunged and knocked me to the ground, knocking the wind out of me! The first wolf leaped forward and took my neck in his jaws.

What the heck?! It made no sense for me to be a late night snack! They were huge and clearly well fed. They were both taller than me when on their hind legs, and probably weighed 180 pounds each! I slowly got up to my knees, but when I tried to rise further, the wolf with my neck in his mouth, growled a warning. I stopped moving. Then the wolf behind me started sniffing my ass. I looked at the wolf holding me down, and his huge dick was hard and sticking out of its sheath!

They wanted sex?! Lesbian hoes use dildo on each others pussy fingering and hardcore made no sense at all. I wasn't putting out wolf pheromones!

Then I realized—I was covered in cum. I absolutely reeked of sex! The wolf behind me started pushing his nose between my legs, moving it back and forth. Clearly, he wanted me to spread 'em. I didn't and he growled and nipped at my balls.

That convinced me! Well, at least no one was going to know about this. I moved my legs farther apart and the wolf immediately mounted me, grabbing me around the waist. He began poking at my ass. I hoped he wouldn't find the hole. No such luck. He found it on the fourth try and promptly buried himself to the hilt! He started pounding like a maniac, his dick growing as he did so. I could feel that canine knot building up inside me. We became locked together and I could feel his watery cum filling my butt.

It seemed like it lasted forever! Finally, he turned around and pulled himself free. He still had his knot, so that just hurt like crazy! As his seed dribbled down my nuts and onto the ground the two wolves exchanged places. There had been no doubt in my mind about that happening.

I could only hope there wouldn't be any kitty jane sun flower girl babes teen showing up! Fortunately, it was just the two. When the second had finished making me his bitch, the two of them trotted off into the woods, leaving me on the ground moaning in pain. I finally pulled myself together and stumbled to my feet.

My hands were still tied behind my neck, so it took some effort. I began to walk down the path again. Jogging wasn't going to happen. Plus, it was late now, and I figured the guys who had been after me had given up and gone home. I walked for what seemed like forever. I figured I 'd covered another mile and a half. If I had guessed right about the direction, the farm should be coming up soon.

The moon was setting, but the sky was getting lighter in the East, which confirmed I was heading in the right direction. I finally came to our farm! I walked through the the field of knee high corn, and went straight to the barn. I wasn't about to enter the house buck naked and covered in cum! There was a deep sink and soap at the back of the barn.

There were also clean coveralls we could change into, so we wouldn't track japanese father fuck daughter when mom sleep, animal poop and foliage into the house, after a full day of farming.

I found the scythe, and used its blade to cut the tape that bound my wrists to the collar. I thoroughly washed my bruised and naked body in the ice cold water. It felt great! I then stepped outside the barn, and found the garden hose.

I stuffed it into my battered ass, and gave myself a couple of cold water enemas. There wasn't much I could do about the cum I had swallowed, short of sticking my finger down my throat. And I had no interest in tasting that nasty stuff coming back up the other way! But I could sure as hell clean out my ass! For the first time in hours, I felt clean. Hopefully, I wouldn't have wolf puppies. Once finished, I went to the small cupboard where the overalls were kept.

It was empty! That had never happened before! Mom always saw to that. She wanted no excuses for tracking up her sparkling clean house! Just then, I heard a noise behind me and froze.

As I slowly turned around, my worst fear was realized. Standing behind me was my brother Karl, with a great big grin on his face! "Morning, pussy boy! I'm amazed you actually made it back to the farm.

Oh, you should know the whole family--and the whole town know you've been spending the night servicing cock. Father never wants to see your pretty boy face again. He's left it up to me, whether I let you live in the barn for the next two weeks, until you graduate, or I kick you off the farm.

And if I do that, you will leave this place just as you are--buck naked." I was so screwed! My brother had nothing but contempt for me, and had been casually making my life miserable, for as long as I could remember.

I say casually, because, thankfully, he wasn't the sort to put much mental effort into things. Generally, if I avoided him, life had been tolerable. But now, he was clearly motivated. "What do you want from me?" I asked. "I want you on the first bus out of town, after you graduate. I want to petite teen hannah fucking with her horny neighbor your life a living hell until then.

And I expect your full cooperation in every evil thing I plan on doing to you." So my options came down to this: I could leave the farm, go to my girlfriend's, and do whatever she wanted in return for getting my clothes back.

Then, I would either have to live in the woods, or stay with her and endure whatever evil stuff she came up with. Or I could obey Karl for the next two weeks.

He would almost brazzers big tits at school jessy jones make me go to my girlfriend's anyway. I probably wasn't going to have access to any of my clothes in the house.

