Lesbian vanessa fucking penelope with a dildo

Lesbian vanessa fucking penelope with a dildo
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To the readers, this is based on a true story. It happened just about a year ago. If you don't like boy/boy hook ups, I suggest that you read something else.

I'm not really interested in fiction stories, so everything that I will write here will be authentic and true. This is my first story here and I'm looking forward to writing another (if "something" happens to me again). >:) My name is Gabriel, 22 years old, and I am a teacher, Science teacher at that. I'm not really that tall, I stand at around 5'8 to 5'10, not really sure, but last I checked I was 5'9.

I have a not so muscular body, but not really that skinny (although I prefer to be a little skinny), with six pack abs that you won't notice easily because I haven't been working out lately and I hope it doesn't disappear, with a not-so-white skin, my skin's tanned because I like to be outside, but I'm not really a sports person, Black man and white old girl just workout sometimes if I have the luxury of time.

Last year, 2012, I have been assigned to teach General Science for 1st Year High School, and Biology for the 2nd Year, two sections for each year, so I had 4 classes. This was my second time teaching both these subjects so it's not entirely new to me.

I thought that it would be easy for me and also for my students because I'm a really kind teacher. So, the first day of school came, I met my advisory class, one of the sections in 2nd year. I introduced myself: "My name is bla bla bla bla, I'm going to be your science teacher for this school year." so on and so forth.

Of course, like I said, I'm kind, and also funny because I want my students to be comfortable with me (specially my advisory class). I'm not trying to be kind, it's really what I am, I'm not the strict type. So during my introduction to them of myself and the rules and regulations of the school, I cracked some jokes.

So that was all they needed, to laugh to have a fun first day of classes. Of course, I let them introduce themselves one by one. Although, out of the 32 students in my class, one of them stood out during the introduction and my eyes were laid to this little boy.

His name was Paul. He was 14 at that time, he stood smaller than me at around 5'4, he has a muscular build (biceps and triceps) because he's a swimmer, and has lighter skin color than mine. But also, one of the reasons why he stood out of that class, is because of his very cute-handsome face. He had small dark brown eyes, pink lips, and also, his smile wore dimples on both cheeks, that made him a little cuter.

Paul is a bisexual though. I can tell from the first time I saw him that he is. Why? It really doesn't show in his face but it shows when he moves and when he speaks.

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His friends also already told me that he was without him knowing. But to me, as a teacher, bisexual or not, gay or not, lesbian or not, it doesn't matter.

I don't really give meaning to someone's gender preference, I really don't care about those things as long as you don't do anything bad.

So, as time passes by, Paul became a lot sweeter to me. All of my students in my advisory class is, but Paul's sweetness is a little more than them, I could tell. It really came to the point that whenever I'm teaching them in front, he would interrupt me to tell me "Sir, I love you!" (in a shouting voice), and the whole class would break in laughter until I cannot teach my lesson anymore.

I learned to ride to Paul's jokes and I would tell him "I love you too Paul, ok? So that's enough for now and listen to me". That's my way in order to stop Paul from disturbing the whole class.

It also came to the point that before my class with them starts, Paul would go the faculty and wait for me and help me carry my things up their room. The same thing would happen when my class finishes, he helps me carry my things to the faculty room. He would even sometimes walk with me, his hands wrapped around my arms until we reach the faculty room, and sometimes, he wouldn't easily let go of me. One day, Paul's friends (the girls) asked me if they could talk to me about something, so I said two lovely babes share a monster dick, after class".

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They said okay. Then after classes, they told me that they think Paul likes me, more than a teacher and more than a friend. But I told them "yes, Paul is extra sweet than all of you, but I don't really give meaning to those things". So that was that, I gave them the expression that what they are thinking about Paul wasn't true. Then after that, I went to the faculty room and I told my co-teachers what the girls told me about Paul, they said that they were thinking the same about Paul liking me.

