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Athena rayne gets her pussy penetrated by her stepbros cock
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This is the first part of my series - "Adventures with my Daughter". It is a work of fiction and contains no events that actually took place between an adult and an adolescent in this reality.

"Adventures with doctor and nurse means dick and ass Daughter" Part One: We become lovers. As with most sexual relationships, the one with my daughter developed over time.

We have always been close but grew closer following her mother's leaving us when Pammy turned six. This was a traumatic time for her, just as she was entering school and beginning to understand some of what it means to be a young lady and not the tomboy she had been to that point. While she had her happy days, she also became more introspective and quiet following her mother's departure. I truly missed the reckless little sprite she'd been and hoped that she would get back some of that energy some day.

I am an older dad having married Pammy's mother when I was already 30. At 44 I am fairly athletic and keep in good shape. Keeping up with Pammy has me running her all over the place, but we also enjoy outdoors activities like hiking and canoeing. I had the snip-snip operation in my early 30s when having another child with my wife was no longer an option. Lovemaking was more passionate with her for a time, but she eventually traded me in for a young executive she met on a business trip and so it goes.

Pammy and I live in a medium-sized town in the Midwest and have connections to the community like most people. We are a bit more private than some, but we do get out and have a good time whenever we like. I work at an insurance company and do well enough to provide us with a comfortable lifestyle. Pammy goes to school, is in Girl Scouts, and is an excellent gymnast. She has won several competitions but doesn't imagine that she'll go on much beyond high school.

She accesses the on-line world, but she is foot fetish oriental vagina torcher squirting and japanese the reader than the social networker. I check her laptop's history from time to time and haven't found anything worrisome. At the age of 14, she is willowy and athletic, about 5'2".

She runs from place to place rather than strolling like most girls her age and often leaps over the last several stairs to the floor below. She has longish brown hair, dark, sparkling eyes, and a smile that would turn a monk to devilry. She is just starting to develop the curves that will define her as an adult but her firm body is a joy to regard.

I have been doing just that for awhile now, regarding her body. At first, I was just checking her as she grew from childhood to adolescence. Making sure she was healthy and on the watch for injuries from her practices.

She has always dressed in loose clothing around the house: shorts, an old t-shirt, a loose sweatshirt. Even at school she dresses as though she were lounging around the house. It is only at gymnastic sessions that she dons tight, body-hugging leotards and it was at a recent practice that I began to notice that my darling girl was changing in ways that have become a source of confusing and contradictory thoughts for me.

Pammy's breasts had begun to mound and fill out. I noticed that afternoon as she pushed through her routines that her nipples stood out against the fabric of her clothing. The effort of spinning and vaulting and leaping all around the practice floor was causing her young body to respond in ways she might not be aware of yet.

But I became very aware as I watched her and my body responded in a way that I found disconcerting, to say the least. I finally had to force myself to look away from her as my eyes had become glued to her sinuous curves. It seemed like it was time to consider certain layers of clothing to protect her from other's stares, and my own.

I mentally reviewed which female in her life might be able to give her that advice. And wondered if I was tattooed slut tries out anal sex while being recorded on cam pornstars hardcore to it myself. In the car on the way home, Pammy seemed a little preoccupied.

I thought that she might be thinking about her routines or an up-coming event. She kept glancing over at me and finally asked me if she could ask me a question. She usually just blurts out whatever is on her mind so I knew this was a big one. - Daddy? - Sure, honey. What's up? - Well, Daddy. I was just wondering something. - Yes?

What are you wondering about, sweetie? - Well, I saw you looking at me during practice. - Yeah, I was, Pammy.

So? - It was more like you were staring, not just looking? Was something wrong? Yes, something was wrong. At least in my mind. How could I explain without scaring her? - Well, Pammy. Don't get upset, but I was just noticing that your body is beginning to change. And, I don't know, I got to thinking that my little girl wasn't so little anymore. I worry about you in so many ways, that you might get hurt or that someone else will hurt you.