It would be go to her or go naked. My first impulse was just to go to her place. Among other things, my wallet was in the pants I wore to the prom.

Without it, I would have no I.D. and no money. Plus, why suffer from both of them? But then I realized, she had a much better imagination than my brother and had proven herself to be truly evil. The less time I spent brandi love and katy kiss shared a cock on the couch her, the better. And if I did whatever my brother wanted, perhaps he would let me have some of my stuff when I left. I asked him about that.

My brother replied, "If you do whatever I say for the next two weeks, I will give you one hour to pack your stuff, when father isn't home. I'll even drive you to the bus." I knew him well enough to know he might change his mind at the last minute, but this was clearly the best I could hope for. And if his demands went beyond what I could handle, I could always go to my girlfriend's--if I wasn't tied up. "What are you going to want me to do?" "You don't get to know everything, but basically, you will be doing what you did last night.

Only, you will be doing it for me." "You're going to fuck me?!" "Of course! Why not? Half the guys in the senior class have had that tight little ass and pretty mouth already. And my girl is on the rag right now, so you'll do. But you won't just be doing me. I'm going to whore you out. There are plenty of dirty old men in this town, that would love to get their dicks up inside you. But don't worry. You won't actually be a whore, because I'm keeping all the money I get for you." In an odd way, that announcement was a relief.

It would most likely be brutal. And degrading. Although, the degrading part would likely wind up being a turn-on. But Sharon was an evil genius.

And her father and two brothers could be unspeakably cruel. By comparison, being used and whored out by my brother would be the better option. Which didn't say much for my options! "Okay, I'll do whatever you say," I said quietly, with my eyes downcast. My brother might not be very bright, or have much imagination, but he was very dangerous when angered.

When I looked up he had an evil look in his eyes and a shit-eating grin on his face. I could only hope I hadn't made the wrong choice! My brother said, "Turn around and put your hands on your head." Was he going to tie me up again? Why bother? I was his to use, and we both knew it.

The first thing he did was put one of the dogs' collars around my neck and padlock it in place. I sighed. Here we go again.

He strapped my wrists to the back of the collar with plastic cable ties. This was new. And painful. It put my hands behind my neck and kept my arms away from my body. I realized, I was now on display.

Which made my darn dick start getting hard again. He ordered me to spread my legs. I did. He then lashed a 2x4 between my legs to prevent me from pulling them back together. "You are not a real man. I know you're not a fag, but you are no man. And only men should have body hair. You don't have much, but you don't even deserve what you have. So I am going to remove it." My brother pulled out a big jar of hair remover and spread it all over my pits and pubes.

fifteen minutes later it was burning like a babe keightlyn flashing pussy on live webcam of a bitch! He finally washed it off, and what little body hair I had went with it. It would take a month to start growing back. "Perfect. The old perverts who like pretty boys will pay more to use you, now that you look like you're a tall twelve year old." With that, he grabbed my balls, gave them a good hard squeeze and said, "I'm going to make you suffer a bit, before I fuck you.

You don't deserve it, but life's a bitch. And I have always wanted to cause someone real pain, and this is the first time anyone has been completely at my mercy. Don't worry.

I won't do permanent damage. You are my brother, after stranded babe renee roulette repays a stranger with sex pornstars and brunette was a powerful young man, and all that power went into the swats he laid on my butt cheeks. I quickly discovered that if I tried to move and avoid the swat, he would squeeze my nuts until I screamed. Through sheer force of will, (and fear for my balls) I managed to hold still.

When he stopped, he used a couple cum on ass part 5 mirrors to show me how nice and red my butt cheeks were.

I'd managed to avoid sobbing, (not allowed in my family) but I could not stop the tears from streaming down my cheeks. Having satisfied his sadistic needs, for the moment, he now satisfied his carnal needs. He at least had the decency to use lube, though I suspect that was for his benefit, not mine. I have no doubt that his single rapid thrust into my butt hole would have had me screaming in agony, had I not been so thoroughly fucked the night before.

Between the soreness of my hole, and my tender butt cheeks, it still hurt like hell, but I managed to avoid more than a grunting sound. My big brother proceeded to pound my ass for a good fifteen minutes, slowing when he got close, then speeding up again, when he was no longer in danger of shooting his load.

He finally came. I was then forced to my knees. No doubt about what was coming next. At least Sharon, and the men from last night had taught me how to suppress my gag reflex! And a good thing too. Mister muscle stud pounded my throat has hard has he had pounded my ass.

Subtlety never was his strong suit. As he came, he predictably buried his cock all the way down my throat and shot his load. I didn't much care for having my nose buried in his pubes, but at least I didn't have to taste his cum.

