Busty brunette susi in a bathroom orgy

Busty brunette susi in a bathroom orgy
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yankees2girl: i walk downstairs with a phone in my hand, looking like tattooed and horny kleio valentien fucks eric mastersons huge cock ready to go out with friends wearing a tank top, skirt, knee highs, and my makeup and hair are all done, i walk into the room cursing to myself and i chuck the phone rite next to you fucinhigh08: "hey why you throwing the phone at me" i say pausing the video game yankees2girl: "mom and dad called, i have to stay here and watch you.do you kno how much this sucks, jesse's party is tonight!

and i have to miss it because the little twerp cant watch himself" fucinhigh08: "aww your going to miss your little party" .i laugh, "haha sucks to be you fucinhigh08: i continue to play yankees2girl: i walk over to you and stand right in front of you, i rip the controller out of your ultimate facial busty blonde milf vicky vette, "dont you talk to me like that!" fucinhigh08: i look up at you."hey what the fuck bitch.give me my controller" i say trying to see around you to see what your fucking up on my game fucinhigh08: "dont be mad at me because mom and dad dont like you" yankees2girl: i throw it down "dont fucking talk to me like that!!" i stare at you and raise my hand back "your askin for it you little bitch" fucinhigh08: "what you gonna hit me go ahead i dare you bitch" fucinhigh08: i say reaching down for my controler yankees2girl: i step on your hand, "dont push me" fucinhigh08: "ahhhh what the fuck your on my hand" i yell trying to pull my hand out yankees2girl: i smash your hand harder into the ground fucinhigh08: "ahhhhhhhhhhh cogida a una madura tube porn damn ok ok ok" fucinhigh08: i scream in pain yankees2girl: i grin down at you and lift my foot fucinhigh08: i look up at you horrified and grab my hand "what the fuck are you fucking crazy i think you broke my hand you bitch" i say starting to cry a little yankees2girl: "your such a pussy, are you crying" i laugh at you fucinhigh08: "shut up ,im not crying" i say trying to hide it, "but you really fucked up my hand" i say still grabbin it tight looking at you laugh at me yankees2girl: "i dont give a fuck, i dont like when you talk to me like that, you have to respect me" fucinhigh08: not realizing how serious you are "fuck you bitch you dont scare me" i say still holding my hand yankees2girl: without warning i slap you hard yankees2girl: "how bout now?" fucinhigh08: ebony hoe anya ivy straddles hung messenger head snaps back and i grab my cheeck right away "aww fuck sis damn that hurt" fucinhigh08: i try to get up to start walking away yankees2girl: i grab you by the shirt and slam you against the wall "where the fuck do you think your going" fucinhigh08: "im going to my room to get away from your crazy ass" yankees2girl: i grab you by the neck "what the fuck did i tell you about talking to me like that" i watch your face turn red fucinhigh08: trying to catch my breath i put my good hand on yours trying to pull it away but your too tight around my neck "fuck sis " i say gasping yankees2girl: "your not going anywhere little bro, i was supposed to be out with my boyfriend tonight and now im fucking horny and your the closest guy, so i dont care if you like it or not, your my toy for the night" fucinhigh08: turning red trying get air my eyes open wide "what are you fucking sick, i aint fucking your nasty slut pussy " i say gasping and spiting trying to breath fucinhigh08: "youve fucked everyone in town" yankees2girl: "thats not true you little bitch" with my other hand i slap the same cheek i hit before "im gonna let go of you, you have nowhere to go, if you even try to run you know im faster than you" fucinhigh08: i start crying a little after the slap fucinhigh08: "ok just let me go i cant fucking breath" i say barley yankees2girl: i let go of your neck fucinhigh08: i gasp for air holding my neck." you crazy bitch what are you doing" i say lookin up at you catching my breath yankees2girl: "i already told you what we're doing tonight" i reach down your pants and rub your cock lightly "ooo little bro i think you like my idea" fucinhigh08: i turn red a little and try to pull away."stop dont touch that" yankees2girl: "you know you like it you little bitch" i grin fucinhigh08: "no i dont your my sister" i say pulling away as you follow grabbing tighter on my cock yankees2girl: "who gives a fuck, im a girl, and i bet im the first one to touch your cock" fucinhigh08: "so" i say turning red looking down yankees2girl: i lean over and moan softly in your ear and kiss your neck as i continue to grab your cock tight fucinhigh08: i stop trying to pull away yankees2girl: i start to rub your dick as i look you in the eyes and smile warmly fucinhigh08: "damn sis your so pretty but this aint right" fucinhigh08: "what if someone finds out" yankees2girl: "if you do it right and make me cum, no one will, if your bad and cant get me off, ill tell everyone you tried to fuck your sister cause you couldnt get any other girl" fucinhigh08: i looked at you shocked fucinhigh08: "you wouldnt do that would you" yankees2girl: "i would, so do it right" fucinhigh08: "wow you are a bitch i say staring at you" yankees2girl: i dig my nail hard enough into your cock to hurt you yankees2girl: "what was that?" fucinhigh08: "ahh fuck" fucinhigh08: i scream fucinhigh08: "i said your a fucking bitch" i say spitting in your face yankees2girl: i dig all my nails into your cock fucinhigh08: "ahhh fuck ooook im sorry" fucinhigh08: i say dancing around yankees2girl: i loosen my grip yankees2girl: "dont piss me off or your sad reputation will become even worse" fucinhigh08: i look at you pissed off "whatever you say sis" i say sarcasticly yankees2girl: i punch you hard cutting your lip fucinhigh08: i go down to one knee and grab my lip and look at my hand fucinhigh08: "you made me bleed you bitch" i say as i push you into the wall yankees2girl: i knee you in the nuts as you pin me to the wall fucinhigh08: i drop to the floor in pain and curl up fucinhigh08: "ahhh fuck ok im sorry" yankees2girl: i laugh "you thought you were tougher than me, how cute how many fuckin times are you going to try to resist me?