I'm trying to make sure that you're okay and, well, that your … There was a longish silence on both our parts and I was afraid that Pammy was upset and even grossed out by my observing her so closely. Finally, - That my what, Daddy?

- That your body is growing normally. This is new territory for me, sweetie, and I don't want to miss anything that I'm supposed to take care of. My beautiful daughter looked at me intently for a time and then leaned over to rest her head on my shoulder.

This was not what I expected but then, this was my daughter sexy koutsuu kanshiin no onna matsuoka seira often surprised me with her reactions and antics. Pammy sighed softly and set her hand on my arm as I drove. - Daddy, I love you. Thanks for keeping tabs on me. I don't know what I'd do without you. - And I don't know what I'd do without you, honey. We drove to the house and went in for dinner. ********************************************** Over the next couple of weeks, I noticed a change in Pammy around the house.

A lot less bouncing and jumping and sliding across the floor. I'd catch her staring at me from time to time and even, not sure if I was right, checking me out. While we watched TV, she'd sit across from me on the couch and her gaze would wander over towards me where I sat in my recliner. Pammy had always worn loose clothing around the house but now her choices seemed to go to shorter and tighter tops and bottoms. When I looked at her, I could more clearly make out those curves I'd seen that day at the gym.

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She moved more slowly, but she also moved in ways that highlighted those curves: bending over at the fridge produced panty lines across her firm behind, leaning back at the sink tightened the fabric across her budding breasts, knees up near her face on the couch outlined her … My goodness!

I was staring again. And Pammy seemed to be orchestrating my gazes. All of this came to a you wanted to see me get fucked natural tits cunnilingus one Friday evening when a sudden storm blew up the coast and gymnastics practice was canceled. No one dared go out onto the roads and so we settled in for a night of board games. Pammy had already changed into her leotard for practice and decided to leave it on.

I didn't think much about it at the time as I was busy getting out the games, making popcorn and pouring drinks. We sat down on the couch and started playing and chatting about our day, mine at work, hers at school. Pammy told me that a lot of the girls in her grade were beginning to date, but that she wasn't really interested. Too much talk about clothes, and makeup and school dances.

She was, however, wanting to know something about what went on when the kids went outside during the dances. They always came back in looking a bit disheveled. She had also heard some other talk about kissing and touching and seemed curious about what that might be like. So, I cautiously launched into a rambling description of what did go on and how I wanted her to wait until she was ready and found the right guy and … - Daddy.

I think I've found the right guy. I mentally went over all the boys I had seen her talking or walking with at home and out in public. A couple went into my "destroy on sight" file, three japanese female domination mens anal orgasm kyouko miki ayane seem worth the bother, but one came up as a concern.

As it turned out, I needn't have worried about any of the boys her own age because what came next sent all of that data spinning out of my head. - You have, Pammy? What's he like? - Well, he's very handsome. He's tall and pretty athletic. He makes me laugh and really likes me. I spend a lot of time with him and wish I could be with him more. I still didn't have a clue and became more worried as it seemed I had missed this mysterious beau entirely.

- Can you tell pal takes off clothes of awesome girl not fast who he is, sweetie?

Or is it a secret? Pammy turned towards me on the couch, the game forgotten, the popcorn going cold. She looked right into my eyes and reached out to hold my hands in her strong little ones. What a beautiful girl I had for a daughter! - No, Daddy, I can tell you. She paused, licked her lips (I noticed now how full her lips had become) and what she said next hit me like a ton of bricks. - It's you, Daddy. You're the right guy for me. Pause. - That's really sweet, Pammy, but I was asking about your boyfriend.

The one who makes you laugh, the one you want to spend more time with. She laughed and said it again. - It's you, Daddy.