He shot it straight down my throat. "Lick me clean, bitch." I was in no position to argue. Once my brother had finished using me, he led me into an empty animal stall. There was straw on the floor, and it was clean. So there was that. He padlocked a chain to one of my ankles, above where he had lashed the 2x4, and connected it to an eye bolt he had placed in the ebony babe enjoys a big black cock. I was naked, legs held wide open, arms held behind my neck, and very vulnerable.

I just had to hope none of the guys from school came looking for me here in the barn, while my brother was gone. "Get some sleep, pussy boy.

You look like you need it. I'll be back this afternoon, after I've set up some appointments to rent out that tight little body of yours," my brother said. Crap. He was really going to do that. And he wasn't wasting any time. It was going to be a long two weeks! I lay down in the straw, and went instantly to sleep.

My brother had let me sleep from a little after dawn, to nearly sunset. Even then, I felt completely spent. He took me over to the sink and cleaned me inside and out. Well, at least my ass wasn't full of his cum anymore. (I always look on the bright side.) He unlocked the chain around my ankle and led me out of the barn, and into the back of his 1 ton pickup. I still had that darn 2x4 lashed between my legs, and my wrists attached to the D ring on the back of the the dog collar that was padlocked to my neck.

I lay in the back of the truck, basically spreadeagled, on full display to anyone who happened to look in the truck bed. Fortunately, it was a big truck and sat up pretty high. Unfortunately, the thought of being on display made my darn dick hard as a brick, But not for long. My brother climbed into the back of the truck, and the first thing he did was smack me right in the balls. I bent over in agony, as my dick went limp. I felt my brother but something metal on my junk.

I had no clue what he was doing, but he explained once he'd finished. "One of the pervs I'm renting you to, has a bunch of really sick sex gadgets, to make a boy's life hell. He lent me this one, so you could spend the next two weeks suffering. It's called a cock cage.

Really expensive. It will keep your tiny dick soft, no matter what kind of stimulation you get. You probably won't be able to cum until it's removed. And that won't happen until the day you leave town." "The perv is curious to see if he and his perv friends can get you to cum just from fucking you in the ass, even though your dick is kept soft. They've made bets with each other about that. There are only two ways to remove it.

With a key for the built-in lock, or by cutting your balls off. The old perv has the only key, so you better make him real happy, or he might decide to leave it on you, when you leave town." And with that my brother cracked up laughing. I had figured to spend the next two weeks going through the motions, doing just enough to avoid too much pain and get through all this.

It was clear now, that I had better be downright enthusiastic about my debasement, and the pervs' pleasure! Bent over as I was, from the pain of my balls getting whacked, I was now able to see the device. Clearly made of solid metal. Probably stainless steel, from the look and weight of it. Clearly, it was NOT coming off without the key, or something sharp to remove my balls. I had no interest in the latter, so I would focus on motivating my tormentor to produce the key.

"Lie down flat," said my sadistic brother. I did. He showed me another gadget. It was different in design from the dentist thing, but its purpose was clear. I sighed and opened my mouth. My brother grinned and installed One Hour Photo (d6EN) I later learned was called a spider gag.

He then inserted a red rubber ball with a leather strap running through it, and secured it behind my head. He rolled me over, lubed my sore butt hole, and shoved in what felt like a hard rubber version of the all-too-familiar cucumbers, my Amazon bitch had "trained" me with. Crap! It's not like I was going anywhere, or would shout to draw attention madison ivy is really horny full scene at myself!

But my condition seemed to please Karl no end. Well, better to have him happy, I guess. I sure as hell couldn't afford to make him mad! He jumped down, closed the tailgate, and went to the cab. He was actually whistling. I didn't even know he COULD whistle! Off we went. I had no idea where. I could only hope he didn't plan on driving through town.

Hoping did me no good. No one driving or walking could see into the truck bed, but that didn't save me from some serious public humiliation. Karl pulled the truck into a small park at the edge of our little town. It was where all the "bad boys" hung out. In other words, Karl's pals. I heard them come over to the cab to talk to my evil brother.

"Hey Karl! We never did find your twerp brother last night. Did he show up at your place, or make the mistake of going to the Wilson's?" "Nah, I caught him in the barn washing up, just before dawn.

His ass, and everything else is mine for the next two weeks. Once he graduates, I'm putting him on a bus out of town, and the little shit best never come back!" "What are you going to do with him in the meantime?

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You fucking him? Can we get some of that?" "Hell yes, I fucked him! Both ends! My girl's on the rag, so I'm not going to pass up the opportunity. And in order to make it worth my while to have him around, I'm gonna be whoring him out. The free rides are over!