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if you give in it'll be sooo much easier you'll enjoy it too." fucinhigh08: "im done you fucking win you crazy bitch" i say trying to get up holding my nuts yankees2girl: "stay on the floor" fucinhigh08: i look up at you "what" yankees2girl: "you heard me, stay there" fucinhigh08: "fuck you" i say trying to get up yankees2girl: i put my foot on your shoulder and push you down yankees2girl: "stay down!" fucinhigh08: i fall to the floor "ok ok" i say scared yankees2girl: i stand over you, my feet on either side of your stomach, i knwo you can see up my skirt fucinhigh08: i take a peak but try not to look yankees2girl: i kneel down so im straddling u yankees2girl: "like what you saw?" fucinhigh08: i just look at you and dont answear yankees2girl: i slap you again "answear me bitch" fucinhigh08: "ahhhhh yes i did i liked it" i say rubbing my cheek yankees2girl: "wanna taste it?" fucinhigh08: "no" i say turning my head, not really knowing what to do yankees2girl: "oh well, i dont give a fuck what you want to do" yankees2girl: i crawl foward and grab your head and face it up, i sit on your face fucinhigh08: i try and struggle a little yankees2girl: "i know you watch porn little bro, do what they do" i say as my juice gets over your nose and mouth fucinhigh08: i slowy stick out my tounge and lick around a little fucinhigh08: as you grind my face like a horny bitch yankees2girl: "mmm ya bro just like that" i ride your face like i was riding a cock fucinhigh08: my tounge starts working more and more as you start grinding hard smothering my face yankees2girl: "mmmm stick your tongue in my pussy, i know you love the taste" fucinhigh08: i try and work my tounge inside as you hold open your pussy and stare down at your little bro licking your hot little pussy yankees2girl: i smile and moan load as i see you tryin so hard yankees2girl: i pinch ur nose so you cant breath "you better make me cum before you pass out" fucinhigh08: tryin to breath i move my tounge around more workin it all over your pussy yankees2girl: "mmmmmm" i lean back but keep pinching your nose "keep going little bro, if you pass out before i cum im gonna take pictures of your naked unconcious body and post em all over school" fucinhigh08: i move my head around as i struggle to breath and kinda get away keeping my tounge out working your pussy hoping you cum as i turn red yankees2girl: i grind against your face and moan loud "oooo fuck im gonna cum, dont stop" fucinhigh08: i gasp for air as i turn really red and start moving my head around a lot trying to breath i start making muffled noises yankees2girl: as i hear you struggle it makes me cum all over your face i let go of your nose and fall back, my head resting on your cock as i breath hard fucinhigh08: i gasp hard for air, with my face covered in your pussy juice i catch my breath yankees2girl: as i catch my breath i sit up and look at you and smile "how do you like the taste of your first pussy little bro?" fucinhigh08: breathing hard teen mouth spunked in pov cuminmouth hardcore tastes good sis,i never knew it was so good" yankees2girl: i giggle and lean over and lick a little off your cheek fucinhigh08: "you like the taste of yourself sis?" i ask looking surprised yankees2girl: i dont answer and lick a little bit more off, i then kiss you hard tasting myself even more fucinhigh08: i kiss you back not really knowing what to do i move my tounge around yankees2girl: i break the kiss and give you one soft kiss as i sit up and stare down at you fucinhigh08: i sit there as you stare at me fucinhigh08: "so you aint going tell the school right sis" yankees2girl: "no, that was awesome but, im not done yet" i grin at you as i feel behind me and feel how hard you are, "and i dont think you are either" fucinhigh08: petite brunette freya von doom toys hairy pussy masturbation and squirting turn red and back away yankees2girl: "i know you want it" yankees2girl: "get up little bro, go sit on the couch" fucinhigh08: not wanting you to fuck me up, i get up and go sit on the cuddly teen is gaping tight cunt in closeup and having orgasm nervous of whats coming next yankees2girl: i smile i crawl over to you yankees2girl: i get in front of you on my knees and reach up for your pants fucinhigh08: i squirm a little but dont fight much fucinhigh08: i stare at you with fear and excitement yankees2girl: "just relax and dont ruin my favorite thing" i pull down your pants to your ankles fucinhigh08: my cock pops up hard as a rock "this is your favorite thing sis?" yankees2girl: i giggle "yep" i smile and