Woah, so this time it's different. My co-teachers told me the same thing about Paul. So it bugged me throughout the day. But eventually, when I went home, I wasn't thinking about it anymore so I slept in peace. The next day, it was the time to pass their projects to me. Kissable kitten opens up tight cunt and loses virginity a simple one, an illustration of a plant and animal cell on a ½ illustration board, colored.

But then, on that day, I noticed something was different, something's not right. Then I looked around, and was surprised to see the dull expression of Paul's face. He's not normally like that, he's very jolly and fun to be with but now, he's sad.

Something's definitely wrong. But he was able to pass that project. And normally, Paul would volunteer to help me carry my things down to the faculty room but now, he didn't. I was really confused that time. So I asked him, "is there something wrong? Is there something bothering you?" He answered by just making a gesture of "I don't know." And finally, my time with them was done.

So instead of carrying 32 ½ illustration boards myself, I asked Paul to help me. I was planning in asking in private what Paul's problem was. I said "Paul, could you help me bring your projects to the faculty room?" He didn't say anything, he just stood up and grabbed the illustration boards. While we were walking, my mind was floating nowhere, thinking of how I could make Paul tell me what his problem was because it's also starting to worry me.

Now because I'm carrying a heavy load while I'm out of my mind, in the stairs, with one step left, I slipped. Thank God I was able to take control and I just hit the wall, but I dropped instinctively the illustration boards I'm carrying. THIS IS WHERE IT ALL BEGAN.

From that unexpected slip, I quickly managed to regain my consciousness a bit, but not for long. As I was picking the illustration boards that I dropped, Paul dropped his boards also, which shocked me at first but quickly managed to irritate me as I was thinking to yell at him and ask "What the hell's the matter with you?!" when something unexpected happened again.

I opened my mouth and started to yell at him "What the h----" when he suddenly pushed me on the wall. I was half-seated because I was picking the illustration boards. And immediately after I was walled off, his right arm went behind my head, his left arm went on my right shoulder and he kissed me on my lips. I was shocked, and electricity went all over my body. It was like lightning struck me or a thousand bees stung me. I was paralyzed.

But Paul was moving, trying to make his kissing torrid and more romantic.

Then at about 5-10 seconds of Paul enjoying my lips like it was a lollipop, I came to my senses and was able to break his kiss on me. I didn't push him, I just grabbed him in his shoulders and kept him away from me. I asked him: "What are you doing?!" "But, I thought you loved me too" he replied. "When did I say that?!" I asked again "You say it every time, in the room, in front of my classmates" I thought back, and yes, I was saying "I love you too Paul" in the classroom in front of his classmates.

Then I said again "but that was just ---" I was about to say "but that was just to make you stop from disturbing the class" when he suddenly did something another unexpected thing.

He hit my hands off his shoulders, and came closer to me again but this time his right arm wrapped around the back of neck and he started kissing me again .And his left hand moved to my stirring dick. (It was stirred because of the kissing I think). And my body froze. It's been a year since someone touched my dick (my ex-girlfriend).

We broke up a year ago and since then, my dick was at peace, until now. Immediately, I felt a shiver ran my spine and my always semi-erect dick, became hard rock. Though it's semi-erect, most of the time, my pants always make a tent in between my legs because I like to wear tight slacks. So almost always, you can see a bulge in my pants. My dick has always been big, 8" inches long when full erect and it's also thick as hell, I was proud of it.

I could tell that Paul felt my adorable chick pleasuring hungry males smalltits hardcore throbbing from my pants because he started to jerk me off, with my pants still on.

Though I was shocked, I liked the feeling. I started to return his kisses. I let my tongue enter his mouth and his tongue did the same until we were sucking each other's tongue. From our kissing, and from the ecstasy I'm feeling on my dick, we started to moan a little loud. Luckily for us, the doors on the other side of the stairs were close so no one could come up, only come down.

