Sexy dominas in group dominating sub by tugging

Sexy dominas in group dominating sub by tugging
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----GIRL'S NIGHT --- Half a dozen women, including my wife, and a few of their friends hit the night life three or four times a year. It's not always the same crew but there are some regulars and the group varies in size. Tonight it was nine women. I stay out late those nights whether our home is the launching point or not., the ladies do like their time together.

This is something that's been going on for a few years now and I've been heading out for some quality time on my own. Usually I take in a movie. Sometimes a sporting event if it coincides with their drunk fest; for that's what it really is, a bunch of women out letting off steam. Out drinking and laughing it up at the expense of men I would venture to say. Sometimes there is an interesting story my wife will tell me the next morning over coffee; mostly not though. If I do not hear a thing about what goes on I'm happy., and quite frankly I prefer it that way.

---THIS NIGHT--- I came home to our abode and noticed the witch's caldron is still boiling so I stayed in the car and napped. Staying about half a block away so the broads wouldn't see me. just keeping a low profile really.and not having to put up with them.

They designate a home to use as a gathering locale before and after their outing for each of these occasions. This time it was our house so I went out., and happily so! I heard noise and rolled down the window to eavesdrop on some of what they were saying. Mostly just B.S. but I did pick up on one little ditty, my wife Dian was pissed. Apparently she was the funny one this night; letting off steam I would suspect.

So I waited until the coast was clear before I headed in. Dian would have one hell of a hangover xn xxx hard fuking rough use. I knew I would be shopping for groceries alone. Something we usually did together on Sundays'. Dian: My wife Dian is about 5'5" tall; she weighs about 140 to 145 I think. Her hair is dark, almost black but I cannot actually remember because she colors it and tints it and has for years.

She has a little bit of a tummy on her but you have to look closely to see it. Her lower legs are a bit heavy; her beautiful hips and a tapered waist are perfectly suited, giving her a sexy shape. I am not the only one who thinks so; lecherous bastards I think to myself.amusedly! I do enjoy other men, and some women I suppose, checking out my wife.

It's only natural to take pride in ones woman. Or so I tell myself! Dian wears a 'B cup' so her breasts are average, with nice large nipples. Her nipples get very long when she is having a good orgasm, over an inch. These orgasms are getting fewer and fewer as we get older. I miss those long nipples of her'.

Aging is a bitch! Her hands and feet are average I suppose. I Love her skin tone, she is milf fucked on cam and hot gets banged robbery suspect apprehended little bit Mediterranean in color which gives her a very light-tan year round. She has a couple of veins beginning to make an appearance on her legs but no big deal there. AND a couple more veins on the outside of her breasts which cause her embarrassment, I tease her on occasion about them and she gets very defensive.

Just being a guy! Chuckle! We have no kid's. at first by choice and later for medical reasons. WE both work so we are comfortable financially. She works as an administrator in a high school so she has lots of stress in her life.

I do not begrudge her one minute these piss-ups the gals go long as she is safe. I've told her this and I think all the husbands and boy-friends feel the same way about their woman. My wife makes a good dollar so she can afford to dress up nice, and she does. Not slutty of course but Dian is very attractive when she puts it all together. She can show cleavage at her age, 33., she has good skin tone around her tits, actually over most of her body. Back to this night: I went around to the back door and quietly entered the house.

I heard noise and thought; 'Oh fuck, there are still some witches here'.

Not wanting to get into conversation with any of these women I slipped quietly down stairs and was waiting until they all left.

I recognized Meg' voice, she's Dian' oldest friend. The other one sounded like Karen but I wasn't sure. I must have stayed downstairs for twenty minutes or more before I figured it was safe to go upstairs. I quietly ascended the stairs moving stealth fully just in case there were more witches about.I sniffed the air for the smell of ash and looked about the floor for broken xxx story sex onlin free handles, NOPE., nary a one.

the place was pretty clean actually. Moving about the house I noticed the front door closed and many lights off.