take your cock in my hands as i lick the head, i look up at you as i stick it in my mouth and slide it in fucinhigh08: my eyes open wide fucinhigh08: "oh my god sis" i say putin my hands on your head "wow that feels good" yankees2girl: your cock slides down my throat and my nose hits your stomach, i gag a little on your cock fucinhigh08: i move my hips around "wow ive never felt anything like this" yankees2girl: i start bobbing my head up and down, as i reach up and start rubbing your balls fucinhigh08: mmmm i let out a load maon as i cum quick in your mouth and continue to move my hips as you milk my cock for cum yankees2girl: not ready for you to cum so quickly, some of your cum dribbles down my chin, but i try to swallow as much of it as i can yankees2girl: as you finish cumming i lift my head and swallow whats in my mouth, i wipe off whats on my chin and lick it off yankees2girl: "damn bro, that was quick, and that was a fucking huge load of cum" fucinhigh08: i smile at you big as i grab my cock and jerk it a little."ya it felt really good sis wow" i say wide eyed yankees2girl: "mmm you taste so good" i say as im still kneeling looking up at you fucinhigh08: i jerk my cock "i got more for you "as i push it towards your mouth yankees2girl: i look at you and smile big, "you can keep going?" fucinhigh08: "ya i cum a few times when i jerk off" i say blushing."is that bad i say yankees2girl: my jaw drops "holy fuck, no thats amazing!

most guys only cum once.maybe twice, even my boyfriend cant cum twice in a row" fucinhigh08: "really" i say smiling big still jerking it "i can cum a few times usaully" yankees2girl: "you better fill my stomach with cum then little bro" fucinhigh08: ((mmm that was hot)) fucinhigh08: "ok i will" i say yankees2girl: i open my mouth wide and jockingly say "ahhhhhhh" for you fucinhigh08: i jerk it and move it closer yankees2girl: i lick your cock and then stop and look up atyo u fucinhigh08: i look back at you yankees2girl: "bro put your hands on my head again" fucinhigh08: i place my hands on your head "like this sis?" yankees2girl: "yea, now youve seen whats called 'face fucking', right?" fucinhigh08: "ya i think so" i say a little confused yankees2girl: i giggle "ok well, pretend my mouth, is my pussy, and fuck it.hard" fucinhigh08: "ok" i say giggling "i think i can do that" as i move my hips up and down yankees2girl: "mmm youll do fine" yankees2girl: i open my mouth and slide your cock back in fucinhigh08: i move my hips up and down and push up and down on your head and moan a little yankees2girl: i keep my hand on your balls and with my other one i old man vs the virgin it under my skirt fucinhigh08: i lean over to see you play with your pussy as i push harder on your head yankees2girl: i finger fuck my pussy hard as you start going faster on my mouth fucinhigh08: i start moanin loud and breathing heavy fucking your mouth faster and faster yankees2girl: my moans are muffled by the sound of your cock hitting the back of my throat fucinhigh08: i grab your hair and move your face around my cock fucking it hard sweet audrey has her wet snatch rammed wanting to cum fucinhigh08: mmmmm yankees2girl: ((thats hot )) fucinhigh08: ((ya it is)) fucinhigh08: ((i came again)) yankees2girl: ((nice)) yankees2girl: i cough and gag hard each time you thrust into my mouth you can barely hear me moan as i cum hard fucinhigh08: as you cum and tighten your throat i shoot another huge load in your mouth as i moan loud yankees2girl: i feel your cum shoot down my throat as i cough hard on it fucinhigh08: i thrust hard a few times as i shoot my load holding your head down tight yankees2girl: i gag and choke and turn red as i struggle for air as you cum down my throat fucinhigh08: i keep cuming holding your head there letting your gagging and choking, milking my cock yankees2girl: i put my arms on your legs trying to get you to let go of your hold so i can breath fucinhigh08: remembering what you did to me i hold your head tight and thrust my hips up crushing your nose each time yankees2girl: i claw at your legs as i struggle to breath yankees2girl: i try to grab at your arms to make you let go fucinhigh08: "hows it feel bitch?" i say rubbing your crushed nose in my stomach as you cough and gag trying to breath you start to scream muffled yankees2girl: i start hitting you as i trun as red as you did before fucinhigh08: i laugh at you and really start fucking your throat hard as you start drooling and coughing yankees2girl: i turn redder as my spit and some of your cum drools down my chin i grab your arms and try to pull them off using