Mom caught son jerking and fucked him

Mom caught son jerking and fucked him
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The good life my names jay and im 17. i live in a big 7 bedroom house with my mum dad and 3 sisters. My dad's family was very rich although he opted for a diffrent proffession in bussinnes. he now owns a chain of top selling brands and shops as well as owning just over 7% of a small company named blackberry (sarcasm). my mum also works as a fashion designer so my parents are gone for most of the day. i have 3 older sisters.

monique and domnique are both twins. athough they have very diffrent personalities. monique is your typical blonde with crystal blue eyes, 34B breasts the pertest ass in the history of man (women in this case) and a build any girl would die for. she comes in at 110 pounds and 5'9. Domnique on the otherhand died her hair brown but her crystal eyes notify people of her natural shade of blonde. she has larger 32C breasts and a bigger ass. she weighs 125 pounds and is 5'9. then theres aften.

im often told she is the spitting image of me in girl form. (rather disturbing/rude). she has long brown hair, green eyes and a bust of 32B. she has a small but pert ass and weighs 105 pounds. she is 5'7. then theres me.

like my sister aften i have short brown enrique iglesias hair (styled specificaly) and deep green eyes. football (soccer) and the gym have kept me in good shape blessing me with a chisled 6-pac. i weigh 140 pounds and im 5'10 i forgot to mention monique and domnique are both 18 and aften is my twin (born 20 mins apart horny pussy in frilly panties brunettes and hardcore 3 older sisters).

all my sisters had left college for christmas. and i had 3 months away from football since my injury. i played first team football for a well known english league club.

it was 10th december and my parents wouldnt be fully free until the 18th, so me and my sisters took the time to share stories. it was snowing rather bad outside so we had no choice but to wait it out. aften had made us all hot chocolates so we all got chatting. i had learned yellow lace blowjob and big tits teen stockings anal dont say you love me of my sisters had been in a relationship for well over 2 months and that they were happy being single.

I just preffered to fuck then up n' leave. we all decided to go to the indoor pool so i had gone to get some trunks. once i had arrived i saw monique in a skimpy bikini the likes of which made my dick stir reaching semi hardness (6 inches soft, 9 hard).

obviously my manly reflexs kicked in so i instinctivley dived in the pool covering my boner. then disatser struck and in the aftermath of the boner alert my trunks had perished leaving me stark naked in the warm pool (basically they were floating at the other end of the pool).

I quickly hopped out to retrieve my trunks showing the girls my steel buns. the rest of the day panned out as usual and at about 1:00am we all retired to our beds. i was awoke at around 2:30am, monique had a nightmare and wormed her way into my king sized sheets. soon enough she had her left leg drapped over me, her head rested on my shoulder and hair splayed over my face, i quickly inhaled before waving it to one side, it smelled like strawberries.

my cock had begun to harden and her leg had brushed past. i froze.

my breathing shallow. i acted like i was asleep. she whispered my name once,twice,three times. she was sure i was asleep, how couldnt i be right? she reached under the quilt, her hand snaked into my boxers she found her prize. ''oh my god. it's huge'' she shrieked lightly. she slowly pumped ''how come i never thought of this'' she said.

she suddenly come to a halt, DAMN! why did i have to moan. i was awake at 8:30am. ''morning sis'' i hummed. '' wow you look happy'' chirped monique ''yeah i had a good dream last night'' i said.

she almost choked on her toast, i just laughed. At 12:00pm Dom and Aften left to buy xmas presents. as i walked past moniques bedroom i heard moaning. i peeked through the door to see a sight i will never forget, on the bed was monique panties round her ankles a small vibrator plundering her dungeon.

'' mmmm,yeah fuck me. fuck me hard ohhhhh. JAY!! JAY!! AHHHHH!!'' she screamed. i almost shot my bolt right there and there. my beutifal sister was fucking her self thinking of me! i had to think of an elaborate plan, it had to be cunning slick canny or.

or i could just waltz in pronouncing my boner to her shocked face. yeah. yeah lets go with that. i opened the door unpronounced she shrieked.

''JAY! um.uhhh i was just. uhh'' ''it's okay sis i watched you'' i said ''you what! how dare you inavde my privacy like that i should.'' '' i heard what you said, or sreamed in this case'' i told her. ''and i was awake in bed last night''. i inched my way to her face, our lips met. the were soft, ,my tounge slipped in dancing with hers, i broke the kiss and undressed revealing my 6-pac.

she slowly pulled down my briefs, my steel rod sprung out she took it in her hand. ''i've waited so long for this'' ''ever con sus tetas con mamada amateurs and amateur i was 12, i could remember watching you masturbate, i thought you wouldn't love me anymore if this happened'' she sobbed.'' of course i love you sis'', ''really?'' ''with all my heart'' i told her.

she took me in her mouth, tears streaming down her face. i picked her up and placed her on the bed, spreading her legs, kissing my way up her smooth thighs. I reached her pussy, it was beutifal, it sparkled with her female juices, i lightly kissed it. she tasted exquisite and i got to work. nibbling on her clit i plunged a finger inside, her stifled moans spurring me on. i swapped over spreading her lips, my tounge attacked her insides whilst my menacing thumb rubbed her clitoral jewel.

''ohhh,ohhh oh my god! i'm gonna cum, fuck! don't stop pleaseee don't stoppp AHHHHHHHH!!'' her thighs clamped my head into position, i tounged harder than a dog. i'd got my treat, a hard spurt of female jism spraying my face. FUCK me she can squirt! The front door slammed. ''Fuck! dom and aften are back''. ''who'' said a dazed Busty olivia austin spreads her pussy for a hard bbc. i placed her under the quilt and ran downstairs ''sooo, what'cha get me?'' i questioned.

'' ohhhh no, you gotta wait till xmas, baby bro!'' said aften. ''ok, what did you get monique'' '' Thats between us'' she said pointing to domnique.''where is she anyway,i need a word''.

''oh she's asleep'' i lied.

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''what a lazy bitch, she's still not bought any presents'' moaned domnique ''well i've got my mine'' END OF PART 1. IF YOU WOULD LIKE MORE I WOULD BE HAPPY TO DO SEQUELS. I'M GONNA GET THE OTHER SISTERS INVOLVED TOO.


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