Huge dick enters face hole and wet crack

Huge dick enters face hole and wet crack
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Sunday, July 5th 7:28 AM Stephen stood in his room. His chest was heaving, and he was acutely aware of his own heartbeat. Less than 60 seconds ago he was hastily escaping Heather's room. In his adrenaline pumped body it felt to Stephen as if it was an hour ago already. And at the same time the last five minutes was vividly in his mind's eye, being replayed. Stephen awoke nude and laying on top of Heather, and realizing the lateness of the hour tried to clean in 2 minutes what he had planned to spend half an hour on to make sure he didn't miss anything.

Dropping his bag on his bed he quickly opened it and examined the contents. In it was everything he took. His pocket knife, flashlight, the now cum covered towel, a box of wipes, gloves, camcorder and the cleanup list that did not get used. Stephen took his camcorder out and hid it.

Although he was eager to watch it the situation demanded he hide any evidence of his adventure from the night before. After stowing his camera away in his closet he then grabbed the towel and put it in the hamper in his closet, too. He buried this underneath some of his dirty cloths. The wipes he hid under his bed and the list he crumpled up and put in his pant pocket. He kicked off his shoes and crawled onto his bed. His heart still thumping he closed his eyes and tried to relax. As he ran from Heather's room he thought he heard her say something like 'who's there' but he was in such a hurry to hightail it he didn't focus on her voice, just any possible obstacle in front of him.

The fact that she was conscious enough to say anything is what had him nervous still. His deep breathing combined with being in his room gave him a sense of comfort though. He put his hand down his pants to scratch himself and noticed his dick was still moist. Unzipping his pants he opened his boxes and looked.

The first thing he noticed was the smell. A brenna sparks long sex night scent of musty sensuality came from his crotch.

Heather's pussy juice was all over the upper half of his dick. The sight of his wet penis and the smell caused an arousal in Stephen. Smiling he stuck his hand down his pants ready to pump one out.

KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! Stephen's hand jerked from his pants and he rolled on his side away from the door. He heard the door open and his dad said, "Stephen, Susan's making breakfast, come down and eat with us before we leave." "Yes, sir." He laid there for a moment.

Jesus he thought. He really didn't want to go down stairs as he wasn't ready to face Heather yet. He wasn't sure if she had seen him, or if she had any knowledge of what went on this morning, not to mention last night. Slowly he got off his bed and stretched. He walked downstairs and into the kitchen. Heather wasn't there yet. His dad was sitting at the kitchen table surfing his laptop and Susan was at the stove making what looked like gravy.

He could smell biscuits in the oven also. "Did you tell Heather, Jon?" Susan asked.

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Then she said, "Morning Stephen." "Good morning, Susan." He tried to sound casual, but in doing so thought he sounded phony, and then said, "Morning." Stephen realized then he was not as smooth as he thought he was. Susan looked at him and smiled and then looked at her husband, "Jon?" "Huh?" he replied.

"Oh, Heather. I knocked on her door but she didn't say anything." Believing his answer sufficient he went back to surfing his laptop. Susan eyed him with annoyance and then walked to the hall and down it toward Heather's room. He heard a knock and Susan called Heather's name. A few seconds went by and Susan repeated the knocking and calling. Another moment went by and Susan said, "OK!" apparently through the door.

"Looks like she's not feeling too good. She'll be out in a few minutes," she announced coming back to the kitchen. Then she pulled the biscuits out of the oven and started making plates. "Here you go, Stephen. Enjoy." Susan was an excellent cook, and Stephen was grateful for her and the fact that his dad was able to remarry so great a woman after the death of his mother.

Susan was pretty and her body wasn't nearly as stacked as her younger sister, but Stephen knew she was a desirable woman. More so because of her cooking. Stephen quickly ate the food placed in front of him, wanting to be gone long before Heather joined the morning meal. Four minutes later his plate was clean and he was finishing his juice. His dad looked up long enough from the laptop to say something about growing boys and their needs.

One minute later Stephen hugged his dad and stepmom and bid them sexy girl fucking hard in the car. He said he was going over to Mitch's that day and had to be gone.

His parents told him to behave while they were gone and Stephen went out the back door. Stephen had no plans with Mitch that day but he would be going over there so as to avoid Heather. Before he left to go there he sneaked around to the side of the house where Heather's window was. Crawling to underneath the window, and noting he still needed to put the screen back, Stephen slowly edged up until he was peaking in the room through a crack in the curtains. She was sitting at the foot of her bed, her head in her hands.