all the strength i have fucinhigh08: so turned on i cum again filling your throat as you gag now really starting to turn red and get weak yankees2girl: i can barely hold onto your arms as i cough and gag on the cum you just shot in my mouth, most of it dribbles down my chin fucinhigh08: i give a last hard thrust crushing your nose and i push you off of me yankees2girl: i fall back breathing hard as your cum covers my face and chest fucinhigh08: i get up and stand over you fucinhigh08: holding my cock in my hand fucinhigh08: "you look good sis" yankees2girl: as i catch my breath i manage to say "you asshole" yankees2girl: i try to crabwalk backwards to get out from under you fucinhigh08: i step on your chest."who you calling an asshole" yankees2girl: "you fucking little pussy you dont have it in you" fucinhigh08: i step on your chest hard and push you down "ya you think so bitch" i say holding my cock fucinhigh08: maybe i need to clean you face off for you yankees2girl: "ill tell EVERYONE you raped your little sis" fucinhigh08: "your a slut who is going to believe you" i say laughing yankees2girl: i look ashamed as your words sting me "fuck you!" fucinhigh08: i step on your face ."dont talk to me like that bitch you kno you are" yankees2girl: "owwwwwww get off of me!!" i say muffled fucinhigh08: i step a little harder and laugh and pick my foot up fucinhigh08: "how'd that feel slut?" i say laughing steping on your shoulder holding my cock yankees2girl: grab at your leg and try to trip you to get you off me fucinhigh08: stumbling a little i catch my balance and step back on your face hard."nice try bitch, keep it up ur gonna be sorry" yankees2girl: i scream and stop struggling realizing its useless fucinhigh08: "thats right bitch i wouldnt want to have to piss on you to get you to shut up" i say taking my foot off your face and stepping on your tit yankees2girl: "owww holy fuck get the fuck off that" fucinhigh08: i step harder."what i just say .ill do what the fuck i want im in charge now" yankees2girl: i start tearing, "ok ok ok please just get off" fucinhigh08: "thats what i thought bitch" i say letting off and kicking it as i go over to the couch yankees2girl: i grab my tit and wipe away a few tears, i stand up weakly fucinhigh08: "now get over here bitch i want to cum again" yankees2girl: i look at you and laugh fucinhigh08: i stand up and walk over to you fucinhigh08: "you heard me bitch" yankees2girl: "and you heard me the first time, dont talk to me like that" i grab you by the throat again fucinhigh08: startled i grab you by the throat."fuck you bitch i aint doin nothing for you" i say struggling to breath yankees2girl: "your askin for another kick to the balls little bro" i say as i start to lose my breath and turn red fucinhigh08: "fuck you" i say spitting in your face and kneein you in the pussy "your asking for it" i say quitely as i lose my air and turn real red yankees2girl: i lose my grip as my knees buckle in pain fucinhigh08: i keep mine tight as i pick you up by the neck "how'd that feel bitch" yankees2girl: i turn deep red as you keep me up by the grip on my neck fucinhigh08: i kiss you hard as i hold tight not letting you breath i work my tounge between your lips yankees2girl: i bite your tongue hard as it passes my lips fucinhigh08: as you bite down i yell muffled and squeeze your neck harder and punch you in the stomach yankees2girl: i try to push you off of me as i struggle hard for air and i hold my stomach fucinhigh08: i kiss you harder as i hold tight on your neck as you cough and choke in my mouth fucinhigh08: i reach down and grab your pussy hard yankees2girl: i yell loud into your mouth as i can barely keep myself up fucinhigh08: i squeeze harder as i hear you scream in my mouth and i tongue your mouth harder still holding your throat yankees2girl: i put my hand on your shoulder and stop struggling completely with you fucinhigh08: i work your pussy hard grabbing and pulling on it as i kiss you hard yankees2girl: i get so weak that i cant even keep my head up fucinhigh08: i let go and let you fall to the floor yankees2girl: i gasp for air as i lay on the ground holding my stomach and pussy fucinhigh08: i stand over you jerking my cock yankees2girl: i look up at you as i slowly get my breath back yankees2girl: when im finally breathing normally i sit up "i am so sorry i underestimated you" i say as i rub my neck fucinhigh08: i lean down and kiss you fucinhigh08: "you better be bitch" i say slapping you and walking away -------------------------- Hope you enjoyed.

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