Dirty brunette girlfriend loves the big cock

Dirty brunette girlfriend loves the big cock
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Riding Jenny By Jax_Teller I met Jenny while dancing at a strip club that had both female and male strippers. The club had two different entrances one for the upstairs female strip club and another on the opposite end of the building for the Male strippers club downstairs.

Club "V" for Victor ~ Victoria, was a popular place and was located near a major tourist area or trap as we called it.

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Money from tourism could bend any regulation and make most laws go away and this club was the direct benefit of such attitudes. Sex clubs were unpopular these days and most that still existed had restrictions such as no contact between costumers, pasties covering nipples and only partial nudity. At the V most anything was allowed short of the act of pornstar got her pussy banged doggystyle and moans. The deal could be discussed in private so to speak, but had to happen out of the club section.

Conveniently a motel was on a different street and consuming the upper floors of the same building and there was a door way to the motel from the clubs. I had just cassidy and kaylee in hot ffm threesome my last set and the club was closing when I stepped outside and started getting my things together on my motorcycle.

I noticed this beautiful blonde dancer she looked like her ride had split on her. I introduced myself and I offered Jenny a ride home. That was the case, her room-mate also a stripper at the club had gone on a "date" with a customer and didn't leave the keys to the car. We chatted for a few minutes, and she admitted to having caught my last set on stage. We made a connection and I asked her if she was in a hurry to get home or if she'd be interested in a party. She obviously had been smoking some grass and was loose all ready and said what kind of a party?

I told her we could ride up the shore line to a friend's house to a swinger's party. I told her there was no pressure and it was clothing optional. When motioned her to my Harley she asked this is yours? I said yeah it's old dirty and loud, and I love her. Jenny asked if she could wear my jacket as the cool morning air on a bikini top might be a bit cold and her room-mate had her bag in the car. I said sure and as she slipped into my jacket, she cooed as if sliding into a comfortable place she never knew existed.

She asked me what kind of leather it was and I explained "naked" leather and she seemed genuinely interested. She asked me if I was in a gang. I said no that I was what most called an independent. I had no ties to any club. I explained how that allowed me to come and go and not worry so much about the places I was in and what club claimed it as in their territory or being their club house so to speak.

She said she never knew, and I replied yeah it's a whole different world not like the movies. As we rode off she snuggled up to me and held on tight, placing her head on my back. She seemed very content. We rode out US20 to my friend Mary's place. There were curves and hills and dips in the road and as we rode I could feel Jenny beginning to squirm slightly on the back especially when I down shifted and the bike vibrated and back fired.

It wasn't long before she was rubbing my chest thought my vest and she leaned into me and she whispered that she was close to coming. I smiled back at her and intentionally ran up to 80 mph knowing I was oral stimulation by a very excited attractive bitch near Mary's' place and as I got about a ¼ mile away I began down shifting and letting the bike really rumble and vibrate so much I was half afraid the head light would fall off again.

As the pipes finished back firing and I coasted the bike into the parking area I noticed there were lots of expensive cars there even a few limos, so pulling in on a loud old Harley made an entrance. Even more so was the beautiful blond on the back. Jenny was busty and many assumed she had work done to enhance her natural gift, but they were all natural.

As I climbed off the Harley, Mary came out to meet us and she was completely naked. Several others came out from the deck area naked as well. As we walked and talked with Mary and the others we just began peeling off the clothes we did have on, not like strippers just people taking off their clothes. On the deck over-looking the beach front, there had to be 40 people out there, some were having sex as couples others in groups.

There were 3 gigantic hot tubs on the deck and a pool set into the deck. The drinks were flowing and the party was grand. The lights along the shore and out in the water were magical as a backdrop to the beautiful people.

There were women on women and males on other males, straight couples and those who didn't care except to have someone getting them off. Jenny and I stayed close to each other for some reason; I don't really remember planning it that way.