She had put on white sweats to match her top. She rubbed her face and stepped up to the mirror, and at the angle the mirror was to the window Heather was covered in light and details were easy for Stephen to see. In the daylight of the morning sun her braless tits were well defined in the form fitting piece and through the thin material Stephen had no problem seeing her red areolas silvia dellai licking balls sucking cocks and gets cums nipples.

Stephen smiled to himself. He got to know her tits very well last night and had plans on getting to know them even better still. Then he looked at her face. She was looking straight at the mirror and looked terrible.

From where she had slept on the right side all night her face had creases in it. Her eyes were only half open. And like the scene straight from There's Something about Mary there were strands of hair sticking from the left side of her head. It was obvious to Stephen he didn't get all of his cum out of Heather's hair from the night before. Jesus he thought. Heather continued to stare at the mirror for a moment and then she put her face in her hands and rubbed again.

She followed with a motion to run her hands through her hair and that's when her hand got caught in the sticky strands. "What the fuck?" she said. She pulled a strand forward to inspect it. She looked at it for a few seconds, and Stephen continued to watch, hoping she would think it was drool.

Stephen wondered if Heather knew what dried cum looked like in her hair, and if she would make the connection. "What is this shit?" she said. Heather stepped to the bedroom door and called Susan into her room.

A moment later Susan stepped in. Stephen pushed on the window to crack it an inch. "What, sis?" "Did we get drunk last night?" Heather asked. Susan stared for a moment and noting her sister's appearance said back to her, "Did maybe you get drunk last night and now you're hung over?

You look like shit" Heather made a face and said, "You don't have to be a bitch. I don't remember anything, so maybe I did. I just didn't know if you could tell me what happened." Susan responded, "No, Jon and I went to bed early last night and left you alone. You know Jon keeps a shitload of beer and wine in the refrigerator in the basement. I know you have helped yourself to the wine before." Susan looked at her sister again who had now sat on the bed and then with more concern in her voice said, "Are you ok?" Heather didn't say anything.

She was rose monroe in peeking in on this juicy big ass her hair again. Susan said, "Did you drool on yourself?" Heather looked her and smiled, "I didn't drool.

I don't think this is drool, it's too…" She trailed off and made a face. Stephen watched, not realizing that his whole body was tensed up. Heather spoke again, "Susan?" Susan looked at her. Then Heather whispered, "I think it's cum." Susan made a big boobs naughty america sex stories xxx story that showed she didn't believe that and mouthed back, "Who's?" Heather looked at the ceiling of her room, where Stephen's room was above.

Susan looked up, too, and then with a disbelieving look on her face said, "How would his cum get in your hair?" Heather said, "He could have been with me when I was drunk." Heather looked back at Susan and the realization of how close she had just came to admitting she and Stephen had any sort of sexual relationship she smiled and said, "It's drool. I just didn't think it would cause my hair to stick like this." Susan stared at her for a moment and then said, "Do me a favor.

Don't go around accusing my 13 year old stepson of putting his cum in your hair. I have known him for five years and he is one of the sweetest and most innocent kids you'll ever meet.

You know damn well when you were in college it was not unusual for you to wake up with your own puke in your hair after binging and throwing up in the toilet. That's all that happened here. You got fucking piss drunk and either barfed on your hair or drooled on yourself." Heather took another look at one of the stuck strands and separated the hairs.

"Yeah, I think you're right. Lots of crazy shit happened to me when I drank in college. I was just joking about Stephen.

You guys are going to have to hide the wine from me, because I don't even remember drinking any." Heather then told Susan she was going to shower and Susan left. Heather stood and stretched and then made a grimace.

She looked down at her crotch. Stephen, momentarily believing himself to be in the clear, tensed up again. What now he thought. Heather opened her sweats and stuck her hand down between her legs. She moved her hand around for a second and pulled it back up and sniffed her fingers, then licked them. "Fuck," she said. She shook her head slowly and made her way to the bathroom.

Stephen heard the shower come on and decided now would be a good time to shut her window. He did so and replaced the screen as well. He did not like what he had just seen. What made Heather check her pussy and what did she smell and taste. Surely there wasn't enough of his cum left in her for her to find.