You're the one I want to be with all the time. You're the one who makes me laugh. There isn't any silly boy, just you. I love just you. I didn't know what to say. Here was the love of my life, an expression taking on a very different meaning from two minutes before, telling me that she thought of me as her boyfriend? How had this happened? And then I thought about the conversation after that gym practice and the way she had been posing around the house in tighter than usual clothing.

And I got it! She really did think of me as her boyfriend, or something else entirely. We had the talk. The one where I try to convince her, half-heartedly, that she couldn't love me "in that way".

She smiled and shook her head at all the right places and just when I thought I had convinced her about her folly, she pulled herself up against me, put her arms around my neck, and kissed me in a way that I hadn't been kissed since my first girlfriend back in 6th grade.

And, after a moment, after that first delicious moment of contact, I kissed her back. We kissed for a time, Pammy trying out different angles and different pressures. She was laughing in between and having a grand time. I snaked my arms around her and pulled her even more tightly against me, fitting her in against my body, feeling her pressing against me as she continued to softly and firmly (and everywhere in between) massage my lips with hers.

I was a goner and I didn't give a damn at all. Well, not really, but I wasn't about to stop now. We finally sat back and looked at each other with a deeper kind of love than I ever imagined I would feel again for anyone. I was a bit nervous as I could imagine the consequences of what being discovered could mean to us both. If any word of Pammy and I loving each other in this way got out, we would be torn apart for many years to come.

We talked for a time about just that and she agreed with me that if we were to continue along this path, no one could ever know. That conversation over, I stood up, held out my hands to her, and pulled her up off the couch. I picked her up and carried her upstairs to my bedroom and over to the bed.

I set my hands on her shoulders and bent down to kiss her again on those luscious lips.

I leaned back to gaze at her and then slowly stroked her face and neck with my hand. Her skin was so soft to my touch and it was obvious that she was enjoying the caresses. She closed her eyes and leaned into my hand. I pulled her closer and brought both hands down along her arms. I could feel the firmness of her well-practiced muscles and looked forward to feeling them around me again soon.

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I reached around and softly caressed her back and up to her shoulders. Pammy stood still and let me touch her young body. - Pammy? I want to say something really important to you, sweetie. - What's that, daddy? - I want to touch you and kiss you and do so much more.

Most of all, I want you to enjoy whatever we do together. If there is ever anything you don't like or don't want to do, you have to let me know. That is really, really important. And I will tell you the same, okay? - Thank you, daddy. I will. I mean, I'll let you know. I really don't think I will, but okay.

I kissed her and went back to caressing her. I did not want to rush this first exploration and wanted her to always remember our first caresses together in a special way. By now my hands had found their way to her budding breasts and my touch caused her breath to catch as my fingers slid over her pouty nipples. I reached up and slowly slid the leotard's strap off her shoulders and lowered it to reveal her firm, young breasts.

I took in this beautiful sight for several long seconds before bending over to gently kiss each one in turn. I licked at her nipples and Pammy, eyes closed again, reacted to my tongue by arching her back and forcing her breasts more fully against my mouth. I was loving her taste and her reactions to my tongue on her skin.

I pulled her tightly against me and more fully sucked on those delightful mounds. Pammy, for her part, was in bliss. She had, of course, touched her own body (she told me later) but had never been touched in this way by anyone else.

She began to moan and brought her hands up to pull herself more forcefully against my mouth. I licked her nipples more quickly and slid one hand down her back and began caressing that lovely, tight ass.

I prided myself on staying in shape, but I had nothing on her. Except my hand and my mouth. I ran my hand up and down her ass and started to slide it between her legs from behind.

She moved her legs apart so that I could cup her mound and caress her pussy. I was brunette babe get pounded in the garage for some money licking her tits and now I was slowly stroking her slit through her leotards and panties. I could feel the heat coming off her body and even some moisture as it leaked out of her excited cunt.

A few more strokes and licks and Pammy's body spasmed in her first orgasm. Her whole body froze as my caresses set off delightful tremors throughout her body but centered in her breasts and vagina. She would tell me later that cumming with me that evening was the start of her understanding why her friends spent so much time talking about sex.

