Eating cookie previous to shagging pornstar hardcore

Eating cookie previous to shagging pornstar hardcore
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My name is James. When I was 14 my mother gave birth to my little brother Lee just a few weeks after my 15th birthday.

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anal n cum in mouth When I thought that a baby in my family would make my life hell, (due to the fact I had to babysit a lot of the time) going home one night to babysit my little brother had a story of its own. My little brothers babysitter May, was having her 18th birthday party at a pub about a mile from where I lived, and being me I was invited kindly to that party. I am about 5 ft 10 in height, slim build (although toning up my body slightly), bright blue eyes with short, black spiky hair.

Waist down, for my age I am a decent size, about 5.5 inches around about. But anyway, back to the party. None of my friends were there so I spent an hour there before finally deciding to walk home, even though I had to anyway to get home to babysit my brother while my parents went out. I was only dressed in a pair of black tight jeans, a black shirt with a red stripy t shirt over me, so I was quite cold, my hairs on my arms were standing on end, and my feet were killing me.

Overall my day was average but it was about to get MUCH better. As I walked across the main high street road I decided to take a short cut through the fields where the trees were, there were houses situated either side so I had somewhere to go if I was in trouble. From a distance I could hear faint noises, but I decided not to question myself on what the noises were, so I ignored it.

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But the further I walked towards my home the noise started to get louder. Like it was somebody breathing deeply, but soon the breathing got heavier, and I could faintly hear a male voice, and it got louder and louder and louder. As I turned the corner I saw the best thing I had seen all day. One man with his back against the wall, probably about same height as me, with short blonde hair (and a gorgeous toned body) getting sucked off by a guy similar to me, maybe a bit chubbier, he didn't look much older than me either.

They stopped and looked over at me and I nervously stared at the couple. My dick beginning to harden in my tight jeans (almost noticeable). The young boy then went back to work and began sucking on this guys huge dick, it must've been the biggest dick I had seen, probably about 8 or 9 inches. I then debated on myself, should I stay and join in or should I go home. My phone rang, but I then decided to ignore it and walk over to where they were standing.

"You wanna suck on my dick too huh?" The guy said in a deep voice, "well set yourself away, I have all night". He smiled down at me and I hesitated no longer. As this young boy deep throated his cock, I caressed his toned abs with my hand, before eventually licking his balls with my tongue, the hairs on his balls felt fuzzy against my preteen tongue, and my cock was eventually sswelling up like it never had before.

The young boy then broke away from sucking his cock and took a few deep breaths, he smiled at me and urged me to suck on his dick. So I did exactly that. Naughty teens nail the biggest belt cocks and spray love juice everywhere monstercock splashing first I decided to lick his japs eye with my tongue, and I could taste the saltiness of his precum in my mouth, the taste was overwhelming, and I decided sunny leone xnxx unblock story stick it all in my mouth.

My phone began to ring again, so I sucked this guys dick at the speed of the song (which was generally fast), the guy moaned and moaned and a took about 2/3 of his dick into my young mouth, as well as caressing his japs eye with my tongue too, I placed my hands at the bottom of his dick and jerked him off while sucking him, and soon I could feel my pants being pulled down by the other young boy.

"Lets see how big he is" he said, almost ripping down my jeans as I had this huge pulsing cock in my mouth. Soon enough I could feel the coldness of the wind on my dick, for about few seconds until suddenly, this warm, wet feeling hit my cock, and I was loving every second of it.

I moaned and moaned while I was being gagged by this other guys cock, and soon enough I wanted to blow. I wanted to shoot my hot sticky preteen cum in this young hot little guys mouth and I wanted to do it badly. Soon enough the more I was ready to climax the more ferociously I sucked the older guys dick. He moaned in glee. "Damn boy your good, keep going, I'm gonna cum soon." I kept going, faster and deeper and then I felt it, the guy pulled his dick out and started wanking as I licked the tip of his dick with my tongue.

He soon blonde stunner fucked in a classic porn to moan more and more, as this kid was still sucking my dick. "Ohhhh, god guys I'm cumming" Soon enough my mouth was filled with this hot sticky liquid, the taste was sensational and I had my mouth completely full, the guy lent down and kissed me as I passed a shitload of cum into his mouth as well as mine, and you could see it stringing between our tongues, we both eventually swallowed his cum and during that I shot fuckloads of preteen cum into this young guys mouth, but he kept sucking and I was shaking when he finished, he looked up at me, opened his mouth to show me my own cum all over his teeth and his tongue, shut his mouth and swallowed it all.

He then jumped on me and kissed me passionately. Eventually he broke the kiss, and we all stood up and pulled our pants up. The guy put his hand into his pocket and pulled £50 worth of notes out.

"Here you go boys, come back here anytime if you want a decent payment from me, your both the best suckers I had seen for a while, and I've had younger and older boys with their mouth wrapped around my dick." I tried to talk to the other kid but he ran away, probably not wanting to get to know me, which I understood because maybe he didn't want anyone to know what he does for a living.

But whoever he was, he sucked my dick real good. When I got home and into bed once my parents got in. My dick went hard again thinking about the fun I had on the way home. I pulled down my pants and started wacking off, with the thoughts and images of that guys huge dick, I imagined him fucking me and cumming right in my little asshole, and taking my virginity, I would let him if we had the time.

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Shit, I might go there again sometime. I just wanted his dick so bad, and I wished he had sucked mine. After these thoughts I sprayed cum all over my stomach, and decided to get some of it and I ate it all.

Before slowly falling asleep.