Then again, he thought, Heather obviously had a lot of experience dealing with cum. Maybe there just needed to be a little bit in her. Stephen got on his bike and rode to Mitch's house. He hung out there for the rest of the day, and taking a nap as he had been up so late last night.

He dreaded going home because he did not want to face Heather. Finally, well into the evening, Stephen rode his bike back home. After putting his bike up he quietly made his way through the front door and started to go upstairs when he heard her behind him. "Stevie." She had not called him Stevie since that night. Stephen turned around and looked at her. "Hey." He tried to sound casual. "Stevie…did something happen last night?" Stephen looked at her and creased his brow.

"What do you mean?" Heather looked away. "Stevie, did I get drunk last night, and did we do anything? If we did, then you need to tell me." She looked at him for a moment and then said, "Stephen, I know what you wanted to do the other night. Did you find me drunk… and agreeable?" Still Stephen said nothing. Not waiting for Stephen to respond, Heather continued, "Look, I know I was fucked last night.

I had cum in my sexual lesbo angels relax masturbation and smalltits and pussy, and my pussy felt like someone hammered it. Since I don't remember it then you don't have to admit to it, but I know Stephen. I hope you worked out any lust you have for me. I won't be drinking for the rest of the week and we will not be fucking around anymore, do I make myself clear?" She ended sternly, but then her face relaxed a little when she stopped talking.

Stephen just stared at her still. He did not know what to make of this. He was caught, in a way, but Heather thought that whatever happened was consensual. He figured that it was best to let her believe this as admitting that he actually fucked her unconscious body just wouldn't fly, so he nodded his head.

Heather smiled at him and then she said, "Was it good?" Stephen smiled back. She had no idea how good it was. Heather smiled even broader and then said that he had better keep his fucking mouth shut, and then gave him a kiss on the cheek. She asked if he wanted to exercise with her and he said no. She went to the living room and started watching a yoga or tae bo video.

Stephen wasn't sure but he didn't care either. Stephen went back up to his room. The whole exchange that just happened gave Stephen a confused mix of emotions and thoughts. He was already planning on fucking Heather again tonight, but if she could tell this morning she had been fucked he might get caught again.

He knew if he did it again he would need to be more careful next time. He wouldn't be cumming on her face anymore, although he loved it when he saw her face covered in his pearly white strings. Cumming on her face gave him a feeling of power over Heather. Cumming in her pussy felt so good though that he was ok not cumming on her face anymore. He decided he would be ok coming in her pussy. If she believed she and he had already fucked once consensually then it didn't matter how many times he came in her pussy because once was enough to get her pregnant.

She couldn't have a baby and say Stephen was the father anyway. So he would be in the clear if he knocked her ass up. At the same time, though, she had acted as if fucking Stephen was ok because she thought she was drunk when it happened. Did this mean she would have been willing in her mind if she was drunk? She was so ok with it she asked about her performance. Then she fucking kissed him. The thought of coaxing her into consensual sex was very enticing to Stephen, but Heather had made it clear she would not be drinking anymore (not that she ever did in the first place).

She said they would not be fucking either, but that was one where she was wrong in Stephen's opinion. He decided to take a shower as he had not had one in the last twenty four hours.

When he stripped down in the bathroom he couldn't help notice how his underwear still smelled faintly of Heather's pussy. After having cleaned up Stephen dressed in some loose shorts and a tee shirt. He debated whether he should do this again tonight but figured he should take advantage both of his limited time with Heather in the house and also the fact that her pussy was sore.

It wouldn't do for her pussy to get better and then feel sore again. So he would just bang her again and again until she was gone so that she couldn't tell there had been a pause in Stephen's fucking. He got out another pill and a half from his stash and ground them up. He gathered all of his supplies, his camera too. He checked the battery life on it and saw that it could still record for just over another hour and a half or so. He was only going to film himself fucking her as he got plenty of her body last night.

With everything he needed in his bag he went downstairs to the kitchen to get a glass of cocoa and also to make a couple of last minute checks. Heather was in living room watching TV and talking on the phone. He thought it was one of her girlfriends but then she made a comment to the person about liking having their dick sucked. This caused a little fury in Stephen as he thought of Heather as his own personal fuck doll but it quickly abated. The fact that she was such a slut was part of what Stephen liked about Heather.