As Pammy came down from her climax high, I settled her onto the bed. I lay down beside her as her breathing went back to normal and her eyes unglazed. There are not many sights worth seeing as a young girl truly enjoying being touched. And knowing that you had a hand in it. Pammy looked over at me and smiled so that her eyes lit up.

- Daddy? Wow, daddy! If gorges burnett teen is pleased by her bf hardcore and anal what sex is like, then I want to do that again. - Well, sweetie, sex can be like that. And a hundred other feelings, too. I'm glad you want to do it again and I hope you'll want to try other things, too. - Oh, yes! I know I will. But right now, I want to know what I can do for you. To make you feel like that. What should I do?

Wow! My beautiful girl. I had her take off my shirt and then unbuckle and remove my pants, leaving just my shorts on. Pammy started to pull her leotard off the rest of her body, but I stopped her and asked if I could do it for her. She smiled that beautiful smile of hers, the one that lit up her eyes, and so I slowly pulled her leotard off of her.

I took my time because even if we were to do this for each other a thousand times more, this would only ever be the first time. I left her panties on and she asked me why not those, too. I told her that I wanted to take this loving slowly and that there would be a time later for her to be totally naked with me.

She seemed a little confused but happy enough to move on to pleasuring me. And off we went with me showing her how to touch and caress my body. We kissed again and I told her to move her hand along my arms, my chest, and my back. She had a delicate touch that totally aroused me and I kissed her with more urgency. She stroked my ass as I had hers and slipped her hand inside.

I let her play around for a time before I took her hand out and placed it on my swollen cock and and let her slowly rub it through my boxers. She did this for a while and commented on how strange, but nice, it felt. Finally, I asked her to slide my underwear off and gave her her first look at a man's cock. Pammy stared for a few moments at my cock before reaching out to lay her hand on it. It jerked at her touch and she gasped, and then laughed. - Does it always do that, Daddy?

- When it's excited like this and gets touched it does, sweetie. Go ahead, touch it some more. Pammy went back to her explorations, stroking it, then squeezing it, then marveling at the precum decorating the tip. She found that she could move her hand more quickly up and down the shaft using the precum and I found myself getting more and more excited. I lay back on the bed and let my daughter jack me.

I guided her a bit, but I was already so excited by the night's events I knew that I was not going to last long. Pammy kept up her stroking and a couple of minutes later got to see me blast cum all over my belly and chest. She stopped jerking me at the sight and I grabbed hold to squeeze the rest of the cum out onto my belly.

I just collapsed at that point. I had not cum like that in years and it was all due to my lovely daughter. - Daddy, are you okay? - Yes, sweetie, I'm fine. I'm feeling great! Thank you for that. - Did I do it right? - Absolutely. I haven't cum like that in a long time and it feels so good. It's even better that it was with you. You are amazing. - I'm glad you enjoyed it, Daddy. I hope we can do it again. I cleaned myself up in the bathroom, slipped on my boxers, rolled back into bed, and then pulled my lovely daughter to me.

We lay back on the bed and snuggled and talked. She asked some questions about what had happened to us both.

She wanted to know what the words, the dirty words, were for our bodies and so I gave her a little lesson in vocabulary. I asked her to be careful about when and where she used those words, but I wasn't really concerned. She was a smart cookie piss drinking pee guzzling babe eileen toys her soaking wet pussy I knew she would be discrete.

We talked for a while more about the special things we could do together. I told her that I wanted to take things slowly with her and didn't want to rush our lovemaking. She yawned and said that that was fine with her so long as we kept trying new things together. I told her that I was game and looked forward to loving her in so many special ways.

After we both visited the bathroom and brushed our teeth, we settled under the covers of our bed, turned out the lights, and fell into a peaceful sleep. End of Part One of "Adventures with my Daughter"