I see the master bedroom light is on so I tip-toe down the hall to see how Dian is. "You're beautiful"! I freeze., a woman's voice and not Dian's. Taking a moment to gather my thoughts I move quietly to the door and peer in. I think I gasped but I'm not sure., in any case my presence was not given away, so with an open mouth., I watched.

There is an immediate turn as you enter the bedroom caused by the closet so one can look into the bedroom without being caught.

I've watched my wife on many an occasion from exactly this spot. My wife Dian was on the bed, seemingly out.and there was Ann leaning over her. She is a Phys-Ed teacher from the school were Dian works. Ann is a tall slender woman with an athletic build; a bit masculine, just what you'd expect from a Phys-Ed teacher.

This was only the second time I'd seen her so I was checking her out when she moved to take Dian' shoes off. I know I should have stopped her but this was wild, and right-up my alley so to speak.

Voyeuring my wife being undressed or something by another person; in this case a woman who was a stranger to me is a big turn-on for me. Ann turned and looked towards the door but she didn't see me. The door was partly closed keeping me from being exposed.

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This bedroom door always swings open a foot or so unless it was properly latched. I should fix it but I am a bit lazy around the house. . Only the bedside lamps were on so that aided my cover with shadows. The doorway is about a dozen feet from the bed; I could not tell if Dian was out or just very-very drunk. What I could tell and see was Ann lifting Dian' left foot to remove her shoe. Ann placed the shoe on the bed beside Dian and kissed the back of her calf.

"My - - oh -- my, your delicious honey", I overheard Ann say. I watched as she removed the other shoe and kissed Dian' foot.and nibbled on her toes.

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biting her I guess because Dian flinched a bit and her leg moved to pull away. [Fuck, did I ever have a hard on] "Oh no my sweet thing," Ann said. "You're not going anywhere". Ann walked away from the bed and put Dian' shoes on the floor inside the closet leaving my wife laying there exposed to my view. Dian lay there on the bed, on her tummy, with her legs slightly open.

God did she look hot! [I pulled back so as not to be seen when Ann was little sister get nude hidden the closet] I've fucked my wife when she is passed out or even just very drunk.I love it! AND., almost always from behind.I love the feel of her ass.

BUT, she never lets me do anal.

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I only asked once.boy did she get pissed at me. My wife is a decent woman and other than being felt up on a few high-school dates she has only had sex with me. I am proud of that and yet my perverse side has thought about such a night as this one. I never in my wildest dreams considered a woman as her seducer. When Ann came back she kicked off her shoes and dropped her jacket onto the end of the bed.

She also loosened her pants and pulled her shirt or blouse out from her pants, undoing a couple of buttons. I was riveted to this show. Ann is flat-chested, or nearly so.great for an athletic woman I suppose. Or maybe she was a survivor of breast cancer, hell I never really thought her tight gazoo is banged hardcore blowjob it until now.

Ann placed one knee on the bed as she leaned forward.running her fingers along my wife's right leg., Ann' fingers walked up Dian' leg moving toward her hem, after stopping to rub circles on the back of her knee. Hong kong girl sex vidol5 the movement under Dian' skirt I could tell Ann was unfastening Dian' garter.rolling her hose down her thigh to her knee.

Ann moved on the bed as she ran her fingers up Dian' left leg to her hem.and under. She seemed to be having trouble with the garter.she pulled her hands from under Dian' skirt.moving her right hand to her face.sniffing a finger, after which she placed that finger in her mouth and tasted my wife; 'Oh you taste good honey.Wow'!

"I'm going to eat you raw"! Ann added. Ann would be the first person other than me and a doctor to touch Dian's pussy; only the second person to taste Dian. My wife is a good woman and I knew Ann knew this as did everyone who knew her. Dian made no bones about being a proud faithful wife. I moved away from the door, putting my hand over my mouth; '. my God', I thought. Ache-ing.gasping. and doubling over I hurt so much. I put my free hand in my pants to adjust my came out wet from me leaking cum.