You want a beautiful hollywood actress blue storys You have to pay for it." I heard groans and bitching from his friends. Well, if he wasn't going to give them free rides, that meant the next two weeks wouldn't be as bad as they might have been. But not as bad, sure has heck wasn't good! Karl got out of the cab, walked to the back of the truck and opened the tail gate. His buddies laughed, hooted and called me every degrading name in the book.

And it was clear they were all very hard. "What the hell is that metal thing on his dick?" one of them asked. "It's called a cock cage. Keeps the little geek from getting hard. It's also going to encourage him to show my customers a really good time, if he wants it to come off in two the best brunette babe blowjob brought hysterical laughter from every member of my brother's evil tribe.

And every one of them was rubbing his crotch. But I knew that at least a dozen of them wouldn't be touching me, because they were either too poor or too cheap to pay.

But, looking into the eyes of the other four, filled me with dread. There wasn't a doubt in my mind those four would find a way to put the money together, even if they had to steal it! And if they had to pay, they were darn sure going to get their money's worth!

"Well, you've seen the merchandise," my brother announced, "just come up with the bread, if you want some of this! Gotta get going now. Customers waiting!" And with that, Karl closed the tail gate, hopped in the truck, and we were on our way.

I had no idea to where. Clearly, my brother knew more about the sexual habits of the locals than I did. I didn't know any men I even suspected of having the hots for teen boys. Karl drove for the better part of an hour.

I know we went West of town, initially, but all I could see was sky and telephone poles, and we changed directions several times. Finally, my brother turned onto a dirt road. We must have gone five miles on that road, before pulling up to a large house and barn. That didn't tell me anything. Roads like this always lead to a large house and barn. Karl opened the tail gate, and climbed into the bed. I just assumed I would see the people who would be using me, this time. Wrong.

My sadistic brother put duct tape over my eyes, the way Sharon had. So I would never know who the "dirty old men" were that had used me. The only good thing about this was I would be leaving town for good in two weeks. My muscle stud brother picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. He could probably bench press my 140 pounds one-handed, if he were wanted. He jumped down from the truck and carried me to the house.

I knew it wasn't the barn. I know what barns smell like! "Get that board off his legs." It was a voice I didn't know. So, there would be no whispers, this time. My brother set me down, and removed the 2x4 that held my legs apart. I felt hands on my ballsac, strapping on leather above my balls. The hand stretched my sac to accomodate what felt like a miniature dog collar.

The stretching put a lot of pressure on my balls. After a bit the sharp pain settled into a dull ache. I heard a metallic snap, and then a sharp tug on my balls. They attached a leash to my balls?! They couldn't use the collar around my neck? This was not a good sign. "Have a good time with him, but make sure you return him in one piece. He is my brother, after all. See you tomorrow, bitch!" Aw crap! I was being left here overnight?! I made a panicked noise through the gag, and was rewarded with a slap to my face and another sharp tug on my balls.

"You better be very obedient, bitch," said the strange voice. "The best you can hope for is 24 hours of hell. If you fail to please in any way, it will only get worse." I heard my brother's evil laugh, and the sound of his boots crunching the gravel, as he headed back to his truck.

There was another tug on the leash, but this time it continued and pulled me away from the house by my balls.

I was pulled for several minutes, through what I assume was the front yard, as I could feel grass under my feet. When we stopped, I heard the creaking sound of wooden doors being opened. Double doors. I was picked up and thrown over the shoulder of what clearly was a very large man. He carried me down wooden steps. It's the rare midwest farm that doesn't have a tornado shelter. Well, so much for thoughts of being fucked in a nice comfortable bed.

Then I remembered--this was the man with all the sadistic sex stuff. He was the one that gave Karl the cage for my cock. What he had in this tornado shelter, I didn't even want to think about!

This was clearly an unusually large shelter. He carried me deeper into the shelter for over a minute, after leaving the stairs, then dumped me onto some sort of table or board. "Stay put," a deep voice said. Not that there was much choice. I was naked, in the middle of nowhere, my wrists bound to the back of the collar around my neck, sunny leon fucking scene only eyes taped shut, and my mouth double gagged--first with a busty brunette teen cameltoe round ass big tit gag, then with a ball gag.

The man was huge and between me and the stairs. The fact that my legs were free, didn't do me much good.

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And I suspected they wouldn't be free much longer! I heard the man close the double doors, and the audible snap of a padlock. Yeah, not going anywhere anytime soon.

My completely smooth teen body was helpless, and his to use and abuse in most any way he wanted. I took some comfort in the fact that my brother had made clear he was to do no permanent damage. And eventually, Karl would return to reclaim his property. But that left a lot of options for a man with imagination. And if the sex stuff he had was any indication, this guy had a very perverted imagination!