Mary came along with us and gave us the tour. I had been on the tour before but she had done so much to the place which was luxurious when she bought it. Now it was a cross between elegant and swank. Mary asked if we'd like to go up to her private room. I looked at Jenny and she was smiling and wanting to go, pretending to beg. I said yes slut miss pageant nudist 5 getsex fairy tales go see what the mistress of the house has for us.

On the way up this long and winding stair case Jenny turned to me and asked how I knew she was a submissive. I said I had picked up on some mannerisms but wasn't sure until now. She said well that was a big risk, what if she had been offended by being called a slut. I told her I would have dealt with it if it came up. Mary got to the top of the stairs and put a hand out to Jenny who took her hand.

Mary leaned into her and kissed her deeply and with tender passion. Their hands exploring each other's naked bodies. Mary led Jenny into a large open room with a very large round bed. She sat Jenny down and laid her back on the bed and slithered on top of her and kissed her briefly and moved Jenny's hands to the edge of the bed, and slipped a rope loop over each hand and gave them a tug tightening them.

She did the same to her legs. Mary turned to me and noticed my cock was rock hard. She said how may I serve you Sir.

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Jenny looked like she was surprised and I told Mary to sit her wonderful wet pussy on Jennies mouth. I watched as she popped up on the bed and straddled Jennies face with her knees and lowered her wetness until she began to grind in small circular motions. I stepped up on the bed and moved so that my cock was within inches of Marys' mouth and I said hands behind your back. I asked her if she still liked it rough. She said yeah but then you know my limits, which I did.

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I stuck a finger in her mouth and worked it in and out and then replaced it with my cock. Mary was willing to do anything for me, and tonight she was on fire. I grabbed her hair in my left hand and stuffed my cock in her mouth as deep and as hard as I could with my right hand.

She gagged and I backed out just long enough for her to get some air and then forced it in her again. She gagged and pulled her head back away from my hand and I slapped her across the face. Not hard enough to leave a mark but enough to surprise her. I continued this for a few minutes and then I moved behind her. I held her arms together by the thumbs and lifted them slightly to make enough pressure on her joints that she bent over. The view of Jenny still licking diligently at Mary's pussy was wonderful.

I ordered Mary to eat Jenny's pussy too. Mary was so wet and her pussy was obviously worn from the others before us that night.

I slipped the head of my cock in her pussy and could feel Jenny's' tongue licking at Marys' pussy as I pushed inside her. I didn't go far before I pulled out and thrust my cock in Mary's asshole, and she moaned out loud into Jenny's' pussy as she ate her. I waited for a minute for her to adjust to my size and with consistent pressure I pushed my cock all the way inside her.

As the last few inches pushed at her inside, she began wiggling and panting heavily. I pulled back until I could feel the head of my cock nearing the entrance of her asshole and as I plunged my cock in her again this time with more speed and force Mary screamed and she came. She shook and trembled and I could hear Jenny lapping up her juices. I fucked her deep and hard through a several minute long intense orgasm that left her nearly limp on top of Jenny.

I helped her off Jenny and loosened the ropes on Jenny's legs and pulled them up in the air and apart so I could see her lovely shaven pussy. I wiped my cock clean on a towel at the edge of the bed and noticed Mary had drifted off to sleep.

I leaned forward and kissed Jenny tasting Mary's juices on her mouth. I leaned back up and pointed my cock at her open pussy lips and I lunged straightening my legs slightly and pushed the entire length of my cock in her all at once and the began pounding her pussy in and out as fast as I could slapping her ass with my balls and almost loosing the spot before plunging back into her.

Jenny cried oh my God. Fuck yes oh fuck me fuck yes. She shook and shuddered and looked me in the eye and said Sir may I please come. I looked intently into her eyes and paused just for a second and said come now you fucking little slut, and it was as if a dam had broken loose and she came in a tidal wave of explosion after explosion.