As soon as I could I went back to the door. Watching: Ann had removed one of the stockings and was removing the second one.she was so sensual in taking off my wife's hose. In deliberate moves with her hands and fingers the hose slid slowly down Dian' leg., leaving her soft sexy skin for Ann to touch.gentle kisses.small circles traced with nimble fingers.

I could see small tracks of pink on Dian' skin; evidence of passed finger nails.and little red marks from nibbling.did she ever like my wife. With the last stocking off Ann moved Dian' legs open and crawled up-on the bed. Pressing her face against Dian' ass she sniffed my wife through her clothing. I hear a growl.a deep growl.and some softly spoken words I couldn't pick-up on. She spread Dian' legs further apart and began to kiss her thighs.licking.nibbling.sucking on my wife's beautiful thighs.all the while moving closer to Dian' ass.

Ann buries her face in Dian' ass; I hear her sniffing at Dian. I see her head moving as she gnaws away.eating Dian' pink panties.nuzzling her.more gentle bites.back to her inner thighs.too her ass, her crotch. Ann' mouth was taking the grand tour of my wife. Now Dian is flinching.the biting is harder. My beautiful wife is being abused.I can see the small red marks made on Dian' thighs and have to retreat from the doorway again.

I can feel the wetness in my pants. I spend maybe half a minute getting myself under control; all the while listening for anything that'll call me back to that doorway.

Changes: Ann has moved Dian around.taking a few seconds to figure this out I see she has taken the bed spread and pulled it about using it to move Dian without actually lifting Dian.Smart I thought.

Now Dian' ass is away from me and her head nearest me.I see no reason for this unless she is intent on keeping an eye on the door watching for me. I will have to be careful! I hadn't thought I was away from the doorway that long but it seems I was wrong. Ann has taken Dian' bra off as I see it on the end of the bed.

I don't see her blouse but I assume it is somewhere other than on Dian' person. Dian is face down still but staggered honey in underwear is geeting peed on and nailed neck to waist with a throw we keep on the foot of the bed., loosely bunched up but still covering her.

I assume Ann is keeping Dian warm, why else would she do this I surmise. Ann had also put pillows under my lovely wife's hips elevating her rear. My guess is two pillows judging from how high Dian' ass is above the beds mattress. I've done this to my wife and even though I cannot see her ass from where I am, I know what she looks like with her ass elevated.a definite TEN in my estimation. I watched Pungent meaning in ebony vidrxxx move her handbag to the bed.she'd placed her handbag were the pillows use to be.

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I watch Ann remove things from her handbag.what appeared to be a strap-on and some other toy I didn't have enough time to identify. I also saw a clamp of some kind.this kind of thing is all knew to me and I was getting very excited again.

Ann held Dian's panties to her face and sniffed then; folding them she tucked them in her handbag. I nearly lost it. ONCE again I pulled back from the doorway so as not to give myself away. Oh God I was in agony! When I returned again I saw Ann' hair bobbing up and down behind my wife's ass.she was eating Dian.and doing a good job I knew.ya see my wife has a tell.Sober or drunk, passed out or not, Dian loves being eaten-licked from behind.when it is good for her-her head lifts off the bed briefly, turns to the left before she sex appeal honey takes off clothes homemade and hardcore it down mother force sex sun movies the bed again.maybe never moving her head again, or maybe she any case Dian has given her okay to continue oral sex with her.

Dian' head was lying in this position of approval. I watched as Dian' ass moved in response to Ann eating was a thing of beauty to lovely wife being violated by a women, a fellow worker yet, and enjoying it; all be it unknown to herself. God I loved the depravity.

I heard the faint buzz of a vibrator, my ears perked-up. 'My God', I thought, she's using a vibrator on Dian. OH --- Oh GOD!

. A Violator's view: Peering over Dian' ass I could see a shadow of her husband, whose name I had forgotten, or never knew.

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I kept my face hidden from his view while I used my peripheral vision to peer through my coif; which I colour blonde. (cont'd)