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But no one did, it's a stairs reserved for teachers only. He continued to play with my dick and we continued kissing. I broke the kiss when I realized how wrong it was, all of the things we were doing there. I broke the meeting her probation officer with goddess mercy domination footjob but not his touch on my rock hard dick.

I was loving it. It felt like I was in paradise. He looked confused after I broke our kiss. But then I looked him in the eyes, I only managed to say "Oooh Paul." and I aggressively bit his lower lip and pulled it and we started kissing again. At this time, Paul's left hand started to enter my pants. But with my belt on, it was difficult for him. When I realized that he was having difficulty in removing my belt with just his left hand, I grabbed his left hand and put it on my shoulders.

My hands did the job. I unbuckled my belt, my pants, put the zipper down and I pulled it off with my briefs (yes I like to wear briefs, but not the whiteys anymore). Then my 8" inch dick made its way out and sprang up instantly. It hit Paul's abdomen while it sprang up.

Then immediately, without wasting any time, his hands held my penis on the head first, that made me jump a little. It felt like it was the first time someone touched my dick, again.

Then after, he made his way down to my shaft and caressed my balls which made my moans louder. I managed to say "ohh God it feels so good Paul, uuuhh, don't stop" He heard me say that, as if it is a signal, he got her tight gazoo is banged hardcore blowjob his knees, face to face with my dick and looked at me in the eyes as if asking something.

We all know what that means, and I immediately gestured a yes, and he licked the tip of my dick. It sent a shock to my whole body, because my dick is now licking with precum and it tickles me when someone licks my precum on the head of my circumcised weapon. After licking my precum, he took half of my penis now on his wet mouth and started sucking it.

I managed to stifle a moan again, never wondering if someone could hear us. Then I got weak on the knees, I immediately lied down, my back on the wall and Paul in between my legs sucking my weapon.

My moans got louder every minute of time, and I was asking myself that this was all so wrong, but why does it feel so right? Paul now is sucking my dick vigorously, and it was then that I noticed that he's now taking it all in amateur blonde babe fucked on homemade sextape hardcore and felatio his mouth.

I was shocked that he could take it in whole, my ex wasn't able to do that. Then aside from his sucking, his left hand made its way to my balls and caressed it, his right to my shaft.

Sometimes his mouth would switch places with his left hand so he was also sucking my balls which felt like heaven. Like I said earlier, it's been a year since my dick was touched by another person. And now, Paul is sucking it aggressively while playing with my balls, so by roughly around 5 minutes of sucking and playing, my balls tensed and I shot 7 loads of sperm on his mouth and he swallowed it all.

I moaned very loud at that time saying "ooooohhh haaahhh, haaaaa uhhhh" Hot friends are sharing their hard dicks still, Paul wasn't very satisfied.

My dick, after shooting 7 loads of sperm, is still rock hard so he started sucking me again after swallowing my man juice. But it really tickles me if someone were to suck me after I just blasted my load so I pushed Paul's head aside.

After that we laid down the floor. Paul now hugged me, my 8" stick still on his face. Instinctively, I lowered my body until we were face to face and embraced him the way he did to me. It felt good actually. I didn't feel I'd ever want that moment to finish until I heard a voice on the speakers saying "Mr.

Gabriel, please proceed to the Head Teacher's Office right now" That made me return to my senses and immediately started moving after that. But Paul's embrace was too hard I cannot move. Then I asked him, "Paul, you head that too right?" "Nope, I did not." he replied. "Oh come on, seriously, let go, I need to go to the head teacher's office. And we might ---" Before I could finish my statement, he kissed me again, a smack this time and said "I love you, Sir" It's like he's saying the "Sir" like he forgot it.

I didn't answer, I just moved my hands to his, and removed it from my body and grabbed my things and asked Paul to do the same. Finally, I said "I'll answer that later on dismissal time, for now, help me with my things, let's get these to the faculty room and you should return to your class, I guess your next class is already starting"