I could feel her juices sloshing and splashing as I continued to pound her hot wet cunt until I felt my balls tighten and I slowed down my pace and lowered myself on her and kissed her as I pumped my load deep in her and she came again wrenching as if in pain from the come I was depositing in her.

We laid there for a few minutes and Jenny asked if she could ask me a question. I resisted the obvious joke, sensing she was being serious and said anything. She said that it had been a year since the last time she had sex and that she had not had a Webcam redhead girl more videos on sexycamsorg for 3 years and that she really missed it. I knew what was coming next; she asked if I would consider taking her as white tourist passionately fucks stunning african babe with firm booty slave.

My gut reaction was to say hell yeah but I told her that we needed to get to know each other better first but that I would consider it. I told her to consider Me her Master until I told her different, a trial period.

I knew there were many serious discussions that we needed to have before considering it but tonight was for fun. Mary woke and snuggled with us and asked if we enjoyed our-selves. We both said yeah it was great.

We three went back out to the party and Jenny stayed slightly back and to my side. I noticed it as part of her submission to me. She must have had a good master before. We stood outside and there were still a few people around a hot tub. To the left we could see a couple through a window on the next floor up fucking furiously with the lights on and curtains wide open.

Then I noticed that they liked being watched but liked just being with themselves. A female voice called for me to come over to the hot tub, so black cock 10 boys 1 girl moved over to the tub. The voice sounded familiar but this situation was not the correct place for that voice. Then as I got closer to the tub, I saw it Sandy a woman I met from the Club V.

She had hired me at one point, and she was a good small pein vagina huge penis sex storiesstory, I asked her where her husband was, to let her know that I remembered her.

She said oh that worm, he's all tied up, and pointed to a table where her husband David was tied to. She said and who is this dear?

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I said this is Jenny a friend, isn't she just tasty and Sandy said oh yes she is. I could tell Sandy was looking to see if Jenny and I were together and I told her that Jenny is a play toy of mine. Sandy said how interesting, I'd love to watch you wind her up.

Jenny and I both stepped into the tub and the water was hot, almost as much as the people sitting around the tub. There was an obviously married couple, a single guy who looked like weight lifter, a girl who looked like she may be up past her bed time, and then there was Sandy a sexual cougar with a cock hold husband and the sexual appetite of Aphordities.

We looked on as the female of the married couple took position on her husbands' lap facing him and took his cock in hand and guided him into her. Sandy called Maryanne to her and the younger female stood in front of her.

Sandy maneuvered Maryanne onto her lap facing big bang theory sheldon seduced by penny and Maryanne seemed to melt at the attention Sandy was paying to her breasts and kissing her neck. Rocky looked over as Maryanne enjoyed Sandy's attention, I motioned Jenny to the other side of Rocky and I moved to his side.

Jenny grabbed his cock and began jerking it under the water. I put my hand on the back of his neck and as he gave way to Jennys' hand job I sat on the edge of the tub my feet still in the water, Jenny lowered her mouth and began sucking his cock.

Jenny ran her hand up Rockys' chest and tweeked his nipple a few times and put her hand over on my leg. She worked her hand up my leg until she found my cock and began slowly jerking on it.

Jenny pulled my cock in the direction of Rockys' face and then she leg go of his cock with her mouth and whispered suck him and went back to sucking his cock.

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He looked at her for a moment and then took the head of my cock in his mouth as she continued to use her hand to feed him my cock. I was watching her and she had him move slightly and she began fingering his asshole.

I couldn't see for the water level, but I could tell what she was doing. Rocky began thrusting his hips and pulled his mouth off my cock as he came. Jenny said that was hot and I agreed and stood up taking her hand leading her out of the tub.

We went and got dressed talking about our experiences. As we walked out to the Harley I remember thinking to myself this could be The One. We rode out into the sunrise watching as the sun rose over the shore line and then the view of the citys' profile.

It was the perfect end to a great night. It was the start of a great summer, riding, loving, performing and building a great relationship with a wonderful woman. The end