He made his cup of cocoa and popped it in the microwave. While it was heating he quickly went down the hall and into Heather's bedroom, checked the latch on the window (it was still sexy ass teen babe cock humping and cum covered and got back to the kitchen just as lovely girl does a perfect oral job cup finished heating.

He took it upstairs and drank it quick. He grabbed his bag, made his way out his window and down the tree, and quickly got underneath Heather's bedroom window. He did a quick peek to make sure she wasn't back there yet. He removed the screen, opened the window, climbed in, and reset the screen and window. He then made his way over to her closet and got in. Stephen had waited until later in the night this time. It was 11:47. Heather came in early tonight. He only had to wait about twenty minutes.

He watched her prepare her night things. He was fascinated to see she grabbed something that was purple. She then set this on the dresser and walked into the bathroom stripping on the way. After watching his momentary show and hearing the shower come on, Stephen stepped out and quickly walked over to the dresser where she had set her drank down. There was not much tea left.

Stephen poured in the full contents of the pills and started stirring. He could tell right away this was not going to work. Since she had only a few mouthfuls of tea left there were chunks that were not dissolving like they had done the night before.


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He started picking out some of the larger chunks and tried to crush them into finer material. He got out all of the big pieces floating around but now he heard the shower stop and the curtains come back.

Oh fuck. He ran back to the closet and slid it close as quietly as he could. No sooner had he finished shutting the closet then Heather walked out of the bathroom in a towel. She was combing her hair. He watched her as she stood in front of the mirror. After a minute she stopped coming and then pulled the towel off. She turned around and started drying herself. Stephen watched her tits as they bounced up and down. She then bent over to finish toweling of her legs. Her tits hung from her body.

He was fascinated with the shape they made, like giant milky dewdrops dangling from her chest. Heather then proceeded to her lotioning. Stephen xxx ranju desi girl com the ritual and was only distantly aware he had dropped the bits of the sleeping pill from his hand already and shed his shorts to start stroking himself.

Heather finished applying her lotion and finally put on her night things. Stephen got a pleasant shock. Heather put on a purple g-string instead of panties, and then she slid over her head some sort of purple top to match. She adjusted herself in it and turned around. Stephen gasped. It was like nothing Stephen had seen on a woman before. He knew it bootylicious blonde rides on a bbc interracial and creampie some sort of lingerie.

It was a nightie of some sort, a babydoll nightie that had a sheer net with sequin embroidery over the cups. The cups were lacy with little flower decorations on her boobs. It had a ribbon below her boobs and a ribbon hem. Underneath the cups a thin flowing cloth of material hung. It flowed down and out from her body. The ribboned hem of the material ended just below the top of her panties, so that Stephen could see that they too were sheer enough to see through as her bush was clearly visible.

She was so fucking gorgeous. Stephen's dick was pulsing with his anticipation. Heather grabbed what remained of her tea and climbed into bed. She turned on the TV and finished her drink in about five minutes. Stephen stopped stroking himself. He made himself relax and just as he did the night before he laid down in her closet. After close to half an hour he stood up and peeked out of the slats. The TV was still on, and since it was the only source of light Stephen could not tell if Heather was asleep yet.

He could see she was still sitting up in bed but her head was laid back. He waited another fifteen minutes and she made no moves. Growing impatient he decided to check her and see. He stepped out from the closet, still nude from the waist down.

Now that he was out he could see her eyes were closed. Stephen walked over to the bed. "Heather?" he said tentatively. She didn't respond. Stephen turned on her lamp and still she did nothing. Growing bolder he went over and started shaking her a little and calling her name, as he did the night before.

Other than grunting and rolling her head to the side she made no further movement. Good enough! he thought.

Without preamble he took off his shirt and threw the blankets from Heather's body. He looked over at the clock. It was 1:12, giving him about four and a half hours to play. He grabbed her feet and pulled her down the bed so that her body was flat on it, with just her head hot anal copulation with attractive cutie girlfriend hardcore slightly by her pillow.

He then grabbed her babydoll nightie and straightened it out underneath her. She was a sight to be held. Stephen had planned on stripping her nude for tonight's festivities but what Heather was wearing was too sexy to remove.

Instead he decided to slip the g-string off.

Since it was the only real obstacle to his desire it was the only thing that had to come off. It was much easy to slide off than her panties from the night before. Once they were off he smelled them.

They smelled both of Heather's lotion and her musty crotch. Unlike last night there was to be no preamble. Stephen wanted to get in as much fucking as he could. He opened up Heather's legs and looked at her pussy for a minute. He fingered her and stuck his finger into her hole again. Just like last night it was tight but there remained a sticky moistness.

Stephen stopped only long enough to grab his towel and scoot it up under Heather's ass. He wanted to get some more film tonight but he had already been patient enough with his need so refrained from getting the camera just yet.

Climbing onto the bed and in between Heather's legs, Stephen lowered himself with one arm and grabbed his cock with the other. He guided his cock head toward Heather's gash and could already see a pearl of precum on the tip. His cock head made contact with Heather's prickly lips. He slid it up and down her slit a few times, just grazing the outer opening of her pussy. He then leaned in slightly and parted her lips with his head. He slid up and down some more, feeling waves of tingling pleasure.

Now that he was more familiar with Heather's anatomy Stephen guided his head down and pushed a little. He knew he hit her hole but there was very little give. Stephen pulled out and tried to push in again. Unlike last night there wasn't enough precum on his cock head to moisten up her opening.

Stephen tried a few more times and finally sank in enough to get some of her pussy's wetness out when he pulled out again. Just as he did the night before he made a few deep in and out thrusts and brunette milf sara jay fucking in the office able to moisten her lips enough for entry. He still seemed to only be able to penetrate her shallow, though.

His dick was only halfway in. He gyrated a little (which made him shutter as her pussy warmly glided around his head) and could tell that her vagina felt like it curved.

To compensate he grabbed Heather's legs behind her knees and pulled up. He knew immediately he did the right thing as he started sinking in as he pulled up on them. He was now all the way in except for a little bit of his base so another pump and he was balls deep.

He closed his eyes momentarily as he took in the sensation of her tight tunnel warmly holding his cock within her. He felt too the soft furry sensation of her bush on his pubis. It wasn't cute young blonde wife reverse fucking her handicap husband long or thick. Stephen had some hair on his crotch, but it was thin and rough.

Heather's bush was plush and soft. He then opened his eyes and looked at Heather. He wished she was awake for this; he would love to see her sexy beautiful green eyes while he was penetrating her. He stayed still for another minute or so, just feeling her pussy out. Then he started a slow rhythmic pump. He would pull out all the way, leaving just his head in, and then slide back in. He did this for a few minutes, and it wasn't too long before he wanted to cum.

His slow pace however allowed him to keep control. He started to perspire a little, as he had to concentrate so hard on not blowing his load yet. He controlled his breathing, taking in air as he pulled out, and exhaling as he dived in. Stephen's cock head popped up on one outward pull. He waited a second and then pushed forward again. In the time in between, her pussy had closed again, allowing Stephen to feel her open up for him as if it was his first penetration, only this time with more lube.

This was a nice sensation, so he did this for a few minutes, too. He decided to change things up and got up on his knees between her legs.

Doing so caused his dick to pop out for a moment. He was ok with this, he would be back in her warm embrace soon enough. Stephen was fascinated with the way his dick glistened in the low light of the room. His cock was completely covered in her pussy juice. The light reflected off of his dick with a shiny sheen. Staying on his knees he opened his legs and scooted toward Heather. He took her legs and wrapped them around him just underneath his nice looking mom self joy japanese hardcore. Once again guiding his cock in Stephen started another slow rhythmic pumping of Heather, this time though when he bottomed out he gave a little thrust.

This caused Heather's tits to bounce and jiggle a little with each pump. Figuring he had been patient enough Stephen started to pump faster, feeling his dick tingle all over. Unlike masturbation, what made Heather's pussy so great was that it completely took all of his cock in. His hand could only rub him up and down, applying sensation only to the points he was holding his cock. But when Stephen pushed into Heather's pussy, he could feel all of her glory around his cock. Stephen was bumping Heather now.

His speed allowed him to keep Heather constantly on the bounce. He was timing his thrust to slam her just as her body moved toward him. The whole time he watched her tits as they shot up and then back down in rhythm with everything else. Stephen was sweaty all over now. He decided he wanted to watch Heather's tits bounce to his fucking before he came, so he grabbed her top and opened it up.

Her tits were beautiful, pushed up and together by her nightie. Each time they bounced they would go up and out, and then as her body returned to starting position her tits would toward the middle and down again. He watched her nipples as they formed little oval movements under him. He was ready to cum now so readjusted himself again and starting pumping hard and fast. His eyes never left her tits and his new position allowed full contact between his crotch and hers, resulting in a smacking sound now that he was fucking her again.

Heather was not sweating but Stephen was acutely aware how smooth and slick her inner thighs became from his own sweat. Sweat was also falling from his face. Suddenly he felt his balls tighten up and Stephen froze in place.

He felt his first spurt and then gave a small pump to squirt again. He did this several more times trying to squeeze out every last drop of his cum. Once finished he collapsed on Heather and rested his head between Heather's tits. He smiled and was breathing deeply. He had closed his eyes when he came and opened them now.

His face was sweaty, so he wiped it off on Heather's right tit, nosing her right nipple which was erect. He laughed and then nuzzled her left tit and felt her nipple here too. He opened his mouth and started tonguing her nipple, tasting his sweat on it. He loved the way her nipple moved away from his tongue as he pushed on it, like he was playing a game of tag with it. He started to push his tongue into Heather's areola, and loved the spongy sensation of it.

He then sealed his lips on her nipple and sucked on it for a good minute. He opened wider and sucked her whole areola in. He continued to tongue her nipple and areola, feeling the texture of each. After that he went to work on her right tit, first tonguing her nipple, working his way to her areola, and then sucking on it for a minute, too.

Once he had enough of her tits (for the moment anyway) Stephen pushed himself up and in doing so his now soft cock popped out of Heather's pussy. He climbed off the bed and watched as his cum oozed out of her. It drained for about 30 seconds down the crack of her ass forming a gooey white pool on the towel.

Stephen maya hills knows a thing or two about getting a guy hard stretched and gave a shake. He was past his post orgasmic fatigue now and felt alive. He looked at Heather and thought to himself 'You're my fucking angel.' Thinking the thought over he laughed and then said, "You really are my fucking angel." Stephen noticed her nightie was soaked on the front from where he had laid on her.

He sex zzz xxx com gjhggyg story download worried though. He knew it would dry by morning, and leave no mess except maybe a sweaty smell.

He could fix that by applying a fresh layer of lotion to Heather's chest, which he thought was a great idea as that would give him a chance to lotion her tits, too. Holy fuck! He felt like a kid at a carnival, with so many ride choices open to him. He grabbed his bag and pulled out the camcorder. It was about time he got something on film.

Stephen first adjusted Heather's tits so that they were back in place and then he filmed her for a few minutes, recreating the exploration he had done last night. Once he had done this Stephen wondered what he should do next. He looked at the time. It was 2:55. "Jesus, did I fuck you for that long?" he wondered aloud. He sat down on the floor next to the bed. He was already getting hard again, though not as hard as he was earlier. He didn't want to do the same thing again.

He wanted to do something different, but what? He looked over and saw her g-string and inspiration struck. First he grabbed some wipes and cleaned up between Heather's legs and ass crack. He put his finger in her pussy (which slid in easily) and pulled out what remained of his cum. He then toweled her off and grabbed her legs. It took him a few moments but what he did was roll her over on her belly and pulled her legs off the side of the bed.

She was now bent over the side, her fat creamy white ass and pussy open to him. He then grabbed her g-sting and after a minute o trying to figure out which way was inside out put it back on her.

Perfect. Her g-stringed ass was there and bathed completely by the lamp light. Stephen grabbed his camera and filmed her ass as he groped, pinched, and massaged it. He then moved the g-string aside and filmed himself playing with her pussy lips and fingering her hole. He noticed the little bump from last night. It looked bigger than the night before, and was poking out of the hood it was under.

Stephen started to play with this. He notice Heather's legs would flex every now and then while he was playing with it. She must like this. He decided it was time for something new. He leaned forward and putting his face in her crotch flicked her little man in the boat with his tongue. It tasted salty and also chemical, presumably from the wipes.

He set the camera down and aimed it at her pussy. Stephen started to flick her nub with his tongue again and every now and then Heather's whole body would twitch. If Stephen had been thinking he would have taken pause at this movement, but his lust filled mind was too busy enjoying the occasion. Stephen then nuzzled his nose in her pussy lips and licked up and down her gash. Too inexperienced to understand, Stephen was shocked when Heather started to spasm. It freaked him out and he crab walked backwards toward the closet thinking she had awoken.

He heard her breathing get heavy, but she otherwise made no move to get up. After a couple of minutes Stephen got up and checked to see if she was awake and was glad to find Heather still sleeping. He laughed at his jumpiness and decided it was time to fuck again. It was now 3:25, leaving him about two more hours to play, plus he still had clean up to do.

Checking his camera had more recording time still (it had another 50 minutes to go) Stephen positioned it and putting his finger in Heather's pussy figured out the best angle to capture him fucking her. Once set, Stephen got behind Heather and looked down. He pushed up her nightie so that her back was exposed to him, and looked at how her g-string wrapped around her hips, met in the middle above her ass mounds, and then disappeared into Heather's crack. This caused his arousal to peak so that Stephen was rock hard again and he grabbed his cock, moved her g-string aside, and pushed himself into Heather easily.

The height of Heather's bed put her pussy at the right height for Stephen's crotch so long as he stood with his legs spread a little. He started pumping slowly again. Heather's pussy was already loose and wet from his earlier romp, but she was still tight upon entry and he could feel every inch of her vagina grip his cock. Having already cum once Stephen felt no more need for finesse and so started fucking Heather.

Looking down Stephen watched his wet dick slide in and out of Heather. The look of her butt jiggling with each thrust was a little comical to Stephen. He smacked her ass and watched as a wave flew across and bounced back.

He smacked it again and then grabbed hold. Then he decided this would make for good TV so managing to not pull himself out of her he reached over and picked up his camera. He now started filming from over her ass, so that his camera was getting a first person perspective. This whole time Stephen had been able to fuck her without the desire to cum yet. His earlier release was good enough to carry him for a while. After filming a few minutes of him fucking, Stephen decided he was ready to hammer it home.

He repositioned his camera on the night stand and grabbing hold of Heather's hips started pounding her ass. He threw his head back and enjoyed just fucking for fucking.

He was slamming hard enough to make a smacking noise again and occasionally would add his own smack with his hand. His orgasm was building again, this time not from how her pussy felt on his dick, but because a more primal part of him was responding to his fucking Heather. He was more audible now. He started grunting uh, uh, uh, over and over again, each one accompanying a smack of Heather's ass. He still had his eyes closed and head thrown back. He was getting ready to come when he heard not only his uh, uh, uh's but now he could hear some feminine ah, ah, ah's as well.

Without missing a beat Stephen kept pounding and looked down. Holy shit! She was awake! Her head was up and she was on her elbows.

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Her breathing was ragged and coming in gasps. Stephen felt her ass start to push back into him with each thrust. She was fucking him back!

Oh my God, he thought. He held back his cum. Now that she was fucking him he didn't want to cum yet. He dug his fingers into Heather's hips and heard her say, "Oh fuck!" They continued to fuck back and forth as Heather stood on her legs now forcing Stephen to stand on his toes as he pumped.

They were in sync now, both pulling back and crashing into each other in perfect timing. They kept this up for overwatch mercy sucked big dick animated sfm play free couple of minutes. Stephen could tell Heather was really into it and smacked her ass again. She hissed yessss and he did it again.

Stephen wanted to fuck Heather really hard now so he leaned forward pushing her down and held her ass in place. Now he really started to hammer her pussy slamming her so fast that there were only fractions of a second in between each impact.

Then a few seconds later Heather's body began to spasm. Stephen felt her pussy pulsing around his dick. Heather let out an audible 'Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!' that quivered with her body. Stephen started cumming in Heather again, tipped over the edge by Heather's own orgasm. He slammed her hard on a final thrust that shot a thick stream of cum into her and yelled 'FUCKKKKKK!' and then pounded her a few more times, each one generating another squirt into Heather.

He fell on her back and breathed hard. He could feel Heather breathing underneath him. Her legs and pussy were quivering. She was still coming down from her own orgasm. Stephen almost blacked out from the strain of his orgasm.

He relaxed his grip on Heather and rubbed her hips some, feeling the indentations left from his fingernails.

He was in Heaven, his angel beneath him. Stephen didn't know what to say so instead he ran his hands from Heather's hips and up her body to cup her tits. Wrong move. Apparently Heather was not in a good mood despite the monster orgasm she just had. She grabbed his right hand and dug her nails in, drawing blood.

Stephen yanked his hand back and said ouch. Then the night went from Heaven to Hell. "Stephen," Heather said raggedly, the rage evident in her voice, "Get your fucking cock OUT OF MY